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Avocado Mattress Pad Protector and Bonus Pillow

Choosing bedding products can be just as important as your mattress selection in reference to both the comfort and protection they provide. A mattress protector is not something you want to skimp on, and neither is your pillow choice since it is highly influential to your sleep health.

Luckily, The Sleep Judge Review Team has been able to personally review both of these types of products from one single company to help make your shopping experience easier, and provide accurate, unbiased information. The Avocado Green Company offers a select, but quality choice of sleep products that are geared towards providing you, the consumer, the best comfort and material options possible. Read on to see what we have to say about both their mattress pad protector and green pillow offers.

About the Avocado Green Company

Avocado was founded in 2015 in response to the need for affordable, natural and organic construction. Natural, Safe, and Responsible is their mantra, and the company is involved with all steps of the construction process using GOTS certified organic, natural, and non-toxic materials. They also pride themselves in maintaining “environmentally conscious, ethical, and sustainable business practices”.

Shipping, Unboxing, and Offgassing

Both the protector and pillows arrived in a timely manner in respective plain brown cardboard boxes stamped with the Avocado logo. Each product has its own individual packaging as well for further protection, and it’s important to note that all the materials were biodegradable and/or recyclable! There was no off-gassing upon opening. In fact, there was a slightly sweet, earthy scent instead. This is normal and is even mentioned by the company that what you smell upon unpacking is the natural materials.

I was very impressed with the overall packaging as it was presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner, and belayed a sense of quality workmanship and attention to the consumer.

Initial Impressions

My initial impression of both products was very positive. I loved the attention to detail in the packaging as noted above, and the feel of the materials was rich.  I felt as if I was unwrapping presents as I first began reviewing the products!


The mattress pad protector was wrapped in brown paper and nicely tied with an organic cotton bow to help keep it secure in its packaging. I’ll admit, it was fun to unwrap and I was very surprised at the heft of the pad as I lifted it out! It was comfortably heavy which suggested no lack of quality material being used. The topmost part of the protector was also incredibly smooth and cool feeling and I couldn’t wait to get it in use.


Both pillows were tightly compressed and wrapped in plastic (this was the only part of the packaging I couldn’t quite tell if it was recyclable or not. I do know in some areas this type of plastic can be collected for recycling so I am assuming it is). They also were tucked into a reusable organic cotton bag (I already have uses for these bags to collect laundry as we travel to replace the plastic bags we usually use!).

When unwrapped they decompressed immediately and fluffed right up! You also can toss them in the dryer to help make them nice and fluffy.


When I first unwrapped both products I was impressed with material thickness, workmanship, and overall feel. This is due to the attention to detail provided by the company to their products. They not only use organic materials, but also are GREENGUARD Gold Certified to meet emission standards for chemical exposure and pollutants in their manufacturing processes. This ensures consumers that are receiving a product that is safe for both the environment and users in every step of its creation.

Plus, they are members of the 1% For The Planet initiative that donates 1% of their profit back to vetted nonprofits. This supported local communities as well as larger, more globally scaled movements for a healthier planet.


There is no doubt that this is a quality product and is made with 100% organic cotton. I was impressed with the details of every aspect of this protector, from the design right down to the stitching.

Material top

The top is a smooth, thick GOTS organic cotton ticking that is baffled to ensure filling security and provide a durable, protective surface. It is not waterproof, but rather highly absorbent to protect your mattress. This is to keep the product free from polyurethane, spandex, thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs), formaldehyde, PVCs, vinyls, laminates, adhesives, chemical finishes or waterproof coatings.

This was my only concern with it as I feel a waterproof mattress pad protector is somewhat vital to the life of your mattress if you have pets or children ( I have both). The tight weave of the surface is somewhat water-resistant and allowed drops of water to bead on it so if a small spill occurs you would most likely begin to soak it up before it began to absorb.

Material bottom

The bottom material, also made from organic cotton, was roughly woven to provide a grip over your mattress and keep it from slipping due to your own nocturnal movement. I was a bit skeptical as I have found most pads do slip a bit over time, but after 2 weeks of it being firmly in place I put these worries to rest. It never budged.


The filling is made from an absorbent, organic cotton fiberfill and provide a slight lofting amongst the baffled quilt stitching. It is quite thick (approximately ¾  inches) and I have no doubt that it can absorb a decent amount of liquid before completely soaking through. I did not run this trial as I was a bit worried about the lack of waterproofing and did not want to determine the exact amount of water it could absorb and end up having to sleep on the couch as my mattress dried out.


