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GhostBed Sheet Set

Your sheets are just as important to your sleep comfort as your mattress and pillow choices. They allow for body temperature regulation and help with surface comfort support if fitted properly.

Nobody likes a sheet that pops free, wrinkles up, or pills up after washing. Smooth, breathable, well-fitting sheets can be a challenge to find, but they exist if you know where to look. The Sleep Judge Review Team has had the opportunity to personally try out the GhostBed Sheets to determine if their features are worth the investment. Our review can be found below–and I can tell you in advance they are quite favorable!

If you are tired of:

  • Sheets that don’t stay put
  • Sheets that wrinkle easily
  • Sheets that aren’t deep enough
  • Sheets that pull free
  • Sheets that pill after washing
  • Sheets that retain heat

You definitely want to check this GhostBed Sheet Set Review out!

About the GhostBed Company

Created by the Warner Family, the GhostBed brand has a long history of innovative product design behind it. This philosophy of inventing consumer friendly designs has carried forward for over a century until GhostBed was born of the CEOs need for a more comfortable, supportive sleep. Since 2001 the company has continued to grow to provide various product options all geared for a better rest. Today they offer mattresses, bed frames, bedding, and pillows for your nighttime sleep experience.

Shipping & Unboxing

The Ghostbed Sheet Set came quickly after ordering and was well packaged in a thick, brand marked box. I did wish it had come in an unmarked box as often my packages sit on my porch until I arrive home for the day, but at least I am far enough off the road this is not generally a problem. For people who live in town it may make it an obvious target for porch bandits.

However, it was well secured and it was obvious that the box could get bumped around without damaging what was inside or tearing in anyway.  Upon opening the sheets were well protected and folded around cardboard before being placed in a thick plastic bag. They unfolded easily and there was very little waste material.

I did notice that there was an offgassing smell that was less chemical in nature and more like rotten milk. Honestly it was the strangest smell I’ve ever experienced in my reviews of products. It definitely was not pleasant and you for sure want to wash the sheets before doing anything else with them.

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Initial Impressions

Other than the awful smell (which wasn’t overpowering, but simply unpleasant) I was very impressed with the product. I love how the company always provides a thank you package that provides information on the product as well as warranty and customer service details. It’s a detail that showcases the pride they take in their product, and that they are there to provide support without having to go on a wild goose chase to find help.

The sheets themselves were very smooth and thick feeling, and I really liked how cool they felt against my skin. Plus the elastic along the entire bottom of the fitted sheet had my favor from the start since I use a mattress topper on an already thick mattress- making a deep, well secured fit a must.


The materials used are well thought out and applied to an innovative design that works well with a wide variety of mattress styles. The set comes with a fitted sheet, top sheet, and pillowcase(s) to fit your size bed and is designed to stay put and provide unparalleled comfort.

Softness and Thread Count

Made from a premium 60% Supima Cotton and patented 40% Tencel fiber, the sheets are incredibly smooth to the touch and very soft. This blend was specially designed for durability as well and are guaranteed not to pill or wrinkle easily to make your sleep surface a comforting, smooth experience.

Tencel is a fiber made from wood pulp and offers a sustainably sourced material that blends wonderfully with other natural fibers to create a breathable, cooling feel. When combined with the longer fibers of supima cotton, you have a moisture wicking, very luxurious material.

Because of the questionable use of inferior lengths of threads, they feel a thread count applied by many companies is not accurate and GhostBed feels that providing this number doesn’t actually reflect quality. Although they compare their own sheets to a true 600 count sheet option, they claim their material is more breathable than the majority offered in the sleep industry.

Full Elastic Fitted Sheet

The entire fitted sheet is lined by a thick, double stitched elastic band to help hold the sheet in place. I definitely tested how well this would work with a deep mattress topped by a 3 inch foam mattress topper (more on the packet depth below).

This is a tight elastic that fit incredibly snug under the edges of each mattress corner and even after nights of movement, children, and a 100 pound lab jumping on the bed the elastic kept the sheet in place. This was a complete win for me overall as sheets that pull up in the corner make me crazy.

The sides did not tuck as well beneath the mattress as the corners did however. It didn’t ride up the sides of the mattress, but definitely didn’t not stay under the sides through the night. Obviously since the sheet stayed in place this wasn’t an issue, but I felt it should have had a bit more material to help keep it fully in place since the company claims they are a 15 inch fit- and the mattress and topper was just under 15 inches.

