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Avocado Latex Mattress

This Mattress Could be for You If:

  • You like a firm sleep surface.
  • You like bounce but are afraid of compromising motion isolation.
  • You are eco-minded and looking for a 100% organic mattress.
  • You want a mattress that’ll stand the test of time.
  • You sleep primarily on your back and/or stomach.

It’s been three years since we first took a look at a mattress by Avocado. Since then, the company has incorporated customer feedback to create even more quality, natural products. Today, we’re taking a look at their latest creation in their nine-inch, all-latex mattress.

Handmade in the USA, it’s a great choice for sleep partners who need absolute minimal motion transfer as well as those who sleep primarily on their stomachs and/or backs and like a firmer sleep surface.

This product is 100% organic, a great feature for those wishing to reduce their carbon footprint, so let’s get into the nuts and bolts to decide if this could be the right mattress for you.

Avocado: Some Company Background

As a brand, we give Avocado a high rating for some very good reasons.

  • Their products feature excellent durability due to the focus on the use of all-natural materials.
  • They place high value on leading the industry in eco-friendly business practices.

It all started back in 2016 when the founders set out to provide non-toxic, natural, organic sleep products their customers could actually afford. You can learn all about Avocado and how they even make their own latex and raise the sheep used to produce their wool in our full brand review. In a nutshell, though, it remains their mission to establish their brand as:

“…the most respected source of organic and natural mattresses, pillows and bedding at affordable prices while maintaining environmentally-conscious, ethical and sustainable business practices across the entire supply chain to help safeguard health and protect our planet.”

Avocado’s Eco-Strategy: A Multifaceted Approach

Avocado’s goals are pretty clear, so what strategies do they take to keep their carbon footprint minimal? Let’s take a look at their multifaceted approach:

  • Factories powered using renewable energy
  • Maintains a carbon negative footprint
  • Raises their own sheep
  • Produces their own latex using the more environmentally-friendly Dunlop production process

We’re Your Avocado Guide

Here at The Sleep Judge, we’re pretty familiar with the Avocado line. We’ve previously taken a look at

Avocado mattresses are designed in Hoboken and handmade in California. Since they’re made to order, you can rest assured the product delivered at your doorstep doesn’t sit for days in a warehouse. On the flip side, it takes a little longer to receive, so be prepared to wait seven to 10 days for shipping. Not a bad price to pay for excellent value. The company is making their mark in the industry and has received prestigious recognition:

  • Best firm mattress for back pain and stomach sleeping by U.S. News & World Report
  • Best healthy, organic mattress by Health Magazine
  • Best organic mattress and pillow by Apartment Therapy
  • Best eco-conscious mattress by Shape Magazine
  • Best organic mattress by Good Housekeeping
  • Best sustainable find by Today

What’s the Avocado Mattress Feel Like?

Even though there is no innerspring unit in the Avocado Latex Mattress, it’s still their firmest mattress yet. Latex is a unique material. Although it’s soft and buoyant, it doesn’t become too sinky like memory foam often does. Furthermore, even though it provides excellent bounce, it’s not overly bouncy like some innerspring mattresses. It brings to the table the best features of memory foam and innersprings without all the negative aspects.

Back and Stomach Sleeping

As I lie on my back, I can really feel how the convoluted top layer works to support the curves of my spine, and I love how Avocado added the detailed touch of condensing the waves in the middle to aid in this feeling. Due to its firmness, you get the feeling of resting on top of the mattress rather than sinking in, and this is great news for back and stomach sleepers.

Side Sleeping

Side sleepers, on the other hand, may find it to be a bit too firm to properly contour the heavier areas of the body like the hips and shoulders. If this is you, I’d recommend you take a look at the Avocado Green Mattress. It’s plusher and offers the option to add a pillow top if you want it even softer.

However, for those who like it firm, I think you’ll love the feel of the Avocado Latex Mattress. The tufting you see on the cover makes it even firmer, and the peaks and valleys they create across the sleep surface don’t create a negative impact on feel.

A Note on Proper Support

A flexing base will throw your spine out of alignment. Especially in an all-latex product, the mattress will contour along the sagging areas of the base. If you’re not sure if your support is sufficient, try putting the mattress on the floor to see if sagging goes away.

Avocado lays out some guidelines to follow as you examine your base to ensure it’s adequate:

  • Slats should be no more than five inches apart.
  • If you carry a lot of weight, slats should be no more than three inches apart.
  • Wide bed frames should have a center support.
  • Avoid frames with flexible or concave systems.

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Avocado Latex Mattress Firmness & Contour Testing

Avocado rates this mattress a 7.5/10 on the firmness scale, which, I know, doesn’t tell you much when you can’t actually lie on it yourself. That’s why I used our proprietary firmness and contour testing tool to give you a good idea of what to expect compared with some of the top mattresses on market. This tool was specifically designed and 3D printed for The Sleep Judge to scientifically measure firmness in a way that provides measurable results.

