Pros and Cons: The Original Purple Mattress VS the DreamCloud

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Though recent technological advances have allowed us to be more in tune with what’s going on around the world and provides a platform for communication with loved ones that reside overseas, it’s also taken a toll on our sleep hygiene. As we’re always on the go and plugged in, we’ve also started to sleep less and less, while still exerting the same amount of energy in our day to day lives. While detoxing from technology is a good step in cleaning up your sleep hygiene, many individuals also tend to neglect the state of their mattress.

If you’re sleeping on a mattress that’s way past its due date, you’ll end up having aches, pains, and won’t be getting the rest that you need.

In recent years, there have been many mattresses that have made its way onto the market. Advancements in technology also mean that mattress companies have started to innovate and scientifically engineer their mattresses to suit sleeper’s individual needs. While the DreamCloud Mattress, for example, is made with 8 distinct layers that consist of different materials – each serving a different purpose for the sleeper, the Original Purple Mattress has a comfort grip that adapts to the shape of your body and reduces motion transfer.

Here, we’re going to take a more in-depth look at both of these mattresses, so you can decide on which would best suit your needs.

Original Purple Mattress vs DreamCloud Comparison

DreamCloud Mattress
The Original Purple Mattress
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Read My Review
Layers Used     8 layers
  • Cashmere polyester blend cover
  • gel infused memory foam
  • soft memory foam
  • natural latex
  • support memory foam
  • dense memory foam
  • micro coil compression system
  • and high-density memory foam
4 layers
  • cover
  • comfort layer
  • transition layer
  • transition layer and base (Made with
    the following materials: Polyester, Viscose,
    Lycra, Hyper-elastic Polymer and Poly Foam)
Height     15 inches9.5 inches
Firmness     Luxury firmIt only comes in one firmness level
Motion Transfer     GoodFair
Breathability     GoodGood
Trial Period     365 nights100 nights
Warranty     Lifetime warranty10 years
USD 1,199 with monthly payments
available (originally USD 1,399 but
they’ve got a special now)
USD 999 with monthly payments available
Shipping     Free shipping (some remote
locations may require shipping fees).
They only ship to the United States
Free shipping with white glove delivery
and mattress removal to the United States.
There’s also shipping to Canada but
additional costs may apply

A Breakdown of the DreamCloud Mattress


If you’ve always wanted to know how it feels like to sleep on a cloud, look no further than the DreamCloud Mattress. While most mattresses are usually only about 9 to 10 inches, the DreamCloud Mattress totals a whopping 15 inches and consists of 8 different layers. To provide sleepers with the perfect haven for deep restorative sleep, the DreamCloud Mattress is made with a variety of materials such as latex, memory foam, and even individual coils for optimal comfort. To top it off, the DreamCloud Mattress even has a cover that’s made with a cashmere polyester blend to keep you feeling cool and comfortable.

As most sleepers tend to overheat while sleeping at night, the DreamCloud Mattress aims to rectify this problem with breathable foams that are of premium quality and usually used in more expensive mattresses. The DreamCloud company is also confident in the product that they offer their sleepers. Hence, they have a 365-night sleep trial to ensure that their sleepers are happy with the product before making their purchase. There’s even an unlimited warranty so you won’t have to worry about replacements and damages.

Top Layer – Cashmere polyester blend cover

The luxurious DreamCloud Mattress starts with a cover that’s made with the perfect blend of cashmere and polyester. Either than being soft and comfortable, this cover is also ideal for sleepers that tend to feel hot at night. Cashmere is known to be a fantastic breathable material that’s even better than foam.

Second Layer – Gel-infused memory foam

After the cashmere polyester cover, you get a good layer of memory foam that’s specially infused with a gel that helps with cooling as well as providing additional support. Making this a great choice if you often have night sweats. The memory foam will also contour to your specific body type to ensure added comfort.

Third Layer –Soft memory foam

While your body adapts to the gel-infused memory foam, you then get a layer of soft memory foam that’s meant to enhance your comfort. This soft memory foam is similar to traditional memory foam and provides you with that subtle feeling of sinking into the mattress. While you’ll enjoy the comfort from the soft memory foam, you won’t have to worry about feeling stuck in the mattress as there’s a slight bounce to make sure you don’t sink too far in.


Fourth Layer –Natural Latex

The latex material from the fourth layer helps to prevent you from sinking too far into the soft memory foam. Since this is natural latex and not made of synthetic material, it’s able to handle both pressure and weight better. Latex is also known to be a material that’s bouncy and durable.


