90 Spectacular Modern Bedroom Ideas For The Creative Mind

When I was kid all I could think about was how I was going to decorate my room when I grew up. I thought all about how I was going to be able to do what I wanted with it, how I wanted to do it, and how I could paint it any color I wanted. Today, all grown up, I stare at my plain bedroom and think about how it looks nothing like how I imagined it would. So, I gathered this massive list of 90 modern bedroom designs for you to enjoy if you’re like me and want to do something better with your bedroom.

#1. Theater Lights

Again, I go back to being a kid and walking into the theater and seeing the lights lining the walls and floors. This bedroom takes the same concept into consideration. Notice how they use an abstract design on the back wall and line it with those theater light? Pretty neat, right? For me, it gives the bedroom a little bit of ambiance. It also creates a beautiful reflection off of the bedframe and the tile flooring.

#2. Very Simple

This modern bedroom design is very simple. If you’ll notice, it’s actually two rooms in one. There’s that white divider in the center of the room, making that sitting room either a separate area or an included one. It also helps to divide the vanity right there. The whole setup for the room actually makes a few rooms in one, which is pretty neat. It’s also kind of vintagy if you look at it. Notice how everything is wood panel and metal legs?

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#3. Sophistication

This is an absolutely beautiful bedroom setup in my opinion. I love how the wood paneling blends with the hardwood floor, but they don’t overpower one another. The light grey color onthe walls also helps to break up the wood a little as well. Check out that light above the bed. It brings so much character to the bedroom, doesn’t it? And to finish it off, the chessboard on the table screams “sophistication!”.

#4. A Little Bit of Everything

There’s a whole bunch of different designs going on in this bedroom, but that seems to be the trend these days. If you take a look at the wall and the bed, it has a very modern look to it. From the color of the walls to the bedding and lamps, it’s very modern. But take a look at the rug and the chair, they’re very vintage, even those Chuck Taylors are old school. All mixed together, it makes for a very unique look.

#5. A Lot Of Orange

If you like orange, you’ll love this. This bedroom incorporates a lot of the variations of the color orange into the look. Between the bright orange chair and gold headboard, there’s a whole lot of color going on. It flows well with the overall color scheme of the room and doesn’t clash with the hardwood flooring. Also, check out that cute little woodstove in the corner. That’s the perfect place to snuggle up on a cold night with somebody you love.

#6. Minimalistic

This minimalistic modern bedroom is the ideal space for those who like to keep things neat and tidy. As you can see, there’s very little in this room, but it works. The design of the room is also pretty nifty as well. Check out the hardwood floor and the walls. It looks as though the the floor creeps up the wall and changes colors, doesn’t it? And those lamps, how they tower over the bed, kind of creepy, but in a cool way.

#7. A DIYer’s Dream

This bedroom is the dream room of someone who loves to do it themself. It looks like everything in the room has been taken from Pinterest. Everything from the bed frame to the wall decor is made from repurposed pallets. By the looks of it, it seems almost as if this bed is two twin mattresses put together to make a king bed, which is very common in a lot of households. The one thing that really pulls this bedroom together, however, is the brick wall.

#8. Bringing Nature to The City

Living in the city can mean sacrificing green grass and beautiful trees, especially if it’s an over populated area with no parks. This room brings the nature inside with the green walls while not to take away from the view of the city with those huge windows. Now, when you live in the city, you obviously can’t set up a hammock anywhere, which is why this swinging chair is an absolute must in a room like this. All together, this green style bedroom is the perfect solution for the person who loves nature, but doesn’t want to sacrifice the city life.

#9. Niche Walls

If you aren’t a fan of bulky shelves that constantly get in the way, you’ll love this bedroom design. These niche walls are perfect for storing your essentials such as a clock, books, lamps, vases, and anything else you need out of the way, but still visible. The color that they use, which looks to be canary yellow, goes beautifully with the grey walls and the orange area rug. The area rug is a great addition to a room like this because by the looks of it, the floor is cement, which may be cold in the morning and the placement of the rug is perfect for your feet first thing in the morning.

