Coop Home Goods Cooling Eden Bamboo Adjustable Pillow

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Coop Home Goods Cooling Eden Bamboo Adjustable Pillow

As the Coop Home Goods Company becomes more and more popular, their choices surrounding product needs have increased. New to the company is their Cooling Eden Bamboo Pillow, an improved take on their original adjustable design that incorporates materials made to increase airflow. Known for their quality workmanship, this new take is one worth taking a closer look at.

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The Sleep Judge Review Team has had the opportunity to try out this pillow and provide our own detailed review. Below we’ve highlighted the features of the pillow, along with our own experiences to provide you a good overview of the product.

Coop Home Goods Cooling Eden Bamboo Adjustable Pillow Specs

  Filling- polyester fill / gel infused shredded memory foam

  Loft-  adjustable

  Sleep Positions-  All

  Warranty-  5 years

Coop Home Goods Company History

Coop Home Goods is a young company, started only in 2014 by two siblings who continue to run the business through their family. They started with their Original Bamboo Adjustable Pillow design, and have grown in popularity since due to the quality and comfort it provides. Since then, they have grown to provide a variety of pillow comforts, including toddler, travel, and body designs, as well as mattress and pillow protectors and covers.

Breakdown of the Cooling Eden Bamboo Adjustable Pillow

The new Eden Model is the top of the line according to the company, and improves upon the original with cooling, gel infused shredded foam. The addition of a gusseted side wall ensures edge-to-edge support and allows for a wider range of comfort positions to be supported. Removable foam and fiberfill is a simple way to increase, or decrease, your pillow profile, and create a softer, or more firm surface to lay your head upon.


The Eden Pillow arrived on my doorstep in a rectangular, branded box. It was easy to unpack and open, with the pillow tightly packed inside. Included was extra foam filling for adjustment purposes, instructions, and a code for a free pillow protector. The pillow began expanding after breaking the airtight seal, and after a quick toss in the dryer was well fluffed up. I was impressed with the packaging, although I did have some offgassing after unwrapping the pillow. It dissipated fairly quickly, however, and was gone after a short run through the dryer.

First Impressions

Honestly, at first glance the pillow simply looks differently designed than the original. It basically felt the same overall, and provided the same soft, bamboo blended cover. The zipper and cover design was the same, and the foam felt the same despite being gel infused. I did admire that the pillow was gusseted to provide a difference in how the fill distributed under weight, and hazard a guess this would be more comfortable for side sleepers than the original design that left them out.

Features and Benefits

The features of a pillow are what provide you the details to determine if this is a good choice for you. These highlight the benefits you may personally experience, and provide information to the make of the product. We have gone over these exclusively and provided details so you can decide if this is a choice pillow for your own needs.


The pillow comes in standard, queen, and king size measurements comparable to those considered standard to the industry. The queen size version I received fit well within my queen pillowcase without compression. Overall, the loft was approximately 8 inches when fluffed up, which I noticed was slightly lower than the Original Pillow. In my opinion, this is due to the slightly heavier feel of the gel infused foam- as I’ll explain below. The pillow is not at all flat or heavy, however, just provides a bit of different feel when being used.

Adjustable Gel Infused Shredded Memory Foam and Polyfill Blend

Unlike many other companies that use a shredded foam, Coop uses fresh foam for their pillows- rather than scraps left over from other products. Their foam is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning no harsh chemicals or flame retardants are used in its construction. Made with a gel infusion, the slightly blue/green color of the material is obvious within the foam, and provides an equal distribution through the pillow. Gel has the ability to draw heat from the body through the physics of heat transfer, called conduction. This simply describes how a the heat from a warmer substance will move to a less warm substance, providing a cooling effect.

The foam is mixed with a polyfill to provide a way to help keep it evenly distributed, and keep it feeling plush and lofty. It also allows an increase of airflow through the shredded foam and keeps it from compressing too tightly together when in use. Like the original, I found it plush, malleable, and comfortable to the touch. Although I did not notice that it felt any cooler when handling it side by side with the original filling, it was still equally soft and springy.

Easy Adjustment

The double casing design (described below) makes it easy to remove and add the filling to the pillow. It stores well within a plastic bag without being overly static and clingy, even though it can get a little messy if you do not use it over a towel or pillowcase to help keep it all in one area.

Although I find it does not take too much time to discover the perfect loft for your sleep position, you may want to spend a few days adjusting, and readjusting, to get exactly what you feel your body needs for proper spinal alignment and support.

Bamboo Blend Casing

Like the original, the patented Lulltra casing is derived from a bamboo viscose and polyester blend to provide a wholly unique, smooth feel to the pillow surface. It is slightly stretchy as well, providing you the movement needed to more naturally provide the support you need, and adjust for your unique body weight and height.

It also is naturally hypoallergenic, and cooling to help wick away moisture and provide good airflow. The quilting includes the brand name sewn into the case to help keep the material from bunching, and allowing it to go through the washer and dryer well without pilling or wearing thin.

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2 inch Breathable Side Gusset

The addition of the 2 inch gusset is a great design made not only to help increase airflow through its use of a finely meshed material, but also to provide better distribution of the fill when in use. This allows the pillow to keep its shape and provide the needed support under the neck and head – especially when used in the side sleeping position. Gussets are popular with side sleepers for this reason as the neck requires quite a bit of attention, and this shaping keeps the fill between the head and shoulders where it belongs.

