The Nest Mattress VS the Original Purple Mattress: How to Choose

In this day and age, we’re constantly on the go and not getting the sleep that we need. We wake up every morning feeling like we’ve not even slept and gone about our day with aches and pains in our body. While you’d still be able to handle this for about a month or so, give it a couple of years, and you would have caused massive damage to your mental and physical health. The first step to preventing such a scenario from occurring is to invest in a good-quality mattress that is suited to your individual needs.

Once you’ve taken that first step in deciding that you need to replace your mattress, it’s time to navigate the mattress world, which can be daunting. There are many mattresses on the market, and each of them is constructed differently and come with their own features. While it can be overwhelming, there are factors such as your sleep position, feel of the mattress and firmness level that you should consider. To help in getting you started, the below is a comparison between two mattresses that are different in their own ways – the Alexander Signature Hybrid Nest Mattress and the Original Purple Mattress.

Let’s Dive In

Both mattresses are made of different materials. While the Alexander Signature Hybrid Nest Mattress is made with memory foam that’s been infused with copper and individual coils, the Original Purple Mattress is made of polyester, viscose, lycra, hyper-elastic polymer and poly-foam. While both mattresses provide supreme comfort to their sleepers, each mattress comes with their own individual set of features.

A Breakdown of the Alexander Signature Hybrid Nest Mattress

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The Alexander Signature Hybrid Nest Mattress is made of two different materials – memory foam and pocket coils. The Nest company has concocted this special blend with the goal of providing individuals with restorative sleep every single night. While other mattress companies have plain memory foam, the Nest company has infused their memory foam with copper to provide you with additional benefits. To keep you cool, the Alexander Signature Hybrid Nest also comes with a thermic phase-change fabric that will keep you from overheating throughout the night. Awesome if you suffer from night sweating.

The bed also consists of memory foam that will contour to each individual’s body type while also relieving pain and pressure points. You can also be assured that this bed will last for years to come as it’s made of durable and long-lasting materials.

Top Layer – Soft Memory Foam Cover

As the name suggests, the fabric helps to regulate your temperature throughout the night – keeping you nice and cool. As a bonus, the cover is also extremely soft and will provide you with luxurious comfort as you fall into deep sleep.

Second Layer –Endurance Foam with Unique TitanChil Feature

The Alexander Signature Hybrid Nest Mattress uses airier memory foam in comparison to regular memory foam beds. With this lighter foam, it facilitates airflow that will get rid of heat and keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. The endurance foam will also target pressure points and provide additional support to your body.

Third Layer –Energex Foam that has been Copper-Infused

Depending on the firmness level you choose to go with, it comes with different densities of Energex foam. While the plush option has a 2.5-pound foam, the medium-firm option has a 3.5-pound foam, and the final luxury firm option has a 4.5-pound foam. Even though the densities are different, all three firmness levels of plush, medium and firm will consist of a 1.5-inch layer.

All three layers also have copper-infused memory foam that not only has cooling properties but is also antimicrobial. The Energex foam also prevents you from sinking too far into the memory foam layer by providing some bounce.

Fourth Layer –Support Foam

The fourth layer is made up of a support foam that acts as a transition layer between the Energex foam above and the coils below. The transition layer helps to make sure that your body doesn’t sink in too much into the memory foam and is well-supported by the individual coils below. To allow air to flow through and to keep you fresh throughout the night, punched foam has been used to construct this layer.

Fifth Layer – Support Coils

The support coils provide a sturdy foundation to the mattress and add a slight bounce and spring. As the support coils are solid, they aid in lifting the body and prevent it from sinking too deep into the memory foam. As these support coils also absorb movement, they help to isolate motion and prevents you from waking your partner at night.


The Alexander Signature Hybrid Nest comes in the different firmness levels of plush, medium and luxury firm. Each firmness level is catered to different sleep positions. If you prefer to sleep on the side, the plush option would be ideal for you. If you’re a back or stomach sleeper, the luxury firm is a good option since it provides added support. If you sleep in all positions or are a side sleeper, the medium firmness level would be well-suited for you.