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#10. Black & White

This bedroom design is beautiful, in a plain kind of way. If you’re a minimalistic kind of person, this is perfect for you. It’s just black and white, no other colors other than the grey in the comforter on the bed and the floor. When I first looked at the picture, I barely noticed the clock on the wall because of how well it blended in, almost as if the hands were built into the wall. The black lamp shades do a wonderful job of breaking up the white and make it look less overpowering.

#11. Out Of Sight

Check out this very unique bedroom idea. This is almost like something that you would find in a hotel room or an apartment building in the city. Notice how all of the drawers and storage are hidden in the walls? Even the television is built into the wall, which is pretty neat. The room is also very white, but is broken up by the brown of the hardwood floor. I love how this room comes together well and how everything is hidden so to not create clutter.

#12. Beige & Wood

This is a very minimal bedroom idea for those who love to keep their colors simple. Beige is a color that can work with just about everything and anything. In this case, it works very well with this wooden platform bed frame and the drawers that are built into the walls to match, which i think are super cute. I absolutely love those lights on each side of the bed. It gives the room a very subtle ambiance and the same goes for those area rugs that match the linens.

#13. Hanging Decor

I would absolutely love to wake up next to the ocean like the lucky owners of the bedroom in this picture, but that’s not what this is about. Check out those huge hanging decorations! They add a touch of flare to a very simple bedroom by the ocean. If you look above the bed, you’ll also see just a plain black wall hanging. There’s nothing on it, but it matches the hanging balls and it’s also highlighted by three lights. This is definitely a very unique bedroom setup.

#14. Ocean-Like

This is a very simple bedroom design with some unique colors. These colors are very similar to what you would find in a beach-like hotel room. Notice the ocean blue coloring of the wall, sandy brown area rug, and sand dollar linens? Yeah, I noticed that it looks like a beach as well. The other thing I noticed as well was that the lights behind the side tables were rather unique as well. They aren’t overpowering and they create just enough light as to not disturb your partner on the other side during the night.

#15. White & Taupe

This is another one of those very funky colored bedrooms. I honestly love the color and texture of the walls. The walls are like a barn wall paneling type of texture. The floors are hardwood, but they are a lighter color than the walls. The main piece of the room, however, is the area rug. The brown breaks up the lighter color of the room and gives it a little splash of character, if you ask me. The other piece that I love in the room is that cute little table. It’s such a small, but loud statement piece.

#16. Modern + Vintage

This bedroom design is something that you would find in a teenagers room who is very into the whole vintage look. Although it’s vintage, it’s more elegant than anything. It;s not full of shag and bright, bold colors. It’s very classy, but the metal legs on the bed frame is what makes it look so classic. Also, check out those hanging light bulbs, how awesome are those? I also love how the purple mixes with the grey walls-very modern.

#17. Small & Minimal

This is the type of bedroom you would find in a small house or apartment. Notice how the bed is in the corner of the room, leaving optimal walking room everywhere else. You’ll also notice that they use very neutral colors and little lighting. The low lighting is perfect for saving on electric bills and reducing the carbon footprint if you use eco-friendly lightbulbs.

#18. Modern Luxury

This bedroom is very modern, but luxurious. The first thing I notice when I look at this room is the brick wall behind the bed. Whether it’s real or fake, it still gives the room so much character. The next thing I notice are the lights that highlight the wall and the bricks, which is super cool. I love how this room has its own little sitting area off to the side. This is great for reading a book when your partner is sleeping and you don’t want to disturb them. The other thing I like about this room is how the colors all blend together nicely.

#19. White Loft

This beautiful white decorated loft could make even your closest friends envious. As soon as you walk up that spiral staircase, you’re greeted by a beautiful wall mirror, trimmed in gold. Round the corner and there’s that big, white, upholstered bed utop the grey carpeting. On the other side of the room is the little sitting area with the glass table and cute white chair to match the other white furnishings throughout the room.

#20. Uneven Green & Grey

If you suffer from OCD, this room definitely isn’t for you! This room drives me bonkers, honestly. The first thing I notice is that everything is uneven. The comforter is two different colors, the pillows are two different colors, and the bedside tables are different sizes and colors. I guess the only good thing that I can say is that all of the colors go well together. That’s a good thing, right?

