58 Awesome Platform Bed Ideas & Design

A platform bed can sometimes be something on an underwhelm. While you may be slightly devoid of any inspiration within this particular niche, there are things out there that can work for you, regardless of the type and color you’re after. We’ve dug through the realms of the internet to find the best, most exciting types of platform beds, and put together what we expect are the 60 best styles out there. Enjoy!

1. Au Natural

This funky bed idea is excellently appropriate for a shabby-chic style room and totally fits in with the trend of upcycling furniture. Made from what looks like 4 crates, this bed looks both super comfy and really awesome within the wooden surroundings of the room. Simple, effective and really sleek, this is one hell of a cool room, looking modern and chilled out.

2. Modern Rustic

A large looking bed with a very simple frame, this dark wood style is smart while staying in keeping with a fairly minimal wooden decor. The rest of the room looks very classical, with the wallpaper taking influence from old England and the small furniture either side of the bed match the underframe perfectly. What a lovely room.

3. Warm and Simple

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Taking influence from a cool, US-city center apartment, this room is beautifully modern and while the bed frame is nothing special in terms of design, the classic look works well within this room. The whole bed set up is flat, with a small mattress and one pillow per side, this room looks better with every little thing you notice – for example, the brickwork of the wall and the ground-floor garden outside.

4. Asian Flare

One of the most simple rooms I’ve ever seen, this is just a bed, a lamp and a window. Looking very Asian themed with the square windows behind the bed, the red colour shines through each feature. The bed is wooden, with just one large panel supported by four small, wooden legs. This room really suits having almost no features to it.

5. Cool Wooden Tones

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A beautiful, small room that is made even more special with the inclusion of the wooden theme that carries through the whole room, including the bedside drawers and the headboard of the bed. The two-tone wooden feel to the features is a neat touch, while the wood on the bed has a feel of upcycled furniture. A cool look for a small room.

6. Chunky Style

As our phones, TVs and computers get smaller, this bed set-up is evidence that even what we sleep on will continue to get smaller until it eventually disappears. OK, so maybe not, but this slim bed frame and even slimmer mattress reminds us very much of a new-age set-up. The wood throughout the whole apartment looks great when taken into context with the beautiful, small bedframe.

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7. As Simple as it Gets

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Another small, slender style bed, this time with a frame even smaller than the mattress, this bed looks super comfy with the top of the base a little larger to hold the weight of the person, while the base below is smaller. Even though there’s no space underneath the bed for storage, this design still works really well. The color of the bed compliments the color of the wooden floor perfectly.

8. Simple Geometrics

A really strange shaped bed, this deep, dark bed frame hugs the mattress, surrounding it with a slight lip, while I consider the main feature here to be the fantastically grant headboard at the top of the bed. Made from a number of panels, this rich colored feature gives the bed a more imposing look about it, from an otherwise underwhelming piece of furniture.

9. Beachy Bliss

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Another delightfully simple piece of work, the grain wood combination of bed frame and side drawers works incredibly well with this underplayed brickwork apartment. One of my favorite beds within the list, this queen bed is simple but effective, and keeps in line with the stripped back feel within the room. One can only speculate about how cold the room gets at winter, though.

10. Thick Luxury

This room has a lot going on, almost too much for me to handle. The panel floor would be nice on its own, but as for in combination with a whole load of other features within the room, it just looks messy and stressful. This also translates to the bedframe, which doesn’t benefit from being a completely different style to the floor, working as well as chalk and cheese.

11. All About the Grain

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This big, bulky bed looks like the perfect resting place after a long day doing whatever-the-heck-it-is-you-do. The thick, cloud of a duvet and mattress only serve to complement the thick, bulky but bed frame. The color is fine, with the rest of the room features matching excellently. A delightful looking bed.

12. Shaker Sensation

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Darting right from one end of the spectrum to the other, this slim bed looks frail in comparison to some of the other pieces we have had in today’s list. A lovely deep, dark piece of furniture, this bed and the color sits well with the wooden cabin feel of the rest of the room neatly. Although not the largest bed of them all, this slim number certainly works well within this room.

13. All the Small Things

A very small bed with a frame that complements the equally small room to perfection. What we have here looks a lot like a side room, somewhere for guests and friend to stay, and in that case this bed serves that purpose really well. A plain room, it still looks nice enough.

