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Brooklyn Bedding Sheets

A sturdy supportive mattress is a key to a good night’s sleep but the set of sheets in which you lay at night should be just as comfortable. Shopping for sheets can be as overwhelming as shopping for a new mattress. The vast amount of choices and the numerous manufacturers all claim these are the best sheets!

Brooklyn Bedding’s Bamboo Sateen Sheets are a bedding set that has a luxurious feel with a lower price tag than its counterparts. Available through certain retailers as well as directly from Brooklyn Bedding, these sheets have a sateen weave with a 300 thread count throughout the material, creating a silky feel combined with durability. Read on through this article to truly find out what these sheets offer.

Brooklyn Bedding Bamboo Sheets Specs

 300 Thread Count

 Fiited to mattresses from 11” to 14” thick

 Material – Rayon Woven from Bamboo

 Warranty – 120-night trial or 1-year warranty

What are These Sheets from Brooklyn Bedding Really Like?

The Brooklyn Bedding Bamboo Sateen sheets arrive via free shipping in a timely manner with decorative packing box, clearly labeling the color chosen. Offered in my sheet set were the bottom fitted sheet, the flat or top sheet, and two pillowcases of the same material. There are no extra accessories such as pillow shams but only a sheet set. One of the first things I noticed was that these sheets were made of rayon woven from bamboo, offering a smoother feel while still paying homage to environmental awareness. With a 300-thread count, these sheets were softer than I was personally expecting.


  • Smooth, Silky feel
  • Moisture-wicking for a cool feeling throughout the night
  • Designed to fit mattresses from 11” to 14” thick
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 120-night trial or 1-year warranty


  • Higher price tag than generic sheets
  • Wrinkle easier than cotton sheets
  • Available in only two colors

Wash First

Regardless of the packaging or how clean the sheets look once out of the casing, I personally wash new sheets or pillowcases before making my bed. Maybe it’s a germaphobe behavior, but it eases my mind of the thought of my skin coming into contact with materials or bacteria I cannot see. It is also a true test on how sheets will hold up after washing and drying as anything feels great when it is brand new! Make sure to follow the washing instructions to the letter, as it is easy to say a product is horrible when actually you made it that way!

The Parts

The fitted sheet from this set was snug enough that there was no problem securing it to the mattress with the deep pockets and tags to let you know what side belonged where. The top sheet or the flat sheet was also spacious enough to fit directly on my mattress with material to tuck underneath. The size of the flat sheet was also enough to pull directly to the top of the mattress with enough material to tuck in the corners. Some bedding will say queen size and then once tucked, reach just above the center of the bed. The pillowcases (also offered in the sheet set) fit standard pillows well, without leaving too much loose material.


Unfortunately, due to the silky material, these sheets can crease and wrinkle even when fitted into place, but luckily, the smooth and soft feeling did not disappear when washed. As long as the fit and feel are correct, wrinkles can be covered by a duvet or comforter. If wrinkles in your sheets are enough to make you choose another product, then this one might not be the best choice for you.


The next test had arrived, and it was time to sleep in these super soft sheets. Guaranteed to stay cool and soft regardless of the temperature of the bedroom, I am pleased to say these certainly passed the test! The material was silky and cool for the entirety of the night and did not shift around the mattress as I did. I tend to move around in my sleep, twisting my sheets and creating heat pockets everywhere. The moisture trapping seemed to work perfectly, as I woke up cool as a cucumber and not a sweaty mess. The silky pillowcase also helped combat frizz and reduced moisture from my naturally curly hair – so bonus.

Wash After Use

Once awake, I decided to test the sheets with another washing; wanting to see how the stitching and seams held up. I was, once again, pleasantly surprised and pleased with my results. The linens showed no signs of wear or fraying, except for the loose threads that all linens seemed to have, regardless of how you treat them. None of the loose threads appeared to be coming from the stitching or seams, and they fit exactly the same as the previous day when I remade my bed.