#21. Contemporary Chic

This bedroom, and the bed, looks super cozy and it makes me want to snuggle up next to my hubby and read a good book or watch a show on Netflix. There’s something about the color of this bed frame and those brass lamps that go so well together and make the bedroom look rather chic without effort. The one thing that really pulls it all together, though, is that hanging light ball above the bed. I just love it!

#22. Art Deco

The design of this bedroom is very artsy, so if you’re big into that kind of thing, you’ll love this style. Check out the hanging decor above the bed. I’m honestly not sure if it’s a light or just a hanging piece of art, but it’s pretty neat. The whole room itself is pretty grey and off-white, but it works well together, especially with that shag carpeting. If you look over by the big window, you’ll see a cute vanity with those vintage light bulbs. This room is absolutely beautiful.

#23. Gothic

This bedroom design is the gothic lovers dream. If my knew my husband wouldn’t hate it, I would decorate my room like this. The first thing I notice is that absolutely stunning chandelier and matching wall sconces. They match perfectly with the unique wallpaper that extends up to the ceiling, which is a great tactic for making a bedroom look bigger than it really is. That area rug is another great statement piece as well. It extends off of the end of the bed, breaking up the plain white of the flooring.

#24. Comfy & Cozy

This is a style very similar to something you would find in an ordinary home. You have the wall hangings above the bed, which is very common and the ¾ area rug under the bed, which is also rather common. I like that design because you can get out of bed in the morning and walk all the way around the bed without your feet getting cold. The other nice thing about this brown and beige design is the way it all comes together with the mirrored closet.

#25. Plenty Of Lighting

If you like a lot of lighting, this bedroom design is one that you’ll love. Check out all of that lighting surrounding the bed and the huge light recessed into the ceiling. I’d say you won’t have an issue with light during the night. Another thing that speaks to me about this room is the area rug It is perfectly centered with the bed, giving it a very balanced look. The comforter mixes well with the curtains and that tree in the corner is just too cute! It really gives the room a nature look.

#26. Shiny White

If you love white, this is for you. This bedroom is a whole lot of white. We’re talking a white floor, white fireplace, white bedding, white ottoman, white nightstand, and white windows. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would look like with the lights turned on. The only thing breaking up the white of the room is the multi-colored area rug on the hardwood floor and the green plant over in the corner. Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept of this room, but it’s just a little too shiny for me.

#27. Funky Lighting

This is such a cute idea. The bedroom itself is very small, so space for lighting is obviously going to be limited, which is why they chose the recessed lighting in the wall and the can lighting in the ceiling. I love the colors of the lights and the way they flow together, but the color of the comforter just doesn’t go with with any of it, so i’m not quite sure what they were thinking there.

#28. Minimal Furniture

A bedroom is a place for sleeping, so it makes sense that there really is no furniture in this room other than the bed and the night stands. Honestly, what else do you really need? Other than the lack of furniture, check out that bright orange comforter set on the bed. It really stands out against the white of the walls and the ceramic flooring. Overall, this minimalistic bedroom is actual pretty awesome.

#29. Industrial Loft

Industrial lofts are very popular in the cities, they’re also usually very inexpensive. This industrial loft is very beautifully designed. I love how the pallets are just a little bigger than the bed, giving the user enough space to put their personal belongings next to where they are sleeping. I’m also a huge lover of the classic radiators and how they go with the flow of the whole room design. Also, if you look next to the bed, you’ll see a cute little makeshift sitting area.

#30. Brick Bedroom

This brick bedroom is one of my favorites, mostly because of the balcony feature. Could you imagine waking up every day and sitting in that lounge chair next to an open window and enjoying a cool summer breeze? Me either. I’m also diggin the grey area rug that’s off center from the bed. This is a popular look that balances the flow of the room. The grey also accents the grey colors in the bricks as well, if you can see it.

#31. Oceanside View

Calgon, take me away! This bedroom looks like something you would see on the front of one of those Calgon bath salt boxes, doesn’t it? I’m really liking how the colors of the room are rather dark. The comforter is a dark brown, but the pillow cases are a light blue. They mix very well with the ocean in the background. The flooring does brighten up the room a bit, however.