The detail and quality of the stitching found on this protector alone highlights the attention to detail provided by the company.  The edges are finished off and double stitched to avoid any loss of filling through the seams and to give a smooth edge that fits perfectly over the side of the bed to complete the snug fit provided.

Elastic Perimeter

The protector also boasts a full perimeter elastic to keep the product in place. These tuck nicely down along the edges and corners of the mattress and do not pull free easily. I was impressed with how tight the elastic is sewn for a truly secure fit.


These pillows are heavy, fluffy, malleable, and highly adjustable due to how they are made. Since your pillow needs to match your natural sleep position for spinal alignment, the Avocado company decided to deliver with a true one-size-fits all style that takes care of most sleep needs.

Material Casing

Made from 100% organic cotton, this breathable fabric is woven into a thick, soft, and comfortable fabric to allow for the filling to compress and move inside without being restricted. It also provides excellent breathability to avoid and heat retention. It feels cool and wicks moisture from the body as well.

I truly loved the feel of the cover as it was plush and ‘squishy’ and incredibly comforting. It was like a soft blanket and felt smooth against the skin. It also did not tangle my hair as I slept as many cotton surfaces often do (I did sleep with a pillowcase for added pillow protection but did want to feel the raw surface first).


The filling is easy to access through an easy access zipper and is composed of organic certified latex shreds and soft organic certified kapok fibers to create a malleable, shapeable, almost down like feel. It is both supportive and conforming and can be removed to adjust the overall feel. The company also provides an extra filling to firm up your pillow if you so desire.

I prefer a soft, down pillow and these adjustable designs are some of my favorite due to how close they feel to a down or feather and down pillow. The adjustability makes them an awesome comfort option for a wide variety of sleep positions

Features and Benefits

Sleeping comfortably, cool, and supported is always a plus to help you get the rest you deserve, and the construction of these products does just that. But what is important to note is just how far the company has gone to pay attention to creating a sustainable, and environmentally friendly line of products, and to provide options for those who may have allergies.

Made Safe CertificationsMade safe certification ensure products are made only with organic certified materials.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) – This is a global standard for organic certification that involves a process of checks and balances in the planting, growth, harvest, storage, and manufacturing of products.

GreenGuard Gold CertificationProducts are scientifically tested to meet rigorous emission standards for chemical exposure.

Vegan CertifiedProducts are verified through vegan action to ensure a lack of animal byproduct use, testing, or exposure.

Loft & Size Options

Both protector and pillows come in various sizes to meet the needs of your bed size and comfort needs. I found everything to be accurate in their size measurement descriptions for a perfect fit.


The protector is a deep-pocketed choice that provides a full 17 inches of coverage. I have problems with finding protecting mattress covers and sheets for my bed due to the deep queen mattress that I have a pad set on- which adds a full 3 inches. Because of this issue, the pad regularly shifts over, requiring me to pull it back into place every few days.

This pad protector not only fit perfectly over the top of the mattress and pad, it fully covered the sides and tucked well up under the mattress for a snug fit. Since I started using it I haven’t had to pull the pad back into place, and I could not be more happy.

The protector is available in twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, and California king sizes.


The pillows are available in standard, queen, and king sized pillows to fit your bed and/or comfort needs. I received the standard pillows that fit wonderfully into the queen size pillowcases I have to allow for easy pillow shaping. When full, the loft was approximately 5 inches in height, but since the pillow is adjustable, you can change this height as needed.

This is an awesome feature since all sleep positions have different needs for proper body support and spinal alignment. Back sleepers require a firm pillow that allows for neck support, side sleepers require a loftier pillow choice that keeps the head centered between the shoulders and the neck supported, and stomach sleepers require nothing or a very thin option to keep pressure off the lower back.

Heat Transfer

Since both products are made from highly breathable, moisture wicking options, they are considered a cool sleeping product. I had no issues with heat sinks or feelings of poor air circulation with either option, and slept comfortable even in dry, desert heats with only an open window to provide natural nighttime air temperatures.


If anything, the protector actually creates a cooler sleep surface than I had before. Although the pad I use breathes well, it is a foam memory foam. The use of the Avocado Pad Protector creates a layer of plush, breathable cotton and results in a cool, comforting layer. I absolutely was impressed.


