BedJet V3 Review: Rapid Cooling and Warming System

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BedJet V3 : Rapid Cooling and Warming System

Finding the perfect balance of room temperature and blanket options can often be a challenge. This is even truer if you sleep with a partner since you both have your own personal preferences. But what if I told you that it was easier than ever to create the perfect atmosphere for sleeping, especially if there are two of you vying for your own comfort?

The BedJet V3 is an awesome solution to cooling and heating comfort and provides the opportunity for you to control your own space with just a touch of a button. This upgraded, and a most recent version of a personal heating and cooling machine is everything consumers have asked for.

We have had the opportunity here at The Sleep Judge to personally review this product, and I can honestly tell you that I continue to be impressed with the technology of this particular company in terms of personal comfort control. My full BedJet V3 review and findings are found below.


Breakdown of the BedJet V3

Adults are supposed to receive 7 to 9 hours of rest each night for mental and physical healing and rejuvenation. Interruptions through the night and a lack of sleep can lead to sleep deprivation and interrupt your normal day to day function. Over time this can even lead to problems with mental and physical health.

Sleep can be disrupted for a variety of reasons, but many people are unaware of exactly how temperature plays a role in their own rest. As we sleep our body’s core temperature begins to drop which supports healthier blood flow for whole body rest and healing. However, we adjust our personal temperature needs prior to going to sleep, which often wakes us when we feel too cold or too hot as the night progresses.

The BedJet V3 provides you full control of both heating and cooling to support your own needs and sleep habits and can be easily controlled remotely through a remote and Bluetooth phone app. Launched in 2015 through the popular television series Shark Tank, the idea was born from a former NASA engineer and since then has only become more popular as one of the leading personalized temperature sleep solutions offered.

How it Differs From the V2

If you are already familiar with the V2 version (which can still be purchased) and are wondering what the difference is, consider that the V3 offers the same technology as the V2 with a few helpful upgrades:

  • 30% smaller to fit under a 6” rise, plus the sleek design provides the opportunity to place it in more spaces. A side rail clearance of 3.5 inches is all it needs.
  • Regulated temperatures are between 66 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit; 6 degrees cooler than the V2.
  • Color screen remote is for all options and no Bluetooth is required to run all features.
  • Smarthome compatible with an included WiFi chip!

Conditions to Work Properly

The BedJet V3 is not a personal air conditioning system and does require the ambient air temperature of the room to be below 80 degrees Fahrenheit to work properly.  It does not have to be placed under a bed, however, and can be left to the side of a bed as well.

Since all functions are accessible on the new remote, a Bluetooth enabled app is no longer needed, allowing ANYONE to take advantage of this system.

Unpacking and First Impressions

The BedJet itself was in a branded box, which would have made me nervous if I lived where my porch is easily seen by the street. With such a valuable product it should probably arrive in an unmarked box. Luckily I live in the country and have two large dogs on the property so anyone pulling up to check my porch is unlikely.

The unit was well packaged with all parts secure and in place when it arrived. It was packed to avoid any shifting of parts, all of which were wrapped in plastic as well to avoid any blemished through the shipping process.

At first glance, it seemed it had all the same parts as the V2 model, but through the unpacking process, the small differences became clear. Although it seems like it might be a bulky unit to see all the parts separated from one another, it fits well together to provide a secure attachment to the side of your bed and once in place it is barely noticeable.

Features & Benefits

The overall design is truly simple. It is easy to assemble and put in place, and to begin using. The features of the model highlight the details that lend a more personalized comfort to your sleep, allowing you to reap the benefits of a full night’s rest.

Base Unit

The base unit is less than 6 inches in height and the placement of control and blower only require a 3.5-inch side rail clearance. This allows you to use it with just about any bed much easier than the V2 option. Very little maintenance is needed and only requires you to remove the filter to clean it out. As my picture shows, dust bunnies and dog hair may abound under your bed! Be sure to properly vacuum and clean your filter regularly to avoid any clogging which will disrupt the strength of airflow and controls.

You aren’t supposed to use an extension cord and should plug the unit directly into the wall. The power cord length is very generous, but in my case, still not quite long enough to reach the outlet due to where the bed is positioned. The company offers a hose extension to solve this problem, which is sold separately. I’m not going to lie, we used a short, quality extension cord and found no issue with how it runs, however, I would not recommend this as it could void the warranty.

