48 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas For Those Who Don’t Like Clutter

A minimalist can be essentially be defined as somebody who wants to live with fewer material possessions. Maybe you just don’t like clutter or you don’t feel the need to have a lot of personal items to be happy. If you are this type of person and are looking for a way to reorganize or redecorate your bedroom, these 48 minimalist bedroom ideas are right up your alley. All of these ideas are surrounded by the ability to live without “things”. Honestly, all I have in my bedroom is the necessities, nothing extra, and that’s how I like it. So if you want to learn how to live like a minimalist, check out the list below. .

White Minimalist Ideas

#1. Modern Minimalism

If you’re limited on space but still need a place for clothing and a television, check this design out. This room has built in dressers, saving some floor space. It also has the television built into the wall. The entire bedroom is white, with the exception of the glossy hardwood flooring, which allows the sunlight to bounce off, eliminating the need for lamps on the nightstands. If you like bright rooms, this is one for you.

If you’re need a change in the bedroom, you don’t necessarily need to revamp the entire space. Click here to learn more.

#2. Black & White

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The headboard on this bed is something that you can easily recreate if you’re really crafty. All it takes is some plywood, fabric and other various materials. It’s also a lot cheaper than buying one from the store if you know where to get the lowest price materials from. This is a great addition to any bedroom because it’s a neutral color and it’s very classy. I personally like how it’s paired with black bedside tables-very easy look to copy.

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#3. A Whole Lot Of White

If you like your room bright and with no color, this is the design for you. This room is completely white, with the exception of the black accent piece on the comforter of the bed and those decorations next to it. Although this is very bright, it’s a great way to save money on your electric bill because you don’t have to use artificial lighting thanks to the bright colors. The only time you would need to is at night.

#4. Faux Brick Headboard

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Because sometimes, too much white is just boring. Sure, this room is completely white, which makes for some great natural lighting, but check out that headboard. It is created to look like a brick wall and it’s a different color than the rest of the room. It’s pretty unique and does a good job of breaking up all of that white.

#5. Completely White

This is an extremely white bedroom. Everything about it is bright, except for the black vase next to the bed and the grey pillows. This is a good design for those who enjoy bright colors and some leather. By leather I mean the leather headboard that brings an elegant touch to the place. If you didn’t notice, there is also some beautiful paneled walls that seem to make them pop out a little bit.

#6. Classic

The entire atmosphere of this bedroom has a very classic feel to it. All those windows and the decorative work done. The bed has dark colored linens on it right in the center of the room on a circular area rug. This is a great way to make a room look elegant without actually adding a bunch of stuff to it. It’s minimal, yet beautiful. I cannot get over how gorgeous this style is.

#7. Minimal Yet Beautiful

I love everything that is going on in this bedroom! Black and white is one of my favorite color schemes, and although there’s nothing really taking up space in this room, it’s still very beautiful. They used a black platform bed with black wall hangings and a black end table. Everything else in the room is a bright white to help with the natural lighting.

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#8. Rustic

Rustic decor is one of my favorites and in this bedroom, it’s even better. The entire room is white with huge picture windows, bringing in natural lighting. The bed is on pallets and very low to the ground, making the room look bigger than it really is. They have a light attached to the wall to keep the floor space open and uncluttered. This is an overall cozy atmosphere that wouldn’t cost too much to recreate.

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#9. A Splash of Color

Too much white can be hard on the eyes, which is why adding a splash of color to even just the bed is perfect for breaking up those solid bright walls. This room is very minimal when it comes to furnishings. They have just the very unique end tables and a bed. On top of the bed is a blue comforter. This is a very beautiful blue and it’s the perfect color to keep the room bright while taking the brightness from the white off of the eyes.

#10. Artsy

To me, this room is very artsy. It may not look like much, but that’s because they’re minimal. This room features beautiful hardwood floors and a gorgeous view of the city. The bed is black and white and there’s that one wall that’s darker than the rest. If you can see them, there are what looks to be statues made from wire in the middle of the floor. Very cool!

Small Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

#11. Grey & White

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It may seem hard to decorate a small room and remain minimal, but this is a pretty good example of such. This room is filled with elegant greys and whites with a view of beautiful body of water. There’s only one night stand and a unique upholstered platform bed with a small table on the other side of the room.

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#12. The Hidden Bed

Limited space means not being able to put your bed or other furnishings in the spots where they should be. Take this room for example. Check out the bed placement. It’s inside of what appears to be a closed off space in a tiny apartment. This is a great way to secure privacy when you have company or a roommate. When you go to sleep, you can close the door to the “bedroom” and nobody will ever know you’re in there.