Fifth Layer – Support memory foam

After a layer of latex, you then get the support memory foam that helps in propping up your body and providing added contour.

Sixth Layer – Dense memory foam

After that support memory foam, you have another layer of denser memory foam to support your body further. This dense memory foam will not only cradle your body as you sleep, but it’ll also help in providing that added support for individuals that prefer to sleep on their back or stomach.

Seventh Layer – a Micro coil compression system

This micro coil compression system helps to provide restorative sleep in many ways. First off, these coils are spaced out from each other to facilitate airflow – allowing you to be kept cool throughout the night. These coils also have higher flexibility in comparison to regular mattresses. Hence, it works perfectly with the memory foam in contouring and relieving pressure points. Coils are also incredibly good at absorbing movement, so you won’t have to worry about tossing and turning at night.

Eighth Layer – High-density memory foam

The final layer of the mattress helps to tie everything together and is essentially the foundation of the mattress. It’s made of a high-density poly foam that not only helps to absorb motion, it also supports your body.


The DreamCloud Mattress is meant to cater to a wide variety of sleepers. Hence, the firmness level of the mattress is at a medium firmness level of 7.5. While it does rate a little higher than other mattresses, it isn’t anything over the top. Instead, it provides sleepers with a good balance of firmness and comfort.

While you might notice yourself sinking in due to the layers that are made with memory foam, you’ll get a nice bounce from the latex, and the denser foam layers and individual coils will help to prop your body up and make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Since it is firmer than regular mattresses, however, it’s good for those that tend to sleep on their stomach, side, or back.


Since the DreamCloud Mattress layers start with memory foam, you’ll notice that first. As you slowly sink deeper into the memory foam, you’ll notice how comfortable it is. However, you won’t feel stuck as the latex, and individual coils help to provide that much-needed bounce and support.

Unique Features

Made of 8 distinct layers

Most mattresses are only made with 4 of 5 layers. Hence, the DreamCloud Mattress’s unique feature is certainly its 15-inch thickness that’s constructed with 8 different layers. The best part is that all 8 layers work together to provide the perfect softness, bounce, and comfort. It’s also interesting how these 8 layers are constructed with different types of materials ranging from individual coils to memory foam and natural latex.

Each of these layers has their own purpose. However, they also work together in providing the sleeper with the ultimate sleep haven.

A Breakdown of the Original Purple Mattress


In recent years, the Purple company has been thrown into the spotlight due to its uniquely-designed mattresses and quirky advertisements. Currently, the company has two mattresses – the Original Purple Mattress, and the All New Purple Mattress. While both mattresses come with their own unique features, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Original Purple Mattress.

The Original Purple Mattress is relatively unique in comparison to other mattresses as it’s one of the rare mattresses in the world that doesn’t have any pressure. What this means, is that the mattress conforms according to the amount of pressure that it receives. This no pressure feature is possible through the use of a hyper-elastic polymer material that forms a patterned grid which would either support or fold depending on the pressure placed. The grid also helps in facilitating airflow to keep you feeling cool, and the mattress also supports your spinal region, is allergen-free, and provides pressure relief.

Top Layer – Cover

The cover is soft to the touch and made with a blend of materials such as polyester, lycra, and viscose. The cover is also thin and more stretchable than others to help with temperature regulation and keep you from overheating at night.

Second Layer –Comfort Layer

The second layer consists of the Original Purple Mattress’s intricately designed Smart Comfort Grid. This grid is constructed with a hyperelastic polymer material that conforms to each sleeper’s individual body type, while also providing adequate pressure point relief.

The hyperelastic polymer material makes up the columns in the grid and helps in supporting the sleeper. This intricate grid also helps to distribute weight and pressure points across the whole mattress Since there are air pockets within the columns, it also helps to facilitate airflow.

Third Layer –Transition Layer

After the comfort layer that has a uniquely designed grid, you then have a transition layer that sits between the comfort layer and base. The transition layer helps sleepers to adapt to the firmer base layer below. The entire transition layer sits at 3.25 inches and is made with a softer poly foam that’s still of high-density. This layer also helps in provide added support and enhances the responsiveness of the comfort layer.

Fourth Layer –Base

The final layer of the Original Purple Mattress forms the entire foundation. It helps to provide overall support for the mattress. To ensure that it’s able to support the rest of the mattress properly, this layer is 4-inches thick, made with durable poly foam, and is firmer than the other layers.