Surprisingly Great

After a few days of using, washing, and drying these sheets, the coolness stayed intact. The softness stayed intact and the durability did not diminish in the slightest. I woke each morning cooled to the point of comfortable, not chilled. That sickly feeling of waking up sticky with night sweat was absent.

I tend to stick more towards the budget selection of sheets, as expenses increase in today’s society, penny-counting is more crucial. But if you are having to replace your sheets at a more frequent interval due to low quality, how much money are you truly saving?

Features and Benefits

When contemplating the features and benefits of an object, sheets don’t really fit into the process. Usually, you contemplate the features of a major purchase, such as a mattress or motorized equipment, not something as simple as sheets. But with every manufacturer touting they have the best sheets, there has to be a difference in conjunction with similarities. These Brooklyn Bedding Bamboo Sateen sheets are meant to be “the best sheets ever”, never losing their soft, silky feeling or durable lifespan. Let’s take a closer look at how Brooklyn Bedding achieves their “best sheets ever” hashtag.

Smooth, Silky Feel

These sheets are manufactured with more vertical threads than horizontal, resulting in a silky feeling from the seams to the large swatches of material themselves. Using rayon material crafted directly from bamboo, these sheets offer smoothness that does not seem possible when made from plant material and offering a 300 thread count. The breathable material and tightly woven threads enhance the smoothness.

Moisture Wicking

The moisture-wicking nature of the material of these sheets is enhanced through both natural and machine-made means. Sheets that offer temperature control through moisture wicking are a better fit for hot sleepers or for someone partnered with a person that experiences night sweats. The sheets do not feel clammy or damp in the morning, allowing you to wake comfortably. Perhaps sometimes too comfortably, as most consumer reviews state an unwillingness to remove themselves from their bed and exit their sheets!

Designed to Fit Thick Mattresses

The sturdy material can just as easily slip on a mattress that is 14” thick as it can to a mattress only 11” thick. Sometimes, sheets are purchased based on their width and material lengths to properly secure on a mattress of substantial portions. The Brooklyn Bedding Bamboo Sateen sheets went on my 10” mattress without any tugging or pulling of the material, and it still left me with enough material to tuck in the corners and bring the sheets to my chin if desired.

Free Shipping and Returns

A major bonus for any online retailer to have is free shipping of the product and free returns if defective or just not what you would want. With the cost of virtually everything on today’s market increasing, it is nice to purchase a product for exactly the price it is listed. All too often, when purchases are almost completed online, you’ll find that the price has an extra number of dollars due to hidden fees or shipping costs!

120-Night Trial or 1-year Warranty

Another benefit that sets Brooklyn Bedding apart from other manufacturers is the trial period. Generally, a person purchases sheets and hopes for the best as it can be impossible to get the entire purchase price back in return. Brooklyn Bedding offers their customers a 120-night trial on almost everything they sell along with a 1-year warranty to be utilized should the 120 nights pass without issue. Knowing that a product can be returned without hassle offers an extra incentive to consumers.

In Other Words

These sheets definitely have more benefits and features than the set you purchase at your local department store! The price is higher, but as with the majority of products, you get what you pay for. Consider these sheets an investment rather a necessity and take the plunge to sleep the night away in comfort. When you have to replace your generic sheets yearly, or even monthly, those low prices can add up to be double the cost of Brooklyn Bedding Bamboo Sateen sheets. As I am just one customer who had a positive experience with these sheets, read online through consumer reviews and base your opinions on that. This article details my personal findings when I tested this product and my preferences are different than yours.

Sleeps Cool

The majority of customer reviews all agreed that these sheets kept their cool temperature throughout the night, even in the hottest of summer evenings. If yourself or your partner cannot wait to jump in the shower come morning to wash away the evidence of sweating through your sleep, then maybe a temperature regulating sheet is the way to go. If you still find yourself overheating and sweating through the night regardless of the sheets you use, it might be time to contact a healthcare professional about other ailments that cause this.

