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#29 of the Best Pet Bedroom Ideas: #17 is Super Cute!

Who says you need to have kids? Haven’t you heard? Having fur babies is the new lifestyle choice. That’s not to knock having kids, but when it comes down to it, pets are just as good as the real thing, if not even better sometimes. We are allowed to spoil our pets just as much and make sure that they are living their best lives.

Creating your own pet bedroom is an actual thing that is rising in popularity. Put down the Lego sets and cartoon posters because pet bedrooms require plenty of snack areas, fun toy boxes and plenty of cozy blankets and pillows. We’ve compiled some of the best pet room ideas, so you and your fur babies can live comfortably and happily.

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#1. Complete with Pictures

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This adorable pet’s room comes complete with super large images across the wall. The super comfy beds seem comfortable enough for even a person to go in and take a nap. This is also cute because each bed is distinguished by a different colored collar. A cute, extra sweet touch!

#2. Dog Beds

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There are so many great ideas in here for finding the perfect dog bed. You can go as fancy or as simple as you’d like – odds are your pooch is still going to find his bed cozy and full of love. Store bought beds are great, but if you can make it yourself, even better!

#3. Bunk Beds

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Yes, all of our wildest dreams have come true. Dog bunk beds are a thing and they exist! The proof is in this puppy themed post! You could easily recreate this dog bed out of repurposed crates or palets and these are items you can probably find easily around your neighborhood or even backyard.

#4. Nightstand Bed

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This is a really great idea because not only will Fido be super cozy and comfy, but it’s a great way to save space, too. Instead of having to place another piece of furniture within your bedroom space, why not utilize what you have and make the best out of both worlds?

#5. Large Bunk Beds

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Just because you have a bigger dog doesn’t mean that they can’t get in on the bedroom fun! These are essentially the same bunk bed concepts, only larger in size for our big fur babies. This is a super cute idea that is going to save space and designate your fur kid’s own sleeping area all to themselves.

#6. Cupboard Bedroom

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Many homes come with large cupboard spaces or even under the stairs closets that will make the perfect bedroom for a pet. This is a great space because it’s the perfect size for a dog or two and it is sure to make your pet feel safe, happy and cozy.

#7. Fluffy Bed

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This fluffy, overstuffed pillow makes the perfect dog bed. Just imagine how cozy he or she will be after a long walk when it’s time for a much-needed nap. This is a super cute idea that really doesn’t take up too much space and you can get as fashionable as you want with it as far as texture and pattern.

#8. Dog Twin Beds

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This set of dog twin beds is the cutest thing ever! Extra props for adding the first letter of their names on that back wall. This is a super cute way to make the room feel personal and add some extra décor into space as well. This looks like a little kid’s room, that’s how adorable it is.

#9. Step Cat Beds

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These cat beds are arranged against this wall like a step ladder. This is a super cute way to make sure all your cats have a warm bed to sleep in all while preventing too much clutter. Since cats are very agile and light on their feet, they can easily use these beds anytime they want.

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#10. Shoe Bed

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Perfect for your little one that loves slippers or shoes for a mid-afternoon snack, this giant slipper bed is sure to do the trick in sending them off to a restful slumber. This is a super cute idea that your pet is definitely going to love. It’s also going to make for an interesting conversation piece!

#11. Pet Nursery

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This is a bedroom out of a nursery bedtime story! Everything is perfect colors schemed and follows that same sort of whimsical theme. If you look closely, you can see the bedroom inhabitant in his matching pj’s ready for a nap. This is a really cute idea that may take some extra time, but well worth it!

#12. Cabana Bed

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This proud pug is ready for that garden party you’ve been planning all year long. He’s planning on watching and waiting for cocktail weenies to fall as the night progresses. This bed is adorable and adds so much personality into space. Any dog, but especially a noble pug, would love this bed.

#13. Dog Couch

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This tiny dog couch is just the thing you need to put into your pet space. This is essentially a tiny couch just the right size for your furry friend. If you have a couple of dogs, you might as well get a couple of matching couches, so everyone has a seat!

#14. Pet Area

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This pet area is just the thing you need if you don’t have a small bedroom space to put your fur babies in. This area next to the stairs offers plenty of room for your pets to have access to their food, water, and their cozy little beds. You could even use a baby gate and crate them in if you need to leave them unattended for a while with ease.

