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CordaRoy’s Bean Bag Bed

I remember bean bag chairs were made with these little tiny balls of, well, I’m not honestly sure. It’s hard to find a bean bag chair that actually lasts or is big enough for two people. What if I told you that there was one out there that converted into a bed? That’s right, a bed! We recently purchased a CordaRoy’s bean bag to test it out, and I was more than impressed. This product can turn into a full-size bed and is big enough for three of my small children to sleep comfortably on. I have to say, it’s a pretty genius product. It’s easy to use, multifunctional, and comfortable.

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CordaRoy’s Bean Bag Bed Specs

 42×42 inches for bed

 54x75x8 inches for chair

 35 pounds

 Medium price range $$ ($-$$$)

 Polyester & polyester blend

 Lifetime guarantee

 Machine washable


Breakdown Of CordaRoy’s

The CordaRoy’s company was established in a garage while the founder was still in college. The idea was created when the founder was in need of an extra bed, but the only thing he had was an uncomfortable couch. He then discovered that a bean bag that he had would be more comfortable, and he threw together a makeshift bed real quick. The next morning, everybody was raving as to how comfortable it was and that is when the inner liners of normal bean bags were converted into beds.


Unboxing the bean bag is rather easy. When you open it, you’re presented with a compact bean bag and a packaged sac. There are also instructions that come with it along with a packing slip, just in case you need to return it for any reason. The box itself is designed with a large frog and the CordaRoy’s logo. It’s actually really cute, to be honest. Once you put it together, it can take a day or so to expand.

Materials Used

The inside of these beds is made from polyurethane foam with clipped zippers that lock them into place for child safety purposes. The foam is environmentally friendly, using no ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. There’s no formaldehyde, phthalates, and it has low Volatile Organic Compound emissions for indoor air quality. Complete, the chair measures 42×42 inches, and the bed is 54x75x8 inches. I also found no of gassing that came with the bed.

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Features & Benefits

This is one of those products that come with as many features as it does benefits. I was definitely not disappointed when it came to them either.


When the CordaRoy’s bean bag arrived at my front door, I was surprised as to how heavy it was. I never imagined a bean bag could weigh more than a few pounds. Well, thanks to the memory foam inside of the bed, it’s a little heavier than the traditional kinds. Taking it out of the box was easy peasy. It is compacted into a small ball, and you have to kind of break up what’s inside and roll it around a little. I found that it was easier to ball up the fabric and grab some of the memory foam blocks on the inside to break them up better. According to the instructions, you’re supposed to let it unfold and then fold the bed up like a taco and stuff it inside of the sac that it comes with. I did the opposite and stuck the bag inside of it first. I let it sit for a day and then did the taco fold. It’s actually fairly simple to put in and take out of the sac.

Ease of Use

In all honesty, the CordaRoy’s is extremely easy to use when it comes time to take the bed out. All you have to do is unzip and release the bed. It may require a little bit of fluffing, but it’s no big deal. You can use it with or without a sheet. My girls preferred to use it without one. When it is time to put it away, fold it like a taco and stuff it back in the sac. I found it was easier to stand the bed up the best I could and put the sac over the top of it to avoid the taco unfolding.


This is one of those multifunction bean bags that are actually both comfortable and practical. When it is in the sac, it is large enough for one adult or two children. It does not leave a large imprint like others do, however, it may require some fluffing before sitting in it, especially if it is well loved.

The bed is comfortable as well. It is made from tiny pieces of memory foam, almost like a mattress topper was thrown in a grinder. It doesn’t conform to the body, rather, it gives a soft cushion to lay on, almost like laying on a cloud-yes, very cliche. The only downfall I saw to this was that during sleep, the foam shifted, and there was a bulge behind me, and I was almost on the floor, but that’s nothing a little fluffing can’t fix.


How many times in your life are you going to say that you washed your bean bag? My children have had chairs made of those small white balls that could not be washed, and once they were soiled, they had to be thrown away. With the CordaRoy’s, you can simply place the cover in the washer and give it a spin. Once done, throw it in the dryer on low, and it comes out nice and clean.


CordaRoy’s offers a lifetime guarantee for their products. If their product ever fails due to their workmanship, they will repair it or replace it for the life of the product. This is an absolutely fantastic perk to have with a product such as this one. Look, it even says it on the logo!

CordaRoy’s Bean Bag Bed Reviews

It’s not only up to me to determine whether or not this is a good product. Other reviewers have boasted about the ease of use when it comes to this bean bag chair.

They love how it can turn into a bed with just a few zips and a fluff. A few of the minor complaints stem from some loose pieces of fluff floating around that made a mess in their home. I did not personally experience this, but those who did were offered extra filling at no cost to them for the inconvenience. Some other reviews were unimpressed with the hassle of breaking up the foam inside of the bag. As I said earlier, it’s easier to do it when you use my method. Other than just a few negative reviews, the majority of them all boasted about the ease of use and how they loved the fact that there was bed inside of the sac.


When you’re shopping for bean bags, please keep our CordaRoy’s bean bag chair review in the back of your mind. I was extremely impressed with the overall ease of use and comfort of the bed. Sure, there are few areas where improvement can be made, but otherwise, it’s an ingenious product. When you sit in a chair, you want it to be comfortable, especially if it’s made from foam. It’s best to always fluff before you sit to ensure optimal comfort. The versatility of the CordaRoy’s bean bag chair really can’t be compared to, and it comes in a variety of colors and fabrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it washable?


Is there a weight limit?

Not available.

How long is the warranty?

Lifetime Guarantee

Can it be refilled?


Does it take long to fluff?

24 hours.

What does it weigh?

40.7 pounds.