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All Season - Down Mattress Topper

Updated July 15, 2019

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Down filled bed items have been all the rage for years now. You can get everything from mattress toppers to pillows and even blankets. It’s simply delightful. Thick, soft, and heavy, it’s like sleeping in a warm hug.

For those of you who don’t know, down fill is made from the soft, fuzzy stuff found underneath the feathers of a bird, similar to the fur of a chick. There are different types of down fill, too, for those who have special preferences. You can have duck, goose, or a mixture of feathers down. Each have their own features and price points, goose being one of the most expensive.

But there’s also a down alternative for those who have allergies and don’t like the idea of using animal products. There’s been a lot of controversy over the way the material is procured and people are now turning to alternatives like cotton synthetics and polyester. Like the down alternative such as this all season topper. I’ve taken the liberty of testing and reviewing it, so you can have all the info you need here in one place.

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All Season Down Alternative Queen Mattress Topper Video Review

Presenting The All Season Down Mattress Topper

So, the Superior All Season Down Alternative Mattress Topper is a quality product, I could tell that when I first opened the package. It promises to turn any old mattress into a pillow top without the use of animal products. The down alternative is made from a microfiber fill, so a man-made material meant to feel like feather fill.

It also promises 2 inches of support and claims to keep you at the right temperature all year long, hence the all season name.

I think it’s a great topper if you’re looking for something quality made. But compared to other down filled mattress toppers, I’m not sure this one holds up in regards to support or comfort. Now, I have my reasons, so let’s continue and I’ll tell you all about it.

Features & Benefits

Let’s take a look at the good and the bad, because no product is perfect, but it may be perfect for some people.

What Sets this Product Apart

Upon opening the topper from it’s really nice, zipper bag with carrying handles, I noticed that the quality and feel was really good. The exterior is a fine microfiber and I could tell right away that it was definitely some kind of hypoallergenic material. That’s a plus for me because my husband is so sensitive to dust. I always have to watch out with anything I bring into our home, so knowing it’s hypoallergenic made it easy to test this one.

But the one thing that stood out to me the most, and this may be a positive to some (not to me), was the stitching. While the quality in the stitching was great, the pattern was odd. There’s a grid, or quilted, pattern and I didn’t like the idea of sleeping on individual squares. After I did some research, I found that this is normal for down filled toppers because it’s how manufacturers keep the filling in place and as even as possible.


Like I mentioned before, it’s a quality made topper. The exterior is a fin, but thick, microfiber and the interior is a manmade down fill, constructed from microfiber as well. This construction truly makes this topper hypoallergenic which is a major plus for some people.

The stitching is just a simple, white seam along the edges and across the surface to form a grid or quilted pattern. It’s well done and held up in washing. But I think it would have been better if the pattern was done with smaller squares. It would have made it less prone to bunching during sleep.

The manufacturer states that it’s a solid 2 inches of thick support, but it’s actually more like 1.5 inches once you get it spread out on the mattress, and even less once you lay on it.


Here’s where I struggled. The reviews online were great, the quality is there, and the manufacturer promises a comfortable night’s sleep with added support. I could not disagree more with the last part. I tossed and turned all night because this topper gave zero support.

Now, while I state this negatively, I also have to keep in mind that this is a pillow top product, it’s not meant to offer support. So, I would say that it’s just advertised incorrectly. It’s unfair for the company to say that it offers support because it doesn’t, it’s a pillow top. It’s meant to be soft and cozy. Which it definitely is. I’ll give it that. I just prefer something more firm and supportive. So for you side sleepers out there, this may not be the best mattress topper for you.

What’s Promised

The Superior Down Alternative Topper promises comfort and support while adding an extra layer of softness to any mattress, regardless of the mattress quality. It also promises to be great all year long, which is why it’s dubbed ‘all season’. So, to touch on each of those features, I tested them out to know for sure and here’s what I found.

Adding an extra layer of softness? Definitely. It’s super soft and gives a good 1.5 inches of pillow top comfort. But I found it to be similar to sleeping on top of a thick duvet. In fact, I even took the liberty of getting underneath it and it literally felt like a heavy duvet cover.

As for the all season feature, I’d agree. The microfiber material on the outside didn’t hold my body heat too much and remained somewhat cool all night long. I turned up the heat in my bedroom a couple degrees to test out how well it would keep me cool, and I found it decent.

I did get a bit warm in the middle of the night, though, but nothing a simple position adjustment couldn’t fix. On the second night, I opened a window and let the cool air fill the room. But the topper kept me at a nice, comfortable temperature all night.

