Purple Mattress VS TempurPedic

Are you interested in purchasing a new mattress? You probably need something softer but with proper support for your back pains. Or maybe you want a bigger mattress for you and your partner.

Whatever it is, then the Purple and TempurPedic Mattress are some great options. Both mattresses are well-known for providing comfort, but each one has its own pros and cons.

Purple Mattress, for instance, has a gel-like texture, while TempurPedic feels like memory foam.Can’t decide? We’ll help you compare Purple vs TempurPedic! Find out which mattress you should get through our comparison chart.

We’ll discuss the pros and cons, construction, thickness, edge support, motion transfer, and price range!

Purple Tempurpedic
Price range: $599-$5198 Price range: $1659-$7598
Thickness: 9.25 inches thick with two to three layers of comfort Thickness: 10 inches thick with four layers of support.
Best for: hot sleepers, sleepers who move a lot, sleepers with hip and shoulder problems. Best for: sleepers with pressure problems, sleepers who prefer the traditional memory foam
Offgassing: low Offgassing: medium
Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, California King Available Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King, Split California King

About the Purple Mattress

Purple is an American-based company that specializes in mattresses, seat cushions, pillows, and platform bases. Even though they’re new in the market, their products speak for their reputability!

The Purple Mattress is the original variant out of the brand’s three mattresses. Known for being affordable yet high-value, this product is available in nine bed sizes.

It also features a gel-like texture for breathability and comfort to your shoulders and hips called the GelFlex Grid. It adjusts to your position to support your whole body, especially your back. The two foam layers of Purple have additional padding and more than 1400 air channels so you can stay cool yet cozy.

The PurplePlus Mattress is Purple’s second variant that offers more dynamic support with its enhanced GelFlex Grid of three layers, and an additional two-inch for utmost comfort. They also have the Purple Hybrid Mattress with transition foams and responsive support coils.


About the TempurPedic Mattress

The TempurPedic Mattress, as the brand says, is a mattress like no other! Their Tempur-Cloud Mattress is proven to soothe your pressure points 40% more than other mattresses.
The durable mattress is available in different sizes, from twin to CA king.

It adapts to your shape, temperature, and weight through its four layers of Tempur material while also reducing motion transfer in the bed.

TempurPedic offers five different mattress types to cater to the diverse needs of sleepers around the world! These are:

  • Tempur-Cloud, which features their new Tempur material
  • Tempur-Adapt, which is made of their original Tempur technology
  • Tempur-ProAdapt, their most pressure-relieving mattress
  • Tempur-LuxeAdapt, which offers 30% more conforming support
  •  Tempur-Breeze, which feels up to 8 degrees cooler.

Pros and Cons of the Purple Mattress

Weigh the pros and cons of the Purple Mattress!

Pros Cons
  • Provides comfort and pressure reduction with its two to three layers of GelFlex Grid
  • 10-year warranty and a 100-night trial
  • Quality customer care
  • Affordable price range
  • Other mattress brands offer more than two to three layers of comfort
  • Purple only offers three variants
  • Does not offer California and California Split King sizes.

Pros and Cons of TempurPedic Mattress

Still not sure about TempurPedic? Here’s a list of its pros and cons

Pros Cons
  • Provides four layers of luxurious comfort
  • Perfect for sleepers who want a mix of foam and hybrid
  • 90-night trial
  • It offers the typical traditional memory foam feel
  • Trial period is only 90 nights
  • Expensive

Purple Mattress vs TempurPedic

Let’s have a more in-depth comparison between the Purple Mattress models and TempurPedic Mattress. Continue along to find out which bed is perfect for you.

— Construction

The 9.5-inch Purple Mattress is wrapped by a SoftFlex cover that provides breathability, softness, and flexibility. Its main material that buyers truly love is the Purple Grid, which is a firm yet bouncy comfort later made of a hyper-elastic gel polymer. It also has a transitional layer for optimal relief from all sorts of pressure.


On the other hand, TenpurPedic’s Tempur-Cloud is 10-inch tall. It features a 360-degree cover that is just as soft and breathable. Like the SoftFlex cover, it allows air to flow through the mattress and keeps you cool. Its main material is the Tempur Comfort Layer, their newest comfort layer from the original Tempur material.

