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Bolster Queen Mattress Review: Will It Work for You?

Updated July 15, 2019

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If it’s been more than eight years since you upgraded your mattress, it’s time to shop for something new. This is also the case if you’ve begun to notice any of the following:

    You don’t feel rested in the morning

    You often wake up feeling achy

   You feel more comfortable sleeping away from home

   You notice squeaking in your mattress

   Your mattress is sagging or otherwise has body indentations

   You’ve gained weight and no longer feel comfortable on your mattress

If this describes your situation, today we’re looking at the Bolster queen mattress. This product features a slightly firmer-than-average feel, and it incorporates a variety of efforts to keep you sleeping nice and cool. I think it could be a good fit if you:

    Sleep hot

    Have a sleep partner and need an extended sleep surface

Sound good so far? Keep reading our complete Bolster hybrid queen mattress review to learn the important details you need to know before you buy!

Bolster Hybrid Mattress Specs

 Offgassing: Took a day or two to clear off

 Firmness Level (Scale of 1-10): 7.0

 Trial Period: 100 nights

 Warranty: 10 years

About Bolster Sleep Company

There have been many mattress companies pop up over the past several years, and they each have their own unique story.

In the case of Bolster Sleep Company, it all started with five goals:

    1. Offer cooler-than-foam sleep

    2. Allow for consistent restful sleep

    2. Allow for consistent restful sleep

    3. Reduce tossing and turning

    4. Quality products with good durability at the right price

    5. Made in USA using environmentally-friendly processes

They put a lot of time and effort into testing their product out before entering the market, and this shows they weren’t just another mattress company without a clear focus. Not only did they create prototypes, but they even had their friends try it out until they got the kind of feedback they were looking for.

Bolster Sleep Company: A Public Benefit Corporation

Bolster Sleep is a Public Benefit Corporation. Also known as a B-Corp, this entity status requires them to not only sell you a mattress but to fulfill a mission in offering more rejuvenating sleep. They are interested in encouraging education and active community to share ideas and provide feedback in sleep research.

With the confidence of making their mission legally-binding, I think this adds trust since the company is invested in more than just sales.

Bolster Layer Lineup

Let’s get started by getting an idea of how the Bolster hybrid mattress works to offer support and comfort. The mattress is a total of 13 inches thick and is split up into the following zones:


The comfort you receive from your mattress is found in the first three layers of this 5-layer product. These include:

    1. 1” Tencel Quilting and Fire barrier

a. Moisture resistant
b. Prevents hot sleep

    2. 2” Responsive Cooling Foam

a. Breathes well
b. Prevents pressure points
3. Features the best characteristics of memory foam without the negative aspects like heat retentions and offgassing
4. Not temperature sensitive

    3. 1” High Density Adaptive Core

a. Properly distributes weight
b. Promotes airflow

I was impressed that heat transfer was addressed in every comfort layer. I think this can be a big plus for hot sleepers. The sleep surface is supportive and well-suited for stomach sleeping.


The support of your mattress is important to ensure you maintain proper posture as you sleep. It also helps keep sagging at bay. Bolster support is provided primarily by the coil unit, and this can a

    1. 8” Individually pocketed coils

a. Promotes spinal alignment and air flow

    2. 1” Breathable base layer

a. Promotes durability and stability
b. Created with heat transfer in mind

Mattress Performance

I like the level of solid support the innerspring unit offers while maintaining compatibility with adjustable bases. When you lie on the mattress, it gives you the feeling like you’re floating on top your sleep surface. The comfort layers do a good job working with the base to provide contour, and I think it will work well with people who have a BMI between 25 and 31.

As with most innerspring products I’ve tried out, moving around is very easy. If you have mobility issues, you can often run into trouble when there’s too much sinkage, but I don’t think you’ll encounter any substantial problems.

A Look at Bolster Mattress Firmness

The firmness of your mattress is one of the most important aspects you need to know. If it’s too soft, it can be difficult for people who carry a lot of weight as they sink too much. This can also lead to difficulty in mobility. On the other hand, it it’s too firm, painful pressure points can result.

The firmness of the Bolster mattress is a medium firm. To understand how firm this is, let’s take a look at the indentation load deflection of the various layers. Keeping in mind that 12 is very plush and 50 is very firm, here’s how the Bolster mattress is laid out:

    Interactive Cooling Foam


    High Density Adaptive Core


    Base Layer


I think this is a great option for sleep partners when one partner has a significant need for a firmer sleep surface and the other person is willing to compromise. You could even consider adding a topper to the side of the person who likes it plusher to effectively customize the sleep surface.

Motion Isolating Properties

This point is especially important to consider if you have a sleep partner. When they move, you don’t want to be jostled around, especially when you’re trying to fall asleep. That’s why mattress companies often take very specific measures to isolate motion to the point of impact.

In the case of the Bolster mattress, these measures include individually pocketed coils that don’t have a direct impact on one another like continuous coil units do. Rather than having a domino effect when you move around, continuous coils keep energy isolated to its origin.

Above and Beyond Focus on Heat Transfer

We see something going on with the Bolster mattress in terms of heat transfer capability that we don’t see often. Each of the five layers take some type of measure in allowing for breathability. This substantially increases your ability to enjoy deep REM sleep. Layer by layer, the technology we see include:

    1. Tencel Quilting that keeps the body cool

    2. Responsive Cooling foam that breathes well

    3. High Density Adaptive Core that promotes airflow

    4. Individually pocketed coils that are famously and inherently breathable

    5. Breathable base layer

This mattress did a great job keeping me sleeping cool. Since the firmness favors toward the firm end of the spectrum, you also don’t sink in as much as you would on something plusher. This can sometimes cause you to heat up.