Mattress Mount Placement

The BedJet nozzle can be placed anywhere at the foot of your bed to provide more directed airflow to one side over the other, or to encompass the entire bed. The mount provide the ability to adjust to any depth of mattress (in my case we used it on a full 17-inch mattress and mattress topper combo), and the air hose is highly flexible and both compresses and stretches for easy accommodation.

Because I am not partial to having any sort of consistent air circulation ongoing through the night, we placed the nozzle on the side of the bed I don’t sleep on to see how well the claims related to “mostly right side of bed warming and cooling” held up. The results were favorable as my partner likes to sleep cool and with constant air movement and I honestly didn’t feel like I had any air blowing on my side. I did have a marked coolness, but no feeling of air movement.

One issue the mounting does raise is the problem you might have if you have a footboard. If you have good clearance (approximately 5 inches) between your mattress and foot of the bed, you can easily run the air hose between to set the nozzle. But if you have a snug fit, you may have to regulate your hose and nozzle to come from the side.

Adjustable Mount

A foam-padded brace (to avoid slippage) fits easily between the mattress and box spring or bed platform. Once in place, it didn’t move or shift at all through the night or consequent changing of sheets. Adjustable ‘lifts’ clip easily into place to provide the proper height to place your air nozzle in your desired location.

The grip on the top piece is designed to hold the air hose, NOT the actual nozzle. This allows it to flex and move when weight is applied to the mattress surface, blankets are moved or pulled, or you need to make adjustments to the hose.

Air Hose and Nozzle

The air hose can easily reach up to 4 feet when extended, providing plenty of room to reach from beneath the bed to your nozzle location. It is malleable and flexes very easily without crimping and cutting off air flow. It also is rigid enough not to collapse if pressed upon. We ended up using it between the mattress and footboard. Although it was a bit of a tight fit, it has held up very well despite the pressure against it without flattening or bending.

Sheet Security

The nozzle is designed to be effective when it blows under your sheets or when used with a Cloud Sheet (explained below).  When you move sheets can easily pull up or move with you, rendering the unit ineffective if the nozzle no longer is placed under the sheets. Because of this, a clamping system is built into the air hose grip to tightly hold your sheets in the perfect position, no matter how much you move.

The clamp itself doesn’t seem to be that tight, but unless I directly yanked on the sheet I wasn’t able to pull it lose. I consider it effective and we haven’t had it pull loose during normal nocturnal movements yet.


The company claims the unit is whisper quiet and I’d have to support those claims. Although you can hear it if you are listening for it, it is not louder than say, a ceiling fan. Even when turned up to turbo heat mode it isn’t obnoxiously loud, besides, that mode is specific to quick heating of your sheets (think right out of the dryer) and turns off after a few minutes.

I do not like the sound of a fan blowing and even struggle with a ceiling fan at times. I find Ihave very little problem with the BedJet and am able to adjust it exactly where I like it without being sensitive to the sound.

Remote and App Information

Unlike the V2 model, the V3 is equipped to access all features through a remote rather than depend on Bluetooth. The remote connected quickly with the unit control panel and prompted easy to follow set up instructions. You can pair the remote with more than one V3 model, and the company promises to provide V2 compatibility in the future as well if you want to run multiple units off it.

With the remote you can control the strength of the blower, heat, set a timer, access the ‘dry; only mode that has no heat or cooling, customize and save your favorite settings, or even set up the biorhythm sleep setting to work with your own changing needs through the night and wake you up! The company also plans on releasing an update to work with SmartHome systems since it connects to your WiFi. We had no problems navigating the remote and using it as described.

There is a V3 app for your phone as well if you prefer to use that instead of the remote. It is available for both Android and Apple phones and was easy to download. It is supposed to pair with your remote via WiFi and allows you to update the firmware.

This is where we ran into trouble. First, it must run off 2.4 GHz over 5.0 GHz and toggling between what is offered from the router was not an easy task. We did finally get it to happen, and it quickly updated but we continued to struggle with the connection and were not able to access controls.

The company IS working on updates and getting the new programs all up to date with the most recent technology. Plus, you absolutely do not need the app to run the unit or access all the features. Therefore this wasn’t a large issue overall, but I would have liked to have seen if there were any differences.