14. Smart Storage

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This looks more like a library than a bed, and I’m still referring to the bed frame itself, not taking into consideration the actual mini-library that makes up the semi-headboard. The whole situation with this bed is very stressful. There’s a need for storage in every room, granted, but this base surely takes the biscuit. Nobody needs this much room, and to be this high up. Not something I will be ordering in a hurry!

15. Ultra-Modernesque

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Another extremely modern piece of furnishing that I would love to have in my own home, the larger base supports the mattress well, and while it may be a little low down (your feet could touch the floor while slightly putting your legs out of the bed), this is just a really neat, beautiful piece of bedding that works well with the color of the room overall. Light purples are relaxing, and that’s exactly how this room feels.

16. Low Rider

The bed itself is actually quite nice, but the corner of this room is worrying. While the wardrobe is a nice color and matches the bed really well, it’s incredibly imposing to the point of being generally scary. The serious lack of anything else in the room is a strange state of affairs, while the bed itself is a little misshapen, it is still a nice piece of furniture.

17. Rustic Storage

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Another rather large bed, and room that seems to intimidate me with the sheer amount of things-to-space ratio. The bed itself is bulky, and while the wood is a beautiful colour, and matches a lot of the other furnishing around the room, it suffers where a couple of other of the rooms suffer in that there’s too much of the same thing going on, unfortunately.

18. Spacious Beauty

This is such a hugely interesting bed because it’s a strange shape, an unusual color within a massively unique setting. The room itself is really lovely, and with the stonework and outdoor scenery, you can tell this is a high-class room. The bed looking out over the view is fantastic, and the frame and mattress themselves look awesome. It’s a great looking bed in an even better looking area.

19. On the Rails

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This is a straight-up, no frills bed. Nice enough, a very strong color with the base designed from slats, there’s not far you can go wrong with this bed. A great idea for a spare room as the frame is very basic, but still nice enough to appreciate in other rooms, just maybe not stylish enough to make it as a fully-fledged master bedroom piece.

Floating Platform Bed Ideas

20. A Bachelor’s Dream

This floating bed frame is a stylish feature that fits in incredibly well with a stylish room. Very much looking like anybody’s ideal bachelor pad, this GQ-in-real-life style room offers much by way of jealousy. The bed looks very comfy while still looking slender, trendy and stylish. With little by the way of clutter, this room is one of the ideal rooms on my list.

21. It’s All an Illusion

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This bed has a really cool overhang vibe which makes it look suspiciously unsturdy, but believe me it’s fine. A comfortable looking bed with the mattress fitting neatly within the frame, this stylish and cool looking bed fits in the sleek and well rounded room really well. A cool-as-hell headboard with a wooden finish rounds this whole ensemble off nicely.

22. Turning Japanese

Of all of the frames that look as though they’re floating, this one is my favorite. The stand at the top of the bed and underneath the bed give this a really cool, spaced-out feel to it. As you can see in the picture, this bed looks perfectly suitable for a young person’s room or a spare room. The smart headboard matches the clean design perfectly giving the whole bed a really ace feel.

23. Sorta Spacey

Totally unique are looking really exciting and rounded towards the edges, this bed piece is a fashionable and exciting number. This urban apartment style room is very minimal, as you can see there’s barely anything in there, but the grey color gives it a surprisingly bright feel in the sunlight. Looking more like a large sofa bed than an actual master bedroom bed, this mattress is within the frame of the bed.

24. Bare Bones

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Very modern but if anything a little bit bare, this bed with a metal frame is a casual design with 4 minimal legs underneath the base to give it that feeling of floating in the air. The headboard works nicely with the rest of the bed – meaning it doesn’t offer anything particularly special – but with a similar colored room at home this bed would fit nice and neatly.

25. DIY Delight

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Again another totally minimal floating bed, with this time a wood finish, the difference between this bed and others is that this is actually quite high off the ground. The addition of two small side tables – one either side of the bed – is a sweet little feature, and the headboard while not particularly unique, adds a nice finish to the whole bed. A cool little number.

26. SciFi Sleigh

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Another awesome design, this bed looks as though it looks like it is folding back on itself slightly towards to bottom. If you look close enough the mattress is actually within the fancy design, which will be a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the ridges. Fitting in perfectly with what looks like a living room, this swish piece of furniture is a cool addition to any home.

27. European Simplicity

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I really like this bed and bedroom, it looks really beautiful. It has a fairly European feel to it, while the bed itself is a floating frame with a really professional, lovely finish. Overlapping the mattress on the bed, you can barely see the legs on the underbelly of the base.