While the feel does differ depending on the firmness level you choose to go with; you’ll generally find that the mattress strikes an ideal balance between the firmness that you get from a normal mattress and the sinking in feeling that you’ll get from a memory foam mattress. Hence, while you’ll feel your body sinking in a little, it won’t be over the top as the coils will support your body.

Unique Features – Alexander Signature Hybrid Nest Mattress

Copper-infused foam

The memory foam for this bed has been intentionally infused with a copper-filled gel foam to provide benefits. Either than antimicrobial properties that make it suitable for individuals with allergies and sensitive skin, copper also helps to prevent you from overheating during the course of the night.

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A Breakdown of the Original Purple Mattress


Construction of the Original Purple Mattress

The Purple brand name has become increasingly well-known in the market due to its unique construction of mattresses. The purple line has both the Original Purple along with the recently revealed All New Purple Mattress. We’ll be focusing on the Original Purple Mattress and will provide a detailed breakdown of its construction.

The Original Purple is the world’s first no-pressure mattress. Made of hyper-elastic polymer – a pressure-releasing material–, it forms a unique grid pattern which creates walls that can support or fold, depending on the amount of pressure it receives. Intricately constructed, the Original Purple Mattress also facilitates airflow to ensure that you sleep cool, provides spine support and pressure relief, and is also allergen-resistant and non-toxic.

Top Layer – Cover

The first layer is a responsive knit cover made of a blend of polyester, viscose, and lycra that’s not only super soft; it’s stretchy material also means that it helps with temperature regulation. Since the cover is relatively thin, it’s also breathable and will help ensure that you sleep nice and cool during the night.

Second Layer –Comfort Layer

The next layer is the comfort layer which is made of Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid. Essentially, it’s made up of two-inches of hyper-elastic polymer material which relaxes directly under your pressure points while supporting your body’s natural shape.

This layer is intentionally set up in a grid structure to help with distributing weight and pressure relief. The grid structure creates columns of polymer that help to support your body until a certain amount of pressure is reached. Once that’s happened, the column releases to allow the area to sink in – providing pressure relief. The grid structure also creates air pockets which help in facilitating airflow and prevent overheating.

Third Layer –Transition Layer

The transition layer is made up of 3.25 inches of soft, high-density poly foam. Since this sits between the comfort layer and base, it not only helps to transition the sleeper between these two layers, it also enhances the responsiveness of the Smart Comfort Grid and provides compression support for the mattress.

Fourth Layer –Base

The final layer is the base of the mattress which is made of 4 inches of medium-firm and high-density poly foam. This base provides both foundational and structural support to the mattress.


As there’s only one firmness level for the Original Purple Mattress, the company has constructed this mattress to be suited for different individuals. Thanks to the materials and unique construction, the firmness level caters to each individual and feels different depending on the sleeping position and weight of that person.

Overall, however, the firmness of the mattress sits at about a 6 on the firmness scale. Generally, it veers more towards medium-firm. It’s ideal for a variety of sleeping positions as the material releases in heavier areas while the column structure supports other areas that do not need pressure relief. Back sleepers can feel their weight evenly distributed as their lumbar is supported, stomach sleepers won’t have any uncomfortable curvature in their backs, and side sleepers will be able to reap the most benefits from this mattress due to the grid’s ability to release and distribute pressure.


The feel of the Original Purple Mattress would be different depending on the sleeping position along with the weight of the person on it. However, at first touch, you’ll notice that the cover is plush and breathable. Upon pushing further down into the mattress, you’ll get a feel of the hyper-elastic polymer grid which is relatively bouncy and responds to pressure quickly. You’ll then get a feel of the transition layer of foam below, but it’s not as overwhelming as the polymer grid helps with weight distribution.

Unique Features – Original Purple Mattress

Hyper-Elastic Polymer

The Original Purple Mattress uses hyper-elastic polymer material which is pressure-releasing and comes with a multitude of benefits. With its column design, it allows air to flow freely which provides more comfortable sleep and helps keep you nice and cool. The patented technology also means that it provides you with both spine support from a hard mattress and pressure relief from a soft mattress – you’ll be getting the best of both worlds. The hyper-elastic polymer material is also recyclable and both allergen-resistant and non-toxic.


Which One To Get?

