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Updated October 10, 2019

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When trying to find the ideal mattress for your comfort needs, you are going to want to find something that is going to make you not want to get out of bed in the morning. You want something that is going to wrap you in luxurious comfort while being affordable enough to also be able to buy new sheets for the new bed.

I recently had the chance to test a mattress that gave me this plush luxurious feel that I would highly recommend to anyone who doesn’t like sleeping on something so firm it feels like a rock. This mattress is called the Ameena and it is certainly built for maximum comfort. So, let’s go take a look at all it has to offer.

Presenting the Ameena

The Ameena is a CertiPUR-US certified foam filled mattress. By this I mean that is made without Ozone depleters, phthalates, PBDEs, TDCPP, TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead, or other heavy metals and chemicals. Now, if you ask me, that seems like a pretty safe mattress to sleep on, especially if you support baby co-sleeping in a co-sleeper that is right next to your bed. Ameena deems it as “the most researched mattress ever”.

The Ameena Promise

The Ameena promises they have selected all of the optimal materials and combined them to make a mattress that offers a fantastic value. They also promise that for every bed you purchase, they donate their American made product that will provide a restful and clean sleeping surface to those in need. I have honestly never come across a mattress that donates one for each one that is purchased until I started researching the Ameena.

Order Experience & Procedure

Purchasing one of these mattresses has been made even easier thanks to the quick and efficient ordering process. The first thing you are going to want to do is choose your size. You don’t have to worry about choosing a firmness level if you are unsure of which one you would like because they currently offer just one.

Continuing on, once you get to the checkout area you will see your product, the price, and your checkout options. Unfortunately, the Ameena does not offer financing, such as other companies may. They could not give a definitive reason for this when I spoke to a customer service representative. They did, however, tell me about PayPal credit and that it would help with the cost.

Speaking of PayPal, this is one checkout option that you do have. If you already have the PayPal credit or you keep all your funds in a PayPal account, like I do, you can use these funds to pay for the Ameena. If not, you can use a credit card or a bank card. Once you are checked out, you will get to the shipping part.

Shipping & Initial Thoughts

Once your order is placed, your package will prepare to be shipped. As of right now, Ameena does not ship outside of the United States which is a major bummer for Canadians wanting one or those living in Hawaii & Alaska.

Your mattress will be delivered via UPS, no matter where you live within the continental US. The box will have dimensions of 21” x 20” x 40”, which is about the size of a golf bag, but a little heavier. After you place your order, it will take around 2-3 business days to ship and exact ship times will be based on your zip code.
Make sure you do not try to move this box alone if you order a bigger size since they can run from 65lbs to 90lbs for the 3 bigger sizes.

My Thoughts About The Box

When I received my Ameena, the box was very welcoming. It had their logo right on the side and once I opened it, I noticed a pamphlet with a cutting tool to release the mattress from the cloth shell it’s wrapped in. There was also a small nifty gym type bag to keep the pamphlet in or whatever you want to put in it, which also had their logo on it.

Inside the box, you will see a number of phrases and descriptions of where the mattress is made and a little blurb about their buy one-give one program. Aside from another mattress I reviewed, this box had exceptional marketing.

Features & Benefits

This is the part where I explain to you why I like or dislike the Ameena and what type of features & benefits it has to offer.

What Sets It Apart?

The Ameena has been designed by experts in the mattress industry. It is also priced much lower than other mattresses that may make the same claim as them. They designed their mattress based on the needs and comfort of the customers and to feel comfortable to the widest variety of demographics possible.

Don’t forget, the one thing that makes this company so special is that for every mattress that is purchased, they give one to an organization in need. This process is going to help so many less fortunate people, which is just wonderful.

The Ameena offers universal comfort by using the 3 most effective materials together to provide the most restful sleep possible. All of their foams are CertiPUR-US Certified, which is a standard used in the organic industry. This means that you are going to be sleeping on a mattress that is healthier than most traditional innerspring mattresses and mattress toppers.

Construction & Composition

As I stated earlier, the Ameena is made with CertiPUR-US foams that have low VOC emissions for indoor air quality. So when you open up your mattress, you won’t notice an awful smell that takes weeks to go away. Although you will not have a terrible odor for weeks, you will notice a miniscule scent that comes with all new mattresses. It will not harm you and it will dissipate after a few days.

If you unzip the mattress cover, you can look inside and see all of these layers and feel them. I did this and took some pictures of the inside to show what it all looks like.

The Ameena is made with 3 layers which break down like this:

2” of premium ENERGEX Foam that helps to fully support you when you move around. It also has a quick bounce-back to keep you sinking in too far.

