A Side by Side Look: Original Purple Mattress VS Leesa Mattress

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Research in recent years has shown that many of us are not getting the amount of sleep that we require. As the weeks go by, our sleep deficit starts to grow, and we’re tired and not able to function to our best ability. While technology is certainly a huge factor of our sleep deficit, and detoxing from technology will help in cleaning up our sleep hygiene, another factor of our sleep deficit could also be a mattress that’s past its due date. Many continue to sleep on our mattress and think that it’ll never ‘expire’ on us. The truth is, sleeping on a mattress that’s no longer good for your body will result in aches, pains, and poor sleep.
For the sake of your mental and physical health, it’s important to check your mattress and replace it with a mattress that’s suited to your needs. There are plenty of mattresses available in the market to cater to different preferences. Here, we’re taking a look at the Original Purple Mattress and the Leesa Mattress – two mattresses that are rising in popularity on the market. While the Leesa Mattress is made with memory foam, and LSA 200 foam, along with a universal adaptive feature, the Original Purple Mattress that a hyper-elastic polymer grid that’s also one of the few mattresses to have absolutely no pressure.

Leesa vs Original Purple Comparison

Original Purple
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Layers Used4 layers
  • four-stripe cover
  • two-inch cooling foam top layer
  • two-inch contouring memory foam
  • and a six-inch core support foam base
4 layers
  • Cover
  • comfort layer
  • transition layer
  • transition layer and base (Made with the following materials: Polyester, Viscose, Lycra, Hyper-elastic Polymer and Poly Foam)
Height10 inches9.5 inches
FirmnessOne firmness levelIt only comes in one firmness level
Motion TransferFairFair
Trial Period100 nights100 nights
Warranty10-year warranty10 years
Pricing (Queen)USD 845 with monthly payments available (originally USD 995 but they’ve got a special now)USD 999 with monthly payments available
ShippingFree shipping (some locations may require shipping fees). They ship to the United States, Canada, and the United KingdomFree shipping with white glove delivery and mattress removal to the United States. There’s also shipping to Canada but additional costs may apply

A Breakdown of the Leesa Mattress


The Leesa company is a reputable mattress company that’s been on the market for a number of years. It’s particularly famous as Leesa sleep was one of the companies that started the idea of buying a mattress online from your home and having it delivered to your door in a conveniently sized box. Since then, the Leesa company has continued to innovate and provide sleepers with new and improved mattresses, rendering them to be one of the most successful companies around.

While the Leesa Mattress has been around for a while, the bed was recently updated to have a comfort layer that’s constructed with LSA 200 foam. Since the most common issues with memory foam are overheating and feeling stuck in the mattress, the Leesa Mattress strives to mitigate these issues with its three different layers that work off each other. These layers not only provide sleepers with the support that they need, but they’ll also help to keep you cool throughout the night. Even with the added support, however, you won’t have to worry about losing that slow sink in comfortable feeling from memory foam. You’ll still get that traditional memory foam to feel that provides sleepers with ultimate contour and comfort.

• Top Layer – Iconic four-stripe cover

The first layer of the Leesa Mattress is a cover that’s not only vibrant in color; it also has a silky soft feel. The cover is woven with a blend of thick polyester that’s sure to keep you feeling snug and comfortable at night. You can also easily have the cover removed and sent for cleaning.

• Second Layer – Comfort layer with two-inches of memory foam

Before the Leesa was updated, this layer was initially constructed with an Avena foam that served as a latex alternative and was considerably bouncier. Now, however, the comfort foam layer is made with LSA 200 foam. While it still has that bouncy feel, LSA 200 foam also comes with other benefits such as keeping the mattress nice and cool and allowing the sleeper to feel like they’re sleeping on top of the bed.

• Third Layer –Recovery layer with two-inches of memory foam

After the comfort layer that’s made with two-inches of LSA 200 foam, there’s another layer of memory foam. This layer predominantly helps to contour to the sleeper’s body type and provide pressure relief while properly aligning the spine. While the LSA 200 foam is bouncier, this memory foam is intentionally placed in the bed to give sleepers that slow sink in feeling as it responds slower to pressure. It’ll also help to cradle the body and transition the sleeper to the firmer support layer below.

