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FBSport Car Travel Inflatable Air Mattress Review

Updated July 15, 2019

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Are you looking for a sleep solution that can save you time and money on your next camping adventure or cross-country road trip? Air mattress can be designed to work in many vehicles, and I recently got the chance to try out the FBSport Car Travel Inflatable air mattress.

According to the Bureau Of Transportation Statistics, U.S. daily travel averages 11 billion miles a day. This averages to nearly 40 miles per person per day. Considering that 27 percent of daily trips are social or recreational, it’s pretty clear that we spend a lot of time traveling with family or friends.

Whether you’re preparing for a low-budget road trip or just want an emergency sleep solution on hand in the trunk should you ever need it, let’s see what this product can do for you.

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FBSport Car Travel Inflatable Air Bed Specs

  • 56 inches long and 34 inches wide
  • Capacity – 660 lbs.
  • Very High-Quality Material

Features & Benefits

A Look at What’s Included

To get started, let’s take a quick look at what’s included. Aside from the mattress and pillows, you’ll also find the 12 volt DC air pump along with a car cigarette lighter adapter.

If your car’s adapter doesn’t work, this is going to cause a problem. You’ll either need to look into getting it fixed or just buy a rechargeable pump to go along with your mattress. There are three nozzles included to use with your pump:

  • The smallest is for your pillows.
  • The other two nozzles match with the valves you’ll find on the mattress and supports.

If you need more support, the smaller valve will deliver higher air pressure, thus allowing for a firmer mattress.

If you just need to get the bed aired up fast, use the larger nozzle since it delivers a higher volume in less time.

I like my bed a little more on the plush side, so the fast inflation provided by the wider nozzle is an added bonus for me. Also, make sure to find somewhere to save your maintenance kit for repairs to the mattress and valves should that ever become necessary. I’d suggest keeping it at the bottom of your carrying bag. This way they’re readily available when you’re on the road.

Mattress Air Leakage Expectations

In many cases, you won’t be using your car air mattress for a full night’s rest. However, if you need to get a full eight hours, you can expect to air it up at least once for proper support.

I weigh 130 pounds, and I did notice the mattress beginning to lose its shape after about four hours. If you weigh more, you may have to tap it off a couple times during your sleep session. However, considering how thin the mattress is, it did a pretty good job at holding air.

Three Minute Inflation Process

Inflating an Airbed

Inflated Airbed

It only took around three minutes to get both the mattress and supports aired up. Fully inflated, the mattress is around 56 inches long and 34 inches wide. This makes it difficult to use on a standard fitted sheet. If you really want to use a sheet, you can try using a twin size. However, it will fit very loosely.

The color you see here is pretty much what you can expect. It varies slightly due to the color calibration of each individual mattress. The supports located at the car seat’s edge are built into the mattress, and they keep me held up pretty well. They are detachable and break down during deflation, so make sure you keep everything together for storage.

Misalignment Laying on Supports

I did notice a little bit of misalignment when resting atop the support structure, but my 60-pound daughter was pretty well supported on the edge. In my experience, this product is best used for one adult or two small kids.

If you need a car bed to accommodate two larger kids, I’d recommend having them lay with their heads at opposite ends and having the smaller of the two lay on top of the supports.

Resting on my FBSport air mattress, it was hard to imagine I was in my car. The flocked top isn’t as fuzzy as many other air mattresses I’ve tried out, and it creates a smoother feel.

Not Intended for Use While Driving

As I sought out information during my review of this product, I saw comments indicating use while you’re driving down the road. You’ve probably come across similar verbiage to “take a nap while you travel”. If you’re looking for something to allow a passenger to sleep while you’re on the road, this isn’t the solution.

Car air beds should never be used in any situation where a seatbelt is required. That said, I like that I don’t have to reposition the driver’s seat to use the mattress so that you can get back on the road a little bit quicker. No matter how far I backed my seat up, the supports didn’t get in the way.

Simple, Convenient Deflation

This product can prove handy at rest stops and on camping trips. I think it could also provide an excellent solution for a party of two on a low budget road trip.

When it’s time to get back on the road, just place your nozzle on the top of the pump for a quick and hassle-free deflation process. If your kids are like mine, you can probably get them to manage inflation and deflation of the pillows without the pump while you drive.

FBSport Car Air Mattress Reviews and Feedback

Car air mattresses can offer convenience and save you money- who doesn’t want some extra cash for souvenirs? Also, I was surprised at how well it was able to keep me supported, and I think it can be especially useful for side sleepers who are comfortable in a somewhat fetal position.

Depending on what you drive, you’ll have limited legroom, so this may not be the best solution if you’re tall unless you can get comfortable with your feet out the window. You can see how I fit at 5’6” in a 2006 Chevy Impala.

In order to offer a thorough understanding of what this product brings to the table, let’s take a moment to review comments made by customers:


  • Pretty easy to move around
  • Product is lightweight and great for transport
  • Ability to customize firmness is convenient
  • Unique sleep solution that can be stored in the trunk for emergencies
  • Carrying bag makes it easy to transport and store the product
  • Supports work well to extend sleep space in a small backseat


  • Some complaints of air leakage when used more than four hours
  • No standard fitted sheet available
  • Lack of support for heavier people


This mattress is capable of holding up to 660 pounds, and it reduces down to about 10 x 10 inches for storage. Whether you’re getting ready for a camping trip or vacation, I think this is a great solution to keep costs low. It could also be excellent if you have a dog or other pet who frequently joins you on long trips.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the pillows included, so I just used my own. However, they are convenient to have on hand. Ironically, the FBSport car mattress can’t be used in sports cars, but they are compatible with sedans, SUVs, and MPVs.

Don’t forget that this product is not for use while driving! You can’t wear your seatbelt when the mattress is inflated. Don’t risk it!