#32. Contemporary Design

This bedroom is very contemporary. It features a double divan bed with two end tables on each side of the bed. The wood paneling behind the bed is quite unique because of the arrow design going up the left side of it. The colors of the bed mixed with the area rug is quite unique as well. The green mixed with the grey works together beautifully. Check out that armchair off to the side as well.

#33. Relaxing Room

Here’s another one of those oceanside rooms that I would die to have. I love how large those windows are. Check out how they use that area rug as well. It lays at the bottom of the bed rather than under it. The other unique thing about the room is that backsplash behind the bed with the built in cubby. The brown and white coloring of the room mixed with the blue of the ocean makes for a very relaxing environment.

#34. Cozy Loft

This cozy loft is very small, but it;s designed in a way so that it’s hardly noticeable. One of the first things that I noticed when I looked at the picture was the lights going up the side ofthe wall off to the left. How cool are those? They give the entryway into the bathroom a boost of light. The other thing that I noticed were the skylights. The fact that there is so much natural lighting will save on energy.

#35. Stylish Wood

This bedroom is super stylish with all of the hardwood. The flooring is a beautiful multi-colored hardwood style that extends all the way up behind the bed to give it an old country kind of look. The bed is accented by a couple of chic lamps and end tables as well as a tufted comforter. This is the type of bedroom you would expect to find in a high end apartment or loft in the big city.

#36. Big & Bold

Everything about this bedroom is big and bold-and I love it! The first thing I noticed when I looked at it was the huge hanging light in the center of the room. It’s almost as big as the upholstered headboard of the bed. The other thing that I noticed was the wave pattern on the wall. I don’t think i’ve ever seen anything like it. All of these things mixed with the parquet floor makes for a very unique contemporary room.

#37. Purple Decor

This bedroom look is very original and doesn’t have a lot going on it it. The walls are a very plain off-white color with that very unique picture hanging above the bed. The hardwood floors are gorgeous however, and very neatly covered by that deep purple area rug to protect it from the bed. The one statement piece in this bedroom is the artwork hanging from the ceiling.

#38. Lovin’ Leather

In this room, we start with the leather bed frame and work around that. This bed frame is made with a beige leather material, so it’s very natural that the designers would want to match the rest of the furnishings with it. Notice how the area rug is just a shade or two lighter? The window curtains and bed linens are also around that same shade to keep the flow going nicely. What i enjoy is the wood paneling behind the bed.

#39. Blue Bed

The main piece in this room is the big, blue bed. This bed is a very strange shape, which kind of throws off the balance of the whole room. The colors are also a little strange as well. The carpets are a mustard yellow and the lampshades are a brown. Overall, the colors of the room don’t really mix well, but if you’re into that sort of thing, you may like it more than I do.

#40. Avant-Garde

This room is quite unique, and I really like it. The bed is raised off of the floor on a wooden platform atop a multicolored area rug. This rug seems to have a lot of the same colors that are in the entire bedroom. The wall features build in shelves for art decor and in the corner there’s a cute little sitting area to enjoy the view out of those giant windows.

#41. Cottage Living

This quaint little cottage bedroom is absolutely to die for. The shiny hardwood floors are very welcoming as soon as you open that big, beautiful door. Once inside, you’re greeted by that hanging piece in the center of the room. I’m not sure if those are lights or just decorations, but you could probably make them into lights. I’m really liking the white on brown in this type of room. It’s very cozy and definitely something I could see myself relaxing in while on a vacation in a cottage.

#42. Grey & White

If you didn’t already notice, this room has a lot of grey and white in it. I love how those huge grey window panels are divided by the sheer white panel. The other area that makes a huge statement is that area behind the bed. The textured wall is very common in luxury bedrooms like this, along with those funky patterned area rugs. My favorite part about this room is that hanging lantern light right at the foot of the bed.

#43. Elegance In Violet

The design of this bedroom is very simple, but also very elegant. We start off with some grey colored walls, which seem to go with everything. Next, there’s this bright violet king sized bed. On each side of the bed are two wooden end tables and above those tables are hanging lights , which are too cute for words. There isn’t much to this bedroom, but it definitely has some character to it.

