28 Nifty Purple and Teal Bedroom Ideas

Purple and teal are probably the prettiest colors you can find for a child’s bedroom. Although, if you’re an adult that likes bright colors, this is a good article for your to sink your teeth into. These two colors can be rather difficult to pair with anything else, such as decor and other paint ideas. If you are having a tough time trying to figure out how to coordinate them, check out this list of 28 rooms that have taken purple and teal to a whole new level.


#1. Teal Walls, Purple Accents

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This room is perfect for a child or teenager who has two favorite colors. The teal walls are great for brightening up the room naturally and the purple curtains and details on the comforter make for a nice accent color. As much as these two colors shouldn’t really go together, they work well with each other and it gives the place a little bit of spunk.

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#2. Purple Lights

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Here’s a cheap and easy way to add some color to your room without the use of paint. These purple string lights are a beautiful way to accent any room in your home. You can either make them messy, such as this picture, or you can string them up along the headboard or the ceiling. Either way, it creates a colorful and romantic atmosphere to enjoy.

#3. Teal Furniture

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This beautiful little girls room is quirky and fun. The walls are a lavender color with a fun patterned purple quilt. Surrounding it is a teal night stand ad bed frame. If you didn’t notice, there are also little hearts on the wall. It’s a very simple and cheap way to turn your child’s room into something fun and unique.

#4. Big Teal Bed

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This bed reminds me of an old hotel pool, you know, the ones with those old school blue tiles. Although it looks like something out of the 70’s, it’s still pretty awesome looking. It gives the entire room a pop of color without being too overpowering. The walls and floor are a bright color, which allows the light to naturally bounce off it to create a brighter room. If you want to make your bedroom more lively and colorful, this is the way to do it.

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#5. Lovely Lavender

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When I was a kid, this was the color of my room and I loved it. I only had two windows and the light color of the walls allowed the sunlight to naturally fill the room. In this particular room, they used the traditional white furniture and added teal accent pieces to break up the coloring a little bit. The teal also matches the coloring in the comforter. This is a very cute way to liven up a little girl’s bedroom.

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#6. Flowery Accents

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This room features one of those simple designs that just seems to make the place come to life. Those silver flowers against that beautiful teal wall is absolutely stunning. It goes with the other flowery decor around the room. They also threw a splash of purple in there to mix up the colors a little bit. This is one of those purple and teal bedrooms for adults that could also be used in a teenage girl’s bedroom.

#7. Ariel Themed

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock your whole life, you’ll know why this room is purple and teal with the Ariel poster hanging. This little girl’s room is Ariel themed and it’s actually rather affordable to recreate. You can pick up one of those canopies online or at your local large retail store, along with the comforter and poster. The sea horses on the other hand may have to be ordered online, but they simply stick to the wall and can be easily removed.

#8. Quirky Patterns

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So solid teal and purple colors may become boring after a while, so why not switch it up with some patterns and shapes. This room features that beautiful multi-colored quilt with different size circles all over it. The area rug also features a circle pattern on it, like polka dots. It’s a funky way to switch things up from being plain, to fun.

#9. Fun Style

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If you have triplets or kids that are close in age, this is a cute pattern to try out. Against that dark blue wall, there are three beds with the purple and teal comforter pattern. I’m honestly not sure where you can get those comforters from, but they’re pretty cool looking. The other comforter on the bed features different colored flowers and fun patterns that will make your child actually want to be in their bed.

#10. Blocks

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This is a really cool pattern for a child’s walls. This fun pink, teal, and purple block pattern is a step up in the painting world and really neat to look at. It can easily be recreated with the paints and some painters tape. The headboard is a beautiful teal silk fabric and the bed is teal and pink. They threw some purple in there as well to mix it up a little bit and how cute is that duck!?

#11. Mermaid Themed

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This room is kind of similar to the previous Ariel one, but it’s switched up a little bit. The walls are purple with white polka dots and the furniture is a teal color. There’s the obvious seahorse decor and the cute starfish and other fish pillow to go with the “under the sea” theme. I really like that sign above the bed that says “Mermaid”. I would think that you can find that easily online.

#12. Shiny

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Moroccan themes are usually very shiny and full of colorful patterns and beads, which brings me to this bedroom. This Moroccan bedroom features a stunning embroidered quilt with that deep purple canopy above it. It has little crystals hanging from it, as with most decor in these rooms. I can’t say for sure how easily accessible these are, but I would start your search online for something similar if this is a style that you really like.

#13. Different Purples

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Rather than this room being all about the teal and purple, it’s mostly about the purples. There are a lot of different shades going on in here and different textures. The bed looks like it has some velvet on it and maybe some cotton. There are also quite a few different patterns going on, such as the paisley pattern and the flowers. I don’t suggest using this idea for those who need matching patterns and colors.

#14. Zig Zags

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If you have a lot of time on your hands and eyes that won’t go bonkers after looking at this room for a while, then I suggest for those looking for something different. This pattern features one wall of different colored zig zags and the rest of the walls are a solid purple. On the bed there are zig zags, polka dots, stripes, and solids. There are definitely a lot of different patterns in this room, but it’s really fun to look at.