#13. Murphy Bed

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Murphy beds are the best way to hide where you sleep, especially if you live in a small apartment or loft area. These beds fold up into the wall, not to be seen by company and to maximize living space when you aren’t using it. This one in particular folds out sideways into a twin bed. The rest of the room contains just a chair, area rug, and some other small furnishings to keep it minimal to maximize space.

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#14. Attic Space

An attic is a great place for spare bedroom if you don’t have room on the lower floors. This attic room features a small upholstered headboard and some small night stands. Right above the bed is a skylight and the walls are painted a bright white. Because attics can be dark and hard to allow natural light in, they put a skylight in to allow the sun to reflect off of the walls for natural lighting.

#15. A Tiny Loft

Sometimes, you just don’t have enough space to work with, which is why minimalism is best for small areas. Take this tiny apartment for example. This is a very small area, but they turned it into something rather nice. The upstairs is simply a bedroom with nothing else in it. With such a limited area, it’s tough to keep a lot of things. This is an extremely minimalistic living/sleeping area.

#16. Small & White

As you can probably already tell, this is a rather small bedroom. There’s just enough room for a bed and some other essential. Minimalists are very good at making the best of their small spaces. This room contains a very beautiful leather bed and all white paint. The white brightens up the area and allows light to naturally reflect off of the walls, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

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Minimalist Bedroom Ideas For Men

#17. Just For The Men

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Okay, so it can be used in a woman’s bedroom as well, but in this situation it’s just for the men. This room has a very manly feel to it. The platform bed is low to the ground and upholstered. The entire room is made from concrete, which is pretty cool if you ask me. It’s the perfect mancave after a long day or night at work.

#18 Pallets

Whether you’re frugal or minimal, this bedroom is perfect for you. The pallet bed is beyond easy to make. All it takes are a few pallets and some other wood pieces for the headboard. Behind the bed is a brick wall, giving it a masculine atmosphere. There isn’t much for decor other than the lamp and some wall art. As for the coloring, it’s kind of gender neutral. Blues and white are perfect for keeping bedrooms neutral and bright.

#19. Black & Silver

Black and silver seems to be a common color among men’s bedrooms. The combination is dark, yet sophisticated. This room has that beautiful black bed with the silver linens upon it. The rest of the room has barely anything in it except for a few night stands and a lamp. The rest of the room is a bright white, which allows the sun to reflect off of to brighten up the room. The best part about it is that if a woman decides to move in, it can compliment any decor.

#20. Mysterious

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This is a bedroom that I would expect to see in a business man’s home or apartment. It’s very minimal, only allowing a bed and nightstand. The room is a darker, off white color with beautiful hardwood flooring and a black bed frame. This platform bed doesn’t take up too much room and paired with the black trim windows, it’s stunning. Off to the side we see a brick wall and a fireplace. To me, this whole bedroom has a mysterious look to it.

#21. No Privacy

This room leaves very little to the imagination. The whole room is surrounded by windows and what appears to be no curtains. The rest of the room has nothing but a bed in it. It’s a beautiful open space with hardwood flooring and a balcony overlooking nature. The bed itself is a white and red color, which works well even if a woman decided they wanted to take over. I love the overall open floor plan in this room.

#22. Futuristic

I can’t help but to imagine a man in a suit owning this bedroom. It’s all very future-like with the shape of the platform bed and the shiny texture of the rest of the furnishings. The whole room is very bright, with the exception of that area rug. It gives it a little touch of color. I definitely can see a man owning this type of bedroom. It’s also very classy and modern.

#23. Stone Wall

This bedroom is doesn’t have much going on in it. It’s very minimal, has a some very bland colors, but it would work well for a man. The bed is a simple white platform bed with white linens and there’s a beautiful wall to wall shelf behind it. It’s the perfect area to display personal items without taking up too much space throughout the room. The main focal point here is that stone wall behind the bed. It’s beautiful and really brings out the masculinity in the room.

Modern Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

#24. Ultra Modern

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A lot of people are going for the modern look these days. They are all about the newest items on the market. This room features a beautiful upholstered cured bed with some black designs on it. Surrounding it are some white walls with brown hardwood flooring and a grey area rug. ALl of which are very up-to-date. That large window allows the light to come in and naturally create brightness.

#25. Stonework

This is about as modern as you can get it. This room has a beautiful concrete floor with a very elegant area rug. Behind the bed is a large paneled wall, giving the room a rustic feel. The room is surrounded by large windows and sheer panels to easily allow light to enter the room and reflect off of the floor. The bed is a simple double divan bed with black sheets. The rest of the room has some paintings and other little decorations, ensuring not to clutter it up too much.

