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I Love My Pillow Out Cold Pillow Review

Updated August 29, 2019

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Our Rating

If you have been pillow shopping lately, you are most likely very aware of the incredible array of choices available to you. Although this is great as it allows you to find a pillow that works specifically with our needs, it also can be overwhelming. Trying narrow down your choices when bombarded with new materials and technological terms in relation to your sleep comfort is frustrating, and may have you picking something out you don’t need. Doing a little research in advance in reference to the most recent releases in the sleep industry can provide you some insight to what might work best for you. Sleep is personal, and needs to be approached not only with your personal preferences, but also your unique body needs. The Sleep Judge Review Team recently got our hands on the I Love My Pillow Out Cold Pillow for review, and our detailed findings and experiences are found below.

I Love My Pillow Out Cold Pillow Specs

 Filling: Memory foam

 Loft: ~ 5 inches

 Comfort Positions: All

 Warranty: 100-night sleep trial

The I Love My Pillow Story

When engineers who manufacture foam find themselves losing sleep due to comfort issues, you get something exactly like the I Love My Pillow Company. The creators of the company found themselves struggling to find a pillow they were happy with, and decided to launch their own foray into the industry to help solve this problem. After many trials they patented their own foam and pillow design, and dubbed it the “I Love My Pillow” after one of their daughter’s exclaimed just that after sleeping with it.

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Breakdown of the I Love My Pillow Out Cold Pillow

The entire design of this pillow is unique, but it is the foam that makes it so well loved by consumers. The foam formula took years to develop and perfect, and does meet a wide variety of needs and personal preferences. The Out Cold pillow takes their original design (read our review here) and adds some foam core structure changes, as well as introducing a dual sided cover for even more cooling property effects.


The pillow’s branded box came within an unmarked brown box on my front porch. The pillow was not compressed, wrapped in plastic, ‘stamped’ with a brand sticker, and arrived with a hand written note to express their thanks. The personal touches were nice, and although already expected from the company due to my prior experiences with them, was still appreciated. It is nice to see a company who still recognizes where their revenue and success has come from. Without consumer feedback and reviews it would be near impossible to improve upon their product and continue to market it.

First Impressions

I had thought that the Out Cold version would have done away with their micro-minky pillow cover, but I loved that they still included it on one side of the pillow. When I first had been introduced to the soft terry cloth case I was a bit thrown as it was so unexpected as a pillow case cover material. It wasn’t long for me to figure out how great it was, and so having this choice in this particular pillow is great. The foam is very lightweight overall, and doesn’t feel as dense and heavy as many other high quality memory foams do. Although there is still a nice soft sink and it takes a few seconds for it to come back to shape, it is a preferable feel to me who enjoys a lighter, more malleable pillow in comparison to some other memory foam choices (despite their being recognizably excellent in quality).

Features and Benefits

When you are trying to determine if a sleep product is good for you, taking a close look at the features the company highlights, and their associated benefits is a great way to start narrowing down your choices. Our detailed reviews of these claims, as well as our own experiences, are found below. Hopefully this provides you the detail you need to make an informed decision about such a product.


The I Love My Pillow actually offers a few different pillow choices for your head, including a down body pillow, as well as travel size versions. The Out Cold design is modeled closely after the Signature Contour Pillow offered by the company, which provides an indented side to better support and rest your head within. Available in both a queen and king size, it measures 24 x 16 inches and 34 x 18 inches, respectively. This is slightly smaller than 20 x 30 inches and 20 x 36 inches that are considered an industry standard. The loft is approximately 5 inches high, but does provide excellent responsiveness without losing underlying support. These pillows are a bit smaller than a standard, accepted pillow size, but truly isn’t noticeable unless you are looking for the differences. Placed side by side with other pillows I found it didn’t much make a difference in overall comfort at all.