• Fourth Layer – Support layer with six-inches of dense core foam

After those four-inches of memory foam, the last layer of the mattress is constructed with six-inches of poly-foam to provide the bed with sturdy support. With a thick support layer, this dense core foam can also provide adequate support to a wide variety of sleepers.


Since the Leesa Mattress only comes in one firmness level, its goal is to be able to cater to a wide variety of sleepers. On the firmness scale, it sits at about a 6.5 which is just a little higher than the average firmness level for mattresses. Since most sleepers prefer mattresses that aren’t too firm or plush, the Leesa Mattress would be well-suited to those that prefer a bed with a medium firmness level. Since the Leesa Mattress has both LSA 200 foam and memory foam, it strikes a balance between soft and bouncy.

With its construction, the Leesa model is great for back and stomach sleepers as it provides added support to the lower back, hip, and shoulder region. Those who prefer sleeping on their side, however, may find that the Leesa Mattress does not provide them with sufficient contouring due to it being firmer.


You’ll first notice the smooth and soft cover before slowly sinking into the Leesa Mattress. The memory foam layers help to provide sleepers with that comfortable sink in feeling, along with contour and much-needed pressure relief. However, you won’t feel stuck in the bed as the LSA 200 foam provides an added bounce and support for your body.

The LSA 200 foam and the support layer also work off each other to keep the bed responsive to pressure and bouncier than regular memory foam mattresses. As the layers work together, you’ll be able to get the perfect balance of soft memory foam, along with the right amount of support from a bouncier bed.

Unique Features

• Universal Adaptive Feel

While the LSA 200 foam is certainly a unique feature of the Leesa Mattress, it also comes with a special feature called the universal adaptive feel. What this means, is that the comfort and recovery layer of the mattress are able to work together and contour to your individual body type, and even your preferred sleep position. These two layers are also intentionally placed together to mitigate the common issues of memory foam – sleeper’s feeling hot at night and feeling like they’re stuck in the mattress.

A Breakdown of the Original Purple Mattress


While the Leesa company is one of the most successful bed companies around, the Purple company isn’t too far behind. Recently, the Purple company has also been making waves in the mattress world due to its unique technology, and out of the box commercials. The company currently has the Original Purple Mattress, as well as the All-New Purple. We’ll be focusing on the Original Purple Mattress, but there’s certainly no harm in taking a look at the All New Purple Mattress which has its own set of features.

What makes the Original Purple standout from other mattresses, is how it’s pretty much one of the few mattresses in the world that doesn’t have any pressure. The concept might sound odd, but it’s actually pretty simple. Basically, the bed has an intricate grid that’s constructed with a material called hyper-elastic polymer. With the help of this material, the mattress can conform in accordance with the amount of pressure it gets. This unique grid also has spaces to allow air to flow freely, provides added support to the spinal region, reliefs pressure, and is free of allergens.

• Top Layer – Cover

Similar to other mattress covers, the Original Purple Mattress’s cover is soft and made with a blend of materials to provide added comfort. Unlike other mattresses, however, the cover is thin and stretchable to help in regulating temperature and keep you cool at night.

• Second Layer –Comfort Layer

The second layer of the mattress is where the magic starts to happen. The Original Purple Mattress utilizes the hyper-elastic polymer grid also known as the Smart Comfort Grid in this layer. With this grid, it can easily adapt to each individual sleepers’ body type while also providing the right amount of pressure point relief. Since the columns within the grid are made of hyper-elastic polymer material, it also aids in providing adequate support to the sleeper. The flexible material also means that weight and pressure can be equally distributed within the bed. Due to the way the grid is designed, there are also air pockets that help in allowing air to flow freely.

• Third Layer –Transition Layer

After the intricate grid, there’s then a transition layer that sits in between. Since the base layer below is firmer, the transition layer helps the sleeper in adopting from the comfort layer to the sturdier layer below. This layer is 3.25 inches and made with a high-density poly foam that still has a touch of softness. Either than helping the sleeper to transition, this layer also provides support and heightens the responsiveness from the comfort layer.

• Fourth Layer –Base

The final layer is essentially the foundation of the bed and helps in supporting the rest of the layers. Since this layer is meant to provide sturdier support, it’s made with durable 4-inch poly foam and is the firmest of all the layers.