#26. Simple & Modern

There’s a lot of simplicity in this bedroom. The room itself seems small, making it easier for minimalists to make it seem bigger. The bed is a beautiful canopy bed, which has been chosen to not have a canopy on it. There are hanging lamps on each side, ensuring not to take up any floor space. There are two end tables and an area rug for some very simple decoration. I am a huge fan of this style bedroom because honestly, it’s less to clean!

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#27. Brown & White

Brown is making a comeback these past few years. It’s being used more and more in modern bedroom as accent colors. This room is a perfect example of that. It features that really cool platform bed with some curved glass end tables. The paint on the walls are white with some brown accents, These types of rooms are very easy to color coordinate because they are very neutral, so adding something pink, blue or purple wouldn’t clash at all.

#28. Ocean View

You had me at “ocean view”! This is one of my dream bedrooms. The whole room is very modern, from chair pointing at the ocean to the stone wall behind the bed. The bed is a simple upholstered frame with grey fabric. The area rug is a shaggy grey color and the rest of the furnishings are black. The stone wall makes the whole room look even more modernized and probably raises the property value as much as the ocean view does.

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#29. Canary Yellow

If you like bright colors, this is for you. This canary yellow comforter is paired with the same colored niche walls. These walls help save space by allowing personal belongings to be displayed on shelving that’s inside of the walls rather than the outside, taking up precious space. The paint on the walls isn’t overly bright, making the yellow stand out more without being too harsh on the eyes. The only other thing they have in that whole room is an orange area rug under the bed. Definitely a minimalists bedroom.

#30. Multiple Steps

This is a rather unique modern bedroom. The whole floor is made from very beautiful natural looking wood. There are multiple steps and landings leading up to the bed, giving it it’s own little space away from everything else. There’s a buffet style table off to the side, which holds personal items, while remaining out of the way of everything else. It’s a very beautiful room and has a lot of neutral colors.

#31. Stylish Loft

It’s not very often on these lists that you see a loft that isn’t ordinary. This one is very modern in almost every way. The lights on the ceiling are hanging by their own little threads in the center of the room, evenly spacing out the light. The flooring is a beautiful shiny hardwood, allowing light from that window to reflect and create a natural light. On the other side of the room is a wardrobe that’s placed inside of the wall rather than the outside, saving a ton of floor space.

#32. That Bed Though

My bed is my favorite part of the bedroom. It’s the one place where I can sit comfortably, but when there’s clutter in my room, it makes me cringe. This room is the perfect example of what I want. It has a beautiful large bed with a leather bed frame and matching pillows. On each side of the bed is a nightstand with some funky lights on top of them. Behind the bed, there’s a plain white backdrop, which stands out from the rest of the furniture. Other than that, the room is extremely minimal.

#33. Mismatched

This room makes my obsessive compulsive disorder go completely bonkers. It has different colored pillows and blankets, crisscrossing and changing patterns. The end tables are different as well, both in size and color. This is definitely a design that you would see in a modern style bedroom. There’s also no other furniture around, which means they are keeping the minimalist trend alive.

#34. Beautiful Blue

I love the colors of this contemporary bedroom! The blue and grey mixed together is stunning and when you throw the white in there, it brightens the whole thing up. The room has a lot of natural sunlight coming in, thanks to those large windows. They also made it so that the air conditioner was way up in the air rather than sticking out in the middle of the room. This is a good way to keep things minimal, especially if you want a lot of floor space. They even kept the night stand sizes to a minimum.

#35. Wide Open Spaces

This beautiful chalet is something that I one day hope to live in. Those windows allow a magnificent view of the mountainside, while bringing in natural light to the room. The bed, rather than being against a wall, it neatly placed in the middle of the room, leaving plenty of walking space in front and behind it. The room itself is encased in cement, giving it a very rustic touch while remaining classy and elegant.

Minimalist Brown Bedroom Ideas

#36. Brown Walls

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Not everybody likes brown, but this is a room that I think could be beautiful no matter what kind of furniture you put in it. The walls may be a brown color, but that giant window helps lighten up the room a bit. When you pair these walls with the white and brown dresser and bed, it’s very lovely to look at. It’s simple, not overly crowded and it’s something that I could see myself doing to my bedroom.

#37. Brown & Grey

Here we have another brown room, but there’s only a touch of brown rather than a lot. This room has a large floor to ceiling closet with sliding doors, which saves tons of space because a dresser isn’t needed. It also features beautiful white laminate flooring and a grey shag rug. The grey mixed with brown is very neutral and shows a lot of potential for other decor down the road if it’s wanted.

