My Green Mattress VS Loom and Leaf: Which is Best?

With so many mattresses flooding today’s markets, it can be overwhelming to shift through each type and determine what the best one for your individual needs is. Each mattress you browse through touts about how they are the best product out there today and you are unsure of it this is true or not. Numerous brands pop up overnight, seemingly out of nowhere, with flashy advertisements and low prices.

It is always important to research the product you are thinking about purchasing, because a mattress is no simple cost but instead an investment, one that will benefit or hurt your long-term physical health.

The most beloved type of mattress has always been a coil spring bed, complete with the accompanying box spring that supplies bounce and give to the sleeper. Luckily bed makers have taken notice of this and updated the technology, so it is still a competitive product in the marketplace. But with other materials being used in the construction of beds, it is hard to determine the best for you.

Today we are going to take an in-depth look at two bed– one that utilizes the beloved coil spring technology and one that takes a new material and transforms it into a supportive cocoon of comfort; the My Green Mattress – Pure Echo Model and the Loom and Leaf foam mattress, respectively.

A Breakdown of the My Green Mattress – Pure Echo Model

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Construction of the My Green Mattress – Pure Echo Model

The Green Mattress is a company that produces top-rated beds using only green materials that are organically found in nature. The model we are focusing on today is the Pure Echo Model, which is a cotton/wool blend of materials and foams that surround a layer of pocketed coils located within the bed.

With alternative comfort levels, depending on the side of which you chose to sleep on your mattress, this mattress has been gaining rave reviews in not only Canada (where it is designed and produced) but internationally as well.

Top Layer – Organic Cotton Cover

The Pure Echo mattress comes ready to use with an attached organic cotton cover. This cover is a full inch of organic cotton and utilizes cottons natural breathability to provide temperature regulation for the mattress. The cotton material that is used in this cover also has naturally moisture-wicking abilities, allowing the sleeper to stay cool and dry throughout the night.

Using a cover, especially one that is made from purely organic cotton, will act as a barrier against allergens and bacteria that can damage the bed while causing long-term health problems. The cover will also prevent rips or stains from prematurely aging your mattress before its time.

Second Layer – Natural Wool

The next layer that is found within the Pure Echo mattress is an inch-thick layer of natural wool to add a level of softness while increasing the breathability found throughout the mattress. This layer supports the sleeper and ensures they aren’t sleeping directly on the pocketed coils, which was a common problem for innerspring beds in the past.

Natural wool, with its moisture-wicking properties, is a natural fire retardant and will add a level of safety to your bedroom that isn’t normally thought about. Not to mention how great it is for those who suffer from night sweats.

Third Layer – Pocketed Coil System

The third layer of the Pure Echo from My Green Mattress is a generous five and a half inches of pocketed coil springs that take the expertise of beloved spring mattresses sold before and gives it a modern twist.

Each one of these coils within the Pure Echo model are individually wrapped in a protective coating, preventing rusting or structural damage that can occur over time. This protective coating increases the amount of air flow channels even more while at the same time reducing the level of motion transfer usually found in a coil-spring mattress.

The Pure Echo design uses a series of various gauge coils to cushion the body while supporting the sleeper in their preferred position. The springs will add the sensation of bounce and give to the mattress, protecting the body and distributing body weight evenly throughout it over the course of slumber.

Final (Fourth) Layer – Cotton Batting

The Pure Echo utilizes a layer of pure, organic cotton batting to support the mattress as a whole and further protect the pocketed coils. This layer of cotton batting prevents the pocketed coils from resting directly on the floor or foundation, which can damage the coils as time goes on.

The cotton batting pulls double duty as adding even more air flow channels to the bed, preventing moisture and bacteria that can rust the coils from becoming permanent.

Firmness of a My Green Mattress

The Pure Echo model is available in two different firmness levels with both one-sided and two-sided varieties.

The one-sided bed has been classified as firm with a firmness rating of 7.0 which is generally more suitable for those who sleep on their front and backs. Side sleepers may find this level of firmness too much for distributing their body weight evenly while on their side and it can cause aches and pains throughout.

The two-sided bed allows the sleeper to choose their preferred firmness level and can be flipped to experience both a firm and medium-firm mattress. One side of this bed is identical to the one-sided model, with a firmness rating of 7.0 whereas the opposite side of the Pure Echo mattress gained a firmness rating of 5.0, allowing it to be classified as medium-firm. Medium-firm models are universally recommended to sleepers of all positions.

