Pima Cotton Percale Sheets VS Egyptian Cotton

You may have heard of silk and satin bed sheets leading to a more luxurious feel and overall better sleep, but how much of this actually factor in? Between thread counts, textiles and breathability of sheets, finding new ones can seem to be a bit of a chore instead of a fun refresher. Finding the perfect set of bed sheets doesn’t need to be an overwhelming process if you know what it is to look for.

Two luxurious and trending types of sheets are Pima cotton sheets and Egyptian cotton sheets. Both provide that high-end quality feel while toting some of the most comfortable qualities you can find in today’s markets. But when it comes to Pima cotton sheets vs Egyptian cotton, which is the better fit? Before you start frantically searching, here’s some helpful info to guide you along your way.

Pima Cotton Sheets VS Egyptian Cotton Comparison

Pima Cotton Sheets Egyptian Cotton Sheets
Longer, durable threads Becomes softer after more washes
Durable Durable
Easy to care for Can be washed in commercial machines

Under the Microscope

It’s really no mystery, the more comfortable the sheet, the more comfortable it will be to fall asleep in them. Both Pima cotton sheets and Egyptian cotton sheets are so comfortable because of the carefully woven fibers. These elongated fibers literally become softer after each wash – no lie. The fibers are so durable that the more they rub up on each other, the softer they become.

So, there’s no having to worry about care or having these sheets fall apart in the machine. There’s also no need to take these types of sheets to the dry cleaner or even a washing facility that has larger machines. You can simply wash these in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Feel like washing these sheets in your pajamas? Sure, why not? Live your life.

So, Why Either of Them?

With so many sheets out there, you may be wondering what makes pima cotton sheets and Egyptian cotton sheets so special. The truth is, you’re paying for extra quality. Anyone can go out and buy the standard cotton bed sheet with probably minimal thread count, but pima cotton sheets and Egyptian cotton sheets come with a very high thread count and elongated fibers. The higher the thread count, the softer the sheet will be. The elongated fibers come in handy if you’re looking for durability, which, let’s face it, should be a top priority, especially for any household that has small children or teenagers in it.

While Egyptian cotton sheets may be more of the standard when it comes to luxury, pima cotton sheets are surely rising in popularity because they offer all the benefits of Egyptian cotton with a bit more silkiness and durability. It’s really difficult to say which is superior since they’re both so well constructed and can last you for years.

Pima Cotton Sheets


The standard for Pima sheets will start around $37. A lot comes into play when it comes to the cost since most manufacturers will tout higher thread counts or fancier elements. A mid-range to the more expensive brand will start around $80.

Features and Maintenance

What’s great about Pima cotton sheets is that they are so easy to maintain. Simply wash as usual with no extra fuss. For whatever reason, if your sheets have special dyes or textiles, you may need to special launder them. Always read your care tag before washing your sheets. With so many sizes, prices, and colors, you can find all types of Pima sheets on the market. If you are looking for a special size or feature, odds are it’s out there, it’s just a matter of finding it.


Even better, Pima sheets can usually be found in most home stores and can definitely be found online. In order to understand each manufacturer’s warranty or return policies, always make sure to read everything about the product before purchasing. This way, there are no surprises later if you aren’t completely satisfied with your products.

Egyptian Cotton Sheets


Just like Pima cotton sheets, Egyptian cotton sheets can start at a bit of a higher range. Typically, a good set of Egyptian cotton sheets will set you back $40 to $50, while the much higher-end brands can start at $100 to $150. Thankfully, there are so many different types to shop for, you can easily find a product that won’t break your budget and will make you happy.

Features and Maintenance

Due to the high durability of the fabric, Egyptian cotton sheets can easily be cared for at home. These sheets are typically low maintenance and can easily be washed at home or in any commercial machine. If there are special dyes, you may want to check out the water temperature setting suggestions so that you don’t stumble across a runny mess. This is a pretty standard precaution, though.


Warranties just depend on the manufacturer. If you’ve purchased other home furnishings from your favorite department store, you should have a decent grasp of how that individual store works its policies. If you aren’t sure, there’s always a customer service department that you can call to get more information about warranties and returns.


As you can already tell, there is a lot of love when it comes to Pima cotton sheets and Egyptian cotton sheets. The type and style are all dependent on you, but it’s good to know that both of these types of sheets can offer you plenty of comfort and luxury. If you do have some time to browse, take your time and search at, not only your local stores but some online stores, as well. There are hundreds of options via the internet and a sure fit for your sheet needs.Rest assured that both of these great sheets are highly durable, so you don’t need to worry about too much fuss over care or wear. That’s a relief no matter which type of sheet you prefer.