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Fleep Bed - 100% Canadian Mattress

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The mattress you buy makes a huge difference in the quality of sleep you get, the comfort you have during that sleep, but also how you feel when you wake up, post sleeping. How the mattress makes you feel is the most important outcome. I’m a lover of sleep and I’m always looking for ways to improve my quality of rest, which is why I take such an interest in it, and that’s why I review mattresses. And the next on my list is the Fleep Bed, the double-sided mattress that aims for comfort and sturdiness. We got a hold of this bed and we’re going to try it out.

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Check Out the Fleep Mattress

Maybe it’s just me, but when I heard I was getting to use this mattress I got super excited. I’d never tried a double-sided mattress before. If you’re a side sleeper, the softer side of the mattress will appeal most to you, but for those who are back sleepers like me, and looking for great support, then the firmer side is definitely ideal. This is so smart, because by having both options available in one product, you can appeal to so many more people. I think it’s an awesome bed and, when compared to other mattresses, it definitely holds up. There’s a lot more to this mattress, though. Take a look for yourself.

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Features & Benefits


The construction of this mattress is one of the funnest parts of the product to look at, because it is made up of so many different layers and parts, all with specific duties, and all with good reason to be in the mattress. Firstly, there is the material, the Fleep Bed is made from 74% polyester, 25% Thermacool and 1% spandex, which gives it a comfortable feel, but in the Thermacool allows the mattress itself to breath, releasing heat when your bed becomes too warm. There are a few additional layers of the mattress, such as the ‘instant foam’ on the soft side, which eases your body down and comforts it, while a layer of denser foam and memory foam turn one side from solid, to soft. But the specific breakdown is 2” of perforated instant response foam, 2” of dense therapeutic foam, 4” of dense therapeutic foam but moving into a softer makeup, and then 2” of perforated gel infused memory foam.

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Firmness and Comfort

The firmness and comfort of this bed are directly linked, and this is because of the double-sided element, meaning that you can hopefully get both comfort within the correct firmness for yourself. I personally like a quite firm mattress because I’m a back sleeper, but even on the firm side, this offers a sponge-element, which still comforts your body as you’re laying on it so it’s not like sleeping on a board.

I flipped it over and tried out the softer side for a few nights, too. Just so I had a thorough opinion to use for my review. I wasn’t really looking forward to it, though, since I thought it couldn’t possibly be better than the firm side. But, although I still prefer the firm side, the soft one was amazing. You don’t sink down into it like you do with memory foam. All the support is still there, just more cushiony. I thought it was great. And my husband, who sleeps on his side, thought it was fabulous. He awoke feeling great and refreshed, no hip pain or lower back ache.

It’s a really comfortable mattress, one that I would definitely recommend to anyone who asks. The direct top layers of the mattress, whichever side you use, will have the desired effect on your comfort, as the middle layer is the same depth throughout, which gives the mattress an underlying sturdiness.


The absolute main point within this mattress is that it offers so much by the way of support for a wide spread of problems. Like I mentioned before, the firmer side of the mattress is perfect for those with back issues. I sit at a desk all day long and have awful posture on a good day. But the Fleep bed worked wonders while I slept.

There’s only a minimum amount of give within the harder side of the mattress, while still being comfortable. Which is what I liked most about using this bed – no matter which side, you will still be comfy, ideal if you’re sharing this bed with a partner. The flip side of this is that the softer face, which is topped with instant foam, is extremely soft, and will reduce pain and discomfort.

Edge Support

There is nothing unusual or surprising about this mattress in regards to edge support. While it doesn’t have a lip on the edge of the bed, the sink-in effect you get while sitting or lying on the bed keeps you in position and will stop you from falling or rolling towards the edge of the mattress.

Motion Isolation

Otherwise referred to as motion transfer. The Fleep bed passed with flying colors. My husband tosses and turn a lot, to put it mildly, but I was rarely jostled enough to fully awaken. I tested it out even further by placing a cup on one side and pushing down on the other. Needless to say, the cup jiggled slightly, but it never fell over.

Temperature Regulation

This is one of my favorite features. I suffer greatly from being too hot to sleep, and this mattress really helped with this problem. The Fleep Bed patented Thermocool technology allows the mattress to breath, taking heat away from your body and covers and not insulating you with it. The Thermacool cover is a real godsend, and probably the second main reason I love this mattress.


This mattress has a nice smell to it, I’m unsure if it’s merely the smell of general new mattress of whether it’s the combination of the different materials but it smells good, not too potent or strong. Just that “new” smell, and it aired out after a day.

Durability and Quality of Materials

For what it’s worth, across the few days that I used this mattress, the materials feel very durable. I would be concerned if they didn’t within this timeframe, but you can still feel the quality of the product underneath you. It would really depend on how often you were using each side as to how long the mattress would last, and I suppose the more you use one, the less time it is going to continue being of the highest quality.

