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eLuxury Extra Plush Bamboo Fitted Mattress Pad
Bob Rupp

Our current mattress is too firm. We are side sleepers and by morning our hips and shoulders hurt from the pressure points. Will this cover help with that? Also, will it add heat or be temperature neutral? Finally, how deep of a mattress can it cover, ours is 10 inches.

Liz Kane

Slumber Cloud and Cooling Mattress Pad…can I use them together? I bought a TempurPedic mattress and the darn thing makes me sweat so much I am drenched, tossing and turning, getting hot so throwing cover off then getting cold and on having to change my wet nightshirt in the middle of the night, only to repeat the process. I bought the mattress cover that the store recommend for warranty reasons, obviously it’s not helping at all. I’m not a happy camper, I spent a fortune on this stupid mattress, and while it is comfortable the 1st minute, I am not sleeping well because I’m drenched in sweat. I was told it had cooling technology…really? I think not! They won’t take it back, as too much time has passed, I had bronchitis for 3 weeks and thought the sweating was due to fever of being sick, or stress because I also suffered some major losses recently. I searched online and found your site and the positive comments. Right now I’m pretty desperate for some help and trying to make this mattress work, perhaps with toppers. Could I layer these two products together? I know that sounds like a, but like I said I am pretty desperate. I’m the type of person I’ve usually run cold, needing extra blankets all of my life, so sweating is a new, nasty, unexpected and very uncomfortable reaction for me. Let me know what you think about doubling up, if these two items can really help. Thank you so much.


Jess RJ

Yes, you can use them together. I hope it works out!

Jackie Kleinhans

Sounds like you have a medical condition. Ask doc to check your thyroid or early menopause.


So, is this a mattress pad or a topper? I just purchased a new mattress which is too firm for me and I need something plush. However, I am very hot at night and don’t need a cooling topper but definately don’t want something that is going to be hotter.



1.5″ thickness is good, neither light nor heavy!

Susanne ashland

From the reviews, , this seems to be an excellent product.


I have painful osteoarthritis and a side sleeper. Would this mattress topper or a foam topper be best?

Debra Dawson

I have a fold out couch , I need a topper to make it more comfortable, as it is very hard , also some thing that didn’t make you too hot . Thank you .

Leslie Cayce

I am looking for a topper for a sofa bed whose mattress is too soft. It sounds like this is a great topper but not right my situation? Can you please confirm that and if it is so, can you please recommend a topper that adds firmness?


Michael Morabito

Hi! I’m a hot sleeper, so I’m looking for something cool like the Slumber Cloud pad you reviewed, but also plush like this for my wife. I noticed that Exceptional Sheets also makes a Cooling Mattress Pad that is claimed to made with the same fill as the bamboo pad, but have a proprietary cooling fabric on top (not sure if it’s like Outlast) that makes it sleep even cooler than the bamboo pad. I was wondering if had any insight on this since I haven’t been able to find any reviews on it. Thanks!


Frank Apodaca

Hey Michael,
We haven’t been able to test that quite yet but may in the future. The top layer is a combination of lightweight polyurethane yarn, viscose, as well as lycra. It probably won’t perform as well as the Slumber Cloud with Outlast but it will be cooler than the regular bamboo pad and provide some comfort as well.

Gillian Kirk

Could you put an electric heating mattress pad on top of this for winter nights?


Frank Apodaca

On top of it. Yes I don’t see why not.


How thick is this topper?


Frank Apodaca

1.5″ thick.


Do you have trouble finding sheets with deep enough pockets?



I have a topper on my queen size bed, but use a king size bottom sheet and tuck in the small amount of excess on one side. It fixes the ‘stretch till it rips’ problem and does not come untucked.


Would this topper work on an air bed?


Frank Apodaca

Hey Louise,
Sure it would.


We have a very hard mattress in our camper trailer and was looking for a comfortable mattress topper. Would this be recommended?


Frank Apodaca

Definitely. This will soften up the mattress at a reasonable price. Make sure to check sizing as RV mattresses are typically a different sizing spec.

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