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2920 Mattress

It’s obvious, but true: a good mattress is necessary for a good sleep. There are many comfortable mattresses out there. Some of them are quite expensive while others are more affordable. However, mattress shopping is not a time to be thrifty. You will be spending quite a bit of your life on this thing after all. You want something like the 2920 Mattress. Manufactured after a full two years of research, the 2920 is an all foam mattress from 2920 Sleep. The company formed fairly recently and got it’s name from the amount of sleep everyone should have annually. After all, if you’re going to spend 2920 hours laying on a mattress every year, you should probably invest in a good one.

2920 Mattress Specs

Free Shipping

100 Night Trial Period

10 Year Warranty

2920 Mattress Specifications

• Comfort and Feel

The 2920 mattress offers the feel of memory foam, yet you’ll never get stuck in it. This is the result of adding latex to compliment memory foam. It has a very soft and comfortable exterior. The layers of memory foam and latex provide a balanced and comfortable sleeping surface. The 2920 mattress comes with a universal firmness option, designed to appeal to side, back, and stomach sleepers. The multiple layers of memory foam adapt to the contours of your body during sleep and aids in pressure relief. Yet despite the name, universal comfort is not for everybody. Especially couples with different firmness preferences.

• Motion Transfer

Jarring motion transfer on a mattress is one of the leading causes of poor sleep. The folks behind the 2920 mattress made this issue a priority. The 2920 was designed with a specific type of memory foam that is known to have very little motion transfer. The results are impressive and sleep partners should be able to confidently share this mattress without fear of disturbing each other, no matter how restless their sleep pattern might be.

• Edge Support

For sleepers who often roll around on their mattress, edge support is the last line of defense that keeps them from falling off. Fortunately, the 2920 has pretty impressive edge support. The base layer of the mattress provides edge-to-edge support, offering users a large sleeping with support at the sides. If you roll off of this mattress in the middle of the night, it’s officially your fault.

• Temperature

Mattresses that trap heat can be uncomfortable for many sleepers. Most people prefer mattresses that regulate temperature through airflow. The 2920 mattress has been specially designed to provide comfortable sleeping temperatures to their customers. The mattress cover uses an adaptive temperature control technology that will help you sleep cool and dry. 2920’s special foam at the top of the mattress also has millions of micro air coils that dissipate heat to provide comfortable sleeping temperatures. Sleep comfortably and sleep well, regardless of temperature.

• Off Gassing

The 2920 Sleep Mattress has a slight new mattress smell when first unpacked, which is common in boxed mattresses. However, this smell disappears in a few days. All the foam layers used in the 2920 Sleep Mattress are CertiPUR-US certified, which means no harmful or hazardous products have been used. So even though the mattress releases a faint odor, that odor will not have any harmful effect. The 2920 mattress’ mild off-gassing will not be a problem to most shoppers. Ventilation is highly recommended for quick dissipation of the smell and customers can also make use of mattress protector to mask the odor.

• Delivery and Set Up

2920 mattress arrives roll packed in a box and is quite easy to set up. The mattress is delivered to all states in the U.S, including Hawaii and Alaska. Standard delivery is free and fulfilled by UPS Ground. Delivery is guaranteed within 3 to 5 business days. Old mattress removal and in-home mattress assembly is not available. However, in-home mattress assembly is quite easy. All you need to do is slide the mattress out from the box, unroll it, and cut open the plastic wrapping. The mattress will start to expand immediately. It will take about 2 to 3 hours to expand to 80% of its actual shape and will completely decompress in 12 to 24 hours. The 2920 mattress will work well on a box spring (with or without a frame), an adjustable base, a platform bed, or a slatted bed.

• Trial and Warranty

2920 offers customers 100-night free sleep trial. However, customers are advised to use the mattress for at least 45-nights before deciding to return the mattress for refund or replacement. The company will pick up the mattress and either donate it or recycle it to minimize the environmental impact. Once picked up, the company will offer a refund minus a disposal fee of $99.

The 2920 mattress comes with a 10 year limited warranty. During this period, any defective mattress will be replaced or repaired by the company. However, defects that are as the result of misuse by the customer are not covered. You can also get the mattress upgraded during the warranty period by paying the difference between the two mattresses. The upgraded mattress will arrive with a new 10 years warranty. Shipping costs associated with any replaced or repaired mattresses are the responsibility of the customer.


