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Frankly Mattress

We all know that a well-balanced meal is proportional to the health and wellbeing of anyone’s body, but so is a well-balanced sleep. Good sleep is often underrated. It’s possible to get sleep practically anywhere, but a good sleep that nourishes the body? That requires a comfortable mattress. Frankly Mattress is a relatively new mattress that was just released in 2018. It’s an innovative all-foam mattress that uses gel-infused memory foam. Quite frankly, you’ve never slept on anything quite like the Frankly. If you survived that pun in tact, please read on to find out if this mattress is right for you…

Frankly Mattress Specs

Free Shipping

60 Night Trial Period

10 years Warranty

All About Frankly Mattress

• Firmness and Feel

The Frankly offers the feel of memory foam without that awkward sink. It has a soft, comfortable exterior and the layers of the memory foam do an impressive job of providing a balanced sleeping surface.

Frankly mattresses comes with a universal firmness option, designed to appeal to a wide variety of sleepers. The feel is medium firm, suitable for side, back, and stomach sleepers. The multiple layers of foam adapt to your bodyweight, contour to your body, and provide pressure relief. Despite the memory foam, the Frankly offers an impressive bounce back response.

However, it should be noted this mattress is not ideal for heavy users. They will not enjoy the contouring and support in the same way and might find it a bit uncomfortable.

Universal firmness is not for everybody either, especially sleepers with soft or hard firmness preferences. But the Frankly still does an impressive job of providing a firmness level that can be enjoyed by almost everybody. This makes it ideal for couples with different sleep positions and firmness preferences who share a mattress.

Comfort And Feel Rating: 3.5/5

• Motion Transfer

Memory foam handles motion isolation well. Motion isolation is important in any mattress, especially for couples. Couples with different weights can sleep together without disturbing each other, there’s never any concern about the mattress sinking in the middle, and even pets can leap in and out of the bed throughout the night without disturbing anyone. With good motion isolation, everybody gets to sleep peacefully. So, we’re happy to report that the Frankly has very good motion isolation. It’s not the best we’ve ever seen. You wouldn’t want to have children jumping on the bed next to you during a nap, for example. However, if that’s a common occurrence on your mattress, you have bigger problems than motion isolation.

Comfort And Feel Rating: 4.5/5

• Edge Support

The Frankly does not have very good edge support. Sleeping on the edge won’t make you fall off, but this mattress will not provide as much support as it should. This is expected of any memory foam mattress though. They are known to have poor edge support. However, using a deep bed frame should improve the situation. Consider investing in one of those if you experience any edge support problems with your Frankly.

Edge Support Rating: 3/5

• Temperature

Typically memory foam allows sleepers to sink in the mattress, which traps the heat released by their body. So, if you are a big fan of memory foam, you should be used to sleeping hot. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. There has been advancement in the construction of memory foam. Mattress manufacturers now use open cell foams that allow for the free flow of air in and out of the mattress. The Frankly mattress also uses gel infused foamed in addition to open cell foams. The gel infused foams reduce body heat transfer even further. As a result, this bed sleeps shockingly cool for a memory foam mattress. It’s quite impressive.

Temperature Rating: 4.5/5

• Off Gassing / Smell

The Frankly mattress is compressed and shipped in a box. That means there will be some off-gassing and a new mattress smell. That’s normal. The only time there should be any cause for concern from off-gassing is when it takes a long time to dissipate. Thankfully, that’s not an issue here. The Frankly mattress has a mild smell that will dissipate within 24 hours. Proper ventilation within your house will speed up the dissipation. You can also use a mattress protector to cover up the smell for the first 24 hours.

Off-Gassing Rating: 4.5 /5

• Delivery and Set Up

The Frankly mattress is compressed, vacuum sealed, and delivered in a box. Shipping is free for customers within the 48 contiguous states of America. Customers in Hawaii, Alaska, or international locations cannot order the Frankly. Delivery is made to your doorstep, but extra services like old mattress removal or in-home assembly are not offered. Bare bones stuff, but at least it’s all free.