Lightweight Memory Foam Filling

The lightweight foam is highly responsive, but as mentioned, still provides a soft sink that doesn’t just bounce back, but rather conforms and shapes to your body. Since it is designed by foam engineers for their own purposes, you can assume correctly that it is a high quality memory foam that provides all the comfort it promises. I am incredibly impressed with the fact it can leave an impression, and yet still be as soft, shapeable, and squeezable comforting as it is. As a solid form it could be assumed that it does hold heat somewhat, but I never found that to be true in my original reviews, nor in this trial either.

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Dual Sided Comfort Design

The pillow is dual sided, with one side slightly indented for better head placement and neck support. This works well for both back and side sleepers as the space between the head and shoulders needs to be supportive enough for the soft tissues, muscles and ligaments to relax and allow natural spinal alignment.

The reverse side is slightly curved outwards, and creates a surface that provides more material for larger body types that may need the extra foam for support. This is the shape provided in the I Love My Pillow Classic Traditional Pillow which started it all, and it is easy to customize which casing side, and foam feel combination you prefer.

Dual Sided Pillow Case

Part of what makes the I Love My Pillow so popular is their lack of traditional case material choices. Their original pillows boasted a soft, micro- minky cover that feels like an old, soft terry cloth towel (at least in my opinion). Although highly breathable, the smooth surface of other materials are popular with consumers, and so to promote further cooling, and meet the needs of everyone interested in the product, they created a patented CoolLuxe fabric as well.

Micro-Minky Side

As described, the micro-minky material is incredibly soft, and although not thick, feels very plush. This transfers well through your own pillowcase to provide a very slight give beneath your skin, and feel like your favorite soft stuffed animal.

CoolLuxe Side

CoolLuxe is a permanent cooling fabric that is not only highly breathable, but also is infused with a patented fiber blend to help pull heat and wick moisture away from you. It not only feels cool to the touch, but promotes increased pillow airflow.

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Lay Flat Zipper and Gusseted Sides

Also new to the design is the gusseted sides along which the zipper lies. A gusset helps keep the integrity of the foam core when weight is applied. This keeps the foam from compressing unevenly, and helps it properly support your head and neck. The zipper lies flat and easily unzips to expose the foam beneath. It runs the length of an end of a pillow, and seems to be a bit better design than the original to allow easy on and off for washing purposes. The double stitched seams are durable and tough. Plus the contrast piping is a nice touch, and further speaks to the quality of the product.

Comfort Claims

The company does claim this pillow can work well for everyone, and despite the fact that is does have that possibility, that is a generally broad statement to make as it assumptions details about body shape, size, and preference. But despite that, it is amazingly versatile (as seen below), and is geared to help you get a cooler night’s sleep. Back and stomach sleepers need a thinner pillow to help keep their head in alignment with their spine. Back sleepers also need support for under their neck. Side sleepers need a thicker, responsive pillow for lifted support in order to hold the head and neck in alignments. The dual sides, and foam response does well to help support all these positions, but the comfort is dependent upon your own body type and needs.

Pillow Care

The case is completely machine washable and dryable, but like most foams, the core is not. Moisture and memory foam in particular do not mix well, as the cellular structure can begin to break down when wet. It also is extremely hard to get dry, and can harbor bacteria and mold growth over time. Spot cleaning and blotting is perfectly fine, and if you feel that it needs more, look for a gentle laundry cleanser to use and blot it in until clean.

3 Year Warranty/100-Night Sleep Trial

A 100 night sleep trial is a pretty cool offer as pillows are of a personal nature and so most companies don’t offer much in the way of returns. They are so certain you will love the I Love My Pillow, they want to offer it to you with no fear of a wasted investment. If you don’t like it, you can exchange for another of their pillows, or simple return it- hassle free. A three year warranty against defects and poor workmanship is also available, and requires you register the pillow with the company.