2” of premium gel memory foam that conforms to your body which results in reduced pressure around the shoulders and hips. This will also minimize your body’s urge to toss and turn. This conforming feature also helps to align your spine properly for a comfortable sleep. The gel foam also draws heat away, which will help you sleep cooler.

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6” of breathable base foam serves as the durable solid support that is under all of that comfortable foam. The base works in relation with the other two layers to help support and cool the entire mattress.


The Ameena is ideal for someone who is looking for a softer mattress, even though it says it is for almost all firmness levels. For my comfort preference, it was a little too soft. Since I am a stomach sleeper, I like to sleep on something that is not going to put a ton of pressure on my stomach and knees and what’s generally recommended for stomach sleepers is something a little bit more firm.

As for me saying it was more plush than it should be, it does sink in quite a bit, I will be honest with you there. It did make it quite difficult to roll over while I was working on finding the right position, but once I was asleep, I stayed asleep!

The cover has a soft feel to it and I fell asleep quickly and stayed asleep, that is until my son wanted a drink in the middle of the night. Once I was done, I got right back into bed and fell back to sleep in just a few minutes.


The overall support of the Ameena is pretty good. One of the features of the Ameena is that all of the foams combine to make an ideal level of support. It is suppose to reduce pressure points around your shoulders and hips, as I stated earlier. For me, it did seem to do that in certain positions.

Since the Ameena is so soft, it may not support certain groups of people the way a firm mattress would, one of these groups being stomach sleepers. The reason for this is because on a soft mattress, your pelvis will sink down into the mattress causing misalignment of the spine.

As for me, I am heavier all around and my entire body just sinks in, so there really isn’t much misalignment for me. I only say this because I was not waking up with pain like I was on one of the more firm mattresses I slept on. But to sum this up, I would say that the Ameena is ideal for people who sleep on their back and sides, possibly stomach sleepers, depending on the person.

Edge Support

This is one of the only things that I ran into a problem with, the edge support. As with most traditional memory foam mattresses, the edge support is lacking.

I feel like this mattress would be best in a sunken bed frame, you know, the type that comes up the edges of your bed, like a waterbed frame. If that were the case, edge support wouldn’t really matter. If you are someone who has an issue getting off of the bed in the morning, the lack of edge support may actually help you.

When you sit on the edge of the bed, you will sink down. If your bed frame is high up in the air and you are short like me, all you have to do is slide off of the edge and voila! So, even though the edge support could use improving, it could be very helpful if you think outside of the box.

Motion Isolation

The motion isolation of the Ameena is average,  I often found myself on my husbands side of the bed because if he rolled close to me, I would follow. I didn’t quite feel him moving around as much though, as long as he was close to the edge of his side of the bed.

As for movement, there is some slight motion transfer, but not enough to cause issue depending on how much you or your significant other toss and turn in your sleep. Also, if you are about the same weight, you probably won’t feel it as much either, but my husband and I are light and heavy, so I’m more sensitive to movement.

Before I do all of my tests for motion transfer, I like to break my mattresses in first. Yes, your mattress may be nice and firm when you first set it up, but it isn’t going to stay that way. So, my belief is that the tests are more reliable when they are done on a broken in mattress.

Temperature Regulation Features

The Ameena is made with gel memory foam and has a breathable base for optimal cooling. It will draw the excess heat away from your body which keeps you cool. This is something that is important to me while choosing a mattress. The reason for this is because my husband and I are warm sleepers, we sweat a lot.

The breathable base helps to keep you cooler while you sleep too because it works with the premium layers to enhance the cooling properties of the mattress.

Heat Retention

It is recommended that rooms stay at a cooler temperature for these types of mattresses to have the full cooling effect. I keep mine at around 60-65 degrees. On the nights that I was sweating, I had the heater on for the baby and the room was around 70-75 degrees.

I was able to perform a heat test to show how long it took for the mattress to cool down from 130 degrees to 98 degrees, the average human body temperature. It took about 22 seconds for the mattress to cool down to 98 degrees. Which is better than average.


Honestly, there isn’t much to say about the smell because there really wasn’t one. I mean, new mattresses will have a slight odor, but it goes away after a few days or so. The same could be said for the Ameena. Once I rolled it out, I noticed a slight odor, but I opened my windows and it was almost completely gone within a matter of hours.

The Ameena is made with CertiPUR-US certified foams, which is why there will not be a strong odor as with traditional memory foam mattresses. These foams are healthier and safe from harmful chemicals.

