Purple Mattress vs Helix Sleep: The Pros and Cons

Updated November 4, 2019

From innersprings to heat wicking memory foam, there are so many different types of mattresses on the market these days. It’s great to have so many options to choose from, but in spite of the versatility, there can be some serious confusion. Especially if you aren’t able to test out a mattress in the store before buying and have to rely on internet reviewers or customer feedback.

Don’t let the giant world of mattress shopping become a chore – just read some specifications on the types of mattresses you like! For example, when it comes to comparing two of the more prominent brands of mattress online today – Purple mattress vs Helix Sleep – which one is the better choice? Although a lot of that question has to do wither personal preference, there is plenty of information out there about both of these great mattresses to help you come to a choice a bit easier.

Purple Mattress Helix Sleep
Regulates body heat for hot sleepers More traditional feel
Good for light sleepers Good for all body weights
Supports all types of sleep positions Comes with a mattress cover

The Rundown

While both of these mattresses come with super great specs, it must come down to one or the other. Thankfully, there are plenty of facts about each that can help even the pickiest shopper decide which one will suit their needs the best. While the Purple mattress is great at regulating body heat by dispersing heat quickly throughout its fibers, the Helix mattress has that traditional feel of springs most people are comfortable with. The Purple mattress brings in a bit more modern feel to the sleep world, while the Helix mattress adheres to those more traditional types of heavy mattresses.

While the feel of the mattresses is unique, the temperature regulation can be comparable. The more cost-effective mattress would have to be the Helix since it is cheaper in both price and shipping. Both mattresses work really well for sleepers who tend to move a lot or reposition since both mattresses are adequate for stomach, side or back sleepers. It’s a win-win for everyone, no matter what your specific preference may be – at least when it comes to actual sleep position.

Which One is Better?

If it seems really difficult to have to choose between the Purple mattress and the Helix Sleep mattress, that’s because it is. Both of these mattresses will bring you plenty of benefits. Everyone can benefit from these types of mattresses because they have so much to offer. When it comes down to figuring out which one is better, that all depends on personal preference. You can’t really make a wrong or right decision unless you know for sure what each mattress specifications entail and what you feel comfortable with.

If you are more comfortable with a traditional mattress feel, the kinds of mattresses that have that innerspring or traditional spring feel, the Helix Sleep mattress may be the better option. However, if you are thinking you want a change in a mattress and want to experience something a bit more modern, the Purple mattress is the way to go. Either way, you’ll be making a good decision with either of these.

Purple Mattress


The Purple mattress comes in most sizes, so a twin will start at around $699, but the thicknesses of the mattresses will be more expensive. For example, a 13-inch Purple twin XL mattress starts at $2,499. The largest-sized mattress, the California King, will set you back $3,499.

Features and Maintenance

The features of the Purple mattress include a more modern feel and that great heat wicking top cover we discussed earlier. With great edge support and varying sizes and thicknesses, the Purple is highly durable and can last you a long while.

Maintenance with the Purple mattress is like most mattresses. With its durable frame, the Purple is sure to last a long while with proper upkeep. The mattress cover will certainly help in this aspect and prevent the buildup of germs which makes it hypoallergenic.


The Purple mattress comes with a warranty of 10 years. If there is anything faulty with the mattress at any point, you can return the mattress free of charge within that 10 year period. Anything after the warranty period will have to fall back on the purchaser, as far as returns and costs.

Helix Sleep Mattress


The Helix mattress is considerably cheaper than the Purple mattress. The standard twin-sized mattress starts at $600 and the largest size, the California King, comes in at $1,245. The full and queen sizes come in at $850 and 995. These are more standard sizes considering the Helix is a bit more traditional in feel than the Purple mattress.

Features and Maintenance

Being a more traditional mattress, the Helix has dynamic foam and polyester as most of its construction. This is a heavier mattress, compared to the light Purple mattress. That’s another aspect that most consumers appreciate when they tend to lean more toward the traditional feel of a mattress.

The maintenance of the Helix mattress is pretty standard. Since this mattress does not come with a cover, you’ll want to purchase one in order to keep the mattress free of staining from accidental spills. Otherwise, the mattress will last a long time with proper care.


The Helix also has a 10-year warranty. If anything happens to the mattress within those ten years, the company will refund the money in full. Outside of that ten-year window, all costs will have to fall back on the purchaser.


Overall, these are two high-quality mattresses that will bring plenty of comfort and deep sleep to new users. If it may seem hard to choose, the good thing is that each of these mattresses come with sleep trials, so you can test out the mattress before you make a final decision. After the sleep trial, you should get a better handle on which one will better suit you.