At Organic Sleep Reviews we focus on reviewing mattresses that are organic, natural, and CertiPUR-US certified. We strive to promote healthy products and 2920 Sleep exemplifies a quality and healthy brand who produces their mattresses responsibly. If you are not familiar with CertiPUR-US, it is a certification program overseen and administered by a not-for-profit organization. Their certified foams are made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants, formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. They also have low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality.

The 2920 is an all foam mattress. The first layer is the comfort layer, made up of what the brand calls ‘new generation foam’ that has millions of micro air coils. This new generation foam provides the best pressure relief, temperature regulation, and motion control. The comfort layer has a slow response to pressure, allowing the sleeper to sink in for satisfying relief. It’s also an especially breathable material that should keep things cool through the night.

Beneath the first layer is the transition layer, which combines both latex and memory foam. Memory foam uses viscoelastic chemicals that provide the memory foam feel & slow response. Unfortunately, this also makes memory foam retain heat in the mattress. The 2920 mattress provides sleepers with memory foam comfort that doesn’t trap heat thanks to the incorporation of latex. Most latex mattresses are soft yet firm. The contouring and slow response of memory foam mixes together with the firmness and quicker response of latex to create a foam that cradles sleepers without letting them sink in. It is the ideal foam for comfort and support and also it regulates temperature quite well.

Underneath the transition layer is the support layer which is made up of high density poly-foam. Poly-foam is similar to memory foams in terms of chemical composition, but it lacks the viscoelastic property. This makes it firmer with a quicker bounce-back. It is more resilient and helps support heavier parts of the body.

Finally under the support layer is the foundation layer that is made up of also made high density poly-foam. The most important function of the support layer is the edge to edge support it provides.

The cover of 2920 mattress is made up of a polyester, viscose, and Lycra blend. It’s a stretchy material that snaps back into place with ease. It’s soft to the touch and provides the sleeper with immediate comfort.

The materials used in constructing 2920 mattress were researched for years. The mattress was constructed to solve almost all of the recent problems associated with mattresses like edge support, motion transfer, temperature, and so forth. It’s an impressive feat of mattress engineering from 2920.

Popular Reviews

The popular mattress review blog Sleep Sherpa gave the 2920 mattress a rating of 8.3/10 and wrote this:

“2920 isn’t the first and definitely won’t be the last online mattress offering. However it does offer another choice for consumers. For context, if you are looking for a mattress that recovers quick, sleeps cool for a foam bed, and has minimal motion transfer, this would be a good choice. I found it to be a little firmer than the Leesa, but softer than the firm version of the Cocoon mattress.

Aside from the mattress, 2920 also offers sheets and pillows. The sheets are made with organic cotton and are a 300 thread count”

Girl On Mattress gave a rating of 4.4/5 and wrote:

“2920 Sleep offers a comfortable memory foam mattress for those who are looking for extra contouring and comfort.”

Overall Value and Recommendation

The 2920 is a mattress that was made after extensive research. No mattress is flawless, but the 2920 comes close. It’s the perfect mattress for any type of sleeper, so good news for couples who have differing sleep positions. This mattress should be a good fit for:

  • Someone seeking a nice medium feel. It is a perfect choice for people who sleep in all 3 positions (side, back, stomach).
  • Someone who wants pressure relief and a responsive foam. The top layer provides ample pressure relief, but doesn’t give you a stuck feeling. You can still move around and adjust positions easily.
  • Someone who sleeps hot. You won’t sink into the foam, which eliminates heat-trapping and provides a cooler sleep.
  • Someone who is not heavier in stature. This is a well-constructed mattress but since it is 10″ thick, it may not be the best fit for heavier individuals. Check out one of our Best Mattresses for Heavy People instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the 2920 Mattress be used on box springs or on a platform?

The 2920 Mattress can go onto any firm and supportive foundation. This includes box springs, platform bed, slats, bunkie boards, or even the floor!

How firm is the mattress?

Most customers say it is in the 6-7.5 range (e.g. medium-firm = firmer than medium, but softer than firm). It's designed to avoid the “trapped” or “sinking” feeling that many foam or memory foam mattresses have. In independent testing it came in the “sweet-spot” where the majority of sleepers prefer.

Are there shipping charges?

Shipping is free and at no charge. Your order can be expected to arrive in 3 to 8 days.

How hot is the 2920 Mattress?

The 2920 Mattress is designed to sleep cooler than your typical foam or memory foam mattress. This mattress has 2 key areas: 1) the fabric cover has an “adaptive technology” that helps wick away moisture and create a cooler sleep environment, and 2) the top layer foam is a new generation foam that is extremely breathable so air doesn’t get trapped and overheat.