AeroBed Queen Comfort Anywhere 18 Inch Air Mattress with Headboard Review

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AeroBed Queen Comfort Anywhere 18 Inch Air Mattress with Headboard

The Aerobed queen double height air mattress is actually a little more than your standard camping air mattress. When the unit is fully inflated, it shows of its own headboard. The padded sleeping surface is built for comfort and the easy inflating and deflating makes it convenient. If you are looking for a bedding solution, then this very well may be exactly what you are looking for. But, like any inflatable sleeping product, the Aerobed Comfort Anywhere Queen with headboard does have its challenges that can sometimes erode its convenience. Before you purchase this product, it is a good idea to learn as much as you can about it.

Inflation And Deflation Are Extremely Easy

The Aerobed comes with an automatic inflation device that can inflate the mattress in a matter of minutes. There is a deflation plug you can remove that removes all of the air in less than five minutes. All in all, this mattress is extremely simple to set up and take down. It also fits into a small storage bag, which makes it easy to get it out of the way when you are not using it.

It Is Cost Effective

With a padded sleeping surface, automatic inflation device, and built-in headboard, you would expect the Aerobed to be extremely expensive. It is actually priced in the same range as other comparable air mattresses, which makes it a great bargain for people who have company regularly but do not have a spare bedroom.

It Is Versatile

The Aerobed can turn any room into a bedroom, which makes it extremely versatile. This is a great feature for people who live in studio apartments or people who are temporarily living with family or friends. Since it inflates and deflates quickly, it is simple to set up and pack away. Its small storage size means that it can be put into a closet, or even carried around in your car from one location to the next. The Aerobed is convenient for camping trips, dorm rooms, and unexpected company that plans on staying for a while.

Two-Tiered Comfort

The design of the Aerobed helps to make this a very comfortable sleep alternative. An air mattress is a great way to utilize a portable sleeping option, but the Aerobed takes that one step further by having a two-tier design. The two layers of comfort work together to help give you the best possible sleeping experience.

Not Pet Friendly

One of the challenges with the Aerobed queen with headboard, as is the case with most air mattresses, is that it is not very pet friendly. Declawed pets would have no problem with the Aerobed Comfort, but pets with claws could wind up doing damage by puncturing the mattress. The problem is not with the padded sleeping surface, but more with the sides where the actual mattress is exposed.

The Seams Can Wear Out Over Time

The challenge with any air mattress is keeping all of the seams intact to avoid having the mattress deflate. One of the issues that has popped up with the Aerobed is that the seams can sometimes separate after the mattress has been used for a short period of time. It can be frustrating, but it is also something that is a common occurrence among air mattresses.

Slippery Padded Surface

Another common issue with air mattresses, even those with padded sleeping surfaces, is that the sleeping surfaces can be slippery. The Aerobed does tend to have a slippery sleeping surface and that can lead to sheets and people slipping off the mattress during the course of using it. The built-in headrest does seem to help offset these issues a little by making it difficult to slide off the back of the mattress. But users should be aware that they may find themselves sleeping on the floor every once in a while.

Making the Choice

The Aerobed Comfort Anywhere with head board has some of the very same challenges that other air mattresses encounter from time to time. But the added comfort elements and some of the advanced design options, such as the built-in headrest and two-tiered design, make the Aerobed Comfort a great idea for anyone who needs portable sleeping arrangements that are comfortable as well. It can also be a great idea for living arrangements that are tight on space and require a bed that can be put away each day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a manual pump?


Is built-in pump available?


How high off the ground?

18 inches.

Good option for camping?

Yes, but only if you have access to electricity.

How long is the warranty?

2-year limited pump warranty. 1-year limited bed warranty.