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Eight Sleep Mattress

Memory foam has a number of beneficial features. If you think the contouring support offered by this effective material could be a good fit for your sleep needs, I’d like to introduce you to a viable option worth considering. We recently got the chance to try out the Eight Smart Jupiter+ mattress along with the optional Sleep Tracker, and I’m excited to show you a unique layer combination that addresses the common complaints in memory foam.

I didn’t suffer with hot sleeping, and moving around was really easy. These are two issues that commonly arise with memory foam, so keep reading to see how Eight Sleep was able to overcome these issues and much more.

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A Brief Overview of Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep is highly driven by data and science, and they made it their goal to make the world’s most comprehensive sleep measurement and improvement system. They understand the common problems when it comes to getting a good night’s rest, and they introduced the world’s first smart bed. The sleep tracker goes on the mattress just like a fitted sheet and plugs into a hubspot that connects to your WiFi. We’ll go into more detail about how all that works in a minute.

Eight Sleep offers three mattress options: Saturn+, Mars+, and Jupiter+. We’re taking a look at the latter, so keep reading to see how this ten-inch memory foam product could work for you.

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A Look at the Cover and Layers

It’s critical that you understand what the cover of your mattress contains. All too often, pushy salesmen will try to deflect your focus away from subpar materials with aesthetics or special deals. The beauty of shopping online is that you have all the time you need to educate yourself and make the best choice. So, let’s take a look at what’s inside the Jupiter+ mattress.

We’ll start with the cover. Beneath your 100% polyester smart cover, the mattress cover uses a combination of polyester yarns in the encasement blended with Silica Murtzco yarn for flame retardancy. There really is no design to speak of other than small dots, and it is pretty thin and prone to bunching when you apply pressure. The thin design was implemented for a good reason. For those who choose the smart cover, the thin mattress cover allows you to more effectively engage with the foams beneath.

The entire ten-inch mattress is split up into four layers, and this starts with the 2-inch layer of reactive poly foam. It’s specially-designed to bounce like latex but feel like foam. When I first layed on this product, I was interested to look into the layer composition because I could sense memory foam, but it seemed to offer much more bounce than what I’m used to. This is because of the clever placement of a 2-inch layer of contouring memory foam right beneath the poly foam. Together, these layers allow you to enjoy the benefits of memory foam while maintaining mobility.

The comfort layers focus on cooling and contour. As we move down to the third layer, we find foams focused on support starting with a 2-inch supportive transition poly foam. It’s intended to aid in proper weight distribution, and the placement serves as the transitional layer between the top comfort foams and 4-inch high-density support base layer. The base serves to provide a durable foundation that’s breathable and adds the right amount of firmness. It also helps the mattress maintain shape and integrity. Each of the four foams are CertiPUR-US certified.

Firmness and Sinkage Expectations

Eight Sleep has several different models but the Jupiter+ comes in one firmness setting, so what we share here is what you can expect for the Jupiter+ model. To demonstrate, I applied my 130 pounds of body weight directly to an area of about 9 by 7 inches. You can see pictured that I sunk in about six inches with and without the cover. Medium products typically sink around 6 ¾ inches, so this mattress is more on the firm end of the spectrum.

The indentation load deflections found at each layer are proprietary, but this test serves to give you an idea of firmness. On a scale of one to ten with one being very plush and ten being very firm, I rate Jupiter+ at 6.5. This can be accommodating for stomach sleepers and those who carry more weight.

Product Feel and Comfort

Now that you have a good idea of what’s inside the Jupiter+ mattress, let’s talk about how its combination of materials feels. You can definitely feel the memory foam in action when you lay down. I notice the immediate contour you normally experience with this material, but it resumes its form quickly when you release pressure.

When you push on the mattress with your hand, you can’t really detect the memory foam, so it’s really nice when you do lay down. I’ve tried out a number of products that make efforts to decrease sinkage in memory foam, but this is a different approach that results in an equally unique feel. When I laid on my side, I felt as the mattress conformed with my pelvic and shoulder areas, and this helps relieve pressure points common in these heavier areas. I think Eight Sleep did a good job offering a product that overcomes this common challenge by providing that extra little bit of bounce through the reactive polyfoam in the first layer.

Jupiter+ Motion Transfer Reduction

If you’ll be using your mattress with a sleep partner, you’ll want to get a good idea of motion isolation. I laid on the product and had my son lay next to me. He did a series of typical movements like rolling around, sitting up, and laying back down. I only noticed very minimal motion transfer. It wasn’t until he started jumping up and down that you could see some movement in my body.

You can typically expect good motion transfer reduction in memory foam. The Jupiter+ mattress offers more bounce than a standard memory foam product, but it’s not overwhelming. When I dropped a 20 pound medicine ball on the bed, it came to a rest after two small bounces. This aids in motion isolation. Although bounce is low, the reactive polyfoam makes it easy to get in and out of bed. You can tell a lot of thought and research went into coming up with this layer combination. For sleep partners, I would say this is an excellent option, especially if one or both of you move a lot.

