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Embark Air Mattress

This product is no longer available. Check out the Best Air Mattress Reviews for our top recommendations.

Air mattresses are a handy product to have around for various events and needs. They are compatible, easy to store, and even easier to set up. They also provide the support needed for a comfortable night’s sleep and are a great alternative to a traditional bed if you are living on a budget, in the midst of a move, or like to travel. Plus, they make up a nice guest bed in just a few seconds when you have company!

If you have been looking for a decent air mattress, this Embark Air Mattress Review is well worth considering. Take a look below at our break down of the claims to determine if this is the air mattress you have been looking for.

Embark Air Mattress Claims

Embark air mattresses are some of the most popular in the industry and are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Easy to inflate and deflate with their separate air pump, or even a built-in pump, these beds come in various sizes for easy transportation and storage.

Embark Air Mattress Features and Benefits

The features of these air mattresses make them a beneficial product to have whether you are in need of an extra guest bed, a camping alternative, or simply to have a bed on hand for travel or unexpected events. The following details highlight the product to showcase what makes them an air mattress worth considering, especially since there are no Embark air mattress parts to worry about and lose.

Sizes and Styles

These air mattresses come in both single and double high styles. They are available in both twin and queen-sized mattresses as well for all your needs.

Waterproof, Puncture Proof PVC

Mattresses are made from a thick, durable waterproof PVC that is puncture-proof. This makes them an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use and allows you to clean them easily after camping or if used for young children or as a sickbed.

L-Beam Construction

The double high styles are designed with a proprietary coil beam construction within the mattress itself. These air chambers help provide better support to help keep your body in alignment. Heat fused seams help create these chambers and the overall shaping of the mattress.

Air Pump Options

Single high styles come with a separate air pump or require you to purchase one separately, while double high mattresses come with a built-in pump. These are AC adaptable to provide quick inflation that will have a fully filled mattress within minutes. If you are wondering how to deflate an Embark air mattress, they can be deflated just as quickly with just a push of a button.

Soft, Flocked Surface

The surface of the mattresses is a soft, flocked rayon to provide a surface for a more comfortable sleep surface. This also stays at a better sleep temperature rather than being too cold or retaining too much heat.

Weight Restrictions

Depending on the size of the mattress, they can hold between 500 and 650 lbs with ease. This allows more than one person to sleep, and also easily supports most families if they have children that like to climb into bed during the night.

Storage Bag

All mattresses come with a storage bag to hold your mattress when deflated in a compact manner. This allows protection when in storage or while traveling. Depending on the model you purchase, they weigh approximately between 14 and 20 pounds, with the largest measuring 16 x 13 x 9 inches.

1 Year Warranty

Each comes with a 1-year warranty protecting against workmanship and material faults. They also come with a patch kit in case you have a leak along a seam due to over-inflation or overly enthusiastic children who jump on the bed. But if you simply want a replacement, you need to show proof of purchase where it was originally bought.

Customer Reviews

The mattresses have a mixed review from customers. It seems either the mattress is perfect, or it develops a leak along a seam that requires constant patching. Of course, leaks are covered under warranty and so it can be replaced.

It is considered a comfortable air mattress option that packs well, is easy to inflate and is a great option whenever a bed is needed. Consumers say it is perfect for travel and camping, as well as to provide an extra guest option. Plus, it is very easy to clean, and reports of any sort of puncture are lacking, making it an overall durable choice for use on the outdoors.

What We Are Saying

As far as air mattresses go, Embark air mattress reviews are pretty much on par with similar products. The chances of a leak are pretty decent since you are dealing with PVC and heat fused seams that can separate from poor storage practices or rough use. Luckily it does patch up well and can be replaced if still under warranty if issues occur.

For the price point, it is a budget-friendly option as well and is a great backup bed for when you need an extra on hand. Because of this, we do recommend the Embark Air Mattress as a decent option. They are well built, offer excellent comfort options, and are a well-known brand sold in various retail stores and online.


If you have been on the hunt for a good air mattress, you may want to consider the Embark brand as it provides various heights and sizes for your needs. Keep stored away for unexpected guests and sleepovers, as a more comfortable camping option, or even as a way to keep your children close and comfortable when they are sick without the worry of having to clean up after them.

Air mattresses are a budget-friendly convenience that has many uses. Although none are completely leak-proof, a good warranty and patch kit can generally take care of the worst of your problems whether you accidentally create the problem, or it comes with a weak seam.