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The Best Choice: My Green Mattress VS Zenhaven

Updated July 24, 2020

With such an influx of knowledge on how to take care of your body, what refuels your body, and how to live a healthy lifestyle; it is no wonder people are paying more attention to every aspect of their lives, including what they are sleeping on. People are discussing amongst themselves and with their healthcare providers about the different styles of mattresses and how they can benefit them for example; how coil spring bed compares to a latex one for providing support and correct alignment for the body, especially the spine.

This information is important to at least think about, if you aren’t already talking about it, because sleep is one of the main sources of fuel on which the body runs. The most important things to maintain the functioning capability of the body is sleep, food, water, and air. Without these things, the body can and will shut down with epic proportions.

As a traditional favorite, coil spring beds have long ruled the top of the market sector when it comes to the mattress sector but other types, such as latex, are steadily rising up the ranks as well. Today we are going to take a look at the My Green Mattress – Pure Echo Model, a coil spring model with updated features, and the Zenhaven, a latex mattress that offers similar support and bounce with a few differences.

A Breakdown of the My Green Mattress – Pure Echo Model

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Construction of the My Green Mattress

The Pure Echo Mattress from the makers of My Green Mattress is an innovative take on the traditional coil spring bed that is generally used with a box spring on top of a bedframe. However, this model uses a thicker layer of springs combined with cotton and woolen layers to replace the need of the box spring while providing a higher level of support for the body.

Available as a one-sided or two-sided design that can be flipped to discover a different comfort level, this bed is purely Canadian made using certified materials.

Mattress Cover – Organic Cotton Cover

The first thing that you will notice about your Pure Echo model from My Green Mattress is the organic cotton cover that is a full inch of material. This cover protects the bed from signs of daily wear and tear, such as stains, rips, tears or even discoloring.

As cotton is a naturally hygienic material, with its breathability and moisture-wicking that is natural to cotton and not machine-made, it will also become a barrier against household bacteria or germs that can lead to serious repercussions health-wise in later times.

Using a material that is both breathable and moisture repellant will also help keep the surface of the mattress cool during slumber, allowing the sleeper to get a peaceful and restful nap.

Top Layer – Natural Wool

Resting below the bed cover of the Pure Echo Mattress is a layer of pure wool that adds cushion and comfort to the entire bed. This layer is especially beneficial as it rests directly on top of the pocketed coil springs that we will discuss below.

The use of pure wool also employs a safety feature for your bed, as wool is naturally flame resistant. This natural flame-resistant material also helps regulate the temperature of the bed and allows trapped heat from the sleeper and the bedroom itself escape the bed before it reaches the surface.

Second Layer – Pocketed Coil System

My Green Mattress, Pure Echo Model, has incorporated approximately five and a half inches of pocketed coil springs within the mattress to give it a sense bounce and support to your bed that wasn’t found in the older models.

Each one of these springs and there are over a 1000 per mattress are individually coated in a non-toxic substance. This coating works to increase breathability and reduce any motion transfer felt during movement throughout the night. They also work to reduce noise that is commonly heard from two springs rubbing up against each other as weight is applied.

Throughout the body of the mattress are a series of 15.5-gauge coils while edges consist of a series of 14.5 gauge coils and the perimeter of the bed features 13.5 gauge coils. This variety of coils ensure maximum support and contouring to allow for the sleeper to relax into a correct position for spinal alignment.

Third Layer – Cotton Batting

The final layer of My Green model, Pure Echo, is a layer of all-natural cotton batting that provides a support system for the bed. This support system prevents the pocketed coils from resting directly on the floor or bed frame and in turn will increase the longevity of the coils as it will reduce the amount of strain that is felt by the coils.

This cotton batting will also increase the amount of air flow channels throughout the bed and prevent moisture from entering into the pocketed coil layer, which could cause the coils to rust or the protective coating to be diminished in strength.

Firmness of a My Green Mattress

The Pure Echo Model from the My Green Mattress Company is available to customers in two different firmness options. One model is a one-sided bed and the other is a dual sided mattress that has the ability to be turned over to discover a new firmness level.

The one-sided model is classified with a firmness rating of approximately 7.0, making this bed on the firmer side. A firmer mattress such as this one is generally more suitable to those who sleep on their fronts or backs, but can prove to be too firm for those sleepers who prefer to sleep on their side.