Smooth and Silky Feel

Consumers who purchased these sheets boasted about their ability to maintain their smooth, silky feel even after multiple washings and months of use, even with the lower 300 thread count. Even if you prefer this crisp feel of woven cotton, these sheets have a softness and sheen to them that is too perfect to deny.

Fits the Mattress

If you have a memory-foam mattress or an air bed, these sheets will fit on a generic queen size. The struggle and physical labor involved in trying to make sheets fit your mattress are gone, and instead, they just contour to your mattress. Those who have a smaller width mattress might not enjoy the extra fabric from these sheets and have to become creative in how to tuck the material tightly enough under the mattress to achieve a tight fit.


It is hard to comment on the durability of these sheets, as the majority of people have a different opinion. If months of use is considered durable to you, then yes, these sheets are durable, but if you are of the mindset that sheets should last years, then no, these sheets are not as durable as people say. The silky nature of these sheets can snag easier than cotton and prolonged use can show weak spots in the material faster than a cotton sheet due to the thinner construction and material origin.

The Look

The Brooklyn Bedding Bamboo sheets are smooth with a pearly sheen, but they are only available for queen-sized mattresses in two colors when I ordered from their online store. The options are only Khaki or Chocolate and could clash with your light color scheme. These two colors are fairly neutral and should be able to match with a large number of colors, but if you want to match your sheets to the color scheme of your bedroom, you might want to try a manufacturer who offers a similar product with a wider range of color options.

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At an MSRP of approximately $100.00 plus tax for queen-size sheets, these sheets are pricier than their counterparts when you factor in that your sheet set is exactly that – a sheet set. Some cheaper options might have additional pillowcases or pillow shams that are the same color or slightly different from the sheets themselves.

Wrinkle Easier Than Cotton Sheets

If the feel of sheet wrinkles is enough to interrupt your nightly slumber, then these sheets may not be your best choice. With material that is thinner and silkier than cotton or cotton blends, they tend to wrinkle even when no one is in the bed.

Available in Only Two Colors

At my time of purchase, the only colors offered in the queen sheets were chocolate or khaki, which made for limited decorative options in my bedroom. If you are someone that doesn’t base decisions on color schemes, then these sheets may be what you are looking for.

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The Brooklyn Bedding Bamboo Sateen sheets are smooth and cool on the skin, and the rayon woven from bamboo offers an attractive sheen. The feel and texture of these sheets are that of silk but offer moisture wicking capability typically found in more durable materials. On muggy summer nights, these sheets offer additional cooling, keeping moisture off your skin. On crisp or even cold winter nights, these sheets still maintain a comfortable temperature as you are not exposed to moisture so the clammy, damp feeling does not materialize.

While washing instructions are basic and easy to achieve, the wrinkles that form in these sheets can be a deterrent to some. Even when you are simply making the bed, these sheets can wrinkle just from the touch of another sheet or blanket. If you are ok with sheet wrinkles but want a smooth, silky feel, then these sheets are an investment worth making.

These sheets need to be handled with a gentler touch than those of sturdier material and can snag easier, which leads to rips and tears that you don’t want in your sheet set! There is enough material to fit a thicker mattress so the struggle of making the bed is eliminated.

Altogether, the Brooklyn Bedding Bamboo sheets are a pricier option that allows you to sleep in the lap of luxury without breaking the bank. Cooler slumber, silky smooth feel, and a luxurious material that cradles the skin is what you will find with these sheets. Who knows, maybe a set of these will prompt you to spend more time in bed, getting not only the rest your mind and body needs but deserves. We work hard day in and day out for our money to furnish our homes and provide for our families, so why not pamper yourself in the bedroom?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wash them?

-Machine wash on gentle cycle in cool water -Tumble dry low

Do they include organic materials?

Yes, bamboo.