Which is Best: Nectar VS Purple Bed

In a world where there are different types of beds being unveiled to the masses every single day, it can become difficult to shift through them and decide what the best type for your bed is. It used to be that you went to a local department store or furniture store, picked out a new mattress, ordered the compatible box spring for support and waited for your purchase to arrive. This still happens but now the step of deciding what type of bed you want is added to the mix.

There are mattresses available today that not only support and cradle the body, but they can be made for a waterbed, a hammock, and an air bed. There are memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and hybrid mattresses where two distinct, yet corresponding types are fused together to create the ultimate bed. So how do you choose what type of bed is the best for you? You research and ask questions!

One of the top rated, and top recommended, types of beds that you can purchase is the memory foam bed. Memory types of foam contour to the body, and offers a cradle of support once weight is applied. So what brand of memory foam beds are gaining recognition? The Nectar Bed for one and the Purple Bed is a close second. So what makes these two beds different but impressive? Read on for an in-depth look at the answer.

Breakdown of the Nectar Bed

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Construction of the Nectar Bed

Nectar Mattress Review

10 inches of infused layers of memory foam, one containing a cooling layer, and the other gel pockets to reduce body heat further, with 5.5” of base supportive foam? This is the Nectar Bed, a foam mattress that not only gained the impressive rating as CertiPUR-US Certified, but it also doesn’t require the use of a foundation or support system (bed frame) unless the sleeper chooses to do so.

Top Layer – Tencel Cooling Foam

Anyone who sleeps on or have slept on a memory foam mattress reports feeling absolute comfort but warm throughout the entire night. Memory types of foam naturally traps heat within the confines of the material and the same can be said for memory foam beds. The Nectar Bed has made positive changes to ensure that you don’t experience the same discomfort during the night. The top layer of this bed is a cooling layer, as it is made from Tencel cooling foam. Not only will this layer increase air circulation throughout the bed, which is a bonus for hygienic and cleanliness.

Another attractive feature of this Tencel cooling layer is that it has been tested and proven to repel bed bugs. Bed bugs can cause rashes, itchiness and an overall feeling of being unwell once they have bitten the sleeper. A layer that repels these nasty creatures, while keeping your sleeping surface nice and cool, is a definite bonus available from the Nectar Bed.


Second Layer – Quilted Gel Memory Foam

The secondary layer of the Nectar Bed is constructed using a full inch of quilted gel memory foam which allows the sleeper to fall asleep in a position that contours perfectly to your body, which helps reset the natural alignment of your spine.

Gel memory foam also helps reduces heat from the sleeping surface throughout the night and can offer an even better air flow channel, allowing air to circulate throughout the mattress consistently. A gel memory foam also doubles as a moisture wicking tool, as the quilted texture also repels moisture, leaving the occupant dry and cool throughout the night. Perfect for those who suffer from night sweats.

Third Layer – Gel Memory Foam

The third layer of the Nectar Bed, like the second layer is gel foam. While similar to the one-inch layer of quilted gel memory foam, it does measure at three inches compared to one and it does not have the quilted pockets for increased air circulation. This third layer is still an important part of the Nectar Bed’s high comfort levels, however, by offering maximum support to the body through its contouring abilities. The thick gel memory foam encourages the body to relax into correct positioning throughout the night and allows for the sleeper’s natural body weight to be evenly distributed throughout the mattress.

Fourth Layer – Standard Foam

The last layer of the Nectar Bed is where all the support for not only the sleeper but also the mattress itself truly lays. It is 7 inches of supportive base form that helps the mattress maintain its original shape, even after months of daily use.

This layer is thick enough to serve as a box spring or foundation, but the versatility of the Nectar Bed allows it to also use with these products if the sleeper desires.

Firmness of a Nectar Bed

When tested for firmness, the Nectar Bed scored a firmness rating of 5.5; based on edge firmness, top and bottom firmness and middle area firmness. This rating scale is designed to use numbers to showcase the firmness level of mattresses; with one being hard with no given (think wood) and 10 being soft without support (think feather).

Having a rating of 5.5 translates to a medium-firm bed that is adaptable for not only multiple sleep positions but also body types. Consumer reviews and reports show that the Nectar Bed supported their body weight evenly and offered solid contouring of the body to proper alignments, regardless if they slept on their back, side or stomach. Motion transfer (the feel of yourself switching positions throughout the night or your partner) is reduced to a minimal with a medium-firm bed, so the Nectar Bed has exactly that, minimal motion transfer.