The Original Purple Mattress only comes in a standard firmness level. However, as the mattress has an intricate grid that has absolutely no-pressure, the firmness of the mattress would feel different depending on your individual sleep position and body type.

Generally, however, the mattress would sit at a firmness level of about a 6. While it isn’t overly firm, it can’t be classified as plush either. As the grid releases depending on the pressure that’s exerted, it’s great for a variety of sleeping positions from those that prefer to sleep on their back to those that prefer to sleep on their side. The grid is also able to provide the support needed and can distribute pressure evenly.


Similar to the firmness level, the Original Purple Mattress’s feel would also be different depending on your body type and your preferred sleep position. Before noticing the feel of the mattress, however, you’ll first get the softness from the breathable cover. As you put pressure on the mattress, however, you’ll then notice the responsiveness from the comfort layer’s grid, that provides quite a bit of a bounce. The transition and base layer below helps to add a touch of firmness and equally distributes weight and pressure.

Unique Features

Hyper-Elastic Polymer

It’s rare to find a mattress that’s constructed with a hyper-elastic polymer material. Most mattresses are either made with memory foam or latex material. With hyper-elastic polymer, it’s not only allergen resistant, but it’s also not toxic and can be easily recycled. Since it’s elastic, it can also confirm to individual body types and provide optimal comfort in accordance with the pressure that’s being exerted.

Which One to Get


While the DreamCloud Mattress is more expensive than the Original Purple Mattress, it’s also cheaper in comparison to its other luxurious counterparts. If you’re looking for a mattress that exudes luxury and made of both high-quality and durable materials, the DreamCloud Mattress would be a good fit. It not only has a plush cashmere cover, but it also has incredibly soft memory foam that’ll lull you to sleep every night. Due to its higher firmness level, it’s also ideal for sleepers that usually sleep on their stomach or back. The firmer mattress will help in providing added support that’s helpful for individuals that prefer to sleep in those positions.

If you’re looking for something that’s plusher, however, the DreamCloud Mattress may not be for you. While it does have memory foam layers, it also has latex and individual coil layers that help in adding firmness and bounce to the overall mattress. With that, you’ll end up with a mattress that’s a tad firmer but also supremely comfortable.

What’s unbeatable, however, is that the DreamCloud Mattress not only comes with a 365-night sleep trial, it also has an unlimited warranty. With that, you won’t have to fret about spending additional money in replacing or fixing a mattress. With the sleep trial, you can also test the mattress for a whole year before deciding if it’s suited to your needs.

Original Purple

While the DreamCloud Mattress is a tad more luxurious with its 8 distinct layers, the Original Purple Mattress is uniquely constructed with a hyperelastic polymer grid that’s suited to a plethora of individuals. Due to the way the grid is designed, it’s ideal for a variety of sleep positions from sleeping on your side to sleeping on your stomach. While it’s suited to most, if you’re on the heavier or lighter side, you might want to test out the mattress before making your purchase. Heavier individuals should ensure that the mattress provides sufficient pressure relief while lighter individuals should make sure that the polymer grid has enough pressure to be activated.

If you aren’t a fan of memory foam, the Original Purple Mattress is well-suited to your needs. It’s not only bouncier than memory foam mattresses, but its grid also has air pockets to allow air to flow freely and keep you from overheating at night.

In terms of cost, the Original Purple Mattress is also cheaper than the DreamCloud Mattress. It’s a great buy for someone that’s looking for a scientifically-engineered mattress that provides support, pressure, and comfort to where you need it the most.


Both the DreamCloud Mattress and the Original Purple Mattress are constructed differently from each other. While the Original Purple Mattress has hyperelastic polymer material, the DreamCloud Mattress is made with other materials such as memory foam, and latex. While both mattresses have the goal of providing their sleepers with deep and comfortable sleep, they do come with their own unique set of features. While considering which mattress would be better for you, take your time as achieving restorative sleep is crucial to your overall well being.

To get a better sense of which mattress suits you more, it’s a good idea to test out the sleep trials. With the sleep trials, there are no strings attached, and you’ll be able to sleep on both mattresses and decide on which feels better for your needs. Once you’ve got a better feel of which you prefer, you can also read up on other people’s experiences online to see if there’s anything you need to take note of. If you have any physical aches and pains, there’s also no harm in checking with your doctor on whether or not he or she has a recommended mattress in mind for you.