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Updated February 6, 2021

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Lea Wiggins

I see the con of “some still slept hot” As this is a concern of mine living in a hot climate would this be a problem or were the “some” people with heating problems like menopausal hot flushes?


Jess RJ

Most people didn’t report any issues, so it’s very possible these folks did suffer with issues like you mentioned.

Stephanie Willis

can this topper be stored when not in use by easily folding or rolling it to put in a closet>


Cindy Kay

Is is possible to use mattress topper on a sleeper/sofa and fold into sofa when not in use??

Dave Sampieri

Hi, in looking at the Avocado brand, there are a couple of things I can’t quite get clear and I was hoping you might be able to help.
Our bed is 5 years old and still way too firm. I ache every morning. I’m a side sleeper and my wife is a stomach and side sleeper.
How thick/poofy is the cover? Some covers are like light-weight comforters and I’m not looking to sleep on one. I want to sleep under one 😉 since my wife is a stomach sleeper, the poffieness of some covers is irritating.
The other question has to do with the firmness ratings. Most of what I’ve read is that the ild for medium firmness is between in the range of 21 to 28, but usually 24-26. The firm Avacodo one sounds like medium, not firm. Does it feel firmer because of the cover?
Last question – the cover looks like it has buttons…I know they aren’t – it’s some sort of tuft, but does it stick up and can it be felt when moving around on the mattress? My wife is sensitive to “things” on or under the sheet (princess and peas, you know)
Thanks and thanks for the great reviews.

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