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Avocado Vegan Mattress

With a rise in environmental awareness and how our own practices influence the world around us, more people are looking to companies to provide complete transparency of the materials used within their products. The Avocado Mattress Company is one such business that provides a series of sleep products that are considered environmentally friendly and sustainable. Their Avocado Vegan Mattress is among their newest offers and provides the option to purchase a product made with all natural and organic materials. Provided below are the details that define the differences between their mattress choices, and what certifies a product as a vegan.

Avocado Vegan Mattress Specs

 Vegan Certified – No Wool or Animal Products

 Features – Pressure-Point Support in 3 Strategic Zones

 Trial Period – 100 nights

 Warranty – 25 years limited warranty

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The Avocado Mattress Company

The creators of Avocado founded the company in 2015 when they discovered that a true, affordable organic mattress was difficult to find. They decided to create their own and introduced their bed-in-a-box organic option to the world. Handcrafted without petroleum-based foams, flame retardants, or pesticides, and free from volatile chemicals and gases, their products are both luxurious and healthy. Through the years they have expanded to include pillows, toppers, and even ecologically friendly wooden bed frames.

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Giving Back

The company also believes in doing more than just using healthy material options from sustainable choices. They also provide 1% of their sales to various vetted nonprofits related to environmental awareness.

The Avocado Green Mattress

The Avocado Green Mattress was the company’s first product. Here at The Sleep Judge we have personally reviewed this product in detail and found it to be very much all it claims to be. Made with 100% natural latex rubber, natural wool, and certified organic cotton, this mattress is layered with pocketed zoned coils for excellent weight distribution and support. Our own detailed review of the original mattress design and materials can be seen here in its entirety. The Avocado Vegan design has been taken one step further to replace certain sustainable materials with certified vegan options.

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The Avocado Vegan Mattress

In November of 2018 Avocado introduced their first vegan option in reply to consumer wants and needs. In all actuality, the Avocado Vegan option is designed exactly the same as their original mattress to stay true to the company’s popular comfort creation. The difference lies specifically in the materials used to leave out any animal byproducts. The mattress provides 2 options- a standard top, or pillow top for added cushioning, but the layered material comfort stays the same.

The original mattress uses an organic cotton ticking casing which encompasses layers of New Zealand wool, natural Dunlop Latex, and pocket coils. In and of itself the Avocado mattress is environmentally sustainable and boasts many certifications to ensure safety and organic processes. These include GOTS, OEKO-TEX Standard, and eco-INSTITUTE certifications in relation to the cotton, wool, and later uses. The Vegan option changes two very distinct things: the removal of the use of wool, and the process by which the mattress is constructed to ensure no byproducts accidentally contaminate the machinery.

1. Any wool used in the mattress design has been replaced with extra thick layers of sustainable, organic certified cotton batting grown in Texas. The wool rosettes have also been replaced with non-wool materials.

2. An exhaustive cleaning and sanitizing process are used upon all machinery prior to the construction of the vegan mattresses. Essentially the machinery is cleaned 4 times through the entire process which includes:

  • Blowing and sucking out any residual wool from the machinery.
  • Run until no material is left in the machinery.
  • Manually scraped of all materials.
  • Operated only with organic cotton for 6 rolls which are then only used in their original mattress.
  • 7th organic cotton roll is inspected and tagged as vegan, rolled in plastic for protection against cross-contamination, and then used only in vegan products.

What Defines Vegan Certification?

Vegan is generally accepted as the practice of excluding, by all practical and possible means, the use of any and all forms of animal products and byproducts. Whether veganism is a way of life for you, or simply an option for various products, the Avocado Vegan Mattress is certified vegan through the Vegan Action and Awareness Foundation located in Richmond, Virginia.

This certification begins with verification and the certification and ensures that no animal products, or by-products, are used within the material construction of these mattresses (and other certified vegan products). This also means that all tools and machinery used in the making of these products are cleaned and sanitized before use.

    1. No animal testing must have occurred after the year 2000

    2. Culture medium must be of non-animal origin and documented as such (for example, certified organic cotton).

    3. No documentation of fertilizer used or harvesting of plant material is needed.

    4. Insect repellents are acceptable in crop growth, but insecticides are not.

The Steps to Be Vegan Certified

A company cannot just one day decide to become vegan certified. In fact, the certification Avocado uses only certifies individual products, not mass produced ones, and must undergo a rigorous inspection and licensing process to receive certification. Avocado is able to use this certification because each of their mattresses is handmade with particular attention paid to both detail and machinery. To qualify for certification the company must show that:

    1. Complete any questions and release any additional needed paperwork.

    2. Individual products are reviews

    3. Approval will occur with inspection and is good for 12 months

    4. Licensing fee is due upon certification

    5. Company signs agreement and receives use of the logo to showcase vegan certification. New products may be inspected and approved at no additional cost within the year agreement.

    6. Any changes to material or processes must be disclosed to the certifying board in writing

    7. Renewal is reviewed after a 12 month period to be issued a new license.

Other Mentioned Certifications

Ensuring consumers that their vegan mattress is certified as such is truly only one step in showcasing their environmental responsibilities. The other materials used in the mattress creation is equally important to provide a greener mattress option overall.

GOTS Certified

This is an independent organic material certification process. This defines the growing process, ban on certain chemicals, evaluation of chemical inputs (such as dyes), restrictions, processing, and storage.

Natural Hydrated Silica Fire Barrier

Silica is naturally occurring (also an active ingredient in toothpaste), and when woven into material melts under high heat to smother flames. This use allows manufacturers to avoid using chemicals in their materials as a fire barrier.

OEKO-TEX Standard Certified

This is a testing process for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products. It helps define quality standards, and well as safety standards and limits the types of chemicals and processing of textiles for consumer use. To be certified OEKO-TEX means to have a quality material free from harmful chemicals and of a set standard.

eco-INSTITUT Certified

Located in Germany, the eco-INSTITUT is a world-wide standard for materials to ensure they are free from volatile organic compounds, persistent organic compounds, heavy metals, pesticides, formaldehyde or phthalates. Avocado applies them to their latex, to make sure you have the best quality and safety possible.

Greenguard Gold Certified

This defines VOC Free and means that no chemical odors or Volatile Organic Compounds are used in material creation in order to avoid any sort of off-gassing created by synthetic compounds.

25 Year Warranty and 100 Night Sleep Trial

The 25-year warranty includes a full 10-year replacement before prorating kicks in, and this includes a 100-night sleep trial- complete with free delivery and returns pickup services. Basically, this means you can try their mattresses out without any hassle and experience a true, worry free experience to discover if it is the perfect match for you.

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First and foremost Avocado strives to be a company they can be proud of in relation to their environmental outlook and outreach, as well as providing exactly what their consumers want and need. Excellent quality, the option to have a truly green mattress, and to be able to meet lifestyle needs in an affordable, hassle-free way are their priority. Whether you simply like the idea of their creed and are looking into their original mattress design: The Avocado Green Mattress; or love the idea of a vegan option: The Avocado Vegan Mattress– You know you are in good hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Foundation Needed?

Highly recommended.

Is a Mattress Pad or Protector Needed?

No, but it can improve durability expectations.

Are returns hassle free?

No questions asked during 100 night trial.

Does it Work on Adjustable Beds?

The springs make it hard to make comfortable adjustments.

Is There A Trial Available?

Yes, 100 nights.

How long is the warranty?

25 years limited.

Does It Need To Be Rotated?

Recommended to rotate once every 3-4 months.