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Platform Beds vs Box Springs: Is One More Superior To The Other?

Today, along with trying to decide which mattress is best for your bed, you also now have to decide which type of bed frame to get or what kind of foundation you need. Today, a big debate seems to be between what a platform beds vs box spring is. There are definitely some major differences between the two, but which one is going to give you the most bang for your buck. Follow me as I break all of the pros and cons down between the two and give you a solid answer as to which one is more superior.

Platform Bed

Platform beds seem to be the more popular choice out of the two for a number of reasons. As stated above, there are a ton of styles to choose from, they offer circulation for your mattress and they have more storage options than a box spring bed would. Here’s what a platform bed has to offer.

Platform Bed Pros and Cons


  • Does not require additional box spring
  • There are tons of styles available
  • Ideal for memory foam mattresses
  • Available for storage options
  • Good air circulation to keep mattress cool


  • They sit low to the ground and may require extra effort getting up
  • Difficult to move around because they’re one piece
  • Extra money is spent on a high quality mattress


If you’re a minimalist and don’t really want to fill your room with dressers or you don’t have the time to hang all your clothes in a closet, the platform bed that has the storage options is a good idea. These beds feature one or more drawers that pull out from under the bed. This saves a ton of space if you aren’t looking to add a ton of furniture to your bedroom. There are also options that have bookshelves built in and all kinds of other goodies. Box spring mattress beds may have the bookshelf option, but definitely not the under-storage. Not to mention, box springs leave little to no room for anything under the bed unless you have a high-profile frame.

Mattress Protection & Comfort

One of the most valuable things we put on our bed frames is the mattress. We can spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a new one. If you put it on a frame that isn’t right for the specific type, it can lead to mold issues or even issues with your body temperature.

Platform beds are perfect for memory foam mattresses because it offers breathability. It allows air to circulate throughout the mattress, leaving little to no moisture for it to suck up. The only thing you have to look out for is the slat size. Depending on the mattress, there should be a certain size slat and distance between them, in order to maintain stability and support.

Aesthetic Appeal

Everybody loves a good looking bed. You aren’t going to pick up a crummy looking frame and stick it in your brand new home are you? Platform beds give your bedroom a very high aesthetic value. Most people who use this kind of bed love the low profile and how modern and sleek they are. Not to mention, they’re very stable because of how low they are to the ground, which is actually better for maintaining proper posture while you’re sleeping. Unfortunately, the only downfall to this design is that those with certain disabilities can find themselves having an issue getting out of bed.

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Box Spring

Ah, the box spring. This was used in almost every home for a long time until memory foam mattresses began to rise in popularity. Even though these seemingly dinosaur-ish aged products still exist, they’re more popular than one would think. The reason behind it? Probably the fact that they are higher off the ground and they have a more modern appeal to them, making it more popular with those who like the regular beds or traditional look of things.

Box Spring Pros and Cons


  • Gives you extra height
  • Absorbs your body weight better than platform beds
  • Prevents premature mattress sagging
  • More traditional for those who like that kind of decor


  • They cost extra money
  • Lose support over a period of time
  • Little to no room for storage under the bed


It’s already been said enough that these types of beds don’t offer a ton of storage space. They also don’t come with the storage drawer options either and if they do, they’re probably really pricey. However, if you have one of these beds that are really high up off of the floor, it may leave you with enough room to store certain things underneath. This is definitely where I would put the platform bed frame above this type, especially if you need that extra space.

Mattress Protection & Comfort

Box springs are best for adding support to your body and your mattress. They also absorb your body weight evenly across the foundation, which can help extend the life of your mattress and your warranty. Not to mention, it can help ease some back pain because it’s flat and not sagging anywhere. Unfortunately, they offer very little airflow for the mattress. This is a cause for concern because it can lead to mold and mildew buildup, which could be a potential health hazard. It can also cause heat to become trapped inside of the mattress since there’s nowhere else for it to go. Most of the mattresses today have features that allow it to keep you cool throughout the night, but without air circulation, it might not work the way it’s supposed to, causing some discomfort.

Aesthetic Appeal

There are quite a few people out there who love the simple look of things. These types of standard beds are very warm and the design style of them are preferred by those who like more traditional decor. The box springs can prove to be a pain because they are an added cost, but a lot of people like the way they look when they are high off of the ground. It’s definitely a trend amongst modernists and well, the older folks who don’t like change.

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Platform Beds vs Box Springs Comparison Table

Platform bed Box Spring
Aesthetically pleasing Add more support to the mattress
Plenty of storage space Gives a more traditional look
Best for memory foam mattresses Generally affordable
Not good for those with issues getting out of bed Offer no air circulation for the mattress
Tough to move because it’s one piece No space for storage

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It seems like there are definitely some advantages and disadvantages to both of them. Platform beds have no added cost to them unless you decide to add some extra features and they are very aesthetically pleasing. Box springs, on the other hand, are more traditional. However, they are an added cost no matter what kind of bed you buy that requires the use of the box springs. They also need to be flipped once in a while to avoid sagging.

In this case, I would probably recommend the platform bed. There are more options for storage, they are generally affordable and they are a favorite among memory foam mattress users, which makes up most of our population. If you know somebody who is struggling with the decision, share this with them.