Feel of a My Green Mattress

The initial feel of Pure Echo mattress by My Green Mattress is smooth and soothing cool of the organic cotton covering combined with the layer of natural wool. This bed has bounce and cushioning from the variety of springs that range in gauge.

This range allows for a supportive bed that provides solid support from the middle of the mattress to the edge to the perimeter.

Unique Features – My Green Mattress

Two Varieties

The Pure Echo gives the sleeper the option to sleep on either a firm mattress or a medium-firm mattress. With its two-sided model available for the same price as the one-sided firm bed, the sleeper is in charge of what firmness level they want to sleep on.

The medium-firm side of the bed supports the body with its layer of pocketed coil springs of various gauges and offers maximum comfort to sleepers of all positions. A well-designed medium-firm mattress will distribute the body weight of the sleeper to even proportions, regardless if they are on their back, side or front.

The opposite side of the product is a purely firm mattress that supports the body without losing any of the comfort provided by the layers of pocketed coil springs. While a firm bed supports those, who prefer to sleep on their front and backs, it can be a touch too firm for those who enjoy sleeping on their side.

It is important to note that the Pure Echo mattress is bulky with a significant heft to it, so flipping the mattress alone can be cumbersome and difficult for a person to do alone.

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A Breakdown of the Loom and Leaf Mattress

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Construction of the Loom and Leaf Mattress

The Loom and Leaf Mattress is produced by the luxury brand Saatva and it is becoming a well-known product that is gaining excellent reviews. With the mattress available in both a medium-firm option and a pure firm option, it gives the consumer an option without an increase in the final cost.

Top Layer – Quilted Covering

The Loom and Leaf comes complete with a mattress cover to protect the mattress as it is used during your daily life. This mattress cover is an entire inch of organic cotton and applies cottons natural breathability and moisture-wicking skills to the max. This cover allows for the sleeping surface of the bed to stay cool and dry, regardless of the season outside or the bedrooms current temperature.

Designed with a quilted pattern, it not only adds a visual appeal to the bed but also a level of comfort that is not generally found in foam mattresses.

Second Layer – Cooling Gel

Directly below the organic cotton cover is a two inch thick layer of cooling gel foam. This gel foam contours to the body to provide top-notch support and will allow the body to relax into a good position to remove pressure against the joints. It also helps the body achieve proper spinal alignment, relieving the sleeper of morning aches and muscle cramps from staying in the same position for a long period of time.

Gel foam is naturally cooling with aerated air flow channels to help trapped body heat escape throughout the night. This can be a major benefit for those who naturally sleep at a higher than normal temperature and suffer from dreaded night sweats.

Third Layer – Premium Foam

Next up in the construction of the Loom and Leaf model is two and a half inches of premium foam that distributes body weight during the contouring process. It removes pressure from the joints while straightening the body and instead systematically adds tension in the areas that benefit from pressure throughout the night.

Fourth Layer – Transitional Support Foam

The Loom and Leaf bed employs a layer of transitional foam before reaching the bottom dense layer of support foam. This layer allows for a barrier between the dense thicknesses of the heavier supportive foam for the bed and allows for the contouring abilities of the gel and premium foam to be activated in full.

This layer is two inches in thickness, ensuring the sleeper doesn’t sink into the dense support foam that make up the base of the mattress.

Fifth Layer – Support Foam

The final layer of foam that exists in the Loom and Leaf is a five inch thick layer of dense support foam. This layer exists to support the mattress and the added body weight of the sleeper while maintaining the structure of the mattress during long periods of use.

A dense layer of support foam in a respectable thickness allows the bed to maintain the support felt by the sleeper, even after significant time has passed. The Loom and Leaf Mattress has a lifespan of approximately 12 years and this dense support foam layer helps the sleepers that use this mattress on a daily basis reach that goal.

Firmness of a Loom and Leaf Mattress

The Loom and Leaf is not the type of mattress that can be flipped to experience different firmness levels, but it is a mattress that comes in two different firmness levels offering the same level of support.

The medium-firm Loom and Leaf model will be suited to those who sleep in all positions, with an emphasis on cushion and support on equal fields.