#15. Dark Colors

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If you like dark colors, you’ll love this. This room is dark, which is how they like it I assume. It has those deep purple and teal colors against a dark purple and iris wall. Check out behind the bed. There’s a beautiful pattern on the wall. I am not sure if they painted it or found a wall decal online that can be easily put up. Either way, this room seems to be very mystifying to me.

#16. Lots Of Teal

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This is another one of those dark rooms that I really like. The walls are a beautiful teal color with teal curtains that block out the light. The bed features a purple comforter and blue pillows against a custom back wall. I’m really not sure how they created it, but it’s pretty magnificent to look at. It’s definitely one of those modern purple and teal bedroom ideas that I would love to try out.

#17. Funky Backsplash

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Most of this room is pretty ordinary, until you get to the backsplash behind the bed. It’s made from what looks to be some wood and fabric cut to different lengths. It definitely gives the room a little bit of character and color. This is something that can be done on your own after carefully studying some tutorials, especially those about custom headboards since this is very similar to them.

#18. Purple Patterns & Solid Teal

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It’s pretty obvious that this bed frame isn’t one that you can get at any retail store. It’s one that may have to be special ordered or made by hand if you are crafty enough. It features a pattern that you really don’t see anywhere else. The main focal point in the room, other than the bed, is that teal chandelier. It is a beautiful piece of work and the mirror decor behind the bed gives it even more of a wow factor.

#19. Silky

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This may be one of my favorite designs on the list. The bed is covered with a gorgeous silk comforter with embroidered flower designs on it. The teal and purple pillows also have some stitch work done and some crystal accents sewn onto them. Behind the bed is a beautiful purple wall with teal trim work all around it. This is definitely something that can be easily recreated for a stunning new look in your home.

#20. Diamond Patterns

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The coloring throughout this room is really fun to look at. The comforter looks to be a variety of different textures and patterns inside of the initial diamond pattern. The headboard is upholstered with that buttoned style to it, which can be easily done at home with the right tools. Behind the bed are curtains as accents rather than window treatments, which is a very affordable way to add something creative to the room.

#21. Tie Dye

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A simple way to get multiple colors on your bedding is to tie dye it! This bedspread is white, teal, purple and green tie dyed, which is really cool looking. Rather than painting the walls, all you have to do is essentially paint your bed. You can find tie dye comforters just about at any WalMart, Sears or other big name retail chain store across America and Canada.

#22. Cherry Blossoms & Velvet

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Okay, if you like patterns and nothing that matches, this is the room for you. This bedroom features that cherry blossom wallpaper behind a velvet headboard. The area rug on top of the hardwood flooring is a unique purple and white swirl pattern with light teal night stands on top of it. On the bed are those tie dye pillows against purple velvet pillows on top of a tufted comforter.

#23. A Splash Of Brightness

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This bedroom is almost completely dark purple. I have to say, I like the color, but I couldn’t imagine not having any other color in there. This is where the bright blue and green accent colors come in handy. The colors are featured on the pillows to break up that solid purple, along with the silver accent features and the mirrored night stand. The one positive thing about the room is that the hardwood floor does a great job of reflecting natural light.

#24. Purple & Aqua Accents

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Rather than making the entire room purple or teal, there are only a few accents of that color. This bedspread is a plain white, along with the walls, which can be really harsh on the eyes. This is why the use of purple for that accent features on the bed are much appreciated. They break up the white and give the room a splash of color so that it doesn’t seem so boring.

#25. Vintage Teal

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This room has got to be one of the best decorating ideas on here that’s also very simple to accomplish. If you can get to a thrift shop or antique shop, there’s a good chance that you can find a beautiful vintage set like this. You may have to do the painting, but it’s completely worth it. Set up against those lavender walls, those accessories really pop and give the room an old school look mixed with some modern.

#26. Bright & Big

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This is one of those rooms that I would recommend to be a larger size for this design. There are a lot of patterns going on in it and it would be too much to look at in a smaller room. This big room is ideal for accommodating that large custom headboard and the huge chandelier. The room also features cool patterned curtains and a checkered area rug.

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#27. All About The Headboard

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It’s pretty clear that the focal point in this room is probably the headboard. This beautiful upholstered buttoned headboard is a deep teal color and very pleasing to the eye. The other thing that I noticed about the room right off the bad was the striped ceilings. I don’t know how easy it would be to do, but I suppose for somebody that has a lot of time on their hands with a creative mind, it wouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish.

#28. Bright Teal Walls

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Last up on our list is this beautiful deep teal bedroom. The walls are a gorgeous color and resting on it is a nice white upholstered headboard with the buttoned pattern on it. On the bed are beautiful purple pillows and other various purple accents. The windows are created to look like shutters, which is pretty awesome in my opinion. This room is very modern and can work with any age group.

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There you have it, 28 stunning purple and teal bedroom ideas. These range from easy to accomplish to very intricate and time consuming. The design of your room depends on how much patience, money and time you have on your hands. Honestly, I would try out just about any design on this list. Whether you just got a new mattress and want a new look to go with it or you just need something different to look at, these are all great ideas if you like teal and purple. With that being said, if you have any ideas of your own or you would like to tell us about your room, drop us a comment below!