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Avocado Green Pillow

The quality of your sleep isn’t only dependent upon the type of sleep surface you have, it also is closely tied to the support your choice of pillow lends. A pillow helps support the head and neck and brings the body into better alignment. If you struggle with night time comfort, or wake with aches and pains, your pillow may be the culprit.

The Avocado Green Pillow is a product that comes highly recommended by The Sleep Judge Review team. We’ve touched on this particular pillow before briefly, and have looked over their other products in the past with favorable results. If any of the following sounds like you, you need to take a closer look at this review:

  • You struggle with a good night’s sleep, but don’t believe your mattress is the culprit
  • You have a hard time finding a pillow to fit your needs
  • You want a company that creates environmentally friendly products
  • You prefer an adjustable pillow option
  • Would like to try out the pillow during a sleep trial

About the Avocado Green Company

The company was founded in 2015 when the founders recognized the need for an affordable, natural, organic, and vegan bedding options. They use GOTS certified organic and non-toxic materials, and believe in “Natural, Safe, and Responsible” practices. They also maintain an “environmentally conscious, ethical, and sustainable business practice”.

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Company Initiatives

Not only is the pillow GREENGUARD Gold Certified (more on that later) they also are members of 1% For The Planet, a program that donates 1% of all profits to vetted nonprofits around the world.

Shipping, Unboxing, and Offgassing

The pillow was shipped quickly and arrived on my front porch within a week after ordering. It was in a marked box but was fairly nondescript- which I prefer to avoid drawing attention to any deliveries I may receive. The pillow was tightly rolled within, compressed, and then sealed in plastic. It was then set in an organic cotton bag that can be used to store extra filling or in any other many you wish. There also was no real off-gassing, and the smell it did give off upon unpacking was brief and more earthy smell.

Initial Impressions

I am always very impressed with Avocado’s packaging and attention to detail. Everything is either reusable or recyclable, and informational texts help showcase the overall construction and material use. The material was rich feeling, and I love the bag the pillow was in as I stash reusable options for quick trips to the store, or use as laundry bags when traveling.


As mentioned, Avocado generally presents a well made, quality product- and their Green pillow is no exception. Made ‘safe’, it’s a true vegan certified option from sustainably sourced and organic materials. They also are GREENGUARD Gold Certified to meet emission standards for chemical exposure and pollutants in their manufacturing processes.

These pillows are made to be malleable and adjustable to help you customize your personal sleep experience. You can add or remove filling to create the best position for spinal alignment, and takes care of most sleep needs.

Material Casing

The casing is made from 100% organic cotton and is soft and thick. Highly breathable, it moves with the filling to allow for easy compression and fluffing for your own comfort needs. Plus, it keeps from retaining heat, wicks away moisture, and allows for a cooler night’s sleep.

I really liked the feel of the cover as it was slightly ‘squishy’ and very comfortable. Although I do suggest always using a pillowcase, it is a soft cover that is very gentle on the skin. It also is a smooth surface that doesn’t make your hair tangle as many cotton surfaces are wont to do.

Lay Flat Zipper

The lay flat zipper spans almost one entire end of the outer pillow casing. It lays flat and does not at all interrupt the malleability of the pillow construction. It unzips easy and I had no issues with it moving or closing. It also did not snag the inner fill easily despite how fine the fibers are.


The filling is a 70% organic latex foam shreds and 30% natural Kapok fiber creates an incredibly soft and shapeable surface. This provides the uplifting support of foam without creating a dense surface, and also makes it feel lightweight and similar to a heavier feather and down option.

I love an adjustable pillow and the wide zippered opening makes it easy to remove the filling for your own needs. You also can get more fill from the company in order to make a more firm feel if you want. The only issue I had with this design was that I wish the filling was placed in a separate inner lining in order to more easily launder the outer casing.

Features and Benefits

Obviously, being able to adjust your pillow comfort is a huge benefit as it saves you time and money in buying products that may not work. It also is a cooler pillow overall  due to the breathable cotton casing and amount of air pockets the unique blend of shredded latex and Kapok fibers. Plus, the attention the company pays in creating an environmentally sustainable line of bedding is great for both lifestyle choices, as well as those customers who suffer from various allergies.

Made Safe Certifications

Made safe certification ensure products are made only with organically certified materials.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

This is a global standard for organic certification that involves a process of checks and balances in the planting, growth, harvest, storage, and manufacturing of products.

GreenGuard Gold Certification

Products are scientifically tested to meet rigorous emission standards for chemical exposure.

Vegan Certified

Products are verified through vegan action to ensure a lack of animal byproduct use, testing, or exposure.