Let’s take a moment to interpret the results chart:

  • The red line is notably longer than the blue. This tells us the heavier areas of the body are able to settle into the comfort layers before the more supportive layers beneath kick in too early, thus causing pressure points.
  • The convoluted design strongly aids in this benefit.
  • Women with pear and apple shaped bodies as well as men with rhomboid and inverted triangle body shapes will most benefit from these results.

In terms of firmness, the Avocado Latex Mattress is ranked in the top 39% of the mattresses tested here at The Sleep Judge.

Avocado Latex Mattress Layer Lineup

Let’s get started by examining the material makeup of the Avocado Latex mattress so you have a better understanding of what’s at play.

If you appreciate a mattress with great bounce but have concerns with excessive motion transfer, one of the most notable aspects of this product is that it’s composed entirely of latex. This material is bouncy by nature without excessively transferring that energy across the sleep surface.

The Cover

Let’s start by taking a look at the cover. Every square foot contains one ounce of 100% GOTS organic certified wool located beneath fully organic certified cotton ticking. I really like the soft color and think it does a great job portraying the natural features of the product.

  • The cotton is ethically sourced in India and hand-tufted without chemicals or water-based adhesives.
  • The wool wicks moisture and aids in proper thermoregulation to ensure you don’t sleep too hot or too cool.

A Look at the Three-Layer Lineup

Talalay vs. Dunlop Latex

As we take a look inside the mattress, it’s made entirely of latex, so let’s establish some groundwork on this material. There are two types commonly used in mattresses. I wrote an article comparing Dunlop and Talalay latex if you want all the details. In summary, here are a few key differences:

  • Talalay is softer and features more effective heat transfer.
  • Dunlop is more eco-friendly, durable and affordable.

Avocado opts for Dunlop since it requires less processing and is more aligned with their ethical values.

Comfort Layer

The nine total inches are separated into three layers, the first consisting of two inches of Contoured Latex. It’s softer and serves as the primary comfort layer where you can enjoy a higher degree of contour to reduce painful pressure points.

Using lasers, Avocado carves out concave peaks along the bottom of layer one to create a convoluted design that improves air flow and motion isolation. Furthermore, the resulting zig-zagging waves aid in contour where you really need it.

In the middle of the mattress, these waves are one inch apart while they are two inches apart at the top and bottom to keep the spine in proper alignment and reduce pressure points. These details undoubtedly contributed to the Avocado Latex Mattress’s endorsement by the American Chiropractic Association.

Transition & Support Layers

Layer two is three inches thick, and it serves as the transition zone where the firmness increases. Lastly, the final four-inch layer serves as the foundation for overall stability and support.

Avocado Latex Heat Transfer Capabilities

Avocado understands the importance of thermoregulation when it comes to restful sleep, and that’s why they have incorporated four components to keep your mattress from retaining heat as is often the case with materials like memory foam.

  1. Latex sleeps cool naturally.
  2. The holes lasered into the latex promote excellent air flow.
  3. The convoluted design in layer one not only helps keep your spine properly aligned but also keeps heat from becoming trapped.
  4. The wool in the cover wicks moisture and regulates temperature naturally.

Heat Transfer Test Results

Let’s see how the Avocado Latex Mattress measures up against the nearly 100 other mattresses I’ve tested. Observing the cooldown process using thermal imaging technology, I found this product to perform 45% better than average. This is very reflective of the measures taken to ensure proper thermoregulation.

In all-natural products like this one, these results are typical. If you love the contour offered by foams but struggle with hot sleeping, I’d highly recommend trying out a latex mattress like this one.

Avocado Latex Mattress Performance Testing

Edge Support

Edge support becomes especially important if you have trouble getting in and out of bed, and it’s also critical for sleep partners or those who otherwise sleep near the edge. Poor edge support doesn’t provide the base needed for ease in mobility, and, when you sink on the edge, it increases your chances of falling out of bed.

Avocado Latex vs. Avocado Green

If you need a product with superior edge support, check out the Avocado Green Mattress. It contains a solid innerspring unit, reinforced perimeters and extra layers. On the other hand, if you prefer something with superior motion isolation and heat transfer capability, the Avocado Latex Mattress offers a happy medium when it comes to edge support.

Products made entirely of foam tend to sink in along the edges and especially on the corners. While this product doesn’t perform as well as many innerspring matresses, it does much better than typical foam mattresses. So, for the average customer, I think you’ll find the edge support of the Avocado Latex Mattress sufficient.

Motion Isolation

Another unique property of latex is that, while it’s a naturally bouncy material, it does pretty well absorbing motion. There are a couple notable reasons why:

  • Where the Avocado Green Mattress features innersprings that tend to transfer energy across the sleep surface, the latex model performs better in this respect.
  • Layer one’s convoluted design further aids in keeping motion transfer minimal as does the tufting sewn into the cover.

A highly effective way to demonstrate motion isolation is to drop a heavy medicine ball next to another of equal weight, and you can watch a comparison test of this product and the Avocado Green Mattress in the video review above. The resting ball moves quite a bit more on the innerspring option than it does with the new latex model.

In a nutshell, if excellent motion isolation and a firm sleep surface are more important to you than bounce and edge support, the Avocado Latex Mattress is the clear choice.