If you’re flipping often, though, you will get much longer out of the mattress. The cover itself feels really thick, in turn this gives the feel of a high-quality material. The mattress itself feels great, and the Fleep Bed website boasts of using the highest quality materials. The seaming is flawless. The cooling effect or the Thermacool aspect works superbly and the foam on both sides is exceptionally comfortable, so the actual quality in the product is evident in the using. It’s just one of those products that you can simply feel the quality in your hands.

Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

The cover that comes on top of the bed is fully washable as long as it is done by hand. Fleep suggests not to wash it by machine, as this might have a serious effect on the materials that help the cover that comfortable and heat-moderating.

As for the bed itself, like most products in this category, it’s spot clean only. So you may want to consider getting a waterproof mattress cover of your own.

In regards to care and protection, there are two really nice features: A 111-day use period where, if you’re unhappy with the product and would like to return it, Fleep will give you 100% of your money back. To get your money back, you must prove to Fleep via photos that your mattress is not spoiled or damaged, but once this is done they will fire your refund right across to you.

This is a really cool addition, that tells me that they truly believe in the product. The warranty after this period is a full 10 years. This is full cover for any manufacturing or quality faults that are not down to your own doing. Upon this case, for 10 years, Fleep with exchange or repair your mattress.

Consumer Feedback

Let’s check out what others had to say about this awesome mattress.


From the customer feedback on the website, most customers are happy with their purchase and few have reported any issue with the durability of either sides of the mattress of the cover provided.


As with the customer above, many people searched out Fleep because of prior problems, be it back or sleep, because they found other mattresses didn’t do the trick. All reviews on the official site stated that they had never known support like this mattress. I would have to agree.

Reaction to Higher Weight

There has been no real discussion as to how this mattress reacted to a higher or lower weight, so I assume that means it’s good.


There was little chemical smell to the mattress, other than traditional new-material smell. There were no customer comments relating to this. Which is a good sign!

Pain Relief

One main reason many customers buy this product is because they’ve suffered from problems to do with sleeping before. One customer complained of prior hip problems disturbing her sleep, and while she had used many other mattresses with little success, the Fleep mattress took away pain and returned her to a normal, great night sleep!

Break-in Period

A few of the customers stated that they had a break-in period with the mattress, and not through any problem, but that they could not decide which side to use as both were really comfortable.

Customer Support

Fleep have a customer support team on hand via both phone and email. In addition to this, they have an online portal support team throughout standard daytime working hours. This box, featured at the bottom of their page, is a quick and easy way to get in contact with the guys over at Fleep.

Who We Recommend This Mattress For

This is a great mattress. I really enjoyed taking the time to use, review, and get to know this bed. I have a few issues sleeping, and as someone who seems to default into a position whereby I sleep on my back, I was really looking for something that would help me get comfortable and not leave with a lower back for days. I was glad to find that this helped hugely! It was comfortable sleeping on my back, and as I slept on the softer face, I enjoyed laying on my side for a bit and even found myself rolling onto my front more often which helped, too. It was so comfortable. I loved it. Some of the best parts are:

It offered two different types of material for two types of comfort. When I used both sides I was actually more comfortable than I am on my standard bed mattress at home.

The heat control that the cover naturally offers is a god send. I can only imagine that in the summer months this will work even better, and as some of the reviews stated, it helped them fall asleep much quicker because they were cooler for longer.

I love the fact you can hand wash it, meaning you don’t have to go through the effort of machine washing, you merely dampen the cover/mattress, add hand-wash detergent and scrub then wipe. If you want great protection, I suggest getting a mattress protector, but for now this will be just fine.
If you have back pain or are merely looking for a better-quality mattress, I would suggest trying this. It’s a great fit, super comfortable and comes in many sizes, all of which offer great value for money.


I can only offer an excellent verdict on this mattress. It is hugely comfortable, and I love that you can change the type of mattress you have merely by flipping it, something that will help if you sometimes get back or muscle pain. If you would like to see more about the Fleep bed, use our discount code sleepjudge and click here.

The Fleep Bed Specs

Material Thickness Degassing Period
Polyester, Spandex and Thermacool, 100% Canadian 10 Inches 24-48 Hours


Break-in Period Firmness Level
(Scale of 1-10)
Trial Period Warranty
A Few Weeks to Decide your Favorite Side 8/8 111 Days 10 Years

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Foundation Needed?

Recommended for best durability expectations.

Is a Mattress Pad or Protector Needed?

Recommended but not required.

Are returns hassle free?

No questions asked within trial period.

Does it Work on Adjustable Beds?


Is There A Trial Available?

Yes. 111 days.

How long is the warranty?

10 years.

Does It Need To Be Rotated?