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eLuxurySupply Extra Soft Down Filled Pillow

How well you sleep is incredibly influential to your overall health. Although many people are aware of how helpful the correct mattress can be in providing comfort to get a good night’s rest, often overlooked is the role your pillow choice plays into this overall body support.

Pillows are an important consideration when searching for products to help you get the sleep you deserve. Most often overlooked are your soft pillow choices and the comfort they can provide for a large range of personal nocturnal needs.

The Sleep Judge Team has reviewed a series of highly rated soft pillow choices and purchased our personal favorites to provide you with our own experiences with each. The eLuxurySupply Extra Soft Down Filled Pillow is one of our top contenders, and our opinions are found below.

Breakdown of the eLuxurySupply Extra Soft Down Filled Pillow

First off, eLuxurySupply is just one of those companies you like to hear about due to their ‘give back policy’ and excellent customer service that reviewers simply rave about. Based out of Indiana, this company was created with personal comfort needs in mind by the United States military veterans. Sold online, their line of sleep products have become one of internet’s most trusted, fastest growing sources due to their attention to customer care and quality products. Plus, a percentage of every sale goes towards one of their multiple charities.

They have a wide range of pillow choices, but one of their most popular soft pillows is the Extra Soft Down Pillow for Stomach Sleeping. This pillow was popular enough that after it was sold out, it was in such high demand that they brought it back as one of their permanent choices. Although created specifically for stomach sleepers, as the name suggests, it also can make an excellent back, or even side comfort pillow depending on your body type and personal preferences.

The soft, natural feel of a goose down and feather blend allows for excellent capability and durable quality to what could easily become your favorite pillow. Combined with a breathable cotton cover, this pillow also provides a cooler night’s sleep.

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The pillow came wrapped in a plastic bag and folded over, but not vacuum sealed. It wasn’t compressed in any way either, so it was nice to know the down and feather mix wasn’t crushed for storage or shipping. There also was no smell from storage, and the pillow fluffed up nicely right away with a little help.

My initial impression was of how ‘squishy’ the pillow was, and that although it looked lofty, it really didn’t have much to it. I wasn’t sure how well it would serve as a pillow since it seemed very thin. I also made note of the very rich, almost luxurious feel of the pillow though, and how lightweight it was which made me curious to see how well it would sleep.

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Features & Benefits

Sleep comfort, although founded in the sleep position that comes most naturally to you, is very much dependent upon personal preferences. Your body weight, shape, and height are all a part of what influences what feels best for your own comfort needs. Restless and interrupted nights are often due to poor sleep comfort, so it is important to pay close attention to the details your sleep products offer to choose the products that best match your needs.


Offered in three sizes, the eLuxurySupply Extra Soft Down Filled Pillow fits the acceptable average specifications of pillow measurements guaranteed to fit your pillowcases and mattress widths. 20×26, 20×30, and 20×36 inches respectively represent the standard, queen, and king sizes offered by the company.

Standard and queen sizes are the often the most popular sizes sold as they fit the largest population of body and bed sizes. King-sized pillows are generally reserved for larger bodies, wide shoulders, and king-sized beds. Due to the softness of this pillow, the king-sized pillow is actually very popular to provide the extra material and fill that can be used to shape and provide added comfort where needed.

80/20 Goose/Duck Down and Feather Filling

For centuries people have been using the down and feathers of waterfowl to use within their blankets, pillows, and mattresses. Not only are they a durable filling that provides loft and comfort, but their soft feel is durable and capable of providing a plush underlying support, as well as redistributing well when weight is applied.

Down and feathers also provide a multitude of air pockets which serve two purposes. To start, they are an excellent source of airflow and breathability, but they also are capable of holding your body heat on cold winter nights. Like many other natural materials, they are preferred due to their natural tendencies to properly insulate.


Despite many people avoiding down and feather fillings due to sensitivities to allergies and the perceived notion that these natural animal byproducts may create problems, down and feather pillows rarely cause any issues. The reason why is due to the process of cleaning and sanitizing the fill goes through before being used. This provides a wholly hypoallergenic experience with no fear of allergy flare-ups or complications.


When you think soft, you may think flat, or thin, but although this pillow does feel somewhat underfilled compared to many other pillows of similar claim- I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there was quite a bit of versatility to this pillow. First off, this pillow is made specifically for stomach sleepers and has a fill power of 500 rather than the typical 600. This is because a stomach sleeper needs to keep their head and neck as level as possible with their spine.