Temperature and Strength Control

You can easily control both the fan strength and temperature using the remote. The remote also provides a temperature reading where the base unit is placed. Since it works best with temperatures below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, this is helpful to set adjust the perfect temperature to provide the most efficient cooling or heating. It also provides a prompt to which temps may work best with the ambient surroundings.

Unit Control Panel

The unit control panel is the only thing that had me overly confused until I looked through the manual. Obviously the on/off switch was a no brainer, but I wasn’t sure how to use the low power switch or the USB. Obviously this is well explained in the manual but did require having to look it up.

Aromatherapy Kit

A bag with small foam rectangles and a wire clip were also included. I was SO confused as to what this was about and spent time looking through the manual and online. It wasn’t until I revisited my original V2 review that I found my answer and remembered what they are used for.

The foam and clips are used for aromatherapy. All you need to do is place a few drops of your favorite essential oils on the foam, clip it securely to the nozzle, and you can enjoy the benefits of oil diffusion. Why the mention this isn’t in the manual or online is beyond me, but it actually is effective and a nice way to personalize your sleep experience.

AirComfort Cloud Sheet

The AirComfort Cloud Sheet option allows you to blow air directly into a pillow-like a sheet to create a lightweight, temperature-controlled covering. The single-zone sheet is designed for a single person, or couples who have the same temperature needs. It also comes is a dual-zone option that allows you to use two BedJet models for complete control for two people.

Warranty, Trial, and Returns

The product comes with a 2-year limited warranty to protect against manufacturer defects and workmanship issues. It also has a 60-day guarantee that allows you to return it if it doesn’t keep you cool. I also have free return shipping and a full refund. Basically, there is no reason not to try it!

Sleeping Experiences

Because I already had knowledge of the product, I already knew what to expect in the way of claims and quality. As mentioned, I am not a fan of blowing air, yet this product provides excellent control to find what works best for you. There is no strong blowing feeling and you can easily change the temperature to fit what best works for you.

We also were able to specifically direct the flow of air more towards one side of the bed using the suggestions the company provided. It was very effective in allowing a cooling effect on one side without changing the overall feel of the side I was on.

I will say it takes a bit to find your perfect adjustment, and since I placed with various settings, automatic controls, timing, etc it took a bit to find my perfect sleep zone comfort. You also may need to take some time to get used to the slight air movement.

If the airflow is a problem for you and you want to be able to take advantage of a stronger option without nighttime discomfort you can use the Aircomfort Cloud Sheet OR place the nozzle between your top sheet and another blanket. I found this to be highly effective for both heating and cooling.

Consumer Reviews

With over 5 years in the business, the company continues to address consumer concerns and improve upon their original design to keep up with technology. It is a popular product that seems to be durable and long-lasting and makes controlling personal sleep atmosphere a simple task.

Many people love how they can quickly cool their sheets in summer and warm their sheets in winter. Plus the timer setting and schedule that can be made to meet your own needs is highly recommended.  The fact that it supports dual sleeping is also extremely popular.

Because of the air movement, you may experience drier than normal skin. It is suggested to moisturize before bed.


Hot sleepers rejoice as this may be the answer you have been waiting for. The constant movement of air helps wick away moisture and keep you feeling cool. Plus, it provides a toasty warm sleep experience on chilly nights.

If you have been on the hunt for a quality heating and cooling sleep system that is easy to use and up to date with the latest technology, the BedJet V3 is the product for you.

If you’ve been looking for a solution to sleeping hot, or need something warmer in the colder climates, BedJet is a product you should definitely check out. Although it is a relatively new company, it has exploded onto the sleep industry market with overwhelmingly positive reviews and success stories. Its complete temperature control design makes it easy, and rather fun, to explore your preferences for a proper night’s sleep. Although it does have a few little preferential ‘quirks’, such as how high the fan is, fan sound, and ‘poofing’ sheets, a little innovative thought simply solved these issues for me.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed?

All you need is a bed that has at least a 6-inch space underneath and a 3.5-inch bedrail space. It needs an electrical outlet as well.

How does the returns process work?

Return for a full refund within 60 days! Free shipping included!

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes! Monthly plans are available through Affirm and are approved. 3, 6, and 12-month plans are available.

Where can it be shipped?

Based in the United States it is currently only available where a 110/120 volt outlet is used.

What type of sleeper is this product best for?

Popular with hot sleepers, it works well for all involved.