Nectar vs. Ghostbed: Which One Should You Get?

With the ever-increasing pace of our lives, choosing a mattress that provides the ultimate level of comfort is vital. Memory foam mattresses have become extremely popular due to their unique conformity property, however, due to the wide array of options available in the market, choosing a mattress is never an easy task.

Each manufacturer lays a claim to the throne, with its own set of features enhanced by ‘unique’ technologies. Today, we’ll make a head-to-head comparison of Nectar, a luxury memory foam brand and GhostBed, a hybrid latex + memory foam mattress product.


The Nectar vs GhostBed comparison breaks down each mattress’ features, helping you decide which product is more well-suited to meet your needs and preferences.


Nectar Breakdown

Nectar offers typical memory foam mattresses studded with thick comfort layers that deliver the pressure relief expected by the customer. Unlike most mattress brands, Nectar doesn’t maintain an on-ground presence and works as an online retailer like shipping its products directly to the consumer.


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— Construction

• Cover

The Nectar’s cover is made from an eco-friendly fabric called Tencel® made from eucalyptus pulp. The fabric is extremely soft, has no adverse skin-effects and holds a high degree of breathability. In contrast, the Ghostbed features a synesthetic cover which isn’t as good when it comes to effective heat dissipation.


• First Layer

The first layer of a Nectar mattress consists of 1 inch of quilted gel memory foam, with a low 14 ILD rating that helps it to quickly adjust according to the body’s contour. This is responsible for the plush initial response, instantly adapting according to your posture and relieving excess pressure from your joints and muscles. The presence of gel gives the layered heat dissipation characteristics, taking your body’s heat away into the lower layers.

• Second Layer

This layer also consists of gel memory foam, but, with a different thickness and ILD rating, i.e. 3” and 15 respectively. This variation allows the layer to bear the brunt of the force exerted on the mattress, eliciting a response to the deep contours made by your body. The greater thickness acts as a barrier for the body, disallowing further sinkage into the mattress, preventing discomfort.


• Third Layer

Composed of 0.5” of Adaptive Hi-Core foam, the layer acts as a buffer between the two soft layers of viscoelastic foam above it and the hard support base below. With an ILD rating of 45, the layer is stiffer. Nonetheless, its response does vary with the body’s movements, serving as an excellent lumbar support.

• Fourth Layer

This is the lowermost layer, made from extra stiff polyurethane foam with a thickness of 5.5 inches and ILD rating of 55. The design is purpose-made so that adequate resistance can be generated for your body’s frame. It also helps the mattress maintain its shape in case of abrupt addition of load.

— Firmness and Feel


Nectar’s mattresses have been designed to generate a medium-firm feel, something that sits well with a number of customers with varying preferences.

• Comfort and Support

The Nectar has a medium-soft firmness level which results in uniform viscoelastic conformity and stiffness. The mattress sports a classic viscoelastic foam feel to it generating an optimum contouring, backed by unyielding polyurethane support.

In contrast, GhostBed is much stiffer and you may find it to be more bouncy than contouring on the application of load.

• Edge Support

Nectar fares surprisingly well when it comes to edge support due to the stiffness of the last two layers. Memory foam mattresses are notorious for average edge support; however, the Nectar does a pretty good job and prevents the body from tipping over the side.


• Cooling

As stated earlier, Nectar has Tencel®-made cover that possesses inherent breathability, helping maintain a cooler temperature. In addition, due to the high-quality gel foam present in the upper two layers, the mattress doesn’t suffer from excessive heat buildup. This is supplemented by air channels in the base that promotes ventilation, and thus, keeps the temperature in check.

• Motion Transfer

Given the rich layers of gel foams, Nectar performs well when it comes to filtering out abrupt motions, preserving an almost-zero motion transfer. This makes the mattress well-suited for sharing, as any movement from your partner’s end won’t interrupt your sleep.

— Unique Features

• Cheap

Nectar mattresses possess features that typically have a hefty price tag, i.e. high-quality gel foams, organic cover an extended trial period. Despite this formidable feature set, when it comes to pricing, the Nectar is available at a price considered extremely affordable, especially when compared to similarly-featured mattresses.

• Tencel® cover with superior breathability


Nectar’s cover is made from the organic fabric Tencel® that greatly adds to the mattress’ breathability, making it ideal for sleepers who have sweating disorders. This sits perfectly with the gel-infused layers below, and synergistically keeps the temperature of the mattress at a comfortable level.

• Classic viscoelastic response with lesser enveloping

People often complain of a permanent cradle within memory foams that develops with the passage of time. In order to mitigate this problem, Nectar has added a layer of Hi-Core Adaptive foam within the mattress that allows it to retain its original shape through greater resistance.

• Extended trial period

Compared to GhostBed’s 101-day trial, the Nectar has a 365-day trial period, along with a money-back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied. This gives your body enough time to get accustomed to the feel of a new mattress and make a wise decision without getting stressed out regarding the time limit.

• Lifetime warranty

Nectar’s confidence in its products is reflected by its lifetime warranty, which should be enough to bring clarity regarding the mattress’s quality within a customer’s mind. In comparison, GhostBed offers a 20-year warranty, which is quite enough considered the average lifespan of a mattress but is still overshadowed by Nectar’s “Lifetime” offer.


Ghostbed Breakdown

GhostBed’s business model is built along the same lines as Nectar, providing customers a direct avenue of purchasing mattresses, minus the middleman. The manufacturer offers a number of sleep products, e.g. bases, pillows, foundations, and recently released a second mattress called the GhostBed Luxe. For this comparison, we’ll be considering the original GhostBed.