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eLuxury Pressure Relief Pad Review

Updated April 6, 2020

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One of the biggest problems people face when it comes to getting a good night’s rest is excessive pressure, primarily in the hips and shoulders. Wherever you carry the most weight is where your body is going to exert the most pressure, and it typically becomes even worse when you lie on your side. If this describes your struggle, today we’re taking a look at the Pressure Relief Pad by eLuxury. This product is tested and proven to not only reduce pressure but also provide extra comfort to any bed. I’ve been using mine for several weeks, and I love the way it adds an extra degree of plushness to my mattress. Let’s take a look at everything this product has to offer to see if it could provide the sleep solution you’re looking for.

eLuxury Pressure Relief Pad Specs

 Material: Polyester/Cotton blend

 Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

 Odor: Minimal

 Warranty: 1 year

Initial Impressions Following Unboxing

When you put the mattress pad on, it does change the way your sleep surface feels. If you have a firm mattress, you will notice it’s a little bit plusher. It’s not an extreme difference, and for this reason I think it can be a good way for sleep partners to compromise when one likes it plush and one likes it firm.

I love the way the fiber filling gives that authentic goose down feel without the annoyance of feathers that fall out, poke, and aggravate allergies. If you sleep on your side, I think you’re going to appreciate how the pressure relieving properties of this pad work to provide that extra cushioning you need to help promote blood flow and keep you comfortable.

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Features & Benefits

So, why would you choose the eLuxury Pressure Relief Pad over similar products on the market? There are a few distinctive features that set it apart. For starters, if you’re a side sleeper or suffer with bedsores, this pad is designed with your needs specifically in mind. The plush nature allows for a higher degree of contour that reduces pressure points. I also like that eLuxury offers so many sizes. Not only does this allow accommodation for anyone looking to change their sleep surface, but it can also help you stay on budget. Of all the benefits of working with eLuxury, the exemplary customer service is among the most notable. They go above and beyond to make sure your order is right and works for your needs.


A lot of you were asking if this product contains latex, and I can tell you it doesn’t. The skirt is made of polyester with elastic fibers to give it stretchiness and prevent tears.

I have heard of people who experienced tears in the skirt, so be careful when pulling on it from the corners. I haven’t had any issues like this, but this may be something to consider if you have a really thick mattress. It is designed to fit a mattress up to 18 inches. Set up is pretty simple. Just open the packaging and put the pad on your mattress just like you would a fitted sheet. I strongly suggest adding a mattress protector and fitted sheet over your pad, but that’s up to you. When you touch the pad, you can feel that there’s something cushy inside that provides the pressure relief. It’s filled with hypo-allergenic cluster down fiber, a state-of-the-art polyester material that undergoes an extra engineering process to create fiber balls that work to add durability and keep the mattress sleeping cool.

Does the eLuxury Pressure Relief Pad Sleep Hot?

There were efforts made to keep this product sleeping cool. I was excited to see how well it would be able to cool down considering the fact that the filling is designed to trap air to keep it sleeping cool. If fact, the website says it allows better airflow than any other mattress pad on the market, so I put it to the test. I’m using this pad on a product that only took 8 ½ minutes to cool back down to room temperature after lying on it for a half hour. When using the pressure relieving pad, it took the same amount of time to cool down.

Eight and a half minutes is about a 1 ½ minutes faster than the average mattress I’ve tried out, so I found this to be pretty impressive. If you need to plush up your mattress but are hesitant to add something like a memory foam topper that are known to sleep hot, this can be a good alternative.

Comfort: What’s It Feel Like?

If you like a plush sleep surface, I think you’ll like the added degree of contour this product provides. Keep in mind it’s not as thick as, say, a topper, so it’s not going to make a huge difference. If you have a medium to firm mattress and just want to soften things up a bit, this is a good purchase

If you like it really plush, I found an excellent solution in the additional placement of eLuxury’s memory foam topper. It’s 2 ½ inches thick and works well with the pressure relief pad to help you engage with the sleep surface. If you don’t weigh much, this can be difficult to achieve on firm mattresses, so the pressure relief pad could be a good solution to help you more effectively experience the feel of the cushioning. Furthermore, if you sleep on your side, this additional contour takes pressure off the heavier areas of the body, thus reducing tossing and turning and promoting proper blood circulation.