The dual sided bed has the ability to be turned over to experience a different firmness level. One side of this mattress is identical to the one-sided model, with a firmness rating of 7.0 and suitable for front and back sleepers. The opposite side of the bed holds a firmness rating of 5.0, allowing it to be classified as medium-firm and will be more suited to sleepers of all positions.

It is important to note that it can be difficult to flip the mattress while alone, so help is recommended, as they can be bulky and heavy.

Feel of a My Green Mattress

The feel of the Pure Echo model is smooth and cool due to the organic cotton covering that stretches over the entire bed from top to bottom. The layer of pure wool directly below the cover employs a cushion for the body and it made from soft-spun wool rather than the starchy type.

This mattress has a natural bounce and cushion from the layers of alternating springs that all exist from the edge of the mattress to the main sleeping area to the perimeter.

Unique Features – My Green Mattress

Option of Firmness Levels

The Pure Echo Model is available in two distinctly different firmness levels, depending on which mattress you chose to purchase.

The one-sided model of the Pure Echo model is the least expensive mattress to purchase but it only offers the sleeper the option to sleep on a firm bed with a rating 7.0 on the firmness scale. These firm beds suit sleepers who chose or prefer to sleep on their front or back.

The dual-sided mattress model has two different firmness levels, depending on the side resting upwards for sleeping. These different firmness levels can be felt by allowing one side of the mattress to be firm and supportive for back or front sleepers, while the opposite side holds a medium-firm rating. The medium-firm rating is more universal, as it supports multiple body types and contours them to the proper positions for pressure relief, regardless of the preferred sleep position. This mattress increases in price depending on the size purchase; i.e. twin, queen etc.

Each side offers the sleeper enough support through the pocketed coil system to align the spine and allow for pressure to be alleviated from points of the body that can build tension throughout the day.

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A Breakdown of the Zenhaven Mattress

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Construction of the Zenhaven Mattress

The Zenhaven Mattress is an entirely latex bed that uses organic and natural latex to provide a level of support and contouring that isn’t found in other styles of bed.

Latex is an organic material that is found in nature and harvested from latex trees grown in humid climates. Studies done on latex clinically proven it to be physically hypoallergenic, even without any chemicals or agents woven into the latex material.

Mattress Cover – Organic Wool Covering

The Zenhaven Mattress comes complete with a pre-attached cover that is made from woven New Zealand organic wool. This organic wool prevents the bed from becoming aged and showing signs of daily wear. It also prevents moisture and bacteria from seeping into the bed and destroying the internal layers.

Pure wool, such as the fabric that exists in this cover, has a natural breathability that cools the sleeping surface of the bed to management proportions. Wool is also a flame-resistant material that can increase the safety levels in your home.

First Layer – Gentle Firm Talalay Latex

The first layer that exists in the Zenhaven model below the mattress is an inch and half layer of 100% pure Talalay Latex. This latex acts as the relaxant for the sleeper and allows for the sleeper to sink just enough into the bed to feel cradled in comfort.

Latex acts similar to memory foam when weight is applied as it will contour to the natural body shape and surrounded it with a supportive comfort. This supportive comfort will provide relief to those with aches and pains, allowing the body to recline while relaxing in a natural position.

Second Layer – Firm Talalay Latex

The secondary layer of the Zenhaven model is three inches of Talalay Latex which has a slightly firmer texture and will act as a support to the comforting latex layer that exists above it.

Third Layer – Plush Talalay Latex

The third layer, in conjunction with the top layer of firm Talalay Latex, acts as both the recovery and comfort layers for the Zenhaven model. This layer is three inches of plush latex that increases the softness of the overall mattress while also reducing motion transfer felt throughout the bed.

Fourth Layer – Gentle Firm Talalay Latex

The Zenhaven model can actually be flipped over to experience different firmness levels, so to help offer different firmness levels there is an inch and a half thick layer of gentle-firm Talalay Latex located directly under the plush latex layer. This also allows for the comfort and softness of the plush layer to be felt at a greater level when the mattress is facing up towards the sleeper on the soft-firm side.

Firmness of a Zenhaven Mattress

The Zenhaven model can be turned over to experience different firmness levels to suit the preference of the sleeper.

One side of the Zenhaven Mattress has a firmness rating of 4.5 in accordance to mattress firmness ratings, allowing a soft-firm classification to be placed on the mattress. This firmness rating allows the bed to have a greater focus and emphasis on providing cushiony support for the body of the sleeper.