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Interlock Inner Casing

The interlock polyester fabric of the inner lining helps keep air flowing, and securely holds the filling within without worry of it making its way through the seams or zipper. This case is flexible and lightweight, and does not add to the profile, nor interrupt the movement of the foam fiber blend filling within. I also like that it can be washed as well, which I will go into more detail over below.

Lay Flat, Hidden Zipper

Both zippers are well sewn and lay flat against their respective casing. Neither can be felt easily, nor interrupt any shaping or adjustability needs you may have. The outer zipper, in particular, is well hidden within the seam, and provides a tight closure which is hard to distinguish from the rest of the pillow. This is a nice detail that speaks volumes about the attention to detail that the company provides to their products.

Pillow Care

Despite the pillow being made from a shredded memory foam, the entire pillow is machine washable. You need to first remove the outer cover, and pin the inner cover shut to avoid spilling any filling- but you can launder the whole thing. Foams can degrade when kept wet, so it is important that you dry it completely. This is a deviation from similarly made pillows that suggest you not wash the inner pillow that contains the filling at all. Often this is keep you from voiding a warranty, or that their foam is not breathable enough to dry properly.

Warranty: 5 Year

Also unlike most companies, Coop offers a 5 year warranty on their pillows. This protects against poor workmanship and material degradation over time. It also is a very generous offer, as most pillow companies only provide a very limited sleep trail and/or warranty due to the more personal nature of the pillow. This warranty includes the filling, of which the company will send more if needed due to problems with loft and support.

Consumer Reviews

As a fairly new product on the market, I would have expected to see a mixed bag of reviews, but to my surprise I found it had already racked up hundreds of reviews – almost exclusively positive. People love the feel of the pillow, claim this one is cooler than the original, and are impressed with the support it lends. Customer support is also praised regularly in relation to the warranty and replacements, as well as additional filling many have received to help better adjust the pillow to their needs. Overall comfort receives high praise as many make comment on the neck support, as well as how it has aided in injury recovery due to how highly adjustable it is.

The offgassing is a bit of a problem for some, as it is strong upon opening despite that it does dissipate eventually. Placing it in the dryer does help immensely as I determined, but it will go away on its own. These experiences are, of course, different from person to person due to their own sensitivities, but do not seem to take away from the overall comfort and quality experience.

My Sleep Trial Experiences

As a stomach and side sleeper I typically prefer a softer, shapeable pillow in order to provide the support I need through the night. My regular go to is a down and feather choice, but I like anything that provides a shapeable experience. The Coop Home Goods Brand is one I place high on my list for comfort and quality, and it isn’t hard to see why.


I always like to decompress after a long day with a quick stretch (or even quick nap) on my back. I removed close to half the filling of this pillow for this as a back sleeper needs a pillow that supports their head and neck in alignment with their spine, but still need to be low enough of a profile to keep from raising the head.

I really liked how the gusseted edge and fill tucked up under my neck for support, and the softness of the pillow allowed my head to sink back into it. It was comfortable and relaxing, and provided me a position that I did not have to shift about in to find a comfort zone.

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As a combination sleeper that likes to occasionally rest on my side, I kept the pillow thinner in order to be able to bunch it up under my head and neck. This is because I usually roll onto my stomach and partially lay upon the pillow, so I need something I can shape and rest upon to help keep my back stress free when shifting positions through the night.

This pillow is similar to a soft down and feather choice, but with a little more ‘body’ overall. This helps it keep its shape, and allows for a wider range of body shape and sizes to take advantage of it. It is important for the head and neck to be held at the proper height for side sleepers, and this pillow does a good job of that if you are willing to play with the adjustment of it.

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Since my preferred position preference is stomach sleeping, I am well aware that I need to keep my body supported through the night to provide increased support for my spine. As mentioned, I try to lay upon the pillow somewhat to allow for a more gradual slope of my spine instead of the sharp turn of my head and neck that many stomach sleepers experience. Thinner, softer pillows are the best choices for stomach sleepers to help alleviate the stress on the spine.

Soft pillows are excellent for combination sleepers since they are malleable for various support. Feather and down choices are often too soft, and may not provide enough loft overall for certain body shapes and sizes, but the shredded foam is a great alternative to those who need this type of choice, but also need something that can support their body weight.

Overall Rating: 4.8

The Coop Eden ranks right up there amongst the top rated quality pillows in the current sleep industry. The attention to detail is some of the best in the business, and the cooling material changes that have been made to this particular model in comparison to their Original pillow is noticeable and appreciated by those who sleep warm. The materials used in this product are top notch, and remarked upon even by those consumers who decide this is not a good choice for them- showing an appreciation of the product overall.

No pillow is a true one size fits all, and the only real drawback, in my opinion, is that you cannot have both a thin, and firm pillow choice at the same since adding filling also adds height. For a pillow that does allow for both thin, and lofty, firmness options, you can check out the Morphiis Pillow that uses layers for personalization. Otherwise, this pillow is highly adjustable and comfortable, and well worth considering for a supported night’s sleep in relation to a wide variety of sleep needs.


If pillow adjustability sounds like the solution you have been searching for, then look no further than the Coop Home Goods Products. Their Adjustable, Bamboo Eden Pillow is an excellent choice for added side sleeping support through the gusseted addition. This works well with the new materials that have been incorporated to work with the already highly breathable bamboo and shredded foam for a cooler night’s sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sleep position is this best suited for?

Stomach, Back, and Side.

What is the loft?

It’s adjustable.

Will I experience a lot of offgassing?

No, offgassing is minimal.

Is it organic?


What’s the warranty?

5 years.