The smell factor is important to me because my son still sleeps in my room in his crib. If something has an odor to it that could potentially harm me, what is there to be said about my 19 month old? The fact that I could unroll the mattress and not be blown away by the strong smell was undeniably awesome.


  • Twin-$450.00
  • Twin XL- $550.00
  • Full- $650.00
  • Queen- $800.00
  • King- $800.00
  • Cal King- $900.00

Consumer Feedback

This is the section where I tell you what other users of the Ameena have said about it. This will help to backup my thoughts or reassure yourself about concerns you may have.

  • Since the company is so new, it was difficult to find a lot of consumer reviews and feedback about durability.
  • Stitching seems tight
  • Supportive of the neck
  • Supports the body well
Customer Support
  • Friendly customer support representatives
  • Could be more knowledgeable
  • Long response time if in chat
Pain Relief
  • Hip, back, leg and neck pain was reduced
  • Some reported loss of all pain
  • Helped ease back pain in some
Break In Period
  • Adjustment period ranges from a few days to none at all

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Who Is The Ameena For?

If you fall into one of these categories, the Ameena may be the right fit for you:

Do you like to sleep on the cooler side?

The Ameena has three layers of materials that work together to bring you a cool night of sleep. Most of the cooling factor comes from the breathable base and the gel memory foam, which I will explain more about later.

Do you like your mattress to conform to your body?

The premium 2” ENERGEX foam will not make you sink too far into the bed, but it is still very soft. It does, however, fully support your body and offer a quick bounce-back. The gel memory foam, which is the middle layer, reduces pressure around your shoulders and hips while conforming to your body to ensure proper spinal alignment. This is ideal for back and side sleepers.

Are you looking for a healthier sleeping surface?

As I stated earlier, the Ameena is made with CertiPUR-US certified foams. You will not be subjected to the harmful chemicals that are found in some other mattresses. Not to mention, you won’t pay the hefty price that can go along with these types of beds.

Do you like a mattress that is easy to keep clean?

The Ameena innards are enclosed with a zippered cover that can come off for easy cleaning. With traditional mattresses or even memory foam mattresses that are not encased, the spill or moisture can easily leak through to the foam and can’t be cleaned easily. Sure, the top of the bed will be clean, but you will still have the remains on the inside that you can’t get to. With this mattress, all you need to do is unzip it quick and spot clean that accident and avoid it seeping into the foam layers, forever leaving a stain and/or odor forever.


Overall, the Ameena is a nice mattress. It would be an ideal fit for anyone who likes their mattress on the soft side of the spectrum.

I am incredibly impressed with their buy one give one program and how they donate to charity any mattress that has been returned or unwanted. I am also impressed with the cooling factor. I slept comfortably and cool.

As for the price and value. You’re getting a nice CertiPUR-US certified mattress for cheaper than other online manufacturers and for a fraction of the cost of store bought mattresses. Add that in with the donation program and you have yourself a real winner.

Ameena Mattress Specs

Material Degassing Period Break-In Period Firmness Level 1-10
CertiPUR-US certified gel memory foam and ENERGEX memory foam 24-48 Hours 0-7 Days 5


Shipping Weight Trial Period Warranty Cost(Based on Queen)
90 pounds-Cali King 120 Days 10 Year warranty with up to 1″ impression $800.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a foundation needed?

As long as it is on a flat, smooth surface, the Ameena will work with anything. If you want to put it on the floor, it will work there as well.

Is a mattress pad or protector needed?

With all mattresses, it is a good idea to put a pad or protector, although not necessary. A mattress protector can help to ensure that your mattress remains clean and stain free. It will also help keep your warranty valid. Even though the cover does come off of the Ameena for easy cleaning care although not recommended, I would personally keep a pad or protector on it.

Does it work on adjustable beds?

It sure does! As long as it is a flat, smooth surface, the Ameena will work on it.

How easy are returns?

If the Ameena isn’t working out for you, even during the 120-risk free trial, you can contact them and they will locate a charity or non-profit organization that can use it instead. Once you donate your mattress, they will give you a full refund AND a $100 gift certificate to their sister site.

Is there a warranty?

120-days. In fact, it has one of the longest trial periods of any mattress I have come across so far. If you don’t like the mattress, they will come and pick it up for free.

Is there a trial?

120-days. In fact, it has one of the longest trial periods of any mattress I have come across so far. If you don’t like the mattress, they will come and pick it up for free.

Do you need to rotate the mattress?

It is best that it is done once every 30-days to ensure even wear. This will help minimize body impressions in one spot.

Is there offgassing?


What is the firmness?