Consumer Reviews

This is a newer product overall, but seems to be one of the most popular so far with a list of popular reviews. In fact, not one review seems to read in the negative, with only a few comments specific to wanting to exchange for a slightly different feel- and wanting to stay with the company for quality and overall comfort. Neck and head support, as well as a soft, yet supportive feel is mentioned many times, plus the cooling effect is highly praised by many. Since the Classic Original did have some comments to possible heat sinks, this is an improvement to meant to address those concerns.

My Sleep Trial Experiences

Since I normally sleep on my stomach, I prefer a soft, shapeable pillow. Foams are not my usual go to, but I was happy with my initial trial with this company’s products in the past. I assumed that my experience with the Out Cold Pillow would be slightly similar to my experience with the Classic Traditional, and outside a few noticeable differences, it more or less was. I am not a hot sleeper, so the cooling effect was a nice touch and noticeable. The foam indentation was also something I appreciated when both on my back and side, although I preferred the huggable, more more bowed side when using it to support my head and shoulders as a stomach sleeping support.


Indented side truly is a comfort for back sleeping. I love the softness of the foam and always felt that it held my head well, but there is a noticeable difference when your neck has a higher lip that where your head sits. This support is appreciated and to me it was as if it was designed specifically to fit my head and neck. I feel this is a great choice for just about anyone and did loan it out to a back sleeper who corroborated my findings and reported as a back sleeping choice it was wonderful.


I flipped between both sides for this position, and honestly am not sure which I prefer more. I love the original side for side sleeping, and can tuck my arm up, or even bunch the pillow slightly for my shoulder with both sides due to how responsive and light the foam is. For my stature this is an excellent design, and holds my head just right for spinal alignment. In getting a second opinion for side sleeping, I provided it to someone with much broader shoulders than myself. It wasn’t as comfortable a pillow for them as it was for me, and they mentioned that they wished it was of a higher profile to better support their body shape.


Unfortunately, this is not the best choice for stomach sleepers. I struggled to get comfortable, and eventually used it to support my head and shoulders as more of a ‘huggable’ body pillow. This was comforting, and with the soft foam did not provide any resistance against my weight. It did, however, work well for a stomach sleeping position for my trail buddy. They were able to support their upper body with it as a true stomach sleeping choice, and liked how it was easy to shape. This isn’t their natural sleep position, however, and they found themselves rolling back to their side and back. Initially, it was comfortable, and I imagine it may have continued to be.

Overall Sleeping Rating: 4.5

This most certainly is a quality pillow choice, and shows a lot of promise as a consumer favorite over time. It is not a one size fits all, and it should be noted that your body size and weight will dictate much of how you use the pillow and what comfort you get out of it. The lightweight memory foam is still some of the best I have come across, and the soft contouring is incredibly comforting. This softer feel is what keeps it from being a good side sleeping choice for larger body types and those with broad shoulders, but as a back sleeper I’m willing to bet it is going to be a match for just about everyone. Stomach sleeping is probably not something I recommended and not too many people will find it to work well for them- although it does double as a huggable body type pillow quite well. The micro-minky cover is unique and may not be everyone’s favorite (despite how much I like it), but the opposite side is amazingly cool to touch, and is about the best I have come across in reference to cooling material technology applications. True cooling effect pillows are few and far between, and this one is an excellent choice.


If cooling, supportive back and side sleeping comfort is something you are in search of, this is a great choice to take a closer look at. The I Love My Pillow Out Cold Pillow holds its own next to some of the top rated cooling pillow in the current sleep industry, and boasts the amazingly responsive, lightweight memory foam that has made the company famous. We highly recommend it here at The Sleep Judge as one of our top picks. We only try to review some of the best pillows out there to help you narrow down your choices, and this company keeps delivering!


Frequently Asked Questions

What sleep position is this best suited for?

Side, back, and stomach.

What is the loft?

5 inches.

Will I experience a lot of offgassing?

No, wears off quickly.

Is it organic?


What’s the warranty?

100 night sleep trial.