My Green Mattress Natural Escape Unboxing

It’s my pleasure today to introduce to you My Green Mattress Natural Escape. This product is unique in that the inspiration for its construction came from the fact that the daughter of the owner of the company suffered with eczema and other dermatological issues from birth. Together, her parents spoke with medical professionals, but they didn’t stop there. They poured hours of their time researching natural products that could prove to improve their daughter’s condition.

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Her father, Tim Masters, had been an apprentice for Quality Sleep Shop, and he later bought the business. After researching the benefits of natural products, he decided it was time to offer his customers a natural alternative to accommodate those who suffered with similar conditions as his daughter. For this reason, I feel the company has a true interest in how their customers experience this product. In fact, Emily sleeps on a twin size natural product that was made by her dad to this day.

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Unboxing/First Impression


My Thoughts So Far

I have slept on this product once to date, and I’d like to share with you my thoughts on the product so far.

— Firmness

In assessing firmness without being able to lay on the product, it’s important to have at least a general understanding of indentation load deflection. You can read our comprehensive article about this topic, but just know that an ILD of 12 is very soft, and 50 is very hard. The 100 percent natural Dunlop latex featured in this product has an ILD of between 18 and 22, so it’s in the medium firmness range. This makes it accommodating for the majority of sleepers out there.

— Responsiveness

My Green Mattress features a pocketed coil spring system, and it causes the product to bounce back quickly when you release pressure. When I slept on it last night, I found it to be very easy to move around as well as get in and out of bed.


Ease in Unboxing

This product is packaged in a circular box rather than a rectangular one, and I found this version easier to work with. After opening the top of the box, it opened without the need of a boxcutter. The product easily bounced out of the box from there.

It’s only been one night, but I can say that I did sleep through the night. Sometimes I’m known to wake up from time to time, but I experienced no interruptions. I found the mattress to be comfortable and supportive, and I didn’t notice any pressure points in my shoulders which I sometimes experience on other product types. Over the course of the remainder of this week, I am going to delve much deeper into this product, and I’ll be reporting back to you with my comprehensive review. I will test various aspects from temperature regulation and motion transfer to edge support, layer construction, and much more. However, in the meantime, I encourage you to check out My Green Mattress’s website. Here, you can get a head start on learning more about this product, and I’ll return to fill in the gaps!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. We’ll get back with you as quickly as possible.