28. Zazzy Zebrawood

Another modern addition to this list, the wooden features in this room make for another slightly over the top feel. While other furniture on this list looks quite overwhelming, this doesn’t, it merely suffers from the large wooden doors on the far side of the room, otherwise, this is a nice little room.

Modern Platform Bed Ideas

29. Lux Leather

The dark brown chic bed on this picture looks a lot more like a long, slim bean-bag than anything I’ve ever seen before, but it totally works well. The whole room itself is totally toned down, the lack of clutter gives this an Asian feel, and looks like the perfect place to meditate or take some downtime in pure relaxation.

30. Elegant Florals

The flowery bed frame in this next picture is a bit too much for me, but I do see the attraction. This stylish master bedroom looks cool, fresh and very much like a holiday home, but in the best way possible. The beautiful wooden floor is the main feature in this room where the bed may be slightly lost.

31. All-in One

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A fully functioning bed with additional side tables, this finely upholstered platform bed is a finely underplayed number, with a real beautiful design. Coming in a couple of different colors, this bed would match a number of schemes within your home.

32. Tufted Dream

The name of the game with this model of bed is pure luxury. A large frame which overlaps the mattress nearly, the actual frame makes the bed look super comfortable before you’ve even touched the thing! The white color may be a little much to clean though, so make sure you’re super careful with taking care of it!

33. Lay Low

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This design is as simple as it gets, but also as cool as it gets too. One large slat of wood, supported underneath by a base, with a mattress on top. It’s as easy as it gets but at the same time looks really fabulous. It would probably look even better if you were sleeping somewhere that wasn’t a warehouse, unlike the people from this picture.

34. Sinkin’ Soon

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Another luxurious piece of furniture here, this Queen bed screams of a five star hotel, as the leather that surrounds the mattress is smart, attractive and looks very well made. It may take a little while to get used to, as the leather surround is in a normally unnatural position. That is only a small blemish on what is otherwise a lovely bed frame.

35. ’80s Re-Imagined

The bed on show here is another extremely white piece of furniture. This bed looks really comfortable, and if you’ve got a room that is of similar color then this would fit in a charm. The headboard is quite arty and the base under the mattress pulls towards the center as it approaches the floor and looks swish and smart.

36. Artistic Awesomeness

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The design of the bed is really artistic, with the missing slats complimented by the lovely color of the slats that appear both on the headboard and towards the foot of the bed. The surrounding area of the room is beautiful too, with the fine looking fireplace adding to the grandeur of the room while the light-colored wooden flooring in the room takes nothing away from the bed and other features.

37. Black is Back

One of the first black numbers in the list, this elegant piece of furniture is a really cool looking bed. Made even more interesting by the mood lighting towards the side, you could probably do with a little more furniture in this room to make it more interesting. The bed style is basic but very suave and sophisticated.

38. Plain & Simple

A funky design, with the green really bringing vibrancy to the table, this bed platform is one of the first we have had that is just pain and simply there. A block of solid wood and material that supports the mattress in a classic way, there’s definitely something to be said for revisiting what has worked before.

39. Big Black Box

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This cool-as-hell black and white number would fit in very well in the modern home, and would just about fit in any color scheme. It’s a versatile feature, and the solid black color of the base of the bed is a sophisticated piece of furniture. The headboard is probably the highlight of this bed, with the multiple black slats being brought together to make up a professional and interesting number.

40. A Pipe Dream

I love this bed because it makes the room. Although the room’s view is excellent, the bed brings it all together. The minimal metal bed with small legs in each corner is perfect for letting the main features of the room do the talking. Although make sure you get curtains on these windows, or you could be in for a huge surprise!

Easy DIY or Homemade Platform Beds

41. Underneath it All

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This funky DIY style bed is really cool, and I actually think it’s one of the most exciting on the list. With a nice wooden finish and just enough storage room for it not to become total clutter, this beautiful looking bed space is perfect to release your inner interior designer. The beautiful color of this room too work really well with the bed as a whole.

42. Soft & Sensual

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Another really simple a quick piece of furniture you could pop together yourself, this bedding base looks really smart, very sleek and throws out the old notion that you get what you pay for. The headboard on the bed, too, is a mighty fine addition and compliments the rest of the room perfectly well.

43. Feelin’ Crafty?

This video shows you how to make a simple, stripped back for functional bed frame without needing to break the bank. You can get all of this material by going to a standard high street DIY store, all you need to do is follow these simple tips. You can event customize the color yourself to fit in with the theme within your room.