#44. Silver Luxury

This is the bedroom I would expect to see in the 50 Shades Of Grey movie. It’s completely silver with the exception of the wall that the fireplace is on. One thing that I notice is the carpeting. The carpet has a vertical line pattern going on. This is usually used to make the room look larger. The colors also match everything in the bedroom. Then, off in the corner, you have that random tree plant to add some other color to the room.

#45. Alcove Bedroom

I love the overall layout of this bedroom. In the first part of it, you have the main area where that small sitting space is with the black vintage chair and standing lamp. Then, you walk into the other part of the room that’s semi-divided and you have your bed with the chandelier hanging above it. The black recessed bed mixed with the parquet floor work very well together and it’s definitely quite the modern looking bedroom.

#46. Futuristic Loft

First of all, kudos to the architect who designed this building, it’s brilliant. Those windows are stunning with the giant cement “X” designs in them. I also love how the use of the blue comforter blends with the color of the dark floors and the light walls. The other piece in this bedroom that really sticks out is that really strange chair. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chair like that before. It’s very future-like.

#47. Very White

This is one of those modern white bedroom ideas that you would see in a small apartment or in a bedroom that has very high ceilings. I’m not a huge fan of all the white, but the hardwood floors do a very nice job of breaking the color up a little. I love how there’s kind of a wall surrounding the bed for a small amount of privacy-not much when you’re going up and down the stairs, though.

#48. Lots of Patterns

This bedroom is very simple, but it also has a lot going on with patterns. Check out that platform bed first. It’s completely upholstered with a quilted look to it. It’s pushed up against a half-type wall with a butterfly style pattern in it painted in white. Behind that, there’s the main brick wall painted in the same color white. If you’re really into art deco, this may be something you could pull off in your own bedroom.

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#49. Lake View

This is another one of my dream rooms! This A-frame style room with those huge windows is perfect for viewing that lake on a bright summer morning. The use of bright colored walls helps quite a bit to add natural light into the room as well. I love how the bed is pointed in the direction of the water. It would give me a sense of relaxation before bed, that’s for sure.

#50. Seaside Magnificence

Would you love to be able to open your sliding glass door and jump out into the ocean? Whoever lives in this room is one lucky individual. My favorite part about this room is that circular bed frame. There’s something about the color black that mixes so well with the grey of the carpeting and the blue backdrop of the ocean. That sitting area over in the corner is also the ideal place to enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing against shore.

51. Wood Paneling

This is one of those modern contemporary bedroom designs that features a whole lot of wood paneling. The one area that stands out to me the most is the hardwood flooring. It’s made of the larder panels rather than the smaller ones, which I think makes the room look a lot nicer than the smaller ones would. The wooden shelves and wall behind the bed makes the room look ultra modern as well. I also like how the white and grey comforter break up all of the brown.

#52. Ultra Modern Bedroom

One of the first things I noticed with this ultra modern bedroom design is the bed. How is it standing up like that? I absolutely love the design of it and how well it goes with the overall flow of the room itself. Those end tables are just as mesmerizing as the bed and so are those decorations hanging from the ceiling. I also like how the browns are mixed together for a classy look.

#53. Very Retro

I see a lot of people incorporating retro styles into their modern bedroom ideas. In this particular bedroom, check out all of the wood paneling with the white trim. Those cabinets off towards the windows are like those you would see in earlier style homes. The designs on the comforter and the walls are also something that you would see in older style homes, but the flooring is more modern. One thing that really stands out, however, is that teal chair!

#54. Zen Bedroom

When I look at this room, the only thing that I can think of is that is it very zen-like. Notice how there’s minimal furniture, but optimal space for walking and yoga. There’s also that area rug right there off to the side of the bed. It’s the perfect space for meditation. There are also a few different plants in the room, adding a touch of color around the platform bed. The use of the finish on the hardwood floor is also ideal for reflecting light to create more natural lighting.