Heat Retention

As for the all season feature, I’d agree. The microfiber material on the outside didn’t hold my body heat too much and remained somewhat cool all night long. I turned up the heat in my bedroom a couple degrees to test out how well it would keep me cool, and I found it decent. I did get a bit warm in the middle of the night, though, but nothing a simple position adjustment couldn’t fix. On the second night, I opened a window and let the cool air fill the room. But the topper kept me at a nice, comfortable temperature all night.

Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

Maintenance wise, it’s pretty easy. Because it’s microfiber, it’s easily washable. You can scrub the heck out of this thing and most stains will come right out. That’s the beauty of the material. Just make sure to use warm water and very mild soap. No bleach products at all as that would compromise the structure of the material.

It’s machine washable, so that’s a plus. I can’t stand toppers that you can’t wash because then you also need a mattress protector to accompany it. But not with this one. Just toss it in on a cold and delicate cycle and very mild detergent. Make sure not to use any bleach or bleach products. Tumble dry on super low heat. If you have the luxury of a clothes line, I would say hang out to air dry and then toss in the dryer to fluff up. But the manufacturer says just to tumble dry in dryer so I have to say that, too.

The only problem I found with washing, is an issue with most down filled products, is that the fill bunches together afterward. But I learned a neat trick over the years and that’s to toss in a couple of tennis balls while it tumbles. The balls “beat” the topper and prevent it from forming lumps and bunches.

Warranty. I was a little disappointed in what I found for a warranty. I found nothing. The manufacturer does not have a website that I could find, anyway. And there’s no phone number on the package. I emailed the site to which it was purchased from and have yet to hear back. So I did a little digging and looked to what consumers had to say, with a focus on the negative reviews because those are the ones who would have looked for refunds or warranty info.

It seems that anyone who had a negative review claimed to have tossed the topper out in favor of a new one. I take that to mean there is no warranty or it’s darn near impossible to get it replaced. Do what you will with that information.

But to turn this into a positive, here’s what you can do with this topper if it’s not to your satisfaction. Remember how I mentioned before that it’s similar to the construction of a down filled duvet cover? Well, that’s literally what I did. I went out and got an inexpensive twin sized duvet cover and the queen sized topper fit perfectly in it. Now it’s an amazing guest bedroom blanket.

How Easy Are Returns

Referring back to my research about the warranty, I say the same goes for returns. I found nothing in regards to a manufacturer website, only third party sites where they’re sold. I guess, if worse came to worse, you could use the third party website warranty, if they offer one. If they do, it’s often 30 days as long as the product hasn’t been used too much.

But it would be a shame to toss away this topper because it really is quality made. I enjoyed the feel and weight of it, just not the comfort or support.


The mega bonus with this topper is the man-made down fill, or microfiber filling. It’s totally hypoallergenic which work perfectly for my husband, and is easy to clean. I definitely think those are two big bonuses when it comes to a product that you use on a daily basis.

Consumer Feedback


I found this topper to be extremely durable. Consumers opinions are mixed but I’m not sure if they followed the washing instructions properly. Some claimed that it was great, but then other said that it got ruined during washing. Just make sure it cold water, light cycles, mild soap, and tumble dry with a couple tennis balls. (just like you would with a down filled duvet, wink wink)


There was pretty much no odor when I opened the case. And after searching online reviews, I couldn’t find a consumer to have anything bad to say about the odor. I chop that up to the material. Microfiber often has very little odor because it’s supposed to be allergy friendly

Customer Support

What a shame that such a quality made product has zero customer support. The material is top notch, the construction is great, and the packaging gives the impression that it’s a trusted brand.
But consumers disagree, and I do too. I searched and searched for so much as a website, but found nothing. All of the negative reviews I found online stated that they ended up just tossing the topper away. Such a waste.

Feedback on its Features

Just like myself, a lot of consumers felt that the quilted pattern was not executed properly. The squares were just too big and created a lumpy surface to sleep on. Feedback on the softness was good, though. The vast majority of customers agreed that the topper was super soft and comfy and that it turned their mattress into a plushy pillow top. I agree, it did. I just didn’t like it. (But I do like my new duvet!)


I think that about covers it. I’ve picked apart this topper the best I can and hopefully it helped you in your decision. I have mixed emotions about this product because it’s so well made, just not well executed. If you’re looking for something that’s super plush and soft under your body at night, then this is the mattress topper for you. If you require some support, or are side sleeper, I say look away.
It’s lightweight, has pretty much no odor, and is great if you have dust allergies. I recommend it to anyone who wants a pillow top mattress that is easy to clean.

If you found this review helpful in anyway, or if you have further questions about the topper, feel free to comment and share below! And if you want to check out this product for yourself, click here!