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Beautyrest Heated Ogee Oversized Throw

Keeping warm while you’re lounging in your living room, family room, or home theater can be difficult during the bitter cold winter months. You could turn up your heater, but then you might have a “gigantic” electric bill at the end of the month. So, instead, you pile on the blankets and then feel somewhat suffocated by all that weight. There’s another solution that’s much easier: Beautyrest Heated Ogee Oversized Throw. Unlike regular electric blankets, this one is sized just right for a person who’s hanging out on the couch reading a book or watching some TV.

It’ll work for two people, but like me, you may not want to share. There are a lot of great things about this throw, which I’ll go over in this Beautyrest electric blanket review, but there are a few things that might leave something to be desired. Take a look at my experience with this blanket, and then keep reading to find out what others had to say about it.

Beautyrest Heated Ogee Blanket Specs


 Size – 70 inches long and 60 inches wide

 Material – 100 percent polyester

 Warranty – Five Year Warranty

Features & Benefits

Heat Settings

The good news is that you have some options when it comes to the heat levels. You don’t just turn it on and off. There are three levels of heat from which you can choose. It would be nice to have more options like the other regular electric blankets I’ve seen, but low, medium, and high seem to be sufficient enough.

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Auto Shutoff

After using this throw blanket continuously for two hours, the blanket automatically shuts off. That’s not only convenient, it’s also a great safety feature. If you have this draped over you on the couch and nap the afternoon away, you won’t have to worry about it being “on” three hours later.

Auto Adjustment

One of the issues many people have with electric blankets is that they’re just continuously heating on whatever level or option you’ve set it at. However, this throw blanket “senses” the temperature of the room and you under this blanket. And then it adjusts accordingly to keep you warm- but not too hot, and it won’t let you get chilly either (unless it’s time for it to shut off automatically).


Let’s just say it: Electric blankets are ugly. Most of them are plain and come in drab colors. However, this one includes a pretty design that not only fits contemporary designs but also sort of mask the wires. If you look closely enough, you can see the outline of the wires, but upon first glance, they’re well hidden.

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One of the issues many people have had with electric blankets is that they feel stiff and often shed or peel. That’s not the case with this one. It’s made of 100 percent polyester, and it’s so soft and pliable. It definitely rivals any other throw you’d used on your couch when it comes to softness.

Color Options

Speaking of colors, this Beautyrest Heated Ogee Oversized Throw comes in nine different colors, and they aren’t all just in pastel or faded colors. There are bright, jewel tones, a few pastels, and basics- like black and white. You get way more options to fit your décor with this throw.


It’s in the title: oversized. Many throws I’ve owned aren’t even large enough to cover my feet and arms when I’m stretched out on my couch. This one is 70 inches long and 60 inches wide, so I can even share it with a partner. Size is an important feature in a throw, especially in an electric heated throw blanket.


The cords are long enough if you have an outlet nearby, but it may not be long enough for your living room. The cord that you plug in is about 6 feet long, and the cord the controller is connected to is about 30 inches long.


One important feature of any electric blankets is the ability to machine wash it. This one is safe to wash on a delicate cycle in cold water. You can even dry it in the dryer, but you need to keep the heat low. It’s a convenience that many people look for.


The five-year warranty that’s included is a great addition. However, there are several rules you have to follow to keep it from voiding. For example, the warranty is voided if there’s any animal hair on the blanket. So, if it’s important to you to keep your warranty valid, your pets will have to cuddle elsewhere.

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My Beautyrest Heated Blanket Review

You know, even if this wasn’t an electric blanket, I might have purchased it anyway. This is a beautiful looking throw that works so well in my living room. The pattern on the front is contemporary and adds a nice splash of color and design to my couch. Plus, it comes in nine different colors: aqua, black, brown, gray, indigo, lavender, purple, tan, and teal. I chose the indigo color because it compliments my grey and brown decor. Also, it was in stock. Some of the more popular colors run out of stock quickly.


  • Nine colors
  • Contemporary design
  • Smart temperature adjustment
  • Very soft
  • Bigger in size
  • Machine washable
  • Includes auto shutoff
  • Five-year warranty


  • Cord is a bit short
  • Only three heat settings

It’s Gorgeous

When I pulled this out of its packaging, I was immediately glad I bought this blanket. It’s so soft to the touch. This convinced me even more that I still would’ve bought this regardless of the heated part of it. After unfolding it, I realized that this blanket is quite a bit larger than other throws I’ve had. There are some throws that barely cover my feet when I pull it up to my neck and nestle down on the couch. This one is 70 inches long and 60 inches wide. I was already satisfied with it as an oversized throw.