44. Hidden Drawers

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This platform bed is one of the most popular style of bases, as it gives you a great amount of space to use for storage that would otherwise be wasted underneath your bed. I really like the subtle color of the wood. This room would be perfect for a teen or youngster, as depicted within this picture. Simple, yet massively effective.

45. From Scrap to Stylish

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This platform bed idea is really cool, and is slightly different to the ones we’ve already seen above. The hardwood base and headboard and the same color, and makes the whole piece of furniture look really professional even though it’s been made from scratch, at home.

46. Sleek and Warm

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This bed, similarly to a few we’ve seen previously, is a really beautiful, dark wood style piece with floating side tables, perfect for nightlights or home phones. The thick base of the bed and the large wooden legs at each corner provide a strong base for the mattress, and the headboard, although fully wooden and lacking cushion, brings the whole piece together.

47. Rustic Reno

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This hugely rustic bed idea is brought together from reclaimed wood, proving you can do just about anything with a decent big of material and some hard work. Really professional looking, it’s a great piece that fits really well with the existing decor or the room. Homely, comforting and warm, this bed would be a beautiful addition to any room.

48. Vintage Vavoom

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This bed, put together fantastically well, looks as much like it’s been build from a treasure chest as anything else. And it just might feel like a treasure chest when we tell you this is something you can make yourself and save some real money. The color and large screws give this a rustic feel while this could be just as fun in a child’s room as it would in an adult master bedroom. An awesome work of art.

49. Boxy Bamboo

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Another simple design but put together excellently makes this bed look as good as you can get. The nightlight in the headstand is a super addition, and the hidden drawers at the top of the bed will be a great place to keep your phone or a book or two. The base itself is nothing special, but I mean that in the best way possible. It is really easy to make something like this yourself, so why not give it a go!

Upholstered Platform Beds

50. A Turquoise Dream

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The color of this bed is shocking blue but at the same time, it totally still works. With every piece of furniture matching, and no other bold colors in the room, the bed and other pieces looks on point. The neat little drawers in each side of the bed make great trinket storage units and the single bed atop the lot really tops it off nicely. Perfect for a youngster.

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51. Fit for a Pink Princess

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While possibly not for the faint of heart, your little girl would not doubt be totally made up if she came home to this. A beautiful, dainty number, it almost looks like it’s plastic – taken straight from a doll’s house and put right in your home. The base is thick and looks steady for a perfect night’s sleep.

52. Streamline Tuftiness

A simple yet really neat and sleek design, this upholstered bed looks like a whole mess of comfort. The base is covered in material while the headboard looks almost as comfy as the bed and mattress themselves. I’m really fond of this bed because it’s subtle and understated but really attractive looking.

53. Cool Leather

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This bed is simple, but in a different way. Basic, cheap and thoroughly plain, the leather frame of this bed could sit in any house, in any room, anywhere, and work well. There’s not much to it, but it is a really simple solution to the question of “what could I put in the spare room?” – and I mean that in the best possible way.

54. Gorgeous in Grey

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This is probably one of my favorite designs in the whole list and one of the most beautiful too. The light grey color of the bed and headboard would go with most colors in your room, and the hidden legs below the slim base make this look a real sophisticated and masterful piece of furnishing.

55. Muted Classic

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A piece that looks like the staple of any home, this bed is very much a basic, but again, this doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a very classic design that would fit most bedrooms. The headboard is lovely and the room is delicate and well lit, while all of the surrounding colors give this whole place a really nice, warm and vibrant feel to it.

56. Totally Tufted

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A unique and somewhat different bed, this Altozzo piece has a standard base and a rather large, unusually-styled headboard. Punctured with small buttons to give the ultimate tufted look, this headboard does look really comfortable.

57. Small but Mighty

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Another furniture set that would look great in the room of a young one, this single platform bed is another fairly basic attempt, with the four wooden legs in each corner providing an unusual change of color and style for that part of the bed.

58. Creamy Goodness

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Here we’ve got a plain cream, comfy looking bed that is neat, cozy and beautiful to boot. Coming in a few other different colors – brown and black – I think the best style is the cream, as it gives it a little something extra, and the brightness of the bed will illuminate any bedroom, while the black and brown would only bring the vibe down.

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So there we have it, we’ve taken you through a whole array of different and unique designs, and while some may very well not suit your home, we feel there’s something for everyone. There’s some DIY options, some more expensive and plush frames while also keeping the classic choices in there too. If you enjoyed this list of awesome platform beds, please comment and share below!

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