Feel of a Nectar Bed

A bed should have a natural feel, regardless of the type, and the Nectar Bed is plush with a typical memory feel on the skin. It allows the body to sink into softness to an acceptable level with numerous contouring ridges felt just under the surface. These ridges come the gel memory foam layers and the quilted gel memory foam cooling layer.

Unique Features – Nectar Bed

Tencel Cooling Layer

Memory foam mattresses can sleep hot, or in technical terms, the sleeping surface of the mattress allows trapped body heat to stay in contact with the sleeper throughout the night. This is due to a lack of cooling material and air circulation.

The Nectar Bed has made a positive design feature to combat this complaint, using a top layer of Tencel cooling material. This material not only allows trapped body heat to escape throughout the night but also promotes an increased air flow throughout the bed.

Another bonus of this Tencel cooling layer is that it has been proven to repel the nastiest of creatures – the dreaded bedbug. One of the worst things a person can find setting up home in their bed, and bedroom, is bedbugs. Using a mattress that has an anti-bedbug agent at its disposal is definitely attractive to many consumers.


Dual Gel Memory Foam

The Nectar Bed features not one but two different layers of gel memory foam in the construction of the bed. Gel memory foam not only sleeps cooler than fabric-based memory foam but it also promotes a higher level of comfort. Using a single layer of quilted gel memory foam for pushiness and support combined with a layer of gel foam will allow pressure and contouring to the body along its natural pressure points.


Air circulation is higher when using a gel memory foam, so there is an unlikely chance of mites or bacteria forming in your mattress. These mites or bacteria can cause an array of health-related issues, so airflow is a must not only for heat but also for health.

Breakdown of the Purple Bed


Construction of the Purple Bed

As an online retailer, Purple Beds have earned quite the name for themselves, proudly becoming one of the top recommended brands for foam mattresses. These nine and a half inches of comfort, breathability and minimal motion transfer will not only support the body, but allow for enough pressure to be applied to the necessary pressure points of the body.

Cover for Mattress

The Purple Bed comes with an already attached mattress cover, which eliminates unnecessary expenses and provides the sleeper with the ability to clean their mattress whenever they feel the need to. A pre-existing mattress cover is also a bonus because it can become frustrating when the universal mattress covers sold at your local department store doesn’t fit your bed properly.

An ill-fitting mattress cover can cause uncomfortable bunching of material to disrupt sleep and leave the sleeper waking in the more irritated and unrested.

Top Layer – Hyper-Elastic Polymer

The first layer of the Purple Bed, once you have reached below the mattress cover, is two inches of hyper-elastic polymer crafted together to form the Purple’s patented “smart grid”. This layer is considered unique to the large open grid design that allows the sleeper’s natural body weight to spread out comfortably throughout the night. The top layer of the Purple Bed is coated in a non-toxic thin powder that reduces the noises that are generally heard from a polymer fabric.

Using an open-grid design also provides high breathability in your bed, as air will flow through the mattress at a rapid rate. This also has the added benefit of cooling the mattress down throughout the night, so night sweats and sleeping hot doesn’t occur.


Second Layer – Supportive Foam

At three and a half inches, the secondary layer of the Purple Bed is all about the support. Support for the body and support for the bed itself. This layer provides a sturdy base that doesn’t falter when pressure is applied.

Using a thick layer of support foam in the construction of the bed will reduce the amount of movement that can be felt throughout slumber. Some people naturally move around during sleep, and this movement can cause “awake” moments or moments when REM sleep isn’t as deep as it should be. If you sleep with a partner, and regularly wake up when they shift sleeping position, this layer should help.

Third Layer – Dense Polyurethane Foam

This layer of dense polyurethane foam is the third or final layer that exists in the confines of the Purple Bed. Acting as not only a support base for the sleeper, it also supports the entire bed alone. The thickness of this layer leaves the option of using a box-spring or bed frame up to the discretion of the sleeper.

Purple Bed has designed their mattress to be used with or without additional support, so an additional expense of a bed frame or custom foundation is eliminated.

