Flare Isolate Ear Plug Review

Flare Isolate Ear Plug

Earplugs are a popular choice to help block, and reduce noise, for a wide variety of reasons. Running high decibel machinery, attending concerts, protecting young children’s hearing during loud events, and blocking disruptive noise while you sleep are all reasons to consider the use of an ear plug, or similar noise blocking device.

Flare Audio offers a wide range of style and comfort choices, as well as various products dealing with sound technology. Their Isolate Ear Plugs are particularly popular, and the following article explores what products they have to offer, as well as providing a brief review.

About the Flare Audio Company

Flare Audio is a British firm that has been in business since 2010. In 2015 they launched their first earphone, which opened up the door for other personal audio products. They now offer a comprehensive line of earplugs for noise reduction in a variety of positions. Many of their styles are made with an aluminum or titanium core to help you ‘hear’ loud sounds clearly, but at a much reduced volume without a loss of quality. Their designs are high-tech, and look at bit like innovative earbuds – a much different look than more traditional foam or silicone ear plugs.

They also offer speaker systems, earbuds, and a comprehensive line of noise blocking earplugs.

Flare Audio Claims

The company claims their ear protective products reduce sounds by 35 decibels, which is quite impressive overall- especially if you are planning on using them to help block lower decimal interruptions while you sleep .This also lends itself well to events, such as concerts, when you want to hear what is going on around you, but at a much lower volume.

Their Sleeep and Sleeeps line of earplugs are designed specifically for improved noise reduction and blocking as well. They consider their various designs to be some of the best on the current market, as well as the most comfortable. Their products are fully resuasable, and new foam plugs can be bought for the core if they get lost or damaged.

Flare Audio Products

As mentioned, the company specializes in audio and offers speakers, headphones, earplugs, and various accessories. Sound quality and ear protection are first and foremost in their product design to ensure you are getting all you expect from your purchase.

Isolate Ear Plug and Isolate Mini Ear Plug Review

The Isolate Ear Plug design is specifically made for reducing noise while still providing the ability to clearly hear surrounding music or other high decimal noises. The Isolate and Isolate Mini, a smaller version for smaller ears, come in both aluminum and PRO titanium versions to provide you with varying quality sound.

The science behind this product allows the sound to travel through the metal core, which is exposed to the outside of your ear, and up through the ear canal. Sound is reduced through the memory foam plug which fits snugly in your ear. They also have the ability to block completely sounds at 35 decibels or below. Otherwise they reduce louder noises by 35 decibels.

Consumer Reviews

Consumer reports pertaining to Isolate Ear Plug reviews are a mixed bag, with some truly loving them, and others not at all. But what we found in our own readings of these reviews is many people expect them to block noises, when the product was not designed to do so. These are specially designed plug to lower decimal exposure without losing sound quality.

Those who do use them properly have rave reviews, and absolutely love the protection they provide while allowing them to still hear what is going on around them. They are also a favorite with travelers as they look like cool wireless earbuds, and still allow you to hear conversations.

Sleeep and Sleeeps Noise Blocking Ear Plug Overview

Now, if you wanted to use an Isolate Ear Plugs for snoring or misophonia, and you aren’t sure they will work, you may want to consider their Sleeep line of noise blocking ear plugs. The Sleeep and Sleeep PRO versions use an aluminium and titanium core respectively that utilizes dual sided memory foam plugs to block sound from outside your ear and further reduce any noise that might travel through.

Sleeeps are a new version that uses a silicon core with memory foam for further sound reduction, comfort for side sleepers, and ease of use. The tiny silicon grip allows you to more easily place your plug, and tucks away due to its superior flexibility when pressure is applied.

Consumer Reviews

Again, consumer reviews express either their love or complete disdain for the product without anything in between. It seems the metal core of the Sleeep version may be a bit too long for some people and create an uncomfortable pressure when sleeping on their side. As for noise cancelling, they seem entirely effective and people are incredibly surprised at just how well they work.

The Sleeeps model is created specifically for side sleepers and reviews highlight that they are much more comfortable, although may not block quite as  much noise as the original. There are some concerns that the foam can detach from the core, although if directions are followed to placement and removal they should present no problems.

What We Are Saying

Flare Audio Isolate Ear Plugs and actually quite impressive. Not only do they look really cool, they seem to be very effective in helping to lower the volume of sound all while keeping the quality intact. They can be used in a variety of ways as well, both in loud environments, a way to help reduce background noise at work, or even when you sleep to help block initial disruptions without leaving you at odds with how to hear your alarm.

The Sleeep and Sleeeps plugs needed a mention here as many people look to ear plugs to help with sleep issues. This is especially true to see how many were looking to make the Isolate Ear Plug work for sleep without realizing it was designed specifically to help lower decimal volume, rather than block noise. Although effective, they seem to be a mixed bag concerning overall comfort. They are a new addition, however, and I foresee them being working with to help meet  larger pool of consumers.


Flare Audio is a quality company that produces unique products designed around sound. Their earplug line in particular spans a varying degree of needs and is constantly evolving to meet the needs of their consumers. If you are looking for a good option to help reduce noise volume and block background noises, the Isolate Ear PLug is an excellent option. If you need a bit more noise cancellation, look to their Sleeep line of plugs. Both are available on Amazon.