This layer is comfortable and soft enough to provide pressure relief. Below this material is the base layer for firmness and durability.

— Thickness

Dimension-wise, the widths of Purple and TempurPedic are almost the same. The Purple Mattress is 9.25-inch thick, while Tempur-Cloud is 10-inch thick.

The Original Purple Mattress has two layers of original foam base plus the two-inch Purple Grid to cradle the pressure points of your body. If you prefer something thicker, PurplePlus gives you two more inches of comfort!

Tempur-Cloud has four layers to give you the best quality sleep ever. Aside from its 360-degree stretch cover, the Tempur comfort later is a responsive, cushion-like layer followed by the Tempur support layer. This layer adjusts to your shape and size to soothe difficulty sleeping. At the bottom is the base layer for exceptional durability.

— Edge Support

When it comes to edge support, we think Purple wins! But we’re talking about the Purple Hybrid here because it is comfortable and sturdy that you won’t even experience falling off the bed.

Tempur-Adapt also has amazing edge support because of the minimal compression. As with the Purple Hybrid, Tempur-Adapt won’t make you feel like you’re about to fall off the bed.

— Motion Transfer

Some mattresses prevent movement by absorbing it and focusing on certain areas, such as the TempurPedic Mattresses. Everyone loves a good memory foam to minimize motion transfer!

Purple Mattress is on the bouncier and softer side, so you’ll be expecting movement ripples when your partner switches position or when your dog climbs up the bed.

— Offgassing

Some mattresses have weird smells when taken out of the packages, specifically those with foam layers. Tempur-Cloud Mattresses have a slight off-gassing that faded away after a couple of days.

As for Purple, mattress off-gassing will never be a problem for you!

— Price Range

The price range of mattresses not only depends on the brand but also on the size. If you’re looking for something affordable, we recommend Purple Mattress. Its original variant ranges between $599-$1698, the Purple Hybrid is around $1499-$2988, and the Purple Hybrid Premier costs $2099-$5198.


If you’re willing to splurge more, then give the TempurPedic Mattresses a try. The Tempur-Adapt line ranges from $1699-$3398, while the Tempur-Cloud is approximately $1699-$2399. TempurPedic’s most expensive line is their Tempur-ProBreeze Hybrid which costs $3799 to $7598.

— Delivery

Purple offers free shipping to the USA except for Alaska and Hawaii. The Purple Mattress and Purple Hybrid are to be vacuum-sealed and wrapped. USPS, FedEx, or other courier services will cater to your package and deliver it to your doorstep.

If you ordered the Purple Hybrid Premier, you’ll also get free shipping from White Glove. You also have the option for couriers to set up the mattress in your room.

TempurPedic offers free shipping through White Glove as well. But for those residing in Alaska, Hawaii, or other US territories, you’ll need to pay $600 for delivery.

— Warranty

Both Purple and TempurPedic offer 10-year non-prorated warranties for all their mattresses. Non-prorated means you only need to pay for shipping fees despite the required repairs or replacement.

For returns, Purple offers a 100-night sleep trial, while TempurPedic lets you have a 90-night trial before you can return or exchange.

In Conclusion

Both Purple and TempurPedic are trailblazers in the industry. In the end, it all comes down to your preference!

We hope this comprehensive comparison helps you get a good night’s sleep. Feel free to share your questions and feedback. We’d love to hear from you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Buy the Purple Mattress?

Purple Mattress is the better choice for sleepers who want a unique mattress experience at a low cost. Whether you sleep on your side or back, this mattress will adjust for your comfort. It’s also breathable, so it’s suitable for hot sleepers! Give it extra points if you’re a heavy sleeper or have a partner to share the bed. It’s more responsive than TempurPedic in terms of motion transfer. For buyers interested in low-cost but high-quality mattresses, give the Purple Mattress a go already!

Who Should Buy the TempurPedic Mattress?

Those who want a hybrid design but still prefer the traditional memory foam may also opt for the TempurPedic Mattress. It’s a great mix between the usual and unique! Sleepers who want a slightly thicker mattress need to try this one too! We recommend TempurPedic to individuals who are willing to spend more for the sake of a good night’s sleep.