Alexander Signature Hybrid Nest Mattress

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If you like the feel of a memory foam mattress but have a tendency to avoid getting one because it makes you feel hot at night, the Alexander Signature Hybrid Nest Mattress would be a perfect solution to this problem. To combat the issue of stuffiness and overheating, multiple unique features have been incorporated into this mattress. With copper-infused foam, thermic phase-change fabric and SmartFlow Support Foam, you’ll be all set for a night of restful, comfortable sleep.

The Alexander Signature Hybrid Nest Mattress also comes with a lifetime warranty which is extremely helpful if anything goes wrong. While most mattresses only have 10 year or 20-year warranties, this lifetime warranty means that Nest will replace your mattress no matter how old it is.

While this is a memory foam mattress, it is made of hybrid material. Hence, if you prefer the standard memory foam mattress sink in feeling, this may not be ideal for you. Since this is a hybrid mattress, it has a balance between both a memory foam feel and a firmer, slightly bouncier touch.

Original Purple Mattress


The Original Purple Mattress is suitable for individuals that enjoy sleeping cool. This mattress consists of breathable material that promotes airflow and keeps you sleeping soundly throughout the night. If you’ve slept on memory foam and latex mattresses and it makes you feel stuffy and uncomfortable at night, it’s worth giving this mattress a shot. With its grid formation, the mattress elevates your body above the foam so that air can flow freely.

While it doesn’t come in multiple firmness levels, the Original Purple Mattress is suited to different sleep positions because of its unique grid design. However, if you’re a side sleeper that’s significantly heavier, you may want to test out the mattress to see if it provides you with enough pressure relief. Sleepers that are much lighter may also want to test the mattress out as they may not have the weight to activate the polymer grid. As this mattress is also significantly bouncier than a memory foam mattress, it’s not suited to individuals who like that sinking feeling.

If you’re looking for something that can last you a number of years, this mattress is also an ideal buy. It’s made of durable material which ensures that it’s long-lasting and will provide you with comfort for many years to come.

Nest Mattress vs Purple Mattress Comparison


Alexander Signature Hybrid
Nest Mattress
The Original Purple Mattress
Layers Used five layers

  • Soft Memory Foam Cover Infused
    with Gel and a Temperature
    Regulating Fabric
  • Endurance Foam with Unique
    TitanChil Feature
  • Energex Foam that has been
  • Support Foam
  • and Support Coils
4 layers

  • cover
  • comfort layer
  • transition layer
  • transition layer and base (Made with the
    following materials: Polyester, Viscose,
    Lycra, Hyper-elastic Polymer and Poly Foam)
Height 13.5 inches 9.5 inches
Firmness Has a plush, medium and luxury
firm version
It only comes in one firmness level
Motion Transfer Good Fair
Breathability Good Good
Trial Period 100 nights 100 nights
Warranty Lifetime warranty 10 years
Pricing (Queen) USD 1,199 with monthly payments
USD 999 with monthly payments available
Shipping Free shipping (some remote locations
such as Alaska and Hawaii may require
shipping fees). They only ship to the
United States
Free shipping with white glove delivery and
mattress removal to the United States. There’s
also shipping to Canada but additional costs
may apply



Both the Original Purple Mattress and the Alexander Signature Hybrid Nest Mattress are made of different materials – memory foam and hyper-elastic polymer. Though both mattresses are uniquely constructed in their own ways, they both aim to provide their sleepers with good quality and restorative sleep. Since both mattresses are quite different, it may be hard to decide which mattress is suitable for you. If you’re not sure which one to purchase, you may want to try out the sleep trials of both mattresses to see which one you prefer better. After all, both of these mattresses are different in feel with one being a little bouncier and the other having a slow sink in feeling.

After you’ve done the sleep trial and have a better idea of the mattresses, you can also head online to read some reviews of other individuals that have experienced these mattresses. If you have pain in your back, shoulder, lumbar area or any other medical issues, it would be wise to consult your healthcare provider before making a decision on a mattress. They may be able to provide some insight as to which mattress would be more suitable for your condition. Since a mattress is a long-term investment, you want to ensure that you’re confident with your decision and pick a mattress that will provide you with restful sleep for many years to come.