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If you’re concerned with this product possibly making your mattress too plush, keep in mind that it’s only 1 ½ inches thick. Yes, it will make things plusher, but it won’t be an extreme difference. Let me give you an idea of what to expect. When I stand on my mattress by itself, the sinkage that results from my 130 pounds is nine inches. When I add the pad, this increases to 10. The eLuxury Pressure Relief Pad doesn’t have a firm option, so, yes, it will make your mattress a little plusher if it’s not plush already. I think this makes it a great option for side sleepers and people who don’t carry much weight.

Motion Transfer

This topper does add an extra layer of cushioning, so, if you struggle with motion transfer on your mattress, this could improve things a bit. Remember, the thickness of this product is minimal compared to your entire mattress, so it’s not going to make a significant difference. If you watch the video above, you can observe a side-by-side comparison of how my mattress performed before and after adding the pad. In both cases, motion transfer is very low. If you have a mattress that’s known for poor motion isolating properties and/or contains a coil unit, I think you may enjoy the degree of correction this pad can offer.

Maintenance, Protection, Care & Warranty

This product can be machine washed, but only in front-loading machines. If yours has a center agitator, you’re going to need to take it to the laundromat or hand wash. Never use softeners, and tumble dry on the lowest temperature setting. If you do decide to buy, you are protected by eLuxury’s one year warranty, and you also get a 30 day trial. If you aren’t happy for any reason, eLuxury has a very accommodating customer service department, and they’ll go above and beyond to ensure the problem is corrected. During my research, I saw more than one person recant negative statements online after eLuxury promptly responded and rectified the situations.

Durability Expectations

Let’s take a look at what you can reasonably expect when it comes to durability. You typically want to aim for a thread count of 200 for a mattress pad that’ll last, and the eLuxury pressure relieving pad has a thread count of 160. I would like to see that number a little higher, but, I think this is reflective of the low cost. The cluster fiber in the filling goes through the extra engineering process that helps it trap air to increase longevity, and the product as a whole is stain and moisture resistant. Overall, I think you’re getting a good overall value considering you can buy this product for around a hundred bucks. This can be an inexpensive fix for a worn out sleep surface.


If you spend a lot of time in bed and are prone to bedsores, this product does add a first line of defense by reducing pressure. If you’re using it to plush up a mattress that’s too firm, I think you’ll really like how it feels when you add a memory foam topper with your pressure relief pad. I like that you can purchase any size for around $100. If you think this is the right product for you, here’s a breakdown of the cost:

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At the end of the day, I was happy with the quality I got in my eLuxury Pressure Relief Pad for the price. I think it can be a great solution for anyone who wants to restore the feeling of their mattress or add a degree of plushness. Keep in mind, though, if you’re looking for a fix for sagging or deep indents, this isn’t going to work. It may be time to bite the bullet and buy a new mattress.

eLuxury Pressure Relief Pad Specs

        Composition & Breakdown           Other Details
          160 Thread Count           Filling: 100% polyester
          PolySoft Cover           Covering: 60% polyester 40% cotton
          Hypo-allergenic cluster down fiber           Bottom sheet: 100% polyester


eLuxury Pressure Relief Pad Dimensions

   Size    Dimension
   Twin    23.3 x 20.3 x 10.9 inches
   Twin XL    23.3 x 20.3 x 10.9 inches
   Full    23.3 x 20.4 x 11 inches
   Queen    22.8 x 20.7 x 7.5 inches
   King    22.8 x 20.3 x 8.3 inches
   California King    24 x 20.3 x 11.9 inches


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this soften or harden the feel of my sleep surface?


How thick is it?

1 inch.

Is it easy to store?


Does it include features to help keep it in place like corner anchors?

Secures like a fitted sheet.

How long is the warranty?

1 year.