Stomach sleeping places the most strain upon your back since the head and neck will always be turned to one side or another. Most people have a hard time sleeping with their head completely flat, however, and so a thin pillow choice is the best choice. What is such a great feature of a soft, thin pillow that uses a down and feathers is how completely malleable it is to provide shaping and support exactly where you need it. I really loved how well the pillow could be shaped and folded to create a very personalized feel to my sleep comfort whether while sleeping on my stomach, back, and even side.

100% Cotton, 230 Thread Count Cover

To makes this an even more, well-rounded pillow, the cover is 100% cotton as well- another natural fiber that provides excellent breathability and moisture wicking to keep you from retaining heat in warm nights. The low thread count ensures the fibers are not too closely placed together to inhibit this airflow, but is a tight enough weave to keep any down or feather quills from poking through or from being felt.

The seams are double stitched and folded for durability and quality. And the evenness of the lines shows superior workmanship. The casing does make a slight crinkling noise when folded and shaped due to its thickness. But with use, I noticed the material began to soften and this noise went away. Personally, I did not find the sound to be a problem after I first noticed it as it is not loud and actually serves a good reminder of how crisp the new material is.

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The loft of a pillow is measured by how high it sits when placed upon a flat surface, but this measurement can be very deceiving due to the construction of the pillow. This pillow is the perfect example of why you should never assume the comfort of a pillow is defined by its loft. Many people believe that a high loft means that the pillow is firmer, or that a low loft defines a soft pillow. This couldn’t be further from the truth as many materials can be used to create loft – all of which may respond to pressure in different manners.

This pillow is measured at 6.5 inches, which is considered a higher loft, but when compressed flattens out to a mere inch of support. This is due to how much fill is within the pillow, as well as the type of fill, and how it redistributes when weight is applied. Since this is a very shapeable pillow you can easily manipulate to create contouring where needed.

At first, I thought the loftiness of the pillow would result in it poofing up around my face and head when in use- and although the fill does redistribute to the sides, it does so in a manner that keeps it away from your body and more pushed to the outside of the pillow. This is awesome as many times I have found softer pillows to create too much material gathering near the face when used for stomach sleeping, and this was an overall very pleasant discovery.

Machine Washable and Dryable

In my mind, nothing is worse than not being able to wash your pillow. Although I have a few favorites that need to be dry cleaned only, I absolutely love that the eLuxurySupply Extra Soft Down Pillow can be washed and dried! Even though I do use pillow protectors and cases, I have two young children- and pillows are those awesome things that can be used as temporary building blocks, counterweights, punching bags… and they can get dirty. Being able to refresh it by tossing it in the wash makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking to keep things a little simpler.

Consumer Reviews

Soft, thin pillow lovers rejoice over this pillow choice as the fill amount seems to be a perfect match for anyone looking for soft, cushiony comfort without a high supportive loft. Stomach sleeping pillows can be a bit difficult to find (as I should know as a stomach sleeper myself) and soft versions usually bottom out altogether. Those who have purchased this pillow love how “smooshy” is is to shape and form to their needs, as well as how it still allows you to feel a soft comfort under their heads despite how thin it is when in use.

Many mention that the overall loft is deceiving as the pillow is a very thin choice. Most popular with stomach sleepers, it also has a following with back sleepers, as well as side sleepers who like how well they can bunch it up for comfort, or use on top of existing pillows for a soft, cool layer.

The crinkling noise of the pillow is mentioned by consumers as well, so I know I wasn’t the only one who noticed it. But like myself, this does seem to go away with use. The pillow is purposely made with less fill to make it a thinner pillow, but depending on body size some people wish it has a bit more despite appreciating the quality.

30-Day Guarantee and Free Returns

The company very much stands by their products and offers a 30-day guarantee with free returns when they provide you a shipping label. As mentioned, they take pride in their customer service, and as relayed by consumers, it does seem to be top notch with zero complaints about getting issues, returns, or replacements resolved.

My Trial Experiences

I am a natural stomach sleeper and usually find myself back in this position even when I try to influence my sleep into a more supportive comfort. Although I have found some seriously great thin memory foam pillows for this position, my personal preferences run towards a softer, more squishy pillow. I also can’t stand a pillow that bottoms out or lofts up around my nose and mouth- so finding the pillow that works best for me has always been a challenge- and takes quite a bit of research.