Avocado Latex Mattress Durability Expectations

You want to buy a mattress that’ll last, and natural products are among the best in the industry when it comes to durability. Let’s break down the many features that contribute to the indications the Avocado Latex Mattress should stand the test of time.

  • Latex is one of the most durable materials available, and this is even more notable in the Dunlop latex used by Avocado.
  • The natural elasticity and flexibility of wool makes it far more resistant to tearing than other materials typically used in mattress covers.
  • The needle-tufted rosettes found on the top of the mattress binds the layers together in 36 locations to improve both stability and resilience.
  • The edge seams are double stitched, and the heavy-duty upholstered handles on the sides of the mattress allow you an easy way to rotate the mattress without having to worry about tears.

Overall, the Avocado Latex Mattress has superior durability expectations and is a great value for the cost.

Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

There are things you can do to make this product last even longer.

  • Only clean your cover with mild detergents.
  • Allow it to air dry either by opening a window, taking the mattress outdoors if possible or using a cool blow dryer or fan.
  • Don’t steam clean or try to remove the mattress ticking.
  • Never use harsh commercial cleaning agents.

Avocado provides a complete care guide that includes everything from deodorizing and stain removal to getting rid of pet urine and a whole lot more!


Is the Avocado Latex Mattress ticking all the boxes on your mattress shopping list? It comes in six sizes, so let’s take a look at the cost:

Size Price
Twin $1,199
Twin XL $1,299
Full $1,499
Queen $1,799
King $2,399
California King $2,399

Can’t afford to buy today? Qualified buyers can enjoy 0% APR or as low as $78/month through Affirm!

Who We Recommend the Avocado Latex Mattress For

Let’s cut to the chase. Is the Avocado Latex Mattress right for you? There’s no one-size-fits-all mattress, and that’s why the team here at The Sleep Judge is here to take the guesswork out of the equation. This could be a great solution if you:

  • Prefer a firm mattress
  • Carry a lot of weight
  • Have a sleep partner and need something with bounce without all the motion transfer
  • Want to keep your carbon footprint minimal
  • Want a mattress with excellent value and durability expectations
  • Sleep primarily on your stomach and/or back

Avocado Latex Mattress: Our Final Verdict

Now that you’re familiar with the Avocado Latex Mattress both inside and out, let’s start wrapping up and determine whether or not this may be a good choice for your needs. Generally speaking:

  • It’s an excellent consideration for those who sleep primarily on their stomachs and/or backs or prefer a firmer sleep surface.
  • The firmness can be a good fit for people who carry a lot of weight.
  • If you have mobility issues but don’t want to compromise with increased motion transfer on an innerspring mattress, you’ll love the bounce of the natural latex found in each and every layer.

  • The many measures taken to keep heat transfer minimal proved successful in my testing, so hot sleepers can rest assured they’ll be able to enjoy a breathable sleep surface.

If you’ve been shopping around, you may have come across other latex mattresses with a similar construction. The Avocado Latex Mattress stands out in their handtufting that improves both the feel and performance. A queen runs $1,799. There are cheaper options on the market, but the key word here is cheaper. The durability expectations of this mattress are excellent, so consider the fact you can reasonably expect eight to 10 years of use with normal wear and tear.

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A Couple Negatives to Consider

  • During my review process, I reached out to customer service via their online chat, and it took over forty minutes for a response. I had stepped away for about 10 minutes at this point to take a phone call and missed the agent, so that was frustrating.
  • Mattresses made entirely of latex lack rigidity, meaning that, when you try to move them, you’re essentially moving dead weight. Depending on the size and your strength level, you may need help moving it or unboxing. If you move a lot and need something that’s easy to transport, this may not be the right product for you.
  • It’s not the best fit for people who are primarily side sleepers or for those who don’t carry much weight due to the firmness.

With that being said, the Avocado Latex Mattress is an excellent choice for those with mobility issues due to its bounciness, and its many natural properties make it a highly-durable mattress perfectly suited for eco-minded sleep partners looking for a balance of great edge support and motion isolation.

If you’re not quite sure, remember that you do get a full year to try it out before you’re committed, and Avocado also offers a 25-year warranty. If you do decide to buy, you can take pride in knowing a portion of the purchase price goes toward the empowerment of female entrepreneurs through Avocado’s continued support of the Kula Project, You’re also supporting a company dedicated to the mitigation of climate change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on adjustable beds?

Yes, it works with: Platform and slatted bases with no more than five inches between slats (no more than three inches if you carry a lot of weight) Adjustable bases Box springs

Does it need to be rotated?

Recommended to rotate once monthly for the first six months to ensure even compression of the top wool layer

Where can these mattresses be shipped?

Free shipping within the continental US Free shipping to Alaska and Hawaii Doesn’t currently ship internationally but may in the future

Is it a plush, medium, or firm?


How long does it take for the mattress to fully decompress after unboxing?

48-72 hours

Is there a weight limit on the Avocado Latex Mattress?

350 pounds individual 700 pounds total

Can you sleep on the Avocado Latex Mattress without a cover?

Not recommended.

Can you flip the Avocado Latex Mattress?