Due to how the Original Purple model is constructed, the firmness of the mattress would differ greatly in accordance with your preferred sleep position and your body type. Overall, however, the mattress would rank at about a 6 on the firmness level. With this ranking, it places the mattress just a little above medium firmness. It’s also great for a variety of sleep positions, as the grid releases in accordance with the amount of pressure that’s placed on it. Hence, it’ll provide sufficient support to those that prefer to sleep on their back, stomach, and even side.


The feel of the mattress would also differ from person to person due to how the mattress is constructed. You’ll first notice the thin, soft, and breathable cover that the mattress has. Thereafter, depending on the amount of pressure you place on the mattress, the comfort layer’s grid would respond with a touch of bounce. Finally, the transition and base layer of the bed will provide overall firmness while distributing both weight and pressure equally.

Unique Features

• Hyper-Elastic Polymer

The standout feature of the Original Purple model is certainly its hyper-elastic polymer material. While other mattresses usually are either constructed with coils, memory foam, or latex, the hyper-elastic polymer brings something to the table that’s unlike any other material. Not only is it allergen-free, the material can be recycled, and is also non-toxic. Due to its flexibility, the material can also adapt to each individual sleeper’s body type and provide comfort where the pressure is exerted and needed the most.

Which One to Get


The Leesa Mattress is a great option for individuals that want something a little different from the traditional memory foam bed. Since it has the unique combination of memory foam and LSA 200 foam, it’s bouncier than other memory foam mattresses but also has that comfortable slow sink in feeling. The Leesa Mattress also has been designed to combat the issue of sleepers feeling hot at night. Since the memory foam layer is under a layer that helps to facilitate airflow, it’ll also aid in temperature regulation. While most memory foam mattresses aren’t suited for back and stomach sleepers since it doesn’t provide enough support, the Leesa Mattress is a little higher on the medium firmness level and does provide the support required.

If you prefer to sleep on your side, however, the Leesa model may not be your first pick since it’s a little firmer and doesn’t provide sinkage that your shoulder and hips require. Since the comfort layer of the mattress is constructed with a material that’s somewhat latex-like, it isn’t very good in absorbing motion and would not be the best choice if you have a sleeper partner.

In terms of cost, the Leesa is slightly more affordable than the Purple Mattress. While it doesn’t quite have the same technology, the Leesa Mattress is certainly a great buy for a wide variety of individuals. It has the ideal balance between soft memory foam and a bouncier firmer mattress. It is also made with durable materials so you can be assured that the Leesa Mattress will be able to provide you with restful sleep for a number of years.

Original Purple

While the Leesa bed has two types of foam that’s incorporated into its layers, the Original Purple Mattress has a hyper-elastic polymer grid that can cater to a whole range of sleepers. Due to the intricately designed grid, it can provide pressure relief and comfort for those that sleep on their side to those that sleep on their stomach. While the mattress can conform to different types of pressure, if you’re a heavier or lighter individual, you may want to check if the mattress is able to cater to your needs. Lighter individuals may find that the polymer grid is not sufficiently activated, and heavier individuals may not get the pressure relief that they require.

Since the mattress is bouncier than most, it’s also great for sleepers that aren’t keen on memory foam. You also won’t have to worry about feeling hot at night as the air pockets within the hyper-elastic polymer grid will keep you cool.

While the Original Purple bed is a tad more expensive than the Leesa model, it also has a unique technology that’s incorporated into the mattress. You can be assured that you’ll be provided with pressure relief, adequate support, and much-needed comfort every single night.


Both the Leesa and the Original Purple have their own standout features that make them different from each other. While the Leesa Mattress has two different types of foam, including a specially designed LSA 200 foam, the Original Purple Mattress is constructed with a hyper-elastic polymer material that conforms to pressure. Both mattresses aim to provide their sleepers with comfortable, and restorative sleep. Since they’re both vastly different from each other, the best way to find out which mattress is better suited to your needs is to test out the sleep trial. Both companies offer a 100-night sleep trial that you can utilize to have a better idea of how each mattress feels.

After the sleep trial, you can also head online to read up on other people’s experiences to see if there are any other problems that they may have encountered with each mattress. If you have any physical aches or pains, do also check-in with a medical professional to see if they have any advice on which mattress would better help to alleviate those issues. Take your time in finding a mattress that’s best able to cater to your own individual needs.