I occasionally also like to sleep in a somewhat side position if I can get my upper body comfortable enough. Since stomach and side sleeping pillows are usually very different from one another, anything that allows me to shape is a win in my book. I’ll state right here that of all the many, many pillows I’ve reviewed I was very surprised to discover how well this one fit my needs despite my initial impressions I described above.

Stomach Trial

I was wholly prepared for this pillow to loft up around my head and face when I used it for stomach sleeping. Although I already had high hopes of it not bottoming out due to the soft, yet supportive fill that is very noticeably felt within, I assumed as it redistributed within the casing it would move up- not out. However the company must have already anticipated this, hence the lower amount of fill placed within, because as you place your head upon it the fill moves outward, rather than straight up.

It was difficult to get a good picture of this, but what I could feel was the down and feather blend moving up above and behind my head and towards the edges of the pillow. To me this was perfect. The pillow thinned out considerably while still leaving enough comfort beneath my head to keep pressure points from occurring. I also sleep with earrings on most nights and my ears were cradled enough as to keep from putting pressure on those as well.

Back Trial

I often nap while sleeping on my back- usually after reading and getting sleepy. This was a very decent back sleeping choice for me as it held my head in alignment with my shoulders and didn’t raise it up too high- the common cause of stiff or sore neck. It filled the space between my head and shoulders very well and provided a cool, soft comfort. I could see where it may not be the best choice for all back sleepers as anyone heavier than me, or who has wider shoulders may find it to not provide quite enough support. However, it would be an excellent choice to layer upon another thin pillow to take advantage of the softness.


Although I cannot recommend this as a stand-alone side sleeping pillow, it does have some benefits for this position as well. What is important to remember when sleeping on your side is to provide the proper support to your neck, and to keep your spine in alignment. This pillow folds well, and it can be shaped to help provide support while side sleeping. If you like to sleep with your arm up under you, or wrapped around the pillow, this is where a king-sized version can be shaped and held for comfort.

It also is an awesome addition to a thicker, or more firm pillow if you like the support of a better side sleeping choice, but want to soften up the surface.

Other Uses

Soft pillows are really nice to have around to provide comfort and support when needed. Stomach and back sleepers can often benefit from using a soft pillow under their legs (back) or hips (stomach) to help alleviate stress upon the lower back. Soft pillows also fold, and roll well for under your neck, or to provide relief from pressure points between your legs and knees when sleeping on your side.

I loved how plausible this pillow was and used it to lean against more firm surfaces, under my hips when sleeping on my stomach, and also beneath my legs when lounging. It really is an excellent choice if you are looking for versatility – something a thicker pillow cannot always offer.

Second (and Third!) Opinion

I do like to hear first hand what other people think about the pillows I’m reviewing, and I passed this one off to a fellow stomach sleeper who happens to be married to a back sleeper so I could get both their opinions. My stomach sleeper was at first put off by the initial loft of the pillow but ended up feeling that it was a very good overall choice for stomach sleepers. Her personal preference was to fold it and prop her shoulder on it, but she felt it was comforting, cool, and very soft- and liked how the down and feather fill didn’t get in front of her face- something I also commented on.

Her back sleeping husband felt that it was too thin for his body type, but loved how squishy it was and used it layered on top of another thin pillow. He also occasionally rolls to his side and said he loved to bunch it up under his head and neck because of how well it contoured and shaped to his body.

Overall Soft Pillow Rating: 4.8

Soft pillows can come in all shapes and sizes, but this one is made specifically for stomach sleepers, and we feel it stands up to its claims quite well. Soft and pliable, this pillow keeps from lofting around your face and distributes the down and feather blend away from your weight to provide a comforting, cool, and supportive layer to sleep upon. These qualities are what makes it a versatile choice as well, as it can be shaped and used to support your body where you specifically need it.

Although it does not cater to a narrow market by any means, larger bodies may find they could do with a little more overall fill, but in terms of a good soft, thin pillow choice for stomach sleeping- this it an excellent choice.


If you have been on the hunt for a soft, stomach sleeping choice that doesn’t bottom out, all while providing contouring and cool comfort, then you need to check out the eLuxurySupply Extra Soft Down Filled Pillow for Stomach Sleepers.

High-quality materials and workmanship round this product out as a durable, washable, and long lasting investment to your sleep health. Backed by excellent customer service by a company who believes in giving back, you can try this pillow comfort out risk-free as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sleep position is this best suited for?

All three! Side, back, and stomach.

What is the loft?

6.5 inches.

Will I experience a lot of offgassing?

No, it's minimal.

Is it organic?


What’s the warranty?

30 days.