• Trial and Warranty

The Frankly mattress offers customers 60-night free sleep trial. This is the lowest shortest trial period I have ever come across for a mattress. While 60-nights is fair amount of time to try out a new mattress, it’s a bit worrying that Frankly only offers about half of the trial period of most premium mattress manufacturers. But as per usual, customers can return their mattress for a full refund if they are unsatisfied after the trial period.

The Frankly mattress is also under warranty for 10 years. During this period, any defective mattress will be replaced or repaired by the company. However, any defect that is as a result of misuse on the part of the customer will void the warranty. The company will only take responsibility for damage that comes as a result of construction error. The terms are standard, but once again Frankly comes up short compared to the competition. Most premium mattress companies offer 25 year or even lifetime warranties. This is all quite worrying, suggesting that the folks behind the Frankly don’t believe in the longevity of their product.

Trial And Warranty Rating: 2.5/5


The Frankly is a memory foam mattress, but it differs from traditional memory foam because of the variety of materials used.

The cover is made from a soft and breathable material that can be zipped opened or closed. This material combined with the gel infused memory foam in the comfort layer helps keep the mattress cool. The gel-infused memory foam still does an impressive job of conforming and releasing pressure from the hips and shoulders. It just does so without trapping body heat.

The transitional layer features adaptive Hicore foam, which helps distribute the weight of sleepers across the whole mattress. It also fills in the gaps around the waist and shoulders to help the mattress contour to the body of the sleeper.

The support layer features 2 layers of high density foam which will keep spine sleepers aligned and provides very strong support. It is made of high density polyfoam, a popular mattress material .

The materials used are not organic, but they are eco-friendly and certified by CertiPUR-US.

Materials Rating: 4.5

Popular Reviews

Tim of Sleep Guide Review wrote:

“Frankly is a good mattress for this industry, but it isn’t our favorite. We appreciate their desire to keep costs down, but we don’t like when companies focus on just one or two sizes of mattress. What happens if we love it and want something for our guest room?

If you fall into the narrowly defined category that Frankly serves, we think you’ll be happy with your purchase. That checklist is queen or king mattress, medium-firm, all foam, and budget. See where it might be difficult for you to get on board with Frankly.

We do love their zippable cover, and we’d like to see more company follow Frankly’s lead on this one. The low emission mattress is the way to go. Allergy sufferers may want to take a serious look at this mattress even if it doesn’t come in your perfect size.”

Sleep Sherpa wrote:

“The Frankly mattress is best suited for budget-conscious shoppers looking for an all foam mattress. This mattress is great for motion isolation and reducing partner disturbance. Although the trial period is a bit shorter than most companies, 60 nights is still plenty of time to know if this will be right for you.

If you are turned off by the feel of a dense foam mattress but still want some of the contouring that construction provides, the Frankly mattress will be a good fit because of the dense layer of transition foam and a more breathable, responsive layer at the top.”

Overall Value and Recommendation

Frankly did a great job of delivering a comfortable mattress at a great price. The Frankly mattress costs $845 for a king size bed and $695 for a queen. That’s the same price as some twin sized mattresses. The Frankly mattress has gel infused foam layer that helps to keep the temperature of the mattress cool without sacrificing it’s memory foam feel. The mattress also has a zipper cover, which makes it very easy to keep the mattress clean. You can easily unzip the cover to wash and then zip it right back on. This is an ideal mattress for couples thanks to the strong motion isolation and minimal sinkage (except for the edges).

However, the mattress only comes in two sizes: king and queen. This makes it unattainable for customers who live in a small apartment or prefer a smaller sized mattress. While, the price of the Frankly king size is shockingly affordable, the mattress size limitation is a turn off for some. The mattress also has a very short trial period/warranty and it is not for heavyweight sleepers.

The Frankly mattress is for sleepers who:

  • Are looking for a king or queen sized mattress at an affordable price
  • Want memory foam without as much sinkage
  • Like a universal medium feel

So, it’s not a bad choice for anyone who meets that criteria. Sure, there are better mattress out there, just not in this price range.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5