Casper Original Pillow Review: Soft Adjustability For a Good Night’s Rest

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Casper Original Pillow : Soft Adjustability For a Good Night’s Rest

A good pillow is worth its weight in gold, and one that can help support a variety of sleep positions and comfort preferences is a rare find indeed. Despite the importance of a pillow can lend to your overall spinal health each night, finding one that works well for you can be a rather impressive challenge.

With literally hundreds of pillows available in the current sleep industry, we have taken it upon ourselves to review some of the most popular to determine if they are worth a closer look. The Casper Pillow, created by the Casper Mattress Company, is one we took a personal interest in and purchased in order to take a closer look. Below are our personal findings and detailed reviews.

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Casper Pillow Specs

 Filling – Polyester Microfiber Fill

 Loft – Adjustable

 Comfort Positions – All

 Warranty – 3 years

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Casper Company History

Casper began as a mattress company in 2014, and it quickly succeeded as a new warehouse to door startup company. As a quickly growing consumer brand, the company continues to break profit margin goals and has applied their innovative techniques to expand their sleep product line to include items such as sheets, pillows, and even dog beds. Their philosophy surrounds the application of technological engineering to outrageously comfortable mattresses, as well as any other products that support this design.


Breakdown of the Casper Pillow

The Casper Pillow is a unique pillow in pillow design made to provide both support and plush, soft comfort.The poly fiber fill is blown into both pillows as individual clusters to provide a uniform feel and keeps the pillow from clumping. The overall design is supposed to provide proper neck support and cervical spinal alignment. It also lends itself well to a cooler night’s sleep and is highly washable for freshness that lasts.




My Casper Pillow arrived less than a week after ordering and came in a fairly nondescript brown box. It did have a tape securing the box stamped with the Casper logo, but it was small and not incredibly noticeable. The box was overall quite small for a pillow, and upon opening, it held a cylindrical box. The pillow was rolled within the plastic bag, and upon opening, it quickly fluffed up. It also came with some informational material, as well as a lot of information about the features of the pillow on the box as well.

First Impressions

I honestly didn’t expect a squishy and soft a pillow as I found it to be, and I immediately had to check to see if the pillow was actually a down and feather pillow as it felt incredibly similar to one. Since I generally prefer a down and feather fill due to how well it conforms and provides support despite being soft, I was pretty excited to try it out.


It also felt pretty cool to the touch, and the fabric covering was very soft. I also quickly noticed that the zipper went along two lengths of the pillow, and upon unzipping to expose the pillow within, I found that the outer pillow was actually sandwiching the inner pillow and was nicely double-sided to provide a plush, responsive surface to lay my head upon.

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Features and Benefits

The features and benefits of a pillow are important to research as these are the details that can help you decide if the pillow is worth taking a closer look at. Below, each of these is outlined along with the comfort claims and support each provides, as well as our own impressions after spending a few nights with it.


Although the pillow is technically two in one, each measures approximately the same size. The Casper pillow is available in both a standard and king size with each measuring 18 x 26 inches and 18 x 34 inches, respectively. They both boast a 2-inch gusset to allow for proper fill distribution and allow for the neck to be well supported.


Pillow size is important to check because there is a standard acceptable pillow size in the industry to best-fit pillowcases. For the most part, pillows fit within these approximate measurements so you don’t have to worry about an added expense.

Pillow in Pillow Design

This entirely new pillow within a pillow idea was born from the want to better meet the needs of a wider variety of sleepers. Combination sleepers often require a malleable pillow to provide better support for each position that requires different thicknesses for the head and neck. Stomach and back sleepers need a thin pillow, but a neck support is also needed when on your back. Side sleeper’s head and neck should be in alignment with the spine, as you lay along your side and so require a thickness on a proper level.