GhostBed Mattress Protector Review

GhostBed Mattress Protector

If you love your mattress, you definitely need to protect it. Body oils, moisture, and dirt can easily work its way into your mattress material, creating a less-than-hygienic sleep surface–plus, over time it can actually change the comfort.

Don’t wait until there is an accident, spill, or animal accident to invest in a good mattress protector, and don’t avoid them because you think they are too loud, or change the comfort of your bed. A quality protector can help create a protected, safe sleeping environment.

The Ghostbed Mattress Protector Review should definitely be considered if you are:

  • Worried about a plastic-like feel
  • Are scared of a crackling sound
  • Need to provide a water-proof barrier
  • Sleeping hot
  • Are tired of protectors not fitting deep mattresses
  • Are worried about ruining a protector in the wash

About the GhostBed Company

The Ghostbed brand was created by the Warner Family, a company that has been applying innovative product design for over a century. The CEO, Marc Warner, started GhostBed in 2001 out of a desire to provide a more comfortable, supportive sleep. Since then, the company has continued to grow to provide a wide variety of products designed for a better sleep experience.

Shipping & Unboxing

The Ghostbed Mattress Protector came quickly after ordering in a durable, brand marked box. Although I do wish companies would ship in a plain brown box to hide what the product is, I do not generally have problems since my house does not face the road. However, it may be an issue for some people.

On the plus side, the box was incredibly durable and thick to protect the product inside, plus the ghost logo is adorable. Inside, the protector was folded and secured in a thick plastic bag that unzipped and held care and warranty information. There was no off-gassing and the protector unfolded easily to use.

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Initial Impressions

Since I’ve had trouble in the past with finding a good water-proof protector, I was impressed than upon opening and unfolding the product there was no plastic crackling sound or feel of heavy vinyl. I really like how the company pays attention to detail and provides packaging that includes information on the product for care, warranty, and customer service.

The protector is surprisingly plush without feeling too thick. I also liked how a thick elastic band ran along the bottom to help keep it in place. Upon first glance, it looked tight and well sewn for durability.


I will admit I had a bit of a problem finding what materials this protector was made from. There was no tag and their website simply claims it is a 30% cotton and patented moisture-wicking material blend plus cooling fabric technology. It is soft to feel and has a slightly layered, quilted surface with a shiny, waterproof barrier underneath. It definitely doesn’t feel like a traditional protector, but even my own independent research didn’t yield any further information concerning what the other materials the cotton is blended with.

Full Elastic Fit and Deep Pockets

The protector includes a full 2 inch thick, double stitch elastic band that tucks wonderfully over my 15-inch mattress. It was easy to get on and the deep pockets tucked up under the corners and sides to provide a snug fit that does not change the overall feel of the mattress at all.

The company claims it fits up to a 16-inch mattress depth comfortably, and since I had a little bit of play left, I can see how it would easily work with that high of a profile. For thinner mattresses, the elastic can be easily tucked up to keep it fitting well without bunching.

We tested how well it stayed in place over the course of a week with kids bouncing up and down and it and even a big, 90-pound lab hopping up occasionally. It never pulled loose or wrinkled up.

Heat Transfer

Heat retention is often a problem with protectors since they are made of materials that are not as breathable. The quilted layer of soft cotton blended with a cooling fabric helps negate any heat sinks by allowing a breathable, moisture-wicking surface, plus the cooling fabric allows heat from your body to dissipate. I shared the protector with a friend who sleeps very hot to see if this product created an uncomfortable surface, and the feedback I received was very favorable. In fact, they didn’t even know the protector was there as it fit well beneath their sheets and did not change temperature regulation or comfort in any manner.


Designed for durability and use, these are well constructed with thick stitching and a quality feel. Plus, they are easy to launder (more on that below) and are designed for use. Nothing is thin or weak feeling about these and the elastic, which takes the brunt of movement and stretch is very well sewn into the edges.

Featured Benefits

The ability to apply a mattress protector that doesn’t change the way your bed feels doesn’t keep you awake with a plastic crackling sound, and is easy to launder seems too good to be true. Oh, by the way, don’t forget it sleeps cool, and that it also is bacteria and allergen resistant due to non-migrating antimicrobial technology.