Firmness of a Purple Bed


Gaining a rating of 5.5 on the same scale as described in the firmness of the Nectar Bed, this medium-firm mattress will support the natural body weight of any sleep position. Using a medium-firm mattress allows the body to sink into a comforting cocoon of warmth but is firm enough to properly align the body to its correct position. Sleeping in the correct position throughout the night will reduce aches and pains in the morning, and over time, could reduce the pain of existing injuries.

Feel of a Purple Bed

While the feel of the Purple Bed may bring to mind a latex mattress instead of a memory foam mattress, its combination of foam and hyper-elastic polymer materials will allow the sleeper to feel nothing but softness.

The pre-existing mattress cover is also soft to the touch, with a diamond quilted pattern for cushion and style.

Unique Features – Purple Bed


Purple Smart Comfort Grid

The Purple Bed is one of the only beds that feature a custom grid-like design within the layers of the mattress. This grid allows for your natural body weight to be evenly distributed among the bed, relieving pressure on the body and its internal parts. It will encourage pressure to be applied to each pressure point of the body, without stepping over the boundary of too much pressure.

This custom grid also reduces motion transfer at a greater level than that of a typical foam bed. The Purple Bed has one of the lowest motion transfer rates, according to numerous consumer reviews and reports. People who wake up throughout the night each time they, or their partner, switch position have reported feeling little to no motion transfer thanks to the Smart Comfort Grid.

Which One to Get?

Nectar Bed


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When trying a new bed, it can be a little scary knowing the cost and time it takes to purchase a new bed these days. The Nectar Bed offers a lifetime warranty and that is after a full 365 trial nights. Most brands offer consumers a 100-night trial period. While 100 nights is long enough to determine if a memory foam bed is right for you, a full year allows the sleeper to go through full seasonal changes that come with different climates.

The Nectar Bed is also an impressive 12 inches in height, so there is no need for a foundation or bed frame unless desired to raise it to an acceptable height. It offers the sleeper a layer of cooling foam that is supported by quilted gel memory foam (for additional coolness and comfort), a gel memory foam layer (for cooler sleeping surfaces and air flow), and supportive base foam that helps your bed maintain its original shape, even after long-time daily use.

Purple Bed



Thanks to its innovative designs and unique Purple “smart grid”, the Purple Bed is rapidly becoming one of the recommended bed-in-a-box brands. With a fair price and high levels of breathability and support, a person who lives with chronic pain or night sweats can benefit from this mattress.

Purchased with an already-attached mattress cover that can be easily removed is also an attractive feature to those who prefer to wash everything at home. There are detailed instructions for removal, washing, drying, and then replacing the cover on the mattress, so it is easy to do at home.

For those who are environmentally conscious or prefer using products in their home that doesn’t contain additional chemicals, it is good to see that the Purple Bed has earned the prestigious CertiPUR-US rating as well.

Nectar VS Purple Bed Comparison

Nectar Purple
Layers Used 4 layers

  • Quilted gel memory foam
  • 3” gel memory foam
  • 2” memory foam
  • 7” base layer
3 layers

  • 2” top layer of hyper-elastic
    polymer material
  • 3.5” transitional layer of
    polyurethane foam
  • 4” polyurethane support
Height 10 inches 9.5 inches
Firmness Medium – Firm Medium-Firm
Motion Transfer Minimal Minimal to None
Breathability High High
Trial Period 365 nights 100 nights
Warranty Lifetime (limited) 10 year (limited)
Pricing (Queen) $799.00 US with monthly
payments available
$999.00 US with monthly
payments available
Shipping Free Shipping within the US Free Shipping within the US
(HI and AK will have low fees
calculated at checkout)



The decision of a new bed is a big one, as this is an investment that should benefit you in a physical and mental way. Don’t rush into a making a decision based on dollars and cents when it comes to your health and instead spend the time to research each product before choosing. Look into top-rated brands and what special features each of the beds will offer to the sleeper and if needed, contact a trusted healthcare professional to discuss any disorders that you may be living with.

Talking to your peers can also benefit your decision as it is possible that they might have noticed a feature that they cannot live without or noticed something about the bed that they wish they had of known before purchase. Utilize other sources of information, from sleep experts to online websites that devote their time to testing out new and popular mattresses. There are numerous websites where you can find the true results of weight tests, pressure tests, and heat tests.

The average adult spends a third of their life in bed, sleeping and resting for their busy lifestyles. If we are destined to do that, shouldn’t it be in comfort and peace? I, for one, certainly think so!

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