#38. Brown Paneling

Sometimes, you only need a small touch of a dark color to make a room look even better. I’m not really a fan of really bright rooms, which is why I like this one so much. It has it’s natural source of light from those huge windows overlooking the ocean, but behind the bed is a brown paneled wall. It just gives the room a little something extra and it pairs well with the grey and white.

#39. Small Spaces

I’m honestly not sure where to start with this bedroom .It’s definitely small, making it harder to fit a lot of stuff in it, which is what makes this the perfect minimalist room. The bed is small, ensuring not to take up too much space. The wall coloring is night and light, which is nice in these small rooms because it doesn’t make them seem darker than they really are. The air conditioner is set up high as to not take up wall space down below.

#40. A Different View

This is essentially the same as number 37 on our list, but they have arranged the furniture differently. In this picture, the bed is against the windows, leaving the brown paneled walls exposed along with that long shelf. This shelf is perfect for displaying personal belongings without having to put up shelving in other spots. This just goes to show that changing around the furniture can completely change how much space you have in a room.

#41. Brown Flooring

Rather than splashing brown all over the walls, this room contains dark brown flooring. I love this color when it comes to hardwood. It just makes the room look even more beautiful. When you pair this with white furniture and white walls, it makes the room look even more open. It’s a no brainer that this is a minimalists bedroom because there’s nothing in it except the bed and two nightstands. Hey, it saves time on cleaning!

Minimalist Japanese Bedroom Ideas

#42. Upholstered Wall

The Japanese are known for their stylish homes and clothing. This bedroom just proves this claim. The wall is beautifully upholstered with black fabric, creating a faux headboard look. The bed is a simple platform style frame on top of a light colored carpet. Off to the side, we see a bonsai tree, very common in Japanese homes. It also adds a touch of color to the room and breaks up those neutral colors.

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#43. Neutral Colors

This room has a lot of neutral colors in it. There are a lot of browns, tans and whites. There does happen to be some coloring on each side of the room. One side has that red chair, making a small sitting area, and the other is that tree in the corner. It’s not uncommon to see almost nothing in a Japanese style bedroom. It’s very brightly lit by that large ceiling light that you can pick up at your local department store.

#44. Simple

This Japanese room is very minimal and neutral. I love the black and red on the bed, which makes me think that this is a masculine room. The walls are a neutral tan color with brown trim and there’s japanese lettering above the bed. On each side of it there’s a night stand with cool square lamps. Above the bed, we see another large light that ensures enough lighting for that small room.

#45. Flowers & Fans

Fans are a popular accessory for Japanese women. They are also found here in America. Thee fans have been proudly displayed on the wall with matching floral bedding and pillows. The rest of the room is a plain white with brown trim and accents, even the bed is brown. All of these colors are bright, making it easier for natural light to reflect.

#46. Romantic

When I look at this room, the first thing that comes to my mind is that it’s romantic. I love the flowers and the candles on the bed, it just creates the wonderful atmosphere. The rest of the room is dimly lit by the pulled shades and those very cool lanterns hanging from the ceiling. The rest of the room is filled with brown, tan and white. I just love the overall style concept of this minimalistic bedroom.

#47. White & Brown

If you want to brighten up any room, paint it white and open the shades. This bedroom is a perfect example of this. The light coming in from outside reflects off of the walls and whatever is behind that traditional japanese futon bed. Yes, it does look a lot different than those that are here in the US and Canada. It’s set upon a raised platform, making it seem like it’s a bedframe when really, it’s not. The nifty thing about this room is that shelf that doubles as a desk. It’s neatly placed on the wall, leaving plenty of space for storage underneath if needed.

#48. Wall Bed

This is one way that you can incorporate the style of this capsule hotel into your bedroom. If you can manage to do it, you can niche out a wall and put a bed, or multiple beds, around the whole room. This will leave plenty of floor space for whatever other furnishings you need. Or, you can leave it wide open for the ultimate minimalists paradise. This is the perfect bedroom idea for multiple children and not enough bedrooms. I would love to do this in my house for my kids, but they like their own personal space.


There you have it, folks! These are 48 unique ideas for those looking to live the minimalistic life. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be able to do it because I have four kids. They’re constantly accumulating stuff and bringing it home for me to put on shelves and whatnot. If you can easily live this lifestyle, I say go for it! These unique designs can be altered in any way you want, colors can be changed, beds can be larger or smaller and different styles can be incorporated. If you haven’t done so already, share this list with those who may be interested in decluttering their rooms and changing them into something special. If you want, share your minimalist bedroom ideas with us!