#15. Raised Bed

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This raised pet bed makes the perfect platform bed for your pet. What’s even better is that this is a super simple way to create a bed space for your pet. It’s also done in a corner, so this would not take up so much room and is sure to look really great.

#16. Pet Area

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Even if you don’t have a designated pet bedroom, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have an equally great pet area. Anything as simple as a rug to a flat surfaced bed area will make your pet just as happy. Trust me, they won’t be able to tell how fancy or not fancy their bed is, they just want it to be comfortable!

#17. Island Nook

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This pet area has been situated in a kitchen island. This is a great idea just to have since dogs always want to be around their humans, and what better way to make sure your pet is safely out of the way and prevent any accidental tripping? This is a great idea and it looks awesome!

#18. Pet Room

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Whether it’s a pet room or a kid’s room, this room looks great. Some people’s pets are their kids, so if this is your situation, then why not splurge on a room that looks as great as this one does? The dog in the picture seems to be happy, but how could he not be with that cozy setup?

#19. Hallway Pet Nook

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Here is another nook idea for pets that would look invisible if it wasn’t opened up. This is a sort of hideaway pet area that could double as a sitting area in a larger house. The spaces below the cushions open up to reveal a cozy spot for your pets to relax in.

#20. Designated Pet Space

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This designated pet space looks super great and has so many details laid into it. This is the perfect area for your dog and it’s also a fun way to keep all of his or her things together. A super cute idea, for sure, and everyone will be impressed with how greatly organized it is.

#21. Pet Space

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Here is an interesting pet space that looks like it’s constructed from either a closet area or a cupboard that was hollowed out and opened up. This would be the perfect space for a smaller dog such as a chihuahua or Yorkshire terrier since they don’t need a lot of space.

#22. Indoor Pet Shelter

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An indoor pet shelter such as this fantastic setup has everything your pet may need. Plenty of space to stretch out in the sunlight and sleep, a space for food, water, an area for toys – it has it all! This would be the perfect setup for cats or dogs.

#23. Log Cabin

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This fantastic pet setup is found inside of a pet boarding center, but it basically looks like a mountain getaway up in the woods! You can easily recreate this log cabin setup, you just need to find the appropriate decorations and the space to execute this idea accordingly.

#24. Small Pet Space

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This nifty little space goes to prove that you don’t need a huge pet space in order to make a fun area for your pet. This is a really pretty area that has everything your pet may need. It’s also small enough to remain cozy since some dogs like that crated feel without actually being created.

#25. Dog Teepee

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This dog teepee is the perfect space for your pup to go and take a nap. It almost looks like a fun tent that a kid would set up in the bedroom or backyard, but that’s not to say this couldn’t make the ideal sleeping space for your dog or even for your cat.

#26. Dog Basket

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This dog basket is made from natural wood. Not only is this a great way to repurpose wood, but it’s free from any harsh chemicals or paint and won’t irritate your dog’s sensitive nose. Not to mention, it looks really beautiful and would make a welcomed piece of furniture into the living room.

#27. Small Pet Bed

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This may seem like a tiny pet bed, but it’s really a good-sized space if you have a smaller dog. This would be like heaven to a tiny dog because it’s small enough to make them feel secure, yet big enough so they can stretch out and enjoy an afternoon nap.

#28. Made for Royalty

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This pet bed may seem a bit extra, but hey, some pets just need that extra flair in their lives. This is a bed fit for a king or queen, and the color accents on this bed are really beautiful. This bed would look great near a holiday tree or even within the sitting room area so everyone can see it.

#29. The Little Details

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There are so many great pet signs and expression pieces that adhere easily to the wall and add some extra character to your pet’s space. This is a fun way to instill some personality into space and essentially give your pet a voice of his own. Super cute stuff in here!



So, there you have it! Some of the best pet bedroom ideas you can find! Hopefully, this has inspired you to go out and look for some fun stuff to put into your pet space, or, at the very least, has inspired you to start looking at pet bed areas within your home. Unless you’d rather share your own bed with the dog! You don’t have to go super expensive here, just create a safe space for your pet to enjoy.

Do you have any experience in designing your own pet bedroom? What is your favorite kind of styles? What was your pet’s reaction? We’d love to hear from you! Share your experiences and your insight within the comments so we can all get some fresh ideas.