This protects your mattress from a build-up of allergen materials, and also helps create an unfriendly environment for bacterial growth. This makes it a perfect choice for those who are sensitive to environmental factors, live in a humid environment where humidity naturally creates areas conducive to mold and mildews, and anyone suffering from asthmatic issues.

Size Options

Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes, there is protection for just about any sized bed you need. As mentioned, it fits up to a 16-inch deep mattress, and I found it to be snug with room to play if needed. The quilted top later covered the bed perfectly without any major overlap, too tight of a fit, or bunching from loose materials.


Since a protector is designed to fit under your sheets and out of sight, it is only offered in a clean, white option.

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Maintenance, Care, and Warranty

Caring properly for a protector is a must in order to keep the materials both absorbent and waterproof. Lack of proper care will not only make it less effective, but it will also void the warranty. Luckily, it is extremely easy to care for and you can machine launder in cold water and then tossed in a dryer with linens and towels on low heat or tumble dry.

It is better to air dry to help keep the integrity of the waterproofing intact. They dry quickly and this way you are ensured you haven’t inadvertently exposed them to any sort of damaging heat source.

If a spill or accident occurs while the protector is in place, it should be noted that it needs to be blotted up or dried, and removed for laundering within 30 minutes or it may leak through and/or ruin the protective qualities of the product.


A 10-year warranty comes with your protector. As long as it is treated properly and cared for as described if it is found to be defective it will be replaced (minus shipping) at no cost. A prorated plan is effective year 2 – 10 for replacement purchases.

To receive the warranty you must register the product within 30 days of purchase and it must be bought from an authorized dealer. Proof of purchase is also required.


GhostBed considers their products to be a durable, long-lasting luxury item, and their costs reflect this. Comparative to other high-end quality items, their mattress protectors are priced to provide protection for 3 to 4 times longer than less expensive options.

The company offers sales and discounts from time to time, so it is worth keeping an eye on these opportunities.

Reviews and Feedback

Consumer feedback is favorable, with comments on how well it fits and how surprisingly quiet and soft it feels. It is effective if used as directed and helps keep the bed clean, dry, and safe from allergens and bacteria buildup.

Unfortunately, negative feedback exists, and it is generally very thought out, explained, and makes sense. The protector must be removed within 30 minutes of being ‘stained’ – which means that if an accident occurs in the night it might not be noticed in time before it leaks through. Leaving it this long can also void the warranty.

Since it claims it is water-proof, it seems to be a slippery slope the company is walking to state water-proof, but only if… especially for the cost.

Because of this, many consumers believe that if you want a protector specifically for potty training accidents, incontinence, or pet marking protection, this might not be a good choice.

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Who We Recommend the GhostBed Mattress Protector For

If you need a mattress protector for allergens and general mattress cleanliness pertaining to body sweat and odor, this is a great choice. It provides waterproof protection and absorbance for enough time to remove the protector to launder. It also makes no noise, is a great fit,  and is easy to launder.

However, if you need full waterproof protection and absorbance for known accidents, this might not be the best choice. People lean towards a product like this to avoid a plastic feel that retains heat, but the truth is, plastic-lined and rubber linings are still the best choice for waterproofing.

Our Final Verdict

The bottom line is, the GhostBed Mattress Protector does what it claims. If you follow the directions for use and care, which are fully disclosed, you will have a long-lasting, durable, and protective covering for your mattress.

Personally, we weren’t impressed that they claim full water-proof, BUT remove within 30 minutes or basically risk a soaking through. That seems a bit contradictory. I felt I needed to test that out myself, as seen below.

In our own use of the protector we did find it to be comfortable, non-heat retaining, and in general a very high-quality product. To test out the absorbance we ran a small test with ⅛ cup water- which sat on top of the quilted cover for a few seconds before absorbing into the quilted surface. It did not soak through at all and simply dried as it was. Evidently, the cotton top is enough to help absorb and dissipate liquids. I had no issues with it and it has found a permanent place on the bed where children and animals are in constant motion. It keeps the mattress clean and is super easy to launder.

Does The Sleep Judge Review Team recommend the product? Yes, we do. Be sure to understand how it is supposed to be used, but it is definitely a quality item worth considering.

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