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In a world where mattresses can now be elevated and massage your body at the end of the day, it seems that people are no longer skeptical when it comes to spending on money on products that ensure a higher quality of sleep. Buying a $3,000 mattress means you should pair it with some high-quality bed sheets. However, if you’re new to this whole “luxury” bedding concept, you might be confused in understanding what makes a quality bed sheet. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. So, before talking about some of the best bamboo sheets I’ve ever tested, here are some things you should know about what makes bed sheets luxurious.

eLuxury Bamboo Sheet Specs

 Material – 100% Rayon from Bamboo

 Thread count – 300 thread count

 Fits up to 18? mattress

 Warranty – 30 day return period


There used to be a time when the only decent bed sheets you could find were made primarily of cotton. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of cotton, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t open to trying something new. The reason why cotton stayed so popular for so long was due to its comfort and durability. Even more, cotton can easily blend with other types of fabrics, such as rayon, which shifts a sheet’s feel and weight. You may have heard of the amazing quality of Egyptian cotton, but steer clear from products that claim they used this material, but are actually fake. Egyptian cotton has a reputation for being the best in the world.

The length of its fibers makes the material more stress-resistant, while also being able to maintain that soft feel that everyone craves for in a good pair of bed sheets. The fact that it’s handpicked guarantees a high level of purity, as the fibers will stay intact.

Bamboo blends have also gained a lot of popularity over the past years, mainly because of bamboo’s natural antimicrobial feature and the fact that it’s more sustainable for the environment. Oh, did I mention that bamboo also has superior moisture-wicking properties? This is awesome if you sweat a bit a night.

Linen sheets are also popular, but their major downside is the fact that they get wrinkled really fast so you’ll have to iron them on a regular basis if you like to see a bed sheet that is stretched to perfection on wrinkle-free.

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Thread Count

I find this topic to be interesting, as it’s often subject to a lot of debate: is a higher thread count a clear indicator of a luxurious bed sheet? A thread count is actually the number of threads found in a square inch of fabric. Some people believe that the higher the thread count, the softer the material. But, just like every other rule, this one also has its exceptions.

Let’s take the example of Egyptian cotton. Because of its superior feel, even a low thread count of this cotton can feel smoother and silkier compared to a higher thread count of a lower-quality cotton blend. So, it’s actually the fabric that makes the difference, not necessarily the thread count itself.

What thread count really does is to measure the fabric density. If a particular set of bed sheets has a thread count that’s too high, this means that the surface won’t allow any air to circulate and you’ll end up feeling hot. While you will find companies that advertise using a thread count of 1,000 and over, it’s most likely a marketing scam to raise the price of the sheets. Typically, a thread count of maximum 400 is more than enough to cover even the most pretentious of tastes. In fact, we could boil it down to a matter of logic: is it possible to fit 1,000 threads into a single square inch of fabric? You’ve guessed it: it’s mostly a false advertising move. Always keep in mind that the quality of the thread is way more important than the quantity.

In fact, Consumer Reports once tested this high thread claim on a product that advertised a thread count of 1,200. The independent textile lab hired to perform the count revealed that there were no more than 416 threads per inch, which is basically about 35% of the total claimed.

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When it comes to the weave of a pair of bed sheets, you will often hear the terms “soft” and “crisp”, but what do they really mean, bed sheet-wise? By choosing percale sheets, for instance, you can benefit from a product with a little bit of snap. Sateen sheets, on the other hand, have that soft and silky feel. Jersey sheets are characterized by a flat knit that makes them soft. However, they have a bad reputation of sliding off the bed. For those of you who really feel cold when jumping in bed in the winter, a set of flannel sheets might just do the trick. But if you share your bed with a sleeping partner that often sleeps hot, they might not be the best choice. Oh, and you might want to consider a different fabric for hot summer nights.

eLuxury Supply Bamboo Bed Sheets

Bamboo is often considered a more luxurious alternative to cotton, at least when it comes to bedding accessories. But even if a lot of people can get used to that satin-like feel, that doesn’t mean that the eLuxury Supply Bamboo Bed Sheets aren’t a real masterpiece amongst others of their kind. With a thread count of 300 and fitting mattresses that run as thick as 18 inches, stick around to discover why these sheets are worth every last penny.

Features & Benefits

• Sizes & Availability

Depending on the type of mattress that you have, you can get a set of Bamboo Bed Sheets that contains either three, four or five pieces in total. Here are the important specs every buyer needs to know before ordering a set:

    Twin Size – 3 pieces, containing: one fitted sheet that measures 40 x 77 inches, one flat sheet that measures 68 x 99 inches, one pillowcase that measures 21 x 32 inches.

    Twin XL Size – 3 pieces, containing: one fitted sheet that measures 39 x 80 inches, one flat sheet that measures 68 x 103 inches, one pillowcase that measures 21 x 32 inches.

    Full Size – 4 pieces, containing: one fitted sheet that measures 54 x 76 inches, one flat sheet that measures 83 x 99 inches, two pillowcases that measure 21 x 32 inches.

     Queen Size – 4 pieces, containing: one fitted sheet that measures 60 x 80 inches, one flat sheet that measures 93 x 105 inches, two pillowcases that measure 21 x 32 inches.

     King Size – 4 pieces, containing: one fitted sheet that measures 78 x 80 inches, one flat sheet that measures 111 x 105 inches, two pillowcases that measure 21 x 42 inches.

     Cal King Size – 4 pieces, containing: one fitted sheet that measures 72 x 84 inches, one flat sheet that measures 111 x 105 inches, two pillowcases that measure 21 x 42 inches.