Deep Pockets

GhostBed claims the sheets are a 15 inch deep pocket fit. Technically this is true based on my experience with how well it stayed in place, but if it truly fit a 15 inch mattress it shouldn’t have pulled up the side a bit with a 11.5 inch mattress topped by a 3 inch topper. As you can see, the top of the bed is right at 14.5 inches, making the sheet a great choice, but not necessarily a perfect choice.

Heat Transfer

The Cotton and Tencel blend is specifically designed to help wick moisture from your body and dissipate it through excellent breathability. This helps create a cooling effect and I have to say this is 100% spot on. The product’s biggest challenge was to stay cool through the night and so I passed it off to a VERY hot sleeper who absolutely has to have a ceiling fan on for air circulation. I challenged them to sleep without the fan to determine if a comfortable temperature could be maintained.

In short, after the first night the feedback I received was: “These sheets are amazing”. Are they cooling? I would say so. My own experience with them found them to be quite chilly when I first climbed into bed, but after that they carried the perfect temperature to sleep upon. Honestly, they seem to be a great year round option for body temperature comfort.


Mentioned earlier is how durable these sheets are designed to be. The quality fiber blend, thickness, and overall feel has stayed consistently the same despite multiple machine washing and drying. Although they are smooth and luxurious feeling, there is nothing thin or weak about them. The stitching is high quality and elastic is well secured.

Feature and Benefit Feedback

The benefits of the features these sheets have are focused on consumer comfort. Addressing temperature regulation and a decent fit are high priorities, and for the most part the Ghostbed Sheets are well represented in these categories.

The materials described above are cooling and the sheets stay well put on a 15 inch mattress, which is what they are designed for. Of course, they could be a little deeper for a better fit, but the important thing is that they do not come loose.

Size Options

The sheets come in a range of sizes to fit any bed you may have. Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, and even a split King are available for purchase. I loved how well the sheets fit a queen sized bed without pulling to taught that it changed the feel. It allows your choice of sleep comfort to do its job all while enhancing the effects through a soft, smooth, and cooling surface.


The sheets are also offered in a Crisp White or Soft Gray color to help fit your decor.

Maintenance, Care, and Warranty

The sheets are easy to keep clean and do not shrink. As mentioned, it is best you wash them right away so you can use them immediately! They come clean in both machine cool and warm washes and dry very quickly in a dryer on a tumble low setting.


A 3 year limited warranty is included with the sheets, with full replacement, including shipping, available within the first 3 months of ownership. The rest of the first year provides full replacement, but you are required to cover shipping costs. After that the second and third years requires 25% and 50% payment respectively to replace.

To receive the warranty you must register the product within 30 days of purchase and it must be bought from an authorized dealer. Proof of purchase is also required.


Ghostbed sheets are considered a luxury item and their price reflects this. They are priced comparatively to other high end, quality items, and are for those consumers looking for a long lasting sheet that doesn’t give up its comfort easily wash after wash.

The company offers sales and discounts from time to time, so it is worth keeping an eye on these opportunities.

Reviews and Feedback

The feedback and reviews provided from consumers reflects a well received product. Everything from the fit to the feel is remarked upon as a comforting sleep surface. The material blend and design execution makes them feel luxurious and many suggest making sure you have 2 sets on hand so you never miss a night of comfort.

I  honestly could not find any complaints!

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Who We Recommend the GhostBed Sheet Set For

Anyone who is tired of poorly fitted sheets or materials that do not last should consider the Ghostbed Sheet Set. If you typically sleep hot, these are also an excellent option as they are amazingly cool and regulate body temperature better than any sheets I have ever used.

Buy and be secure that you won’t have a pilled, wrinkled, shrunken mess after just a few washes. The quality is a great value and will keep you from having to replace sheets multiple times a year.

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Our Final Verdict

An enthusiastic two thumbs up come from The Sleep Judge Review Team. Although the offgassing smell and overall depth of the fitted sheet could be slightly improved upon, neither created a problem once washed and put in place. It fits snug without changing your bed’s comfort, and provides additional cooling and softness against your skin.

Would we recommend the product? Definitely. Take a closer look at the Ghostbed Sheet Set to determine which color and fit is best for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wash them?

Machine wash in cool to warm water and tumble dry

How thick of a mattress will they fit?

Sheets fit up to a 15 inch mattress depth

Where can these sheets be shipped?

Anywhere within the USA

Do they include organic materials?

These are not a certified organic product

Do they stay put?

Yes! The full elastic fitted sheet does not budge easily.

Do they retain heat?

No, the material blend is moisture wicking, cooling, and very smooth to provide maximum temperature regulation.

What sizes are offered?

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King