#55. Planks

This bedroom is very unique and the perfect design for an apartment or a loft. Obviously, the standout piece here is the wall behind the bed. It seems to be made from different color planks of wood in a pattern. You’ll also notice that the bed isn’t centered against that wall. This is because that plant needs its natural sunlight, so everything had to be moved over. Overall, the colors in this room go well together and it’s very aesthetically pleasing.

#56. Squares

The design of this room is very simple, until you get to the backsplash behind the bed. This is a very artsy design of different size squares, which is pretty cool. The rest of the room matches up quite well to the color of that backsplash. The lamp shades, area rug, comforter, and even the color of the lamps themselves follow a certain pattern of white and grey. This is definitely something that I could see in a teenagers bedroom.

#57. Fireplace Loft

I’m a fan of lofts, so it’s no surprise that this one would be one of my favorites. I love how there’s a drop down to a grate at the bottom of the bed. The other nice feature of this room is the fireplace. It;s great for those cold nights or just adding a little atmosphere to the room. That animal skin rug also adds to that atmosphere as well.

#58. Classic Cozy Room

This is an extremely elegant and classy bedroom design if you ask me. Check out how the lighting is recessed above the bed while that larger light comes out over top of the bench at the end of the bed. The area rug also helps to create a very warm and welcoming effect as well. I love how it equally supports the bed on each side, balancing it all out.

#59. Underlit Bed

I’ve always wanted to do this to my bed but never had the time to do it. Check out how the light comes out from under the bed. This is perfect for lighting the area around it without disturbing anyone who is sleeping in the bed. The room itself is also very quaint and homey. I love how there’s a small sitting area off to the side.

#60. Elongated Room

This room is quite long, if you didn’t notice. There’s not much room for other furniture on the sides of the room, but there’s definitely some on the other end of the room. I like the colors that are used as well. The slate grey color works well with the white of the walls and the light brown of the furniture.

#61. Peaceful

The first thing I think of when I look at this room is that it is peaceful. I love how the canopy bed works with the french doors and the smaller windows. The hardwood floors also blend in very nicely here with the beige colors of the walls and the color of the bed and doors. The plants add a very calming effect to the room in my opinion.

#62. Violet & Glass

In this bedroom, the first thing that I notice is the king sized violet bed with those curved feet and head board. This is the type of bed that you would see in a retro bedroom. The black furniture and decorations accent the bed beautifully. The designer was sure to not make everything so dark, so they kept the floor a bright color to keep the lighting a naturally bright hue. Overall, well done!

#63. Dark & Mysterious

This bedroom has a very dark and mysterious look to it. Those ceramic walls are absolutely gorgeous and paired with those gold lamps-stunning! I’m really diggin the dark comforter look as well with these dark walls. One thing to remember is that don’t think that because the room has so much darkness to it that it’s going to always be dark. Once those curtains are opened, the light is going to bounce off of the walls and brighten up the room.

#64. Divided by Glass

This is a very luxurious bedroom in my opinion. The first thing that I can see as soon as I look at this room is that awesome glass panel that divides the bed area from the sitting area. The other thing is the glass chandelier above the bed and the recessed ceiling. It creates such a welcoming atmosphere.

#65. Retro-Style

If you want a retro bedroom look, this is it. There are a lot of retro colors going on here. First, we have the silver and the patterned wall paper. I honestly can’t describe the what the pattern looks like to me. Next, we have the silver upholstered bed frame with the teal and yellow linens. If you look over on the wall, you’ll see those brown and white retro cabinets and a teal wall shelf. All of these concepts put together are very old school.

#66. Romantic

For me, this is a very romantic atmosphere for a bedroom. I’m absolutely in love with the black leather headboard and black & white linens. It reminds me of a black and white tuxedo. The one thing that really has me sold is the painting of the white roses above the bed. It fits in beautifully with the rest of the room, including the fuzzy area rug.

#67. Funk-a-licious

Funk-a-licious is really the only thing that comes to mind when I see this bedroom. My favorite thing about this orange, grey, and white room is how they managed to match the shape of the light to the shapes on the comforter. How awesome is that?! The other thing that stands out is the off center and turned area rug. It’s not something that you see very often. Overall, very funky.