     Split King Size – 5 pieces, containing: two fitted sheets that measure 39 x 80 inches, one flat sheet that measures 111 x 105 inches, two pillowcases that measure 21 x 42 inches.


Let me get something out of the way: if you’re looking for a set of bed sheets that recreate that cotton-like feeling, this is not the right set for you. The eLuxury Supply Bamboo sheet set is made with rayon that’s sourced from bamboo. If you won’t take my word for it, consider the number of customers that have returned these sheets not because of a low-quality construction, but simply because they are used to the feel cotton gives and can’t adjust sleeping comfortably on something so silky.

What I particularly like about this set of bamboo sheets is the ability to regulate the body’s temperature, making me feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This is a particular feature that’s very important on a pair of the luxury sheet and, when paired with the right mattress, temperature fluctuation will no longer be a problem, no matter the season. The rounded fibers are another characteristic that adds to the luxury feel of the sheet, making them soft and silky smooth. The thread count is 300, which makes the sheets pretty durable (we’ll talk more about that in the next section).


Build quality and durability are two factors that go hand in hand and determine the lifespan of pretty much any type of product. If there’s one thing I couldn’t question about the eLuxury Bamboo sheets is how qualitative the materials feel. I like how the brand stands behind its products, providing customers with a money-back guarantee in case the sheets are either damaged or not to their liking. As we’ve come to understand by looking into the experience and interaction between customers and the eLuxury representatives, returns and refunds are a breeze, as customer care is taken to a whole new level.

The fitted sheet on my Queen set has deep pockets, which makes it super easy to match the sheets to a higher mattress. The elastic on the corners feels very sturdy and I’m pretty sure it won’t cave in unless I start pulling really hard. I also liked the stitching, as it leads me to believe this was really money well spent.

When talking about the durability of a set of sheets, thread count is an important factor that a lot of people want to know. There is a lot of debate on whether a higher thread count actually makes a more durable bed sheet. This particular set features a thread count of 300 which, according to some people, isn’t a mark of luxury. However, the sheets so have a tight weave and there was never a moment when I suspected these would fail me anytime soon.


From the first second, I laid my hands on them, I could feel the softness of the sheets caressing my hand. The gentle feel is combined with the lightweight of the sheets, which makes changing the sheets a whole lot easier. I was able to easily stretch them on the surface of the bed and tuck them under my Queen mattress in a matter of minutes. Because of their soft and silky surface, the sheets are great for people with sensitive skin, who hate sleeping on polyester bedding. I could go on talking about the softness of the fabric for hours, but what should really convince you is the average customer experience that spreads beyond my own personal opinion.

Washing & Ironing

The construction of the bed sheets facilitates washing and drying, especially because of the durable fibers. This is yet another indicator that shows we’re dealing with a pair of luxury bed sheets. Even after several washes, the fabric of the sheets doesn’t shrink or loses/modifies its shape in any way. I got a little bit confused about ironing, though. The label says that the sheets don’t need ironing, but the instructions on the back of the tag that comes attached to the fitted sheets indicated that ironing could be necessary.


The thing with soft bamboo sheets is that they are more prone to wrinkles than pretty much any other bed sheet material out there. These were wrinkly right out of the box and even after I washed them, they were still wrinkly. Even with all the confusion with iron/do not iron, I chose the safe way and decided not to iron the sheets, worrying that I might somehow damage the fabric. I guess it’s really a matter of personal preference, as some people might just be obsessed with the idea of seeing wrinkled sheets. You will sleep just as comfortable on these sheets even if you don’t iron them. Scout’s honor!

 Target Market

As always, there isn’t a product that appeals to absolutely every type of consumer out there. For instance, the eLuxury bamboo sheets won’t cater to your personal tastes if you prefer the cotton feel or are on a budget. Instead, they are designed for people who are willing to spend some extra money to get a pair of silky bed sheets that, when properly cared for, could last them for years. These sheets managed to cool my body down considerably and wick away moisture (without running a dehumidifier, the humidity level inside my home exceeds 70%), which makes it safe to indicate that these sheets are great for people who often find it uncomfortable to sleep because of drastic body temperature.

They are also a good option for those who are particularly picky when it comes to the colors of the sheets, as you can purchase them in gray, ivory, gold, sage, smoke blue, taupe, blue and white. However, I can tell you from personal experience, that the sheets don’t always stay true to their color (at least not as far as the blue option is concerned).

Customer Opinions

Customer Service

Aside from being satisfied with the quality of the material, the one thing that really WOWed eLuxury sheets customers was the service provided by the sales representative and call center workers. The company’s policy is clearly aimed at putting their customers on the top spot, making sure they can handle returns, answer questions and listen to what the buyers have to say.


Strangely, there are a lot of people who can’t seem to get used to the silky feel of the bed sheets. That’s not necessarily a downside, but more of a personal preference among sleepers who’ve gotten used to cotton’s feel.

The Bottom Line

When you’re willing to spend some extra money on a new pair of luxury sheets, expectations are high from the minute you place your order. What you’re going to love about the eLuxury bamboo sheets is that cooling sensation you get from the silky texture touching your skin. They are a really solid choice for people who suffer from body temperature that lead to discomfort. The sheets are fairly easy to care for, although if you out a great deal of emphasis on their appearance, the wrinkled surface may be a nuisance. However, this doesn’t affect the quality of the materials in any way.

Interested in a pair of sheets that could last you for many years to come? The combination between the rounded fibers and the thread count are solid indicators that this just might be the right option. That, and the fact that even after several washing cycles, the sheets still stay true to their size and there is no visible wear and tear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wash them?

Machine wash cold and tumble dry on low heat.

Do they include organic materials?


What sizes are available?

Twin Twin XL Full Queen King California King Split King