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Updated October 26, 2020

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Marybeth Lambe MD FAAFP

Not commenting on Bear mattresses per se but just wanted to pause and express appreciation. This is a wonderful site, can’t thank you enough for your great research. I spend hours tracking down such wonderful websites like yours for my patients with fibromyalgia, back pain etc. What you do here makes a real difference in people’s lives. Thanks for what you do. I spent the night trying to help a patient (and her budget) decide on a Bear Hybrid mattress. She caught a good sale but I wanted to take the time to say thanks and to bear witness to your great work.
Thanks again!


i am a bit leary with these memory foam mattresses and how long they really last…have they been tried and tested for over 5 years yet? it is a lot of money to invest to have it last under 10 years?


Hi…have been trying to find a memory foam mattress that will meet my needs. Very frustrating. Bought a PacBed original and am returning…not enough sinkage.

Looking for: “hug”, high densities/durable materials, price of $1000 (Queen).

Bear? Helix? Layla? Other?



Brianna Thorpe

Been searching for a mattress for a long time. This is my first time buying one so I’ve been a bit lost. Your review has really helped guide me! I just purchased my Bear mattress and am excited to try it.


Jess RJ

Always love to hear our information has proven helpful! Let us know how it works out for you!

Richard DeRosa

You were a major factor in my choosing this mattress for me. Thank you.


Frank Apodaca

Glad we could help!


Thank you for the information on Best Hybrid mattress comparisons. It was all very helpful in educating me and helping me to decide on a purchase!

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