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Short Cord

Naturally, I wanted to try out the blanket for its intended purpose: heating me up when it’s cold outside. So, I plugged it in and cuddled underneath it. One thing I noticed is that the cord is a bit short. You may need to use an extension cord to make this work for you. Thankfully, I had an outlet nearby, but I had to switch to the other side of my couch.

Easy Peasy

The controller was easy enough to use. I just picked one of the three heat settings and waited, snuggled underneath. It didn’t take long before I noticed the blanket heating up – about 15 minutes. Soon, it felt like I was in a warm, heated room, but I didn’t even have my heater running. That’s another great thing about this blanket: lower power bills. I figure if I use this consistently throughout the winter, my electric bill is going to be much lower than before.

Good Adjustment

One of the other things I noticed is that the blanket adjusted the heat automatically. One night I was using it, the temperature in my house dropped dramatically, and the blanket adjusted by ramping up the heat a little. It’ll also pull back on the heat if the room temperature goes up.

Wires Are So-So

Wires can be annoying in electric blankets. If you can feel them, that’s all you end up feeling. I hardly noticed the wires in this throw blanket. I mean, they’re there, and if I look for them, I can definitely find them. But once I’m focused on something else, I won’t be really aware of them anymore.

Large Tag

If I had to change one thing about this blanket, it would be to move the giant tag with warnings and instructions on it to the other side. I get why it’s on the front of the blanket: It’s so you don’t feel it underneath. This is such a pretty blanket, though, so I’d rather show it off – not the giant tag.

How Others Felt About It

The manufacturer offers plenty of information about this throw blanket, and my experience is telling as well. But it may be more helpful for you to see what others have had to say about it.


Overall, most people said the wires didn’t bother them at all. They aren’t bulky, and they’re not stiff. However, some reported that wires bunched up in spots, which created hot spots in the throw.


While the controller is easy to use, and most people agreed on that point, there were a few issues. One is that the controller doesn’t have a way for you to tell in the dark which heat setting it’s on. Another one is that, for some, the controller heated up while the blanket was on – it was so hot, in some cases, that it hurt to touch it.


The large warning and care label wasn’t mentioned much by reviewers, but it bothered some folk. It is large, and it takes over a corner of the patterned side of the blanket, which is a bit of an eyesore. Other than that, not many people cared about the location of the tag.


Most people didn’t even mention cords when reviewing this throw blanket, but there were a few complaints about the length of the power cord. Although the cord is 6 feet long, it may not be long enough to reach an outlet in your living room. Plus, some people mentioned that cuddling in the blanket with the cords isn’t exactly comfortable.

Auto Shut Off

Generally, people like the automatic shutoff feature, but there were a handful of people who didn’t like it. While some found it a convenient function, others found it annoying to have to turn the blanket back on after it automatically shut off. If anything, it seems that those people who didn’t like the shutoff feature simply want it to stay on a bit longer.


When it comes to size, overwhelmingly, customers loved it. Some users even threw this throw over full-sized beds and were happy with the size – it even drapes over the sides of the bed. Really, this is best for one person but could be used for two people.


Mostly, people didn’t even mention the weight of this blanket. Those who did only pointed out that it’s so lightweight that you can’t tell that there are wires inside. At less than 6 pounds, it’s definitely a lightweight blanket.


Not a single person who reviewed this blanket has argued that this blanket isn’t soft. Everyone seems to agree on this one point that the throw blanket is extremely soft and comfy.


For the most part, those who have bought this throw blanket from Beautyrest agree that the blanket heats evenly, quickly, and quite well. A handful of people took issue with uneven heating, though. Others have reported that the blanket didn’t heat at all. Those that have that problem likely have a defective unit, though, and they could probably return it for a repair or replacement.


Although there were quite a few reports of this throw blanket not working after only a few months of use, most people have reported that the blanket has a long life.

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For me, this is an excellent choice for a heated throw blanket. It’s big enough for me, and when I’m feeling generous, it is big enough for me and whoever’s watching TV with me. The blanket heats evenly and warms up quickly. Plus, the blanket never got too hot for my liking. In spite of the few reports of defects, such as the controller heating up randomly, the heating elements no longer working after only a few months, or complaints of cords being too short, I feel like this is a good value.

I plan to get lots of use out of this Beautyrest Heated Ogee Oversized Throw, and if you’re looking for a way to warm up without cranking up the heat during those colder days and nights, this could be a good choice for you, too. But if a heated blanket just isn’t quite what you want, maybe give a heated mattress pad a go. They’re great, safe, and affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be washed?

Yes, wash separately with slow agitation and normal spin speed.

Is it suitable for sleep partners?


How long does it take to heat up?

Around 10 minutes.

Does it also offer cooling features?