Pima vs Supima: Which One Should You Choose?

When it comes to buying new sheets, the process can be a pretty fun one if you know what you are looking for. Aside from trying to decide on color patterns and designs, you should also consider what material your new sheets are going to be made of. When it comes to pima vs Supima, which one should you choose?

Not sure of the differences? That is okay – we have a breakdown on what makes Supima different from pima cotton, and which would be better suited for your needs. Keep reading for some useful information that will help you choose!

What is Pima Cotton?

Pima cotton is a type of staple material that has extra-long, more durable fibers. Think of regular cotton but with better fibers. The reason pima is more sought after than standard material is because it lasts longer and is softer to the touch. In fact, the fibers in pima is 50 percent longer than regular materials, making this type extra soft since it’s made up of the fluffiest part of the bulb. Pima is only grown in Peru, Australia, and the United States. Only three percent of cotton grown in the United States is pima – so not only is the material softer and more durable, it is rarer than typical stuff.

Benefits of Pima Cotton

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, pima will certainly last longer than regular material. The highly durable fibers will withstand more washes than regular material, making this stuff superior to standard fibers. The materials made with pima will be softer, as well, due to those elongated fibers.

There is a reason why pima is so sought after. If you have ever felt the soft, durable strands of pima cotton, you would certainly understand why. Although the material is not silk, it certainly resembles it as it gracefully touches the skin. It is a softer, silkier version of that standard feel we are all accustomed with.

Downsides to Pima Cotton

The only real downsides to pima is the price. Since these fibers are stronger and more rare, naturally, the price for these superior goods will be on the higher end. It really depends on how you look at it, though; since these will be more expensive materials, but they will certainly last longer than standard textiles.

What is Supima Cotton?

Imagine pima but with more bells and whistles. In fact, the word “Supima” means superior Pima. These fibers are stronger, softer, and more durable than the Pima, making this material more expensive and more sought after. This is some of the most luxurious material you can get, and it is only manufactured in the United States. This material is strictly regulated, so you can be sure anything that says Supima on it is authentically U.S. grade Supima cotton. Supima is a brand name trademarked by the Supima Association, so all Supima is Pima but at that next level. This brand makes sure all their materials are top-of-the-line, superior grade fibers.

Benefits of Supima Cotton

If you like that extra durable strength of the Pima cotton but with more fluffiness, the Supima is the brand for you. These cotton fibers are the longest and strongest you can find on the market, and since this is a tightly regulated brand of cotton, you can be sure every Supima material is authentically Supima. This cotton will last longer, be stronger, and will almost feel like silk on the skin. Although it is rare to see bedding using strictly Supima cotton, there is bedding out there made of Supima – but be prepared to pay the price.

You will more commonly see Supima cotton being used in high-end retail outlets due to the silky soft fibers. Expensive clothing lines like to use Supima due to the strength and softness these cotton fibers bring to their clothing. Clothing wise, anything made with Supima will last far longer than standard clothing, making this material a sensible purchase if you are someone who prefers not to throw worn out clothing away often. This fabric will stand the test of time.

Downsides to Supima Cotton

Therefore, as you may have guess, Supima is expensive. In fact, Supima is three times more expensive than regular cotton and twice the price of Pima materials. If you are looking for some new queen sized sheets, for example, a set of Pima sheets will cost anywhere from $$$ to $$$, where a set of the same sized sheets in Supima will cost anywhere from $$$ to $$$. Ultimately, these sheets will feel much more luxurious and will definitely last longer, but it could be a hefty price tag to pay for most people.

Pima vs Supima Comparison

Pima Cotton Supima Cotton
Lasts longer than regular cotton Lasts the longest
Is softer than standard cotton Silky feel on skin
A bit more expensive Much more expensive
Rare Is the rarest cotton you can find

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If you still are not sure which type of cotton to buy, just think of what you are looking for specifically. If you want all the bells and whistles of luxurious materials without the price, maybe Pima would be the better cotton for you. However, if luxury is the name of the game, you cannot go wrong with all that great Supima cotton since it is the softest and most durable cotton you can find. Better yet, Supima cotton is so tightly regulated, you can be sure you will not buy fraudulent Supima cotton and waste money. So what do you think? Which type of cotton is best for you? Have any experience with either one of these kinds of materials? We would love to hear from you! Leave your questions, comments, and expertise in the comments so we can all benefit from some first-hand experiences.