The opposite side of the Zenhaven Mattress, has a firmness rating of 7.5 using the same generic scale most mattress companies use to classify their product. A rating of 7.5 places it in the firm category of the scale. This side of the mattress, while still plush, has less of a focus on give to the bed and greater focus on supportive pressure relief for the body.

The best thing about the dual firmness levels of the mattress is that there is no additional cost for the mattress and regardless of the size you purchase, you get the dual firmness levels of the Zenhaven Mattress.

Feel of a Zenhaven Mattress

The first thing that comes to mind when you lay down on the Zenhaven Mattress is amount of undeniable plushness that surrounds the body. The pure wool cover adds a softness that isn’t expected from latex and is designed as a nice quilted pattern for visual appeal.

Unique Features – Zenhaven Mattress

Two Firmness Levels – One Mattress

The Zenhaven Mattress allows the customer to choose between a soft-firm mattress and gentle-firm mattress. The great thing about these firmness levels is that they are located on the same product and to experience either one, you simply need to turn the mattress over. It is important to note that this can be a cumbersome experience for someone alone and help is definitely recommended.

One side of the mattress is rated as a soft-firm mattress and will be suitable for sleepers of all positions. A plush layer of latex is located directly before the surface of the mattress cover to achieve this rating and provide a cushion of comfort.

The opposite side of the mattress contains a gentle-firm latex layer directly below the mattress cover and this classifieds this side as firm. Firm mattresses are reportedly suited more for those who sleep on their back and front, but can be uncomfortable for those who prefer to sleep on their sides.

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Which One To Get

My Green Mattress

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The Pure Echo Mattress from the makers of the My Green Mattress is an updated spin on traditional coil spring mattresses. With layers of pure New Zealand wool and organic cotton, it provides a higher level of comfort and support than the mattresses of previous generations. Each one of the numerous springs that exist within the confines of the mattress are individually wrapped in a protective coating to increase the lifespan of the mattress to 10+ years.

My Green Mattress is an online company that offers a line of premium mattresses for a fraction of the cost. With 100 nights for a trial period, the customer has ample time to overcome the reported 30 day “break-in” period and fully determine if the mattress is right for them. A supportive mattress should allow you to wake in the morning without any muscle cramps or aches that comes from sleeping in an uncomfortable position throughout the night.

If you chose to keep your Pure Echo Mattress, you are covered by their extensive 10 warranty that covers everything from replacement to repair services.

Zenhaven Mattress

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The Zenhaven Mattress is made by the premium mattress brand Saatva and is made directly in factories located in the United States. Using only trusted and safe materials, this mattress is free from harmful agents or added chemicals that can cause long-term health problems.

With 120 nights of a risk-free trial period, Saatva allows their customers a generous time period to fully determine if a pure latex mattress is suitable for their needs. If you find that the latex mattress type is not what you are looking for, simply contact the customer service department and arrange for a pickup at your earliest convenience. Offering a white-glove delivery, customer service can also arrange for the mattress to be set up by technicians in the firmness level you desire.

If you decide that the Zenhaven Mattress is what you were looking for in terms of comfort and support, you are then covered by the extensive warranty offered to all Saatva customers.

My Green Mattress VS Zenhaven Comparison

My Green Mattress – Pure Echo Model
Layers Used 4 layers – cover

  • 1” wool
  • 1.5” cotton batting
  • 5.5” three-zone pocketed coil system
5 layers

  • 1” quilted covering
  • 1.5” gentle firm Talalay latex
  • 3″ of firm Talalay latex
  • 3” plush Talalay latex
  • 1.5” plush comfort layer
Height 8 inches 10 inches
Firmness Firm to Medium* Gentle – Firm
Motion Transfer Fair Minimal to Fair
Breathability Good High
Trial Period 100 nights 120 nights
Warranty 10 years 20 year
Pricing (Queen) $949.00 US to $1, 149.00 US with financing
and monthly payments available
$2, 399.00 US with monthly payments
Shipping Free within the continental US Free shipping within the US



A mattress is considered an investment for your health. When it comes to sleep, and the amazing benefits solid sleep can offer both the mind and body, it is no wonder that it should be done right in the first place. It can be overwhelming to shift through the numerous mattresses on today’s market, especially when you consider both local retailers and online companies. Take your time and educate yourself so you are confident you are making a well-informed decision.

Speak to your healthcare provider if there are any existing sleep conditions or you have a history of broken, interrupted sleep patterns. Listen to their advice and take that advice with you when you shop for the mattress of your dreams!

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