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Updated October 10, 2019

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Cecelia Ottenweller

CORRECTION – Hyphen called me today and remedied the situation. I’m relieved.

If you like softer beds, this is not a bad option. I however cannot do soft.


Jess RJ

Thanks for the update!

Cecelia Ottenweller

We purchased the Hyphen bed last month and have decided to return it. ALAS – the company is not responding to emails or phone calls.

It is too soft and I’m hurting my back. I do not recommend buying this mattress.


My wife and I are looking for a new mattress and I am curious between this and the layla. We are both quite heavy 260 and 360, and my wife is pregnant, would you prefer this? She is mostly a side and stomach sleeper I am side and back.


It cost $950 now


Thank you for your review. My husband and I are also large people. He is 330 and I am 270. Will a king hold up for us?


Frank Apodaca

Hi Denise,

Hyphen states that it supports up to 250lbs per individual.

At this BMI level I would look for a firmer mattress with higher densities if you were to go with foam. The density is a direct correlation to how durable a mattress will be and the higher the weight, the higher the density you need (this applies for foam mattresses like the Hyphen). We will be writing some articles on this shortly and you can see this article. I would consider looking at some latex mattresses or some very high density foam mattresses. I would consider Zenhaven as far as durability goes, but then you also need to decide based on your own comfort levels if Latex is right for you. This mattress is also flippable in case you didn’t like one firmness level.


Thanks for the great information in your reviews. I ordered the Hypen – Queen size and its on the way.

I have a new bedframe that is lower to the floor and do not want to use a box spring. My options are to buy more slats for the bed or by plywood and put it over the existing 3 slats. I was leaning toward the plywood but then read something about breathability for the mattress and moisture. It will be off the floor, so do you think there is any issue with the mattress sitting directly on a sheet of plywood ?



Hey Shawn,

The Hyphen will sit on top of any firm, flat surface. If your slats aren’t more than 4 inches apart you shouldn’t have any issues. Go ahead and put it on plywood… that’s fine.


I love the review by Star regarding the Hyphen. I’m looking for a Cal King……I’m a stomach sleeper, and my wife is side and back.
Since you rated the Hyphen so highly, I wonder which you might have rated even higher? I see your review of the Dynasty New Cool mattress and it looks impressive also.
Any guidance would be appreciated.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


Frank Apodaca

We recommend the Hyphen as it’s in a different price class and material quality but if you’re looking for something more affordable, the Dynasty Mattress offers a lot for its price.


I love the motion transfer test…but, I feel bad for your poor dog not getting what he’s wanting. Lol! Thanks for the review, btw.


Frank Apodaca

Haha. I assure you, Winston is quite spoiled.


Does it work for heavier people. I am 220 and my husband is 205. I am sold on this mattress as long as it holds up to our weight.


Frank Apodaca

Yes, it would definitely work for you.


How Firm would you say this mattress is? We are looking for a firm mattress that provides great lower back support. Tempurpedic was not a good fit for us, we were sinking in.


Frank Apodaca

We rate it a 7 for firmness. So its fairly firm for a labelled “medium”.


Do you make a short queen


Frank Apodaca

I don’t believe Hyphen does.

Florence Woods

How thick are the mattresses?


Frank Apodaca

Hey Florence,

It is a 10″ thick mattress.

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