The pillow was also very comforting to sleep with. Since I sleep with a thin pillow under my head and then tuck a pillow up under my hip, being able to adjust it to perfect conform to my body and stay cool was very comforting. At no time did I ever have any feelings of heat retention or discomfort.


Both products are using naturally durable cotton that is the most popular fabric for a reason. Long-lasting and comforting, it is used in a wide variety of material options we use in our everyday lives. The choice to use organic cotton was well placed as the thickness of woven fabrics feel as if they would last many years and through many washes. The stitching is well placed, tight, and showcase an attention to detail one would expect from such a quality product.

Maintenance, Protection, Care & Warranty

Like any dependable brand, Avocado provides specific care support, returns, and protection against defects. Their hassle free returns provides you the ability to protect your investment in the event a product does not meet your standards in any way.


The protector can be laundered as you would your regular bedding, but cool washes and drying should be considered as the cotton can shrink slightly. Always be sure to dry it completely before placing it back on your bed.

It comes with a 1-year limited warranty to protect against material defects and poor workmanship. Making a claim is easy to do with a simple email to customer service. Proof of the issue and proof of purchase is required, and free shipping is included.


The pillow filling cannot be laundered, although you can wash and dry the cover if you empty it out. Because of this it is suggested to always use a pillow protector and pillowcase to avoid having to take that much effort to remove the filling. You can, at anytime, fluff your pillow in a dryer on a cool or air-dry setting.

The pillow also comes with a full 1 year warranty that protects against manufacturing defects. It includes free shipping and free returns to ensure a no hassle experience. Returns are accepted within a 100 day sleep trial!


The cost of Avocado products reflect their degree of quality workmanship but also are considered an affordable organic option. Consideration of the material thickness and the longevity of the products should be taken into account as these products will last much longer than comparable choices. Financing is available for those who pre-qualify with 0% APR rates and payments as low as $25 a month.


Protectors are priced based on size and start around $200 up to $300. This reflects the quality and amount of material being used, and also includes free shipping.

Twin $199

Twin XL $199

Full $229

Queen $249

King $299

California King $299


The pillows are more than reasonably priced in my opinion and are at a price point that is actually lower than many comparable brand options. This is a steal due to the high-quality material, organic certification, and ability to adjust to your own liking! Extra fill and refill bags are available in ½ and 1 lb options are priced at $15 and $20 respectively. Costs reflect free shipping as well.

Standard $79

Queen $89

King $99

Reviews and Feedback

Both products have strong positive feedback that reflects the quality and comfort of each. They are popular with allergy sufferers due to the all natural materials and certifications that meet a wide variety of consumer preferences.


Although comments are made about the overall cost, not one consumer denies the protector feels luxurious and made of rich, detailed material and workmanship. When washed, residue from the all-natural materials may spot along the thread seams, which some people made note of, but also commented that it did not change the way it felt in any way.

If there was any drawback, it is that many customers wished it was waterproof.


Considered by many to be the best pillow they have ever purchased, customers claim the adjustment process may take a little getting used to for a perfect fit, but is a “slice of heaven” once you have found your sweet spot.

It sleeps cool, works for just about all sleep positions and body types, and feels luxurious. Users also claim it is long-lasting, and love the ability to purchase more fill when needed.

Who We Recommend the Avocado Mattress Pad Protector For

The Sleep Judge Review Team recommends the mattress pad protector to anyone who wishes to provide added mattress protection, help hold a mattress topper in place, or simply would like a little extra padded comfort. If you have children or pets and are considered about accidents, it is highly absorbable, but you may want to include an additional waterproof option underneath just in case.

Who We Recommend the Avocado Green Pillow For

We highly recommend the Green Pillow for anyone who is willing to find their perfect pillow adjustment and wants to find comfort and body support through the night. It is firm and lifting for side sleepers, and adjusts easily to be thin and supportive for back sleepers. Stomach sleepers can easily take advantage of it as well, plus it provides excellent soft hip, lower back, leg, and joint support.

Our Final Verdict

We absolutely feel that the Avocado Mattress Pad Protector and Green Pillow would benefit just about anyone willing to give them a try. They are extremely well made, durable, plush, and luxurious- plus the organic certifications and environmentally friendly practices of the company appeal to many people.

The protector serves as more than just protection and the deep pockets allow for it to hold thicker pads in place well to avoid shifting. The pillow adjustability is a major perk as well. Other than the fact that the protector is not waterproof despite its high absorbency, there truly is very little in the way of concerns or issues with the company or their offered products.