Edge Support

All-foam products are not well-known for a high degree of edge support, and there is quite a bit of sinkage. If edge support is something that’s really important to you, you might find what you’re looking for in an innerspring product. However, it was able to support me pretty well laying on the edge.

Breathability and Temperature Regulation

I found the construction of Eight Sleep to be highly breathable, and I was interested to see how testing went using the smart cover. The cover is made of 100 percent polyester. You’ll definitely want to use a fitted sheet as the cover does have a plasticy feel to it, but check out how well it did using our thermal imaging camera.

I laid on the mattress with and without the smart cover in a controlled room temperature of 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Using my thermal imaging camera, I allowed the bed to return to room temperature. Average time for the mattresses I’ve tested is about 10 minutes. Without the smart cover, Jupiter+ was able to return to room temperature in just five minutes. I was really surprised to see the temperature cool down in just two minutes using the smart cover.

Along with testing, I also slept on the mattress with and without the cover, and I found I was able to stay pretty cool either way. The smart cover doesn’t absorb heat largely due to its material composition. Using the app, I found I was able to maintain an average bed temperature of 95 degrees in a room temperature ranging between 66 and 73 degrees through the night. This is lower than your normal body temperature and helped me sleep with minimal tossing and turning. I think Eight Sleep is an exceptional product for those who rely heavily on temperature control. And, for those cold winter nights, the smart cover offers a heating option that can be set from your Apple or Android device. A warm bed is just a couple of clicks away.

CertiPUR-US Certified

We also pay attention to special certifications the mattresses we test feature. Think of them as a valuable reference on a resume. Jupiter+ is CertiPUR-US certified, and this tells you a lot about how this product was manufactured such as:

  • No ozone depleters or phthalates were used
  • Manufacturing was regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Product was made without the use of mercury, lead, and other heavy metals

Durability Expectations

Unless you’re shopping for a child who will soon outgrow their bed, you are probably looking for a mattress that’s built to last. We can get a good idea of what to expect durability-wise by looking at the densities of each of the four layers.

While we can’t share this information out of respect for the manufacturer and their proprietary information, we have been told the values and can say this is a mattress that is expected to last for your average weight individuals.


There was slight offgassing when I opened up my Jupiter+ mattress, and it took about two days for it to completely clear off. If this bothers you, you may want to allow 48 hours of airing time before use.

A Look at the Smart Sleep Tracker

For detailed information about getting your smart cover all setup and how to use the app and interpret its results, check out our full review on the Eight Sleep Tracker. Here, you can check out all the capabilities. I’ve been using the tracker for several nights now, so let’s look around at the dashboard and see the various pieces of information you’ll receive every morning and, more importantly, what you can do with it.

Getting Started

The smart sleep system allows you to recognize and change your sleep patterns and find out what is keeping you from making the most out of bedtime. Before you plug in or connect the product, you should first visit Here, you can download the app whether that be on your Apple or Android device. In my case, I have download to my Samsung phone. Also make sure your cover is pulled on tightly. There are small wires within the cover, and you need to ensure you’re best able to make effective contact with them.

Exploring the Dashboard

Looking at my sleep data gathered over a period of four nights, we can see that I have a sleep score of 75. This number is determined by multiplying time spent sleeping by number of tosses and turns. I had to wake up quite a bit earlier on Saturday morning than I had planned, so my 4 ½ hours on Friday really hurt my rating. This screen shows you comparable data from the last 7 or 30 days and can help establish better sleep habits.

Nightly Details

Let’s go ahead and look at the icon near the top left in the shape of a moon. This shows you details from individual nights. From the moment you get in bed, the tracker starts analyzing your breathing, movement, heart rate, and temperature to determine when you fall asleep, toss and turn, and enter into the deepest, most restorative stages of sleep. It’s here that I was also able to gather the information provided regarding the bed’s ability to maintain its 95 degree temperature.

I’d like to show you my results from Saturday night. I remember waking up after a nightmare,and my clock indicated the time to be 3:35 a.m. You can see a period of disturbance between 3:10 and 3:30 where I toss and turn a lot and enter into REM sleep very briefly. It didn’t indicate that I woke up, but I did go right back to sleep, so the sensors were unable to pick this up.

Deep Sleep Results

The average healthy range for deep sleep is 18-25%, I was able to achieve an average 28% deep sleep with Eight Sleep’s Jupiter+ mattress. I think this shows their combination of comfort and support helps provide a high degree of deep relaxation. Overall, the app showed me how well my room temperature combined with the Jupiter+ construction was able to maintain a temperature below my body temp. I was also able to achieve a Sleep Score above 80 for the three nights I’ve used it. Again, I encourage you to check out our full review of the Eight Tracker to get a much better understanding of all the ways you can use all the information available to your benefit. We’ll even show you a sleep study we engaged in, another fun feature of the tracker.

Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

I’ve been using the Jupiter+ mattress for about 1 ½ weeks now, and I have been highly impressed with its breathability. The mattress does a great job at keeping motion transfer low, and I have already learned a lot about my own sleep patterns that can help me improve my long-term sleep habits. If you think the Jupiter+ mattress could be the right sleep solution for your needs, let’s take a look at a few more details that will be important to know once you become a customer.

100 Night Sleep Trial

All of Eight Sleep’s products feature a 100 night sleep trial. If at any time during the first 100 days of ownership you aren’t satisfied, they will work with you to dispose of the mattress. There are no shipping fees, and you receive a full refund. If you purchase the tracking technology with your mattress, it’s included in the trial. Just email [email protected] The smart technology comes in two pieces, and you can return them separately if the need arises for a partial refund.

Jupiter+ Cost

Considering the high densities of this product along with the sleep tracking technology, the cost is very reasonable. You’re taking advantage of years of mattress innovation at a fraction of the cost you’d face in the retail market. Eight Sleep also offers financing options. If you don’t quite have the money saved up, they do provide monthly payments to qualified customers. Let’s take a look at the cost of the different size options available:

  • Full- $899
  • Queen- $999
  • King- $1,149
  • California King- $1,149

Jupiter+ Reviews and Feedback

Although the firmness may not be accommodating for those who carry very little weight, I found the Jupiter+ mattress to offer innovative techniques in breathability and sinkage. While the reactive foam does mimic latex, those focused on bounce may have better luck with a latex or innerspring product. You can learn a lot about your own sleep habits with the tracking device, and I really enjoyed the placement of the reactive polyfoam on top of the contouring memory foam. I think this could be an ideal product to strongly consider if:

  • You weigh up to 250 pounds
  • You have a sleep partner and want to reduce motion transfer
  • You tend to sleep hot
  • You suffer from pressure points that could be minimized with the contouring memory foam layer

The sleep tracker offers experiments you can take part in, and this can reveal even more helpful information such as the amount of sleep you need for optimal energy. The app even offers you the convenience of connection with other smart devices. From your coffee pot to alarm clock and more, this mattress serves not only as a sleep product but also one that allows you convenience in waking up. Some of the information shared is based on my opinion, so I scoured the web to see what other customers had to say:

The Good

  • Cool sleep solution
  • Firmness and financing options convenient
  • Great motion isolation
  • Tracker helps you understand sleep habits

The Bad

  • Some complaints of offgassing

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Who We Recommend the Jupiter+ Mattress For

The Internet has taken the hassle out of mattress shopping. One of the biggest struggles today is weighing your many options. We understand your excitement to get your new mattress shipped now, but make sure you don’t skip the critical step in researching your options. If you tend to sleep hot and want to better understand your own sleep habits, I would definitely recommend that you consider this product. With financing options available, it’s easier than you might have realized to get a memory foam product that employs measures to overcome the most common issues in this material type without shadowing its benefits. Let’s take a moment for a quick recap of the main highlights. The Jupiter+ mattress could be a great sleep solution for you if:

  • You have a restless sleep partner
  • You sleep hot
  • You weigh up to 250 pounds
  • You are interested in learning about your long-term sleeping habits
  • You’re not interested in springy bounce
  • You enjoy a mattress in the medium-firm range

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Our Final Verdict

I’m excited that you’ve discovered the online mattress business model. By cutting out the middleman, you can enjoy greater value in the product you decide to purchase. I found the material construction of the Jupiter+ mattress to be very high considering the cost, and each layer features excellent durability expectations.

While edge support is low, you’ll experience this with most all-foam products. You may want to consider an innerspring or latex product if a high degree of bounce and edge support are primary features you’re looking for. However, for those looking for motion isolation and breathability coupled with contouring support, Jupiter+ could be the product you’ve been looking for.

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Jupiter+ Specs Sheet

Material Thickness
Stretch knit cover n/a
Reactive Polyfoam 2 inch
Perfect Fit memory foam 2 inch
Personalized comfort layer 2 inches
Essential support foam 4 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Foundation Needed?

It’s not required that you use a foundation with your Jupiter+ mattress. You do so at the risk of the development of mildew due to contact with organic surfaces. Most foundations will work. Eight Sleep just recommends you to use slats that are no greater than 3 inches apart.

Is a Mattress Pad or Protector Needed?

A mattress protector isn’t required, but if you would like to use a mattress protector, place it directly over on the mattress with the Sleep Tracker covered on top. That way the wires that connect to the hub will not get in the way, and the tracker will be easier to remove for cleaning. The choice of using a mattress pad or protector is up to you, and they come in handy if you spill something and to remove buildup of dead skin cells and sweat over time. I always recommend a quality mattress protector to increase the durability of your mattress.

Does it Work on Adjustable Beds?

Yes. As for all mattresses, you will need two twins or twin XL’s for adjustable split beds.

Are Returns Hassle-Free?

100% full refund during 100 night sleep trial.

What’s the Warranty?

10 years.

Is There A Trial Available?

Yes. 100 nights.

Does It Need To Be Rotated?


Is there offgassing?

Yes. Wears off within 24-48 hours.

What's the firmness?

Medium firm.