#68. Cinder Blocks

Up until now, I never thought of cinder blocks as furniture. Check out those bedside tables. They’re made from repurposed cinder blocks, which I think is a pretty awesome idea. The rest of the room goes with that flow as well. The area rug next to the bed looks more like an industrial door mat, but it does match those blocks. All of the colors come together well, such as the greys and whites.

#69. Bedroom & Kitchen

This room is very similar to something that you would find in a hotel. This is a great idea for homes and apartments that are limited on space, as long as you don’t mind people viewing your sleeping space while they’re eating their breakfast. This room is very bright with the orange and the white. It definitely would allow a lot of the light from the windows to bounce off and give off more natural lighting to the room.

#70. Wood Finish

This room is the type that save a ton of space. Check out how the drawers are built into the wood finished walls and how there are cabinets above where the television is. This, for me, would save space by eliminating the need for a dresser. As for the colors, I love how the colors in the comforter blend in with the colors in the wood finish on the walls. Every color in the room seems to have a partner.

#71. Brown Stripes

So, this bedroom has a lot going on with it. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the colors of the area rug or the backsplash behind the bed. The colors are very “blah” in my opinion. The colors of the lamp shades and bed linens, on the other hand, are awesome. I love the black and yellow on top of the white bed, but mixed with the brown just doesn’t seem to work.

#72. Space Saving Bed

The reason I call this a space saving bed is because check out how they use the shelf around the bed for books. This, to me, eliminates the need for a bookshelf and I would use the extra space for a little sitting area. I love the black and grey colors of the area as well, they work so great together. The light colored floor helps to create natural lighting from the rays bouncing off it from the window.

#73. Limited Space

Clearly, this is a very narrow bedroom in a loft apartment. Fortunately, there’s tons of space for storage under that raised bed frame. Notice how there aren’t a lot of really bright lights? They only used a few table lamps and a standing lamp over in the corner and allowed the light to bounce off of the bright color of the walls. The one thing that I want to point out is the ceiling. The design is very unique.

#74. Super Colorful

This is definitely one of my favorites on the list because of how well the patterns work together with the colors. I love how the area rug matches the pillows on the bed and the comforter is color coordinated with the decor all over the bedroom. There’s also a desk on the desk on the corner of the rug, making it a very functional bedroom with tons of storage. The bright white of the walls and floor is also great for reflecting that natural lighting.

#75. Art Deco & Mirrors

This bedroom is very artsy and unique. It definitely falls into the modern category with those circular designs on the wall and armchair in the corner of the room. Check out those hanging lampshade chandeliers. They’re absolutely gorgeous and bring a whole lot of elegance to the room. The other feature that I want to point out is the huge mirror behind the bed. To me, it makes the room seem bigger, along with the vertical hardwood flooring.

#76. Simple White & Beige

If you want just simple and modern, this is it. It’s a very plain room with beige and brown walls with a very shiny floor. The light that comes through the glass door helps bring in a natural glow throughout the room, which can save a lot of money on electric costs. The red drapery for the window does a very good job of bringing a bit of vibrant color to the room so it doesn’t seem so dull.

#77. Skylights

Skylights are one of my favorite ways to light up a bedroom or enhance the light over a bed. I love how the light brightens the area over the bed and makes the silver and magenta comforter pop out from the rest of the room. The white color of the walls also help to brighten up the entire room, which looks to be a limited space, so not much room for other lighting sources other than those small can lights and that cute standing floor lamp. Overall, this is a great idea for a girls room.

#78. Contemporary Brown

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This room is very unique, mostly because of the shape of those dressers. I adore how all of the different shades of brown come together so well and brighten up the room. Even though the walls are a dark color, that large window over in the corner does a very good job of brightening up the room. The one thing that stands out to me is that area rug. It works very well against the hardwood flooring.

#79. Acoustic Wall Paneling

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This is a look that can be easily recreated if you wanted to put the time and effort into it. Those acoustic wall panels are pretty great and give the room a very artsy feel to it. It works very well with the stonehenge walnut flooring and the mauve walls. The Asher King bed is very simple, but makes the room look very luxurious.