Edge Support

Edge support is what keeps us supported when we’re lying or sitting on the edge of the mattress. Products lacking in edge support can cause you to feel like you’re going to fall out of bed when you get close to the edge. It essentially extends your sleep surface and can also prove accommodating for intimate moments.

If you have mobility issues or have a sleep partner, good edge support is especially important. If this describes your need, I think you’ll enjoy the coil unit. They’re able to provide an added degree of overall support you just don’t get with latex or all-foam mattress.


You want to make sure you’re going to be getting your money’s worth in your next mattress purchase, so let’s take a look at how long we can expect the material that make up the Bolster hybrid mattress to hold up.

To do this, we need to get an idea of the quality of each material, and this can be determined by looking at the densities in the foams and coil count in the innerspring unit:

Foam Density

The density of each layer of foam tells us a lot about any mattress. We provide a very detailed density guide if you want to get into the nuts and bolts it, but understand that higher density foams:

    Last longer

    Perform better

    Are more suitable for use in the comfort zone where most wear and tear occurs

In polyfoam, you want to shoot for a density of 1.8 pounds per cubic foot for good durability. Here’s what we find in the Bolster mattress:

    Interactive cooling foam


    High-density adaptive core


    Base layer


The Interactive Cooling Foam is a next generation patented foam that is a hybrid of memory foam and poly foam. Since poly foam is durable at 1.8 pcf and memory foam between 3.5-5, we need to look at the average between the two.

Since we know overall density is 2.5, then the polyfoam and memory foam properties could weigh in as follows:

    Memory Foam 3.2, Polyfoam 1.8

    Memory Foam 3.3, Polyfoam 1.7

    Memory Foam 3.4, Polyfoam 1.6

    Memory Foam 3.5, Polyfoam 1.5

I think you can see the pattern here. I would venture to say the top layer has a composition that’s structured more like polyfoam. If this is the case, the density is great. However, it would appear the memory foam side of the hybrid is slightly lacking.

Since you make direct contact with the top layers, you really want to shoot for good quality in this area.

While the base is slightly lower than what we want to shoot for in durability terms, this is the thinnest layer located the furthest from your body, so it’s not unusual to see a slight drop in thin base layers.

Coil Count

In a queen mattress, you want a coil count of absolutely no less than 400. For good durability, 800 is what you want to look for. This product features up to 789 coils in the queen model. This is far above the 400 you need for decent durability, and it’s right up there in the 800-level where you can expect maximum durability.

Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

The Bolster mattress is made to order right here in the USA, and materials used are CertiPUR US certified. When your mattress arrives, you get 100 nights to try it out. If you find that, for any reason, you’re not happy with it, Bolster will arrange for it to be removed and provide you a refund.

Keep in mind, though, that it can take some time to get accustomed to sleeping on a luxury hybrid mattress. Furthermore, if you’re not used to a slightly firm sleep surface, it can take some time to adjust. That’s why Bolster asks that you try it out for at least 30 days before completing your refund.

Once your mattress arrives, you’ll need to know the really nitty-gritty details. Check out the FAQs for more.


The Bolster mattress was designed to exceed expectations when it comes to cool sleeping and edge support. I love the inclusion of the TENCEL™ fiber. All of their products contain this material including their protector, sheets, and pillows.

If you’re ready to buy the mattress, let’s take a look at the cost breakdown. For every mattress purchased, Bolster donates scholarships to technical and vocational schools.

Bolster Mattress Reviews and Feedback

When it’s all said and done, did Bolster succeed in creating a cool sleeper that offers excellence in in support? I really think it did. It slept very cool, and I appreciate that specific measures are taken at each layer to help this product breathe well.

Edge support is typically best promoted in products that include an innerspring unit. The support is strong enough that there is no weight limit. Keep in mind, with all that support comes a relatively heavy mattress weighing in at between 70-140 pounds, so it’s a good idea to have someone help you get everything set up.

We like to give you a well-rounded idea of what to expect. Here’s what other people had to say about their experience with the Bolster mattress:

Who We Recommend the Bolster Mattress For

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all mattress. This is because everyone has their own needs and preferences. A $5,000, high-quality mattress could be very uncomfortable for the wrong person.

Having taken a close look at the Bolster mattress, we’ve learned a lot of details that can help us pinpoint certain sleepers who could be a good match. These include:

-People who struggle with hot sleeping

-People who need strong edge support

-Back and stomach sleepers

-People with mobility problems

Our Final Verdict

The Bolster mattress features a firmness that’s more on the firm end of the spectrum, and I really love the balance they were able to achieve in bounce and motion isolation. I think you’ll be impressed with your ability to sleep cool on this product. You can really tell the advanced breathability efforts pay off.

Bolster understands that budgets can be tight. However, considering the quality of the materials used, you’ll have to cough up over $1,000 for the queen, king, and California king options. If this is an issue, they do offer financing through Klarna. This prevents you from having to compromise on quality to match the wallet. You’re allowed six months to pay off your mattress with no interest charges applied when paid in full during this time.