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Loft & Size Options

The Green Pillow comes in standard, queen, and king sizes to fit your bed, and the standard pillow I received fit well into my nondescript queen-sized pillowcase with room to move. This was nice as I could easily shape and squish the pillow into the comfort level I preferred to sleep with.

Standard: 19″ x 24″ — 3.4 lbs. (fits standard pillow cases)

Queen: 19″ x 28″ — 3.9 lbs. (fits Queen pillow cases)

King: 19″ x 35″ — 5.2 lbs. (fits King pillow cases)

Because the pillow is adjustable and plumps up well, it can have a variable loft. I found it to fall between 5 and 6 inches in height with all the included fill. This loft is a perfect starting point for all sleep positions, and allows for plenty of space to add more fill if needed. Back and stomach sleepers need a thinner option, with back sleepers also requiring enough fill for their neck to be properly supported. Side sleepers need a higher loft to help hold up the head, support the neck and bring the body into overall alignment.

Heat Transfer

As mentioned before, the pillow material choices make the product a cooler sleeping option. Cotton is naturally breathable, latex and Kapok shreds provide easy airflow through the pillow, and the moisture-wicking properties of cotton also help with cooling the body. I don’t generally sleep hot, but can get uncomfortable if the bedding doesn’t provide airflow. I had no issues with this pillow and felt it provided a comfortable night’s sleep in relation to temperature.


Natural materials often are much more long-lasting and durable than many synthetics. The cover and fill are both guaranteed by the Avocado Company and come with a warranty to back its claims. Most pillows only last 18 months to 3 years before having to be replaced due to natural wear and tear. Avocado ensures their pillows will last this average amount of time, and then offers new fill for your pillow at a cost to keep from having to completely replace the entire product.

Maintenance, Protection, Care & Warranty

Many adjustable pillows cannot be fully immersed in water and washed since it will damage the filling and make them go flat. Because of this, you cannot wash the pillows, but you can toss in the dryer to plump up. You can also wash the cotton casing if you remove all the fill-in advance, although keeping your pillow in a pillowcase is the best way to help keep it clean and protected.

Warranty and Sleep Trial

Many pillows do not come with a sleep trial since it is such a personal product, but these pillows do! A 100-night trial is included with each pillow during which you can return the pillow, hassle-free if it does not meet your needs. It also comes with a full 1-year warranty to cover material and manufacturing defects. Simply contact the company for any returns or exchanges you need to make within the proper time periods.


The Avocado pillow reflects the high quality of the materials and careful workmanship that goes into each product. It is comparable to other similar products, and in fact, is perhaps a bit more affordable overall when you take a close look at similar products offered by top competitive brands, Financing is also available for those who qualify with a 0% APR and payments that can be as low as $24 a month. Extra fill and refill bags are available in ½ and 1 lb options are priced at $15 and $20 respectively. Costs reflect free shipping as well.

Size Price
Standard $79
Queen $89
King $99

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Reviews and Feedback

Many people are calling the Avocado Green Pillow the “perfect pillow” as it is so easy to adjust and works well with such a large range of sleep needs. Affordable, backed by a sleep trial, and seriously easy to adjust to your own specifications, this is a pillow that consumers come back to time and again.

Personally, I could find no true flaw with it’s construction or design, and because I love to sleep with a softer, squishier pillow reminiscent of a feather and down option, the removal of a few handfuls of fill made this a perfect sleep option.

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Who We Recommend the Avocado Green Pillow For

The Sleep Judge Review Team definitely recommends the Avocado Green Pillow for anyone currently on the hunt for a new pillow and is intrigued by the adjustable design of the product. It also is the perfect choice for those who are environmentally conscious or would like a true organic or vegan option for their lifestyle.

For stomach sleepers are serves as a flatter, softer choice when some fill is removed, for back sleepers it may work as is, or need a few handfuls taken out depending on body shape and size, and it plumps well for side sleepers- with the option of adding fill if desired. If also can be shaped to help support the hips, knees, legs, and lower back, or alleviate joint pressure.

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Our Final Verdict

The Avocado Green Pillow is an excellent option for just about anyone. It’s adjustability, superior material and attention to construction detail point to a quality not seen with many other competitive brands. We highly recommend you try it out since you have nothing to lose if you take advantage of the 100-night sleep trial!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a pillowcase needed?


How does the returns process work?

Within the 100-night sleep trial, contact the company for return approval!

Where can these pillows be shipped?

All 50 United States

Is the loft adjustable?


What type of sleeper is this pillow best suited for?