#80. Concrete & Wood

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Since I’m a country person, this room is absolutely stunning to me. I love the wooden bed frame and the wooden style dressers and night stands. They work so well against the alpaca colored walls and the cement flooring. It’s almost as if someone restored an old barn and made one of the rooms a bedroom and the furniture was all made out of repurposed barn wood.

#81. Slate Wall

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Slate is so pretty to look at when it’s on a wall, like in this room. Although it doesn’t really go with anything else, it still somehow just makes the room complete. The rest of the room, however, uses a lot of browns. The linens are all mixed browns, the end tables are off white & brown, the area rug is a brown color, and even the lamp is brown. Luckily, the polished concrete floor gives the room some brightness.

#82. Concrete Walls

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Concrete walls are very popular in lofts and industrial apartments. In this room, it’s used against some beautiful hardwood flooring and a platform bed. Those windows are ideal for bringing in some natural light into the room. There’s not much going in in terms of colors that pop, but it’s very sophisticated looking, especially with that bronze adjustable floor lamp.

#83. On Display

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This bedroom looks like something that would be on display in a mall or in a large retail store. It features a green and white back drop with pendant lighting and laminate flooring. There’s a lot of can lights that add a little glow while the other lights do the main job. The lounge couch in the corner makes for a wonderful sitting area to view the city out of that huge window.

#84. Brick Wall

Brick walls are another popular type of wall in apartments and lofts. In this particular room, it’s used against a beautiful light hardwood floor with a very elegant area rug that’s centered under the bed. The bed, which looks to be made from wood planks, blends very beautifully with the floor and wall. As for that lamp-it does a very good job of adding an accent touch to the room.

#85. Log Room

This room is my absolute favorite. I know it’s small and there’s not much to it, but that’s the whole point. It’s a small room in a log cabin with an elegant chandelier and those amazing skylights. The hardwood flooring matches the color of the logs, blending beautifully and the area rug adds a wonderful touch of comfort for the feet of someone who is perpetually cold, such as myself. This bedroom is a dream!

#86. White & Bronze

I feel like I’m looking at a Kardashian’s bedroom here. It involves a lot of white and a lot of bronze. It’s very elegant with that upholstered accent feature around the bed and that hanging lamp in the center of the room. Off to the side, there’s that shelving unit with lighted display which is perfect for prized possessions. My favorite part of the room is the sitting area over in front of the windows. It’s perfect for enjoying a summer breeze and a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

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#87. Mountain View

I can completely relate to this view because my house overlooks mountains as well, but only my living room, not my bedroom, and not as beautiful as this. This bedroom is one of my dreams. It’s amazing how these dark colors are instantly lit up by the light beaming off of the snowy peaks of the mountains. Dark colors, such as the ones on the floor, area rug, and bed, only work well if there’s natural light hitting them. This room has so much natural lighting and a spectacular view.

#88. Wall-to-Wall Paneling

This bedroom is so cute! The wall-to-wall wood paneling is very homey and just gives me a very cozy feeling. The cottage look and the sage green bed frame, rug, and side tables work so well against the white and do a good job of breaking it up. If you look over in the corner, you’ll see a sitting area that’s painted a different color to give it a different atmosphere from the rest of the room.

#89. Artsy Loft

I can see an art student using this area as their bedroom. Check out those lights above the bed. They are super unique and look like something an art student would make as a project. The sculpture in the corner it pretty nifty as well. I really like how the deep blue mixes with the silver of the railings and white of the ceiling. All of it come together very well and makes for a quaint bedroom loft.

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#90. Trendy

This room is one of the most unique ones I’ve seen so far. The bed is huge! It features a cloak room, very cool glowing lamps, that awesome brick wall, and the television hanging over on the wall. It’s a very small room, but they made the best out of it and turned it into something very trendy and functional.


Well, that’s it! We are at the end of our list. I really hope you enjoyed these 90 totally spectacular modern bedroom ideas. A lot of them you can recreate on your own or even with the help of a contractor, but some of them may be out of reach or even way out of your budget. Either way, they were really cool to look at, right? So, if you liked it as much as I did, share it and if you have any comments, feel free to let us know what you think below.

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