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Love is in the air! But much more so in some states than others, apparently. During this traditionally romantic season, you may have a better chance at finding a date, love, or even a marriage partner if you’re physically located in a certain area—or so the data says. In a recent study that involved hundreds of thousands of data points, the most and least romantic states and cities have officially been unearthed.

“Romantic” may be a subjective term, but statistics are not. To determine the most romantic locations in the country, we collected hundreds of thousands of Instagram posts with geotags from around the country and romantic hashtags such as #shesaidyes. We also calculated the number of romantically named places (Love Island, anyone?) and divided the results by the population of each state. The results reveal America’s most romantic locations—keep reading to see where they are.

Best and Worst States for Love

Jumping right in, our very first goal was to find out which states are the most and least romantic. Below, you’ll find the final ranking according to our comprehensive romance data metrics.

Most and least romantic states

Romance was most often found in the tropics, or more specifically, Hawaii. Hawaii’s state website offers travelers an entire guide on finding the most romantic locations on each island, while wedding magazines often highlight the state as a dream honeymoon destination. Science has also shown that abundant sunshine and vegetation chemically wire the brain for romance and even arousal. Florida, which offers a similarly lush ambiance, also ranked as one of the most romantic states in the country—in fourth place, to be precise.

Sunshine and a tropical setting were not essential ingredients for romance, however. The second and third most romantic states in the country were New York and New Jersey, respectively. These neighboring states experience a much more moderate climate with significant snowfall in winter. This weather can evidently set the stage for love as well, with plenty of romantically named locations found here such as Valentine, New Jersey, and Loveland, New York. Unsurprisingly, New York City was the most romantic spot in this area. Central Park even offers engagement packages.

Romance was ultimately lost in places like Mississippi and North Dakota, which yielded the fewest engagement-related posts and romantically named locales. Perhaps romance is approached differently in these areas; however, the metadata suggests that people looking for love they can share online may be better off searching in other states.

Where Did #SheSayYes?

Engagement statistics provide one of the most objective data points available for determining a location’s romance ranking. Focusing exclusively on this concept, the next section of our study looked at the top cities, national parks, and lovely locations for getting engaged.

Top locations for engagments according to Instagram hashtags

Honolulu was the No. 1 city for getting engaged in the U.S. The state of Hawaii previously proved romantic as a whole, but this particular location was clearly offering its visitors something specific. As the most visited destination in Hawaii, Honolulu sees more than its fair share of romance-minded travelers. With spectacularly beautiful spots such as Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head, it’s no surprise that many of them are inspired to pop the question here.”

Replacing volcanoes and oceans for skyscrapers and restaurants was Manhattan, ranked as the second most romantic city (or in this case, borough) in the country. Places like Central Park and the Empire State Building are notorious for romantic movie scenes, and clearly for real-life engagements as well. Central Park was also the top location we found throughout the country for engagements.

National parks are a great option for those looking to propose surrounded by the beauty of nature. If you wish to take inspiration from others, our research found that Yosemite National Park was the most popular national park for engagements, perhaps for it’s wide variety of landscapes. Joshua Tree came in second with it’s views over the Coachella valley, and Zion National Park rounded out the top three.

Land Built for Love

Especially after the turbulence of recent years, it’s nice to know that romance continues regardless. From Central Park to Honolulu, the U.S. offers a treasure trove of destinations for those seeking love. Whether you’re looking to get engaged or simply for a romantic date in Love Park, there’s somewhere in the country for you and your loved one.

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Methodology and Limitations

We scraped 102,054 Instagram posts from within the United States containing the hashtags #ISaidYes, #Proposal, #SheSaidYes, #HowHeAsked, and #HeProposed.

We also collected data from the United States Geological Survey’s Domestic Names database. From this, we created a dataset of locations that include romantic terms, such as love, flirt, romance, etc. We combined this dataset with the Instagram scrape to create a list of the most romantic locations in the country. We also took into account the population of each state according to the 2020 census.

Fair Use Statement

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