The luxury-firm Loom and Leaf Mattress is harder than its counterpart but still utilizes on the numerous layers of foam to provide comfort. A firm mattress is generally recommended for those who sleep on their front and backs, as side sleepers can experience discomfort from the harder feel.

Feel of a Loom and Leaf Mattress

The Loom and Leaf model on the first feel or touch is smooth and cool thanks the inch layer of organic cotton that is the mattress cover. The quilted cover provides comfort and cushion for the sleeper, while the design is visually pleasing to the naked eye.

The layers that can be felt below the organic cotton cover on the Loom and Leaf are thick enough to feel the contouring ridges activate as soon as body weight is applied.

Unique Features – Loom and Leaf Mattress

Firmness Options

The Loom and Leaf Mattress comes with incredible support and comfort, but you can also choose between a medium-firm mattress and a firm model.

The medium-firm mattress currently rates a 5.0 on the firmness scale, which is decided by lower numbers on the scale (1-3) being a mattress with no support and all cushion whereas the higher numbers (6-10) are mattresses that focus more on firm support rather than a soft cushion. This style of mattress attracts sleepers of all positions.

The other firmness model of the Loom and Leaf Mattress is a firm mattress that currently holds a rating of 7.0 on the scale. This mattress, while still comfortable and soothing, focuses greater on support to the body.

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Which One To Get

My Green Mattress

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The Pure Echo Mattress is designed, produced and sold by My Green Mattress which is an online company. This coil spring mattress is a throwback to the beloved innerspring coil mattresses of previous generations but with a greater emphasis on contouring support.

If you chose to purchase the Pure Echo Mattress, you are granted 100 nights of which you can test and try the mattress risk free. If you decide that this product is not for you, contact the customer service department and request for a pickup to receive a full refund. Having 100 nights to try a mattress is a good window of time to know if it is right for you and if it relieved you of aches and muscle cramps that pop up unwelcome in the morning.

If you chose to keep your Pure Echo Mattress, your investment is protected by the 10 year warranty that covers everything from repair to defects to replacement.

Loom and Leaf Mattres

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The Loom and Leaf Mattress is a luxury mattress that is made by the online company Saatva. Using only natural materials that are free from harmful chemicals or additives, you can be sure you are sleeping in healthy comfort.

The Loom and Leaf Mattress is sold to consumers with the promise of 120 nights to use as a trial period for the mattress, allowing for plenty of time to break it in and test the support levels that are provided. If at the end of the trial period you are unhappy with your purchase, the customer service department is available to arrange for your full refund and remove the mattress for cleansing before donating it to a reputable charity for a family in need.

The Loom and Leaf Mattress is covered by the Saatva 15 year warranty if you decide that you cannot sleep without the support provided by the mattress and it will cover everything from defects, replacements, and repairs.

My Green Mattress VS Loom and Leaf Comparison

My Green Mattress – Pure Echo Model Loom and Leaf
Layers Used 4 layers – cover

  • 1” wool
  • 1.5” cotton batting
  • 5.5” three-zone pocketed
    coil system
4 layers

  • 1” quilted cover
  • 2” cooling gel
  • 2.5” premium foam
  • 2” transition support pad
  • 5.5” support foam
Height 8 inches 13 inches
Firmness Firm to Medium* Relaxed Firm or Medium Firm*
Motion Transfer Fair Minimal
Breathability Good High
Trial Period 100 nights 120 nights
Warranty 10 years 15 years
Pricing (Queen) $949.00 US with financing
and monthly payments available
$1699.00 US with financing and
monthly payments available
Shipping Free within the continental US Free



A new mattress is the type of purchase that requires time and patience to shift through all the different brands and support types. Look for a trusted material, whether that be pocketed springs or foam, latex or pure organic materials. You’re the one going to be sleeping on this for at least 10 years, so you want to make sure that it is a purchase you can count on.

Inquire about the warranty, trial periods, and delivery information from the brand you have chosen and question if you will have to stand to the charges of shipping the mattress back to the company should you require a refund. Some brands can have hidden fees for returns while others offer a white-glove delivery at an additional price so you can be certain your mattress hasn’t come in contact with any nasty bacteria.

Entrust in outside sources of information, such as customer reviews posted in areas other than the company page and check out one of the numerous internet websites that receive a mattress from a company with the promise to run comprehensive testing and provide an honest review. If you’re the one going to be sleeping on this mattress for